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10 Unique Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

10 Unique Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

Looking for front deck ideas for small houses?

You’re not alone. While inspiration may be hard to come by, we know the struggle.

That’s why we rounded up 10 of our favorite ideas. Read on to see them below.

10 Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

When it comes to decks, many people default to the idea that a deck should be in the back of their house.

And while it is usually true that the backyard has more space, front decks are surprisingly common, even for small houses.

So if you’re looking to get some front deck ideas for small houses, don’t worry—we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite options to spruce up your home.

If you were under the assumption that you couldn’t build a front deck because your house was too small, you might want to reconsider. It is true that smaller houses put more constraints on how you can build them.

But you can also consider that with constraints comes creativity. Between the various styles of front decks and the endless options of accessories that you can decorate them with, there is bound to be a solution that works great in front of your house.

After all, the front of your house is the part that people see the most often, so why not make it as beautiful as possible?

So whether you want to spice up an existing deck or porch or put in a completely new one, let’s work through some creative front deck ideas that will bring warmth and décor to the front of your house.

1. Wooden Bench

Front Deck Ideas For Small Houses with a wooden bench


Sometimes simplicity is the best solution to make something look beautiful, and a simple wooden bench is an easy way to make your front deck or porch comfortable and beautiful.

Too much clutter can be a bad thing, and some simple seating like this bench is pleasing visually and gives you a great spot to sit with a newspaper or coffee. 

2. Decorative Sidelights

Decorative Sidelights as a front deck ideas for small houses

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Especially if you don’t have a lot of space on your front deck, a small decorative item is all you need to make the area more beautiful and welcoming.

And these decorative sidelights do just that. The color of the lamps matches the brick and door color perfectly, and together with the doormat, it has a unifying look.

3. A Pair of Wooden Chairs

A Pair of Wooden Chairs sit in front of a home as a front deck idea for small houses


If you don’t want a full-sized patio furniture set and the look of a bench doesn’t fit your taste, you should consider a pair of wooden chairs like these.

The deep seat style of the chairs is comfortable, and going with wood gives it a classy appearance.

And if you want to sit outside with a guest and a drink in your hand, the wide armrests mean you will have an easy place to put your drink down.

4. Warm Lighting

One of the front deck ideas for small houses with Warm Lighting


Whether or not you put furniture on your front deck, there’s no question that warm lighting is the key to making something look cozy and inviting.

The warm lighting on the front of this house, especially with the stone pillars and flooring, makes this house look way more beautiful. 

5. Hanging Plants

One of our front deck ideas for small houses with hanging plants

Michael Shake/Shutterstock

While potted plants are a great-looking solution for an open-air deck, you should consider hanging plants if you have a porch.

Hanging plants are a classy way to add beauty and décor to the front part of your house, and they won’t get in the way of chairs and other front deck furniture that you might want to add.

6. Simple Planked Porch

Simple Planked Porch, one of the most popular front deck ideas for small houses

Sergei Gorin/Shutterstock

If your house doesn’t already have a front deck and you want to build something simple and functional, you should consider a simple planked porch like this example.

It is a ground-level porch, which means it is easy to build and won’t be too expensive. Especially in front of a house like this cabin, a simple front porch makes it easy to enter during the winter without dragging snow inside.

7. Front Porch Furniture Set

Front deck for small house idea with a concrete patio on which sit three metal chairs

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

If you have enough space and you want a space where multiple guests can hang out, you should consider a piece of front porch furniture set like this example.

You can combine chairs, benches, and tables to create a small space that resembles a living room seating area. And with a few potted plants, you can easily define the space on either side of your front door.

8. Front Deck Bench Swing

Front Deck Bench Swing as a front deck idea for small houses

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Benches are great on your front deck, but there is something about a swinging bench that makes a front porch even cozier.

Whether people sit on the bench, the look of the swing—like the style of the hanging plants—gives a classy look that just fits into almost any style of décor.

If you add in a few pillows and a potted plant, you will have a front deck that people will want to hang out on!

9. Small Ground Level Deck

Small ground level deck in the front of a small house


If you have a particularly small house, then you might consider a small ground-level deck like this example.

The deck is slightly raised, and although it does not have enough room for furniture or other decorations, it makes the entrance to the house much cozier.

The dark wooden color also blends perfectly with the dark grey decor of the house siding.

10. Wooden Deck With Stone Siding

Wooden Deck With Stone Siding pictured as a front deck idea for small houses

Jason Finn/Shutterstock

The dark brown color of this wooden deck fits perfectly on the front of this mountain house.

The deck is slightly elevated, and there is just enough room for a piece of small decorative furniture set on the side of the door.

Lastly, the stone siding on the wall brings together the cozy mountain house vibes perfectly.

Things to Consider

These examples should give you a good idea of your options when building or decorating a front deck or porch.

You do not have to limit yourself to any one of these ideas, and you should feel free to blend many of them to fit your style.

The most difficult challenge with putting a deck on a smaller house is how much room you will realistically have.

At the end of the day, if you have a small home, it might be best to go with a simple deck and minimal decorations.

Whatever you decide, here are a few things to consider when building or decorating your front porch:

  • With small decks, less is usually more. Having fewer items will look more beautiful than a cluttered porch.
  • Ground-level (on-grade) decks are the easiest and cheapest to build.
  • Hanging or potted plants are an easy way to class up your deck.
  • If you can’t fit full-sized furniture, small decorative pieces can still make your front porch look more inviting.
  • Nothing makes your front porch cozy like warm lighting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen some creative front deck ideas, let’s work through some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Can You Put a Deck on The Front of a House?

While big houses have the luxury of wrap-around porches and plenty of space, you have to be more creative when putting a deck on the front of your house. Front decks are usually smaller than back decks, and it is common for them to be ground-level decks.

Because most front yards are narrow, big front decks will risk edging up against your property line. So if you’re set on a gigantic deck with plenty of seating space, you may be better off building a big deck on the back of your house.

How Do I Make My Small Deck Nice?

Even if you went with an easy-to-build and cheap front deck like an on-grade deck, there are a few ways to make it look fancier. For example, you can hang plants or put potted plants around the seating area to help create a border. You can also drape string lights over the top of the deck to create a warmer atmosphere.

Lastly, don’t forget that sometimes simplicity is the best way to make something nice. Don’t overcrowd your deck with too much stuff—choose a few beautiful decorative items and leave it at that.

What Should I Put On My Front Deck?

If you’re looking for front deck ideas that will bring the area to life and add some warm décor, there are a few basic ideas that will help you do this easily. For example, a rug and comfortable seating will make the porch feel like a living room.

You can also add tables, plants, and warm lighting to make your front deck warmer. Lastly, consider having different accessory sets to change the décor depending on the season.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Front Deck?

Like any home project, the cost is variable, and it depends on how extravagant you are trying to get. With front decks, the average price comes in around $20,000. But front decks can cost as little as $5000 or as much as $50,000.

What Is the Easiest Deck to Build?

If you’re looking for ease of building or a do-it-yourself type of project, the easiest deck to build would have to be an on-grade deck. You build on-grade decks slightly above ground level, which means you don’t need to build steps, railings, or posts.

Front Deck Ideas: Conclusion

It is easy to forget just how many options you have for making the front of your house look beautiful and inviting.

These front deck ideas for small houses will help you establish the décor you love in the part of your house that people see the most.

Hopefully, these examples have inspired you to make the perfect front porch on your house! And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other guides. You’ll be glad you did!