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10 Unique Blue Couch Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

10 Unique Blue Couch Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

The blue couch living room is a big smash on the home décor front.

Surprisingly stylish, they propel your home from simple or plain into upscale sophistication.

Unique Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

Blue couch living rooms look best with white walls and other demure additions, like pillows.

That’s all very well, but what if you want something that makes your living room stand out from the norm?

Here are ten unique ideas to update a blue couch living room to better suit you.

1. Primary Color Cushions

Blue couch living room ideas with a blue couch on which sit red and yellow pillows with a natural wood legged coffee table with a white top

Often, homeowners will choose couch cushions that are white or grey to offset the brightness of their blue couch.

But swapping these pale additions out for brighter, more vibrant ones can up your interior design game.

Primary colors like red and yellow go great with a bright blue couch. Though they might not match any other décor in your living room, they’ll add an extra pop of color that’ll delight your senses.

Primary colors have a way of making a room seem more inviting, so adding yellow and red to your blue couch is a sure way to make your guests comfortable.

If your couch is a darker shade of blue, a brighter cushion replacement will stand out and help complement the color at the same time.

Though it is easy to achieve this effect with a white or light grey cushion, a more colorful choice like bright red will make your living room warmer and more welcoming.

2. Add Blue Accessories

Blue couch in living room idea with yellow pots and chairs and ottomans as an accent piece


Finding living room accessories in the same shade as your couch can help tie the whole room together.

Small items like a vase or a coaster will distribute the color throughout your living room for a more coordinated feel.

Usually, a blue couch is the only blue item in a living room, as it makes a bold statement. However, using other blue items can make the atmosphere more welcoming and less abrupt.

If you’re a sucker for color coordination, you’ll find yourself more comfortable in a living room that utilizes all shades more than once, even if you only have a couple of blue accessories with your couch.

Using the exact shade of blue as your couch adds an extra layer of polish to your well-designed home. However, even if you can’t find the same shade, other blue items can still make your living room look well thought out.

Choosing a blue that contrasts with your couch, such as sky blue or navy, will complement the couch itself while also appropriately continuing the theme of blue.

3. Complimentary Wall Colors

Photo of a blue couch living room idea with a green board and batten wall alongside a white accent wall with a dark grey metal shelving unit

It’s pretty standard for a blue couch living room to have white or pale walls.

But if you’re not into white backgrounds and prefer something with color, you can always find a more complementary shade that fits with your couch.

Some homeowners like to paint their living room walls blue. The shade they choose is usually lighter than their blue couch for an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

However, light blue isn’t the only wall color you can choose besides white. You can pick green, pink, or yellow, depending on the shade of your couch and the tint of the wall paint. Whatever color you choose, you can build the rest of your living room’s color scheme around it.

For instance, if you choose a green wall, you can use other greens in your decorations to help compliment your couch. These additions will also prevent the contrast between your couch and your wall from being too jarring.

Often times, homeowners will avoid bright wall colors because they think those tones will clash with their couch. But all you need is the right shade, as blue pairs well with other primary colors and even bright pinks or greens.

4. Use a Small Couch

Blue couch idea for a living room with white walls and white flooring with white furniture and greenery in the form of plants in a Scandinavian-style home

A blue couch in your living room doesn’t have to be the object of focus. If you like the color but don’t want to make it into a statement, try a smaller-sized couch. Small blue couches can be just as expressive as large ones without taking up too much attention.

If you don’t want your living room to revolve around your couch’s abnormal color, a smaller, paler blue couch can look quaint but not overstated. Living rooms don’t have to be impressive or daunting

A cute blue loveseat will add charm to your design, and it won’t overshadow the rest of the room. These kinds of couches relinquish the focus to other parts of your living room, providing guests with a welcoming, non-intimidating place to sit.

5. Make Your Couch the Lightest Blue

Light blue couch living room idea in a dark room with navy accents and furniture

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

If blue is the main theme in your living room, try making your couch the lightest shade.

A light blue couch will not only stand out, but it’ll also be a more inviting space amongst the darker tones. Blue living rooms are soothing places because blue tends to be a very calming color.

However, most homeowners opt for a darker couch and paler walls or accessories when instigating a blue theme. Doing the opposite with a lighter couch and darker walls will make your living room more memorable and dramatic.

A pale blue couch can also show guests where the best seating is. It will draw their eyes due to the color contrast. It’s also less likely that a pale blue couch will look intimidating, meaning guests can easily become comfortable with a couch that’s a lighter shade.

6. Get a Matching Blue Bench

Blue couch living room with velvet upholstery and a potted plant in a square container to the left

Homeowners with blue couches will often purchase matching blue furniture to fill out their living room.

Armchairs are all very good, but what about a matching blue bench instead? The great thing about a bench is that you can use it multiple ways.

It can function as extra seating, as a footstool for multiple guests, or even as a cushioned coffee table. A bench can offer a better sense of comfort than a stark coffee table.

And by matching the couch, it adds to the overall theme and style of a homeowner’s living room. Matching furniture is an easy way to tie the whole room together. A bench and a couch are novel ways to modernize this idea for a unique living room.

Plus, a matching bench will have all the elements that the main couch has, such as the legs and overall style. Identical elements help make a living room more cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

7. Swap Out the Back Cushions

Mid-century modern living room with a blue wallpapered wall with round circles, a blue upholstered couch and bench with white accents, and a white rug with blue trim


Switch the back couch cushions for those of a different color for more contrast.

It’ll make your couch more eye-catching and welcoming, too. Using couch cushions that are a different color from the couch itself is one of the staples of home décor.

But, instead of keeping the contrast just between the couch and decorative cushions, you can take that one step further. Covering the back cushions with a different color, like grey or white, will change your blue couch to a two-toned couch.

This maneuver provides a second option if you can’t find a couch that already uses two colors. If your color scheme is two-toned, you can use this to your advantage.

The back cushions could match the walls or part of the floor, whereas the couch could match other furniture or accessories. A two-toned couch can help your living room feel more connected and put together than a couch that’s a single color.

8. Pick a Specific Couch Style

An extremely unique living room with green wainscoted wall with little boxes made from trim pieces with hunter green accents on the top of the wall and a blue couch

United Photo Studio/Shutterstock

You can propel the bold statement of a blue couch to greater heights by choosing a specific couch style.

For instance, a more sophisticated style will elevate your living room to an elegant, well-put-together space.

A couch with more texture will enhance the blue coloring and give you an extra dimension of style. Sleeker couches can provide a more modern look, whereas loveseats can create a chic or charming atmosphere.

You can also consider the general shape, how many cushions the couch has, or even what the legs look like. Do you want wooden accents?

Perhaps a couch with hints of another color? A blue futon, for example, won’t be the most elegant choice, but it can certainly provide a central piece around which to build your dream living room.

In contrast, a blue chaise lounge will bring sophistication to your living room. But it can also limit what you can do with the room or even how many guests you can have. 

9. Contrast with a Bright Blanket

For a piece on blue couch living room ideas, a teal-blue couch and loveseat sit in a completely sterile white room with a few plants an pink blankets to break up the white ambiance

Luciana Marques/Shutterstock

Blankets and couches go together like strawberries and cream.

Why not choose a brightly colored blanket to contrast against a dark blue couch? The way you drape a blanket over a couch can make it into a whole new style.

Whether you fold the blanket over the top like an Afghan or spread it over the cushions like a new covering, it changes the way you and your guests view your living room.

Pairing a bright blanket with a darker blue couch can make the couch more intriguing and, therefore, more inviting. Using a blanket in a primary color will also complement the couch and bring a pop of brightness to your seating area.

Patterned blankets can give your couch more depth, especially if the couch itself is a solid blue with no discernible features.

Having a blanket on your couch already is a proactive move for chilly nights. Why not use the color or pattern to your advantage?

10. Use a Rug to Bring out the Blue

Living room with a simple blue velvet couch next to a modern white end table with a light wooden top and a triangle patterned rug in various shades of blue and white

Whether you have a hardwood floor or a carpet, you can use a patterned rug to complement your blue couch. Rugs that have some blue in them, no matter the shade, will help carry on the theme of blue and tie the room together.

A rug that has the main colors of your living room theme is the best choice, especially if it’s under or near your couch. For instance, if your colors are blue and white, a blue and white patterned rug will incorporate every element.

Even if they don’t have the precise shade of blue that your couch does, a blue pattern will keep the theme going and make your living room look well thought out.

Rugs are also a great addition to a living room because you can place them anywhere for another splash of color.

You can also stand your couch or any other furniture on them if you’re trying to protect a hardwood floor. For a carpeted floor, a plush rug will add more softness and act as a cozy place to rest your feet.

Things to Consider

When deciding what to do with your blue couch living room, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do use accessories to your advantage
  • Do carefully choose a color scheme
  • Do choose a blue couch that reflects your personality
  • Do consider the size of your living room
  • Don’t be afraid of bold color pairings
  • Don’t think you can’t ever rearrange the color scheme again
  • Don’t discount darker blues
  • Don’t forget to account for who you’re sharing the space with

What’s Your Favorite Blue Couch Living Room Idea?

So there you have it—blue couch living room ideas.

Putting a blue couch in a living room is sure to be a sophisticated, elegant space in your home.

You can play with other colors to see which will better compliment your couch and make it into the most inviting seating space in your house. Whatever the finished result, it’s sure to look magnificent.