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10 Free Room Designer Apps You’ll Love in 2024

10 Free Room Designer Apps You’ll Love in 2024

Room designers apps are a relatively new product.

But we’re in the digital age, so it’s no surprise that you can skip the interior designer and instead pull out your phone.

Read on to learn how with 10 unique room designer apps.

Wait, Room Designer Apps Are a Thing?

As a room design app concept, a person holds an ipad through which a virtual 3d room springs to life while she touches the pillow


It can be overwhelming to plan that home makeover you’ve been dreaming of. Even if you have an idea of what you want to do, it can be hard to picture what it will look like after the changes.

These days, you don’t need an interior designer by your side to tackle that project. All you need to do is download an app! Depending on what you want to do, there are plenty of room designer apps to choose from.

Maybe you’re adding an extension to the house or thinking about buying new furniture. If you want to picture that rug in your home or get inspiration for a new color scheme, check out my lineup of some of the best free room design apps.

Apps to Plan Your Room Design

From creating floor plans to making sure that your dresser will fit in your guest room, I’ve compilated my top picks for apps that will help you do just that. If you just want to relax and play around with new designs, there’s an app here for you too!

The apps I’ve chosen meet the following criterion:

  • Easy to use
  • Free to download
  • Available on both the Apple Store and Google Play (there are some exceptions)

There’s a variety here, with some apps that are great for both professionals and amateurs. Don’t be intimidated. Who knows?

Maybe playing around with one of these interior design apps will inspire you. Before you know it, you’ll completely rearrange your furniture or find the perfect spot for that chair!

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a favorite among both professional decorators and amateur home designers. And with the extent of features this app has to offer, it’s easy to see why. I want to highlight that you can create 2D and 3D floor plans to scale for home design purposes.

You can also design interiors and exteriors and take virtual tours of your home design. It’s easy to spend the afternoon playing around on Planner 5D. Choose architectural details like windows, light fixtures, and even outdoor landscaping.

Get inspiration in their gallery of the latest designer furniture. Compete in community challenges and earn rewards that you can use in the app. Take pictures of your designs and save them for your own use.

Available through Apple Store and Google Play

2. Decor Matters

If you’re looking for inspiration for your home design project, check out Decor Matters. It’s kind of like the Pinterest of room design apps, but so much more. It’s a great tool if you’re easily overwhelmed with the idea of planning and need a little help.

There’s everything you can think of for interior design in one place. You can relax and scroll through room design images made by other app users for inspiration. You can create your own designs and save them.

One of our favorite features lets you connect with interior designers and home décor bloggers. You can also find out about the latest home design trends and get DIY tips. 

Join the Decor Matters community to compete in challenges, earn coins, and try to make the leaderboard. Then, spark inspiration with access to the latest releases from the top furniture brands like West Elm and Wayfair.

Only Available through Apple Store

3. Design Home App

Release some steam and design your imaginary dream home with the Design Home App. Purely for fun, you can relax and scroll through the endless inventory of actual pieces available for purchase from every furniture brand you can think of.

Create your dream home, choosing from high-end furniture and treatments. Learn about interior design styles. Compete in themed challenges, choosing furniture by color or brand.

You can vote on other app users’ designs. The more you vote and create, the more rewards you unlock. Take a break from your home design goals and get lost designing a modern New York dining room or traditional French country bedroom.

Rated E for everyone, this app is free and great for adults and kids alike. Just be aware that the app gives incentives to make in-app purchases, but you really don’t need to at all.

Available through Apple Store and Google Play

4. Homestyler App

Among the room design apps on this list, Homestyler stands out with its easy-to-use features combined with high-quality images and features. Take a picture of the room that you want to makeover and upload it to the app.

Drag and drop 3D images of furniture and fixtures from existing brands. If you’re not happy with how you arranged your room, you can move things around.

Switch out a rug and see how it looks with your walls. You can favorite other creators’ designs in the gallery. You can even save and print your room creations when you’re happy with them.

Available through Apple Store and Google Play

5. Houzz

Houzz is an excellent option for intermediate consumers working on their own or with a professional. It’s perfect for someone who wants to be hands-on in the design process. Choose this app for incredible features that will assist you in your personal and professional design needs.

This easy-to-navigate program makes it perfect for laypeople, but the content also makes it an option for career interior designers. In the app, you can connect with architects and general contractors, among other professionals.

Save and share your images with your friends and design experts. You’ll have access to millions of high-quality images of home interiors and exteriors. Like a sofa in one of the images?

Use the Visual Match feature to search for actual products for purchase. Then use the My Room 3D feature to take a picture of your room and see how the sofa looks in your home.

Available through Apple Store and Google Play

6. MagicPlan

If you’re creating blueprints for a client or just want to layout your room measurements for the first time, MagicPlan is for you. Scan your room with your camera to create plans. Create 2D and 3D rooms that you can combine to make complete floorplans.

Collaborate with your design professionals on projects inside the app. They can create cost estimates directly from the app. You can make reports with photos and notes attached. Generate PDFs that you can print.

This app is free to use, but the multiple monthly subscriptions available might be worth paying for the extra features, depending on what you need to use it for.

Available through Apple Store and Google Play

7. Amikasa

Amikasa is worthy of a mention among room design apps as a Webby award winner for its easy-to-navigate interface. The app allows you to purchase from brands used in the app. You can also share your designs with friends.

Create your rooms inside the app, using 3D images of furniture and décor from actual brands. Search for products that you plan to purchase to see how they fit in your space.

When you’re happy with the room you’ve designed, get a feel for your design by using the 3D walkthrough feature for a virtual tour. Be aware that the iOS version is $0.99 to use, but the beta Windows version is free to download on your computer.

Available through Apple Store or for Windows

8. Room Planner

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture you were pleased with, only to get it home and it doesn’t fit in the intended space? That’s where Room Planner is a lifesaver. Make floorplans with your dimensions and then view gorgeous 3D images of your space.

You can also choose from existing rooms in the app and change anything inside of the rooms. Search for genuine furniture brands and view pieces in your room before you purchase them.

Users note that the app includes Ikea furniture, while most similar apps do not. After you’ve designed the room of your dreams, get your friend’s opinions by saving and sharing with them Room Planner’s beautiful high-resolution images.

Only available through Apple Store


Finally, decide on window treatments with this app by home furnishing retailer Terry’s Window Treatments. All you have to do is take a picture of your window.

Enter in exact measurements and choose from a wide selection of blinds in various colors and designs. If you’re happy with the look, you can order through the app.

Only available through Apple Store

10. Room Creator

Room Creator is one of those super-easy to navigate, low-key room design apps that even the most technically challenged consumer can use. Just enter your room dimensions and choose things like tile patterns and wall colors.

This simple but appealing app boasts interior room design “in less than 10 minutes!” Select decor in the app and move it around the room with a swipe. Take a 3D walkthrough of your creation and check out other app users’ rooms as well.

Only available through Google Play

Try the Best Free Room Designer Apps

Whether you’re looking for a fun app to play on or tools to help in your home renovation, you’re sure to pick a winner by using one of the free room designers above.

All of them are easy to navigate, free to use, and most are available on iOS and Android devices.