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The 11 Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow

The 11 Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow

Whether you are just getting started or have been involved in real estate for a long time, it’s always beneficial to further your knowledge base.

And real estate blogs are a great way to do just this. Read on to see our favorites and what they have to offer.

Why Real Estate Blogs?

There’s no better way to perfect your craft than continually educating yourself about it. As a real estate professional, there are always new guides and success tips.

Marketing strategies, advertising methods, shifting industry trends, important news, and valuable tips can help you elevate your practice and be more successful. 

Real estate blogs are a great way to find those tips and strategies, but not every blog is as helpful as you’d hope. Some are full of tired, general content that has been rewritten a hundred times. 

We made it our mission to find the best real estate blogs that are online today. Blogs that are updated regularly, bring something unique to the table and are sure to offer you information you haven’t read a million times already. 

This is our comprehensive list of the best real estate blogs around. We’ll share a summary of what you can expect from each blog and which type of real estate professional it’s written for. Read on and enjoy! 

11 Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow

There are many real estate blogs out there, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our 10 favorites. These are blogs that range from real estate investing to agent success, and we read every one religiously.


Best for: Agents, brokers, investors, and clients

In case you haven’t figured out, this is our blog. We seek to be “The Authority on All Things Real Estate,” and we think we do a darn good job providing valuable content.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking financing options, or an agent looking for tips on succeeding in your field, we’ve got something for you. And we make hilarious memes on our Facebook page too!

2. Afford Anything

Best for: Real estate investors

Paula Pant’s motto: “You can afford anything…but not everything. What’s it gonna be?” She writes articles that grab your attention and deliver hard-hitting truths and tips that can help you become a more savvy real estate investor.

This blog is written to help new and experienced investors take calculated risks. And by this, we mean maximizing profits with minimal loss of capital.

We like the way she simplifies difficult concepts in articles like “I Don’t Know How to Invest and I’m Afraid of Making Expensive Mistakes” and “The Eerie Similarities Between Owning Rental Properties and Running an Online Business.

3. Inman

Best for: Agents and brokers

You can’t make a list of the best real estate blogs without Inman! This is an industry staple that covers all aspects of working in the world of real estate. You’ll find news stories, daily articles, emerging trends, guides and how-tos, and opinion pieces on Inman.

If lists like this one overwhelm you and you don’t know where to start, start with Inman. You’ll see a little bit of everything here. Find articles like “5 Steps to a Successful Virtual Listing Presentation” and “Making Sense of the Headlines: How Will the Housing Industry Fare?”

4. BoomTown!

Best for: Agents and brokers

You probably know BoomTown’s comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and lead generation software. They make reliable, well-designed real estate software products that are trusted by many people in the real estate industry.

This blog doesn’t disappoint, either, with frequent posts that address all areas of real estate marketing, sales, and growth strategies.

BoomTown blog posts get straight to the point and take on a professional, instructive tone. Find articles like “Working Remotely in Real Estate: Proven Strategies from Remote Teams” and “Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Leveraging Video Now More Than Ever.”

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Best for: Agents and brokers

Most people are already familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, but does he really belong on a list of the best real estate blogs? Absolutely. He does specifically write about real estate pretty often, but his general content marketing advice is spot-on for just about every industry, including real estate.

If you’re an agent who wants to share more content to generate leads and establish an authoritative presence online, this is the blog you should be reading weekly. Find articles like “4 Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents” and “How To Make 64 Pieces of Content in a Day.”

6. BiggerPockets

Best for: Real estate investors

BiggerPockets is a social network for real estate investors, but it goes far beyond the forums. The blog is one of our favorite parts of this website. No one writes on the BiggerPockets blog without being a verified expert on their topic.

When you read through this blog, that becomes apparent – everything is so well-written and clearly written from experience.

There’s no better way to get advice on real estate investments, strategies, and personal finance than from an experienced expert! You’ll be hard-pressed to find any topic that isn’t covered on this blog.

It’s been around for a while and is updated multiple times each day with more content. Find articles like “Wholesalers and Flippers: Here’s Where the Real Money Is In Real Estate” and “Out-of-State Investing: The Good and the Bad.”

7. The Real Deal

Best for: Agents, brokers, and investors

It started as a blog and news source covering real estate happenings in New York, but now they feature national real estate information and news.

If you’re looking for articles that cover industry trends, deals, and market forecasts, this is a great one. It doesn’t lean so heavily on real estate “tips and tricks.

It’s more like a news website dedicated solely to commercial, residential, and development of real estate. Make sure you choose the National tab to find articles and news stories that cover the United States.

There are also tabs for New York, Los Angeles, South Florida, Chicago, Tri-State, and National. Find articles like “Compass To Agents: It’s (Virtual) Show Time!”

8. National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Best for: Agents and brokers

As the leading real estate organization in the nation, the National Association of Realtors is a reliable place to go for advice on all things real estate.

From news on the current housing market and buyer trends, new real estate technology and software, real estate selling tips, perspectives from industry experts, and more.

They feature seven different blogs to cover each of these areas: Culture Scan, Economists’ Outlook, Emerging Technology, NAR en Español, NAR Newsline, Spaces to Places, and Styled, Staged & Sold.

You can find articles like “Starting Your Career as a Real Estate Agent” and the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report.

9. Addicted to ROI

Best for: Real estate investors

Addicted to ROI features several different blog series as well as one-off articles that target all areas of real estate investing and generating passive income.

Practical tips and guides are the main things you’ll find in this blog, with a lot of step-by-step roadmaps and explanations of everything you need to know about real estate investing – even the little things you’d never think to ask someone.

Find articles like “Increase Your Rental’s Value by Thousands Without Spending a Dime” and “How to Protect Yourself From Hiring a Bad Contractor.” 

10. RealWealth Network

Best for: Real estate investors

RealWealth Network is a great online destination if you’re looking to learn more about getting your start in real estate investing or become a better investor.

It’s not just a blog. It’s a compendium of resources, like articles, eBooks, podcasts, webinars, and annual live events. There’s so much content here for investors; you could easily spend several days sifting through it all.

Everything we’ve read and listened to from this website has been well-written with lots of solid advice. Find articles and podcasts like “Should Every Investor Get Their Real Estate License?” and “How to Accurately Predict Returns & Cash Flow for Any Rental Property.”

11. Zillow Market Trends

Best for: Agents and brokers

This one packs all kinds of real estate market information in every single week. Zillow is the number one real estate marketplace online right now.

So they have access to some really incredible and revealing data that helps them identify coming trends and show you what to expect as an agent or broker.

Check back every few days for new content like “14 Million Households Plan to Give Their Homes to Family” and “An Up Close Look at Housing Insecurity – And How You Can Help.” 

Why Read the Best Real Estate Blogs?

Is there any better way to tackle professional development (as a real estate agent, broker, property manager, or investor) from the comfort of your home than by reading informative blog posts at your own pace?

While there are some well-known, recognizable industry names in this list (Zillow, NAR, and BiggerPockets), there are also several lesser-known blogs that deserve your attention for the quality of information and content they put out every week. 

Now that you’ve got a list of great real estate blogs to check out, let us know which ones you enjoyed the most and which you’ll continue to read. Did we miss a great real estate blog on our list? Add it to the comments below!