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Kids Storage Ideas: 15 Clever DIY Hacks

If you’re searching for unique ideas for kids storage, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled some of our favorite inspiration from around the web. Read on to learn how to get organized today!

15 Kids Storage Ideas We Love in 2023

What To Expect When You’re Expecting does not prepare parents for what comes next: So. Much. Stuff. From baby books to toddler toys, kid’s Nerf Guns, Barbies galore, and everything in between, kid’s toys can cause a lot of clutter.

Thankfully, these genius kid’s storage ideas have the solution for all of the “stuff.” Turn your playroom from a hectic mess to an organized zen—but we can’t guarantee you won’t step on the occasional LEGO, nonetheless.

1. Spice Rack Book Storage

IKEA spice racks (which can be found at the furniture store or on Amazon) are a genius way to hold books. Hang a few in a grouping to keep favorites in site, not buried in a huge bin. Want them to double as decor?

Take a page from this homeowner’s book (pun intended) and paint each a different color to complement your children’s room. Use chalk paint to minimize sanding and prep work for a smooth finish.

2. Play-Doh Storage Carousel

A circular spice rack, meanwhile, can make a great Play-Doh storage rack. Choose a spinning option or place on a Lazy Susan so your future sculptor can reach all of their favorite colors.

3. Rustic Storage Unit

Cheap $4 bins from IKEA inspired this DIY storage unit. You can purchase cubes from IKEA or Amazon, or put in a little extra elbow grease to build your own like these parents.

Chalk paper labels the contents of each bin, and a dark espresso finish gives the finished product a rustic aesthetic. 

4. Nerf Gun Wire Rack

If you have a large finished basement, playroom, or garage, a large wire rack is a genius addition. Add hooks to hold your little one’s arsenal of Nerf guns, and hang baskets for ammunition.

The best part? Once the Nerf phase passes, you can use the wire rack to hang other collections or supplies. 

5. DIY Art Cart

IKEA’s Raskog cart is one of the manufacturers’ most popular products, perfect for stashing kitchen supplies to office necessities and everything in between.

This clever mom repurposed it as an art cart. On the top level, painted cans and jars hold crayons, pencils, brushes, and popsicle sticks. Paints and felt items go on the next level, with books and kits at the bottom.

6. Board Game Closet Organizer

Live in a house of gamers? This genius hack uses a hanging closet organizer to hold board games. As many as 20 games can hang in a hanging organizer—opposed to a precarious stack that will come toppling down as soon as one is picked. 

7. Barbie Shoe Rack Organizer

A hanging shoe rack can double as the perfect organizer for your child’s Barbie collection. If you’re handy, this mom made her own custom design using medium-thick plastic from Walmart and DIY Ribbon binding.

Whichever way you go, an over-the-door organizer is a genius way to display barbies and maximize your home’s square footage. 

8. Stuffed Animal Zoo

If your child has an entire menagerie of stuffed animals, house them together in a DIY “Zoo.” This crafter used pre-cut and stained baseboards from Amazon and a 100-foot roll of black bungee for the “bars.” Take note that crafting your own children’s furniture can pose a risk if you aren’t a handy DIYer. 

9. Stuffed Animal Hanging Basket

If the stuffed animal zoo is beyond your skill set, consider this clever hack. Hanging plant baskets or fruit baskets make great overhead storage for fluffy friends. Make it complement your decor by spray painting your child’s favorite color.

10. DIY Bath Toys Organizer

Even novice DIYers can execute this easy bath toys hack. Simple purchase cheap plastic bins (you’ll want them to have holes for drainage). This DIYer found them for a steal at Dollar Tree.

Then, use a curtain rod and curtain rings to adhere the baskets alongside the tub. Now, it can be used for all of your children’s favorite bath toys, and you can use a basket for sponges or soap—whatever you need!

11. Magnetic Car Rack

This genius storage hack doubles as pretty cool decor for your auto-lover’s room. The homeowner purchased magnetic bars from Amazon and hung them to the wall.

But, that’s not all…Most of today’s Matchbox cars are actually plastic on the bottom, so you’ll need to adhere a magnet to the bottom of the car.

It needs to be thick enough for a strong hold, but not so thick it is taller than the wheels. This DIYer used Magnetic Tape from JoAnn Fabrics.

12. Miniature Drawer Organizers

With LOL Dolls, Shopkins, and Polly Pocket’s all the rage, chances are your kid has a lot of teeny tiny toys.

Shop for different sized bins at Dollar Tree, and use them within your drawer or storage cart as organizers so that they aren’t all mixed together. Then, your little one can take out one basket at a time to play with, and you’ll avoid the big dump. 

13. DIY Market

All you need to create this adorable market is a storage cube, some pipe, and a piece of fabric. The result is much cuter than a pre-bought kitchen, and the cubes can store play food while you’re at it. 

14. Under-bed Lego Storage

Use an under-bed drawer and some balsa-wood strips to make dividers for a neatly organized LEGO bin. Once playtime is over, simply toss everything back inside, and visitors will be none the wiser. 

15. Photo Labels

Labels are the key to keeping plastic bins sorted. But for kiddos who aren’t reading yet, it doesn’t mean much.

Print photos of what’s inside to help them get into the habit of sorting their own toys and picking what they want to play with (instead of dumping everything to see what’s inside). 

What’s Your Favorite Kids Storage Idea?

Well, there you have it. We’ve highlighted the best kids storage ideas. Most of our inspiration uses common household items which you can find at any local hardware, big-box, or craft store.

And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other helpful how-t0, troubleshooting, and inspiration guides!

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