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Teen Boys Room Decorating: 40 Unique Ideas You’ll Love

Teen Boys Room Decorating: 40 Unique Ideas You’ll Love

Looking for teen boys room decorating ideas can seem like a daunting task.

Luckily, we’ve gathered forty of the most fun and incredible ways to decorate your teen’s room to serve as inspiration.

40 Ways to Decorate a Teen Boy’s Room 

Understanding your teenage son’s hobbies and interests will help you navigate the world of décor together.

Incorporating elements of things he likes into his room can be easier than you think.

Additionally, playing with bold color combinations and patterns can add just the right amount of attitude to a room.

Street Themes

Street Themes teen boys bedroom decorating idea

We love the simple and minimalist approach of this street-themed room. The beloved bike and skateboard effortlessly become decorative components of the room and complement the road signs on the shelf.

Opposite Shades of the Color Wheel 

Teen boys room decorating idea featuring Opposite Shades on the Color Wheel 


If you want an easy way to brighten up your teen’s room and give it a splash of vibrant color, choose two shades opposite each other on the color wheel.

Orange and blue make an incredible combination and instantly turn a dull, white space into a lively one.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves in a teen boys room on which sits action figures next to a dart board

Teenagers can accumulate quite a bit in their bedrooms, and mounted wall shelves offer a simple solution to saving space while also offering a great way to display their interests.

We like the mint green shade of this ultra-casual shelf above the computer desk.

Accent Walls

Accent Walls in green and white from which hangs a chalkboard calendar next to three lamps for a piece on teen boys room decorating ideas

New Africa/Shutterstock

Accent walls can instantly transform your teen’s room and are also great if you’re compromising on paint color.

This white room has a more modern vibe thanks to the deep forest green wall behind the bed.

Sleeper Couches

Idea for a teen boy room decorating design featuring a Sleeper Couch in front of a chalkboard wall next to a small desk above which shelves float

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Futons and sleeper couches are not only great to optimize the space in your teen boy’s room but also give the room a casual feel.

There are several unique styles to choose from, and the fact that it doubles as a couch means having instant seating for friends.

Bunk Beds

Teen boys bedroom decorating idea using natural wood floating shelves and bunk beds next to a window with sheer curtains

Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock

Even if you only have one teenage boy, a modern bunk bed can work wonders for the room.

Placing one across from a computer, TV, or game station means you can also use the bottom bunk as a couch.

Calm and Collected

Image titled Calm and Collected as an idea for teen boys room decorating using white walls, industrial style shelves, and simple dark blue bedding

New Africa/Shutterstock

This room keeps things simple: a clean workspace with plenty of shelving and a carefully chosen art piece above the bed.

Neutral colors in the rest of the room make the art and guitar the central focus.

Flags of the World

Flags of the World hang from the wall of a teen boy's room used as decorations

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

If your teen is into geography or travel, flags provide a fantastic and easy way to decorate their room.

This room matches the chosen flag colors to the stripes on the bedding.

Sporty Rooms

Sporty Room with lots of memorabilia lining the shelf walls of a bed's headboard

Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock

Sometimes your teen’s favorite sport can provide the perfect inspiration for their room décor.

This room plays up and coordinates the different ball colors and draws attention to trophy collections with a high shelf.

Hobby Themed

Hobby themed teen boys' room decorating idea with race cars painted on the walls

Joe Hendrickson/Shutterstock

Any collectibles relating to your teen’s hobbies can become the theme of their room.

We love how personalized this room looks by using a consistent race car theme and the giant name decal as part of the poster. 

For teens who are into gaming, a hobby-themed room can showcase their gaming collection and figurines.

Monochrome Hues

Teen boys room decorating idea featuring Monochrome Hues and a chalkboard wall next to the white and black striped bed

Not into bold colors? This room takes monochrome hues to the next level by blending different patterns of black and white.

A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color in a teen boys room using a bicycle and yellow chair as decorations on the wall and in the room

We love the moody vibes in this dark teen room, with just a touch of yellow accents.

A neon color like this yellow creates the perfect contrast against dark walls.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes using boho and mid century modern teen boys room decorations

Vintage décor is making a comeback, and we love how this room incorporates vintage pieces into modern décor.

A few functional elements, like the small bedside table and retro storage desk, complete the feel of this room.

Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue with moon and space themed décor in a teen boy's room

If your teen has a favorite color, create a fantastic contrast by mixing different shades of it.

The varying shades of blue in this room produce a whimsical ambiance.

Study Space

Study space featuring several pieces of colorful furniture and accent walls as an idea for a teen boys room decoration


Your teenager’s room should not just reflect who they are but also serve as a comfortable place they can study in.

This modern room combines office elements with personalized items to create a comfortable studying environment with plenty of light.

Nature Lovers

Nature lover's teen boys' room decorating idea with lots of natural brown colors mixed in with dark metal accents and furniture

Woodsy themes are easy to work with, and using natural items from the outdoors makes them feel more authentic.

This room makes plants and pinecones into art by placing them strategically around the space.

Bohemian Minimalist

Bohemian Minimalist teen boys' room decorating idea with white and grey curtains mixed in with boho-style white painted furniture

New Africa/Shutterstock

Who says decorating has to be gaudy? This room takes on a modern boho look by making one wall the focus with mismatched frames.

Mural Room

Teen boy room decorating idea with murals of waves and galaxies on the walls and ceiling


A mural of the sky and a bird in flight instantly turn this casual room into a work of art.

A couple of blue throw pillows and a matching dresser complement the look.

Grunge Aesthetic

Teen boy's room decorations with a grunge aesthetic featuring a guitar and street signs on the wall


We love the dim lighting and dark plum in this room, which complement the vinyl records on the wall—no need for cheesy music posters like in the old days.

Loft Room

Teen boy's room decoration idea using a loft-style bed with integrated cabinets above a herringbone-style wood floor


Loft beds are super fun and also aesthetically pleasing. This loft room makes the most of limited space by combining the loft beds and shelves on the same wall.

Neutral Tones

Teen boys room decorating idea using neutral tones and light colored natural wood

Earth tones and neutral colors can look very inviting with the right pieces.

This room has just enough essential elements, including a comfy retro chair in all earthy colors.

Colorful and Contemporary

Colorful and Contemporary teen boys room decorating idea using a red wall, a large two-panel canvas painting, and wood floors with a simple white desk with a yellow chair

This room uses slender and low-to-the-ground pieces, like a narrow settee, against bold paint for a sleek design.

Colorful throw pillows and a bi-color wall complete the modern feel.

Artsy Appeal

Room decorating idea for a teen boy with an artsy appeal with pictures hanging on the wall in small frames and a multi-colored striped rug


Show off your teen’s artistic side with an easel and paint in the corner of the room.

Turn their walls into a brilliant gallery to display their best work.

Swanky Blue and Green

Swanky blue and green teen boy room decorating idea with white furniture and teal blue drawers and rug


Cool colors like blue and green go well together, especially when combined with grey.

This room gives off an air of relaxation by pairing blue furniture with blue and green accents.

Attic Room

Attic room with a large skylight and brown wooden trim and paneling on the walls and ceiling with white walls and a teal striped rug

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

This attic room is anything but rustic, with its contemporary pieces and solid colors.

The low components work with the slanted ceilings, and the lighter colors brighten up the space to make it appear bigger.

Scenic Views

Teen boy room decorating idea with scenic views of a tropical forest and white walls with simple brown accents


If your teen has a beautiful garden outside their window or a pleasant balcony offering views of the city, use that to your advantage.

This room makes the window and balcony the focus while keeping the rest of the room open and low-key.

Tiny But Trendy

Tiny but trendy loft-inspired teen boys room decorating idea with plywood walls and a bicycle next to the small bed

Turn your teen’s small bedroom into a trendy modern space by choosing a low platform bed and a small desk and chair combo, like in this room.

Small picture frames and low-hanging lamps add depth to the room.

Narrow Bed, No Problem

Narrow Bed, No Problem in a teen boy's room that's painted white with blue accent pillows and bedding for a pop

You don’t need a big, fancy bed to make your teen boy’s room look cool.

Add depth and character by scooting their narrow bed against a window or decorative desk, then adding a ton of throw pillows.

Add Storage Cabinets

Wooden desk integrated into a storage cabinet in a teen boy's room


This room looks cozy and clean, with a practical wall dedicated to storage and organizing.

A computer or writing desk fits snugly between the extensive wardrobe and matching shelves.

Sleek and Stylish

Sleek and stylish teen boys room decorating idea with white walls and big windows with black trim with a white desk overlooking the window


This room uses comfortable pieces like a padded headboard for an extra stylish look.

The mounted TV and built-in desk add to the sleek appearance.

Pegboard Wall

Teen boys room decorating idea using a pegboard wall above a simple wooden desk made of wood horses on which sits a black lamp

All About Space/Shutterstock

The large, mounted pegboard completes this room’s desk area.

Not only does it provide a functional item for your teen to stay organized and keep track of events, but it also makes an excellent decorative piece.

Lounge Look

Teen boy's room decorating idea with a lounge look featuring a futon-style bed with gunmetal sheets below a floating wooden staircase

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Large cushions and extra-thick, slouchy chairs make this room look ultra-comfy.

College-inspired low tables and furniture add to the loungey feel. 

Dapper Red Room 

Teen boys' room decorating idea with a red wall and a red pull-out futon bed below a large abstract painting

Fire engine red is a popular color among toddlers, but teenagers can fall in love with this hue again too.

It makes for a very bold paint color choice, like in this bedroom, which uses it for the sofa bed too.

Single Beds at Opposite Ends

Single Beds at Opposite Ends in a white room with light grey walls

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

This look is a trendy alternative to bunk beds or having two beds side by side.

The narrow matching beds sit across from each other and feature similar shelving at different angles just overhead.

False Ceiling and Spotlights

Teen boys bedroom idea featuring False Ceiling and Spotlights

Kuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Create a bright and open ambiance in your teen’s room by placing stylish spotlights overhead and targeted areas on the wall.

Not only does this light up dark rooms, but the placement of the lights looks fabulous.

Black Oversized Chalkboard

Black Oversized Chalkboard as a decoration in a teen boy's room

A black chalkboard will add a relaxed retro vibe to any bedroom, but it looks terrific next to your teen’s study area.

This room pairs it with a bright orange desk chair for a more pronounced contrast.

Hanging Ceiling Lights and Mirrored Closets

Teen boy's bedroom featuring a Hanging Ceiling Lights and Mirrored Closets


Create the illusion of a larger room by using the reflection of large mirrors and the light of low-hanging ceiling lamps.

This cozy brown room looks more prominent than it is, thanks to a mirrored closet door and modern lights.

Wooden Paneling With Shelves

Wooden Paneling With Shelves


A wedding panel behind beds looks effortlessly elegant.

Add small shelves or bookcases across the top, like in this room, for a more sophisticated look.

Bold Vertical Stripes

Teen boy room decorating idea with bold yellow vertical striped and natural wooden bookshelves with yellow inserts

This room with a slanted ceiling looks extra cozy thanks to the sunny color palette and vertical stripe patterns.

Striped wallpaper is easy to find and a simple way to give your teen’s room an instant makeover. 

Musically Inspired

Musically inspired teen boys' room decorations on the walls with a drum set and American flag

Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock

Music has been the inspiration for teenage bedrooms through the ages.

Spruce up your teen’s room by designating a corner of the room for instruments like a drum set or guitar and amp combo. 

Things to Consider

Decorating your teen boy’s bedroom requires some creativity, and keeping in mind a few dos and don’ts:

  • Do incorporate their hobbies. Placing your teen’s instruments, trophies, or art pieces in the room is a great way to personalize the space.
  • Do include statement pieces and accent furniture. A colorful chair or retro table can transform the room.
  • Don’t shy away from headboards. These serve more than just a functional purpose and can even be used to fill up a wall elegantly.
  • Do think about paint colors. You can compromise on paint palettes if it’s important to you, or you can opt for a vibrant accent wall that best suits your teen’s taste and style.
  • Don’t underestimate bold patterns. Mixing patterns in a room will make it feel modern and chic. Play with different rugs and bedding, or even wallpaper patterns. 
  • Do make studying inviting. Your teen will need a room that is both a place to unwind and a place to study. Focusing on their study area with unique pieces like a pegboard or chalkboard can make it look more appealing.
  • Do work with your available space. Reflective objects, natural light, and low furniture can make a small room appear larger. Meanwhile, larger rooms need strategic storage spaces, such as modern wardrobes, to avoid cluttering the space. 

What’s Your Favorite Teen Boys’ Room Decorating Idea?

So there you have it—our favorite teen boy’s room decorating ideas.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, you can decide what type of room suits your teen best. Are they more into vintage looks or a modern ambiance? 

Whether you’re planning to reinvent your teen boy’s room entirely or simply want to add a few decorative touches, these tips should help get you started on your decorating journey.