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Real Estate Crash Course Near Me: Your Best Options

Real Estate Crash Course Near Me: Your Best Options

Searching for a “real estate crash course near me?” If so, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you how to find a prep course, things to consider, and our favorite online alternative. Read on to learn more.

If you’re like many people studying for the real estate licensing exam, you’re searching for a “real estate crash course near me,” quick exam prep options, and a way to boost your chances of passing the exam.

Pre-licensing courses are the bare minimum requirement, and very few people feel confident taking the real estate exam after finishing them.

Why Consider a Real Estate Crash Course graphic explaining why there are better options

One of my readers wrote, “I saw ads for more than one real estate crash course near me and got curious about what these programs offer. I’ve heard good and bad things about them. Are they worth taking?

I realize that many would-be agents wonder this same question. So I set out to highlight:

  • Whether I think real estate crash courses are helpful
  • How much information is condensed into them?
  • How long do they last?
  • Typical costs associated with a course
  • And whether or not they can be taken online

If you’re thinking about taking a real estate crash course, you can find the answers to these questions and my recommendation for the best option online in this guide.

What Is a Real Estate Crash Course?

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Starting with the basics: What is a real estate crash course? Real estate crash courses generally cover all of the pre-licensing course material very briefly within a one- or two-day period.

Real estate crash courses are intended for people who have already completed (or are close to completing) their pre-licensing courses and want an intensive review just before taking the real estate exam.

They are not substitutes for taking the required pre-licensing courses in your state. One California real estate school states,

“The Crash Courses we offer do not qualify you to take the state exam. It is an extra prep course to further prepare you for the state exam.

You’ll see that there are a few different formats for real estate crash courses. Some are offered live in a classroom setting, online via webinars or pre-recorded videos, or on audio CDs. 

  • Classroom. In a classroom setting, a crash course may be offered on weekdays or weekends. One- and two-day courses typically last from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Usually, any pass guarantees require you to be present for the entire course. 
  • Online. Online crash courses are either offered as live webinars, where you are required to log in during a specific time frame, or as pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace. Many online programs may also include a mix of text review and practice questions.
  • Audio CD. It’s much less common, but I’ve found that some real estate schools offer crash courses in an audio CD format. Some of them are full exam prep CDs covering all the topics on a state exam, while others offer terminology and definition review only. These might be a good option if you’ll spend a lot of time in the car or learn best by hearing the information without focusing your attention on a video.

Consider how you tend to learn best to decide which course format would be best for you. Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-classroom crash courses have temporarily shifted to live webinars.

Why Take a Real Estate Crash Course?

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Why might you take a real estate crash course? There are a few reasons these fast-paced reviews appeal to people who are preparing to take their salesperson or broker exam.

Taking a real estate crash course…

  1. Provides a quick overview of all the course material you’ve learned
  2. It enables you to study large amounts of information at one time
  3. It gives reassurance and boosts confidence before the exam
  4. Helps those who haven’t spent as much time studying as recommended
  5. Sometimes provides a pass guarantee

Provides a Quick Overview

Even if you feel confident that you know your stuff, it never hurts to do a quick overview of the material. Crash courses allow you to review and look at all the topics covered in your exam.

This keeps the information top of mind for exam day. Real estate crash courses offer this kind of overview, but in certain formats (in the classroom or via webinar), it won’t necessarily be quick.

Covers Lots of Information

If you’re unsure which topics or parts of your pre-licensing course materials are your weak spots, one sure way to find them is by doing a comprehensive review, like a real estate crash course or exam prep.

With so much information covered, every topic will be addressed. This means you’ll be able to point out which topics you have trouble with and those you feel you’ve mastered.

Boosts Confidence Before the Exam

Some of us just aren’t great test-takers. Taking an exam that will result in either getting your license or not getting it can create a lot of pressure.

One way real estate students boost their confidence and feel reassured about passing the exam is by doing exam prep or taking a crash course beforehand.

When you see how many topics you’ve mastered, you may feel more confident about taking the exam.

Allows for Last-Minute Studying

No one’s perfect, right? You might find yourself a few days away from the big exam and realize you haven’t studied in a while. Maybe you never really mastered the material in your pre-licensing courses.

You might have just scheduled your real estate exam sooner than you thought. If you need to study a lot and fast, a real estate crash course can be your Hail Mary pass.

May Come With a Pass Guarantee

It’s always nice when a crash course comes with a pass guarantee! Not all real estate crash courses have a pass guarantee, though.

These guarantees typically state that the course-taker is guaranteed to pass the real estate exam on the first try if they have completed the course materials and take the exam within an accepted time frame (usually one month).

If the course-taker doesn’t pass, the school or company may offer a refund of the course cost or re-open access to the course for additional study.

There are usually other restrictions involved, so be sure to read the fine print when you sign up. The best way to learn about the guarantee is to read the fine print.

The Problem With Real Estate Crash Courses

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We’ve looked at some of the benefits of taking a cram course, and there are a few. What we haven’t talked about yet is the major problem with these courses.

The problem is that crash courses rely on short-term cramming, not learning.

If you’re lucky, you’ll remember some of the material just long enough to take the exam. Cramming for a test won’t help you learn the information.

It only helps you recognize it temporarily. Seeing hundreds of topics and terms over a day or two won’t commit these things to your long-term memory. That’s a serious issue.

Imagine if your doctor told you she only passed her medical licensing examination because she took a crash course the weekend before the exam. You’d be concerned, and for good reason.

Thomas H. Mentos, author of The Human Mind, notes, “You’ll only remember twenty percent of quickly learned material after a thirty-day period.”

The flip side of this coin is that when you cram for a test, you’re forgetting 80% of what you thought you learned. Some real estate schools that used to offer crash courses have seen poor exam outcomes for students who took them.

One, ABC Real Estate School in Nevada, shares why they nixed the program:

“We used to bring students in for a crash course the day before every state test, in addition to the program. This amount of information was impossible for students to absorb the day before the examination. We decided to transfer the crash course to audio CD’s. Now students are able to learn from the tapes throughout the course at their own pace. Learning is much more productive when offered in this way.”

As a potential real estate agent or broker, you don’t want to start your career with only 20% of your pre-licensing education. That’s why basic real estate crash courses usually aren’t a good option. 

Fortunately, there’s something much more effective than a crash course. We’ll talk about that next.

Online Real Estate Crash Course Options

Real Estate Express exam prep master instead of taking a real estate cram course near you

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A real estate crash course is basically a last-minute cram session. It won’t help you retain the information covered without the aid of other study tools and methods.

There’s a better way to prepare for the real estate exam. It’s called Exam Prep Master, and it’s offered by the top-reviewed online real estate school, Real Estate Express. 

Exam Prep Master doesn’t rely on cramming or study binges. Instead, it provides you with an arsenal of study tools proven to help you retain and master the information covered. 

It’s effective whether you use it consistently for weeks or need to do some intense, last-minute studying before the exam. You won’t feel like you’re cramming when you use Exam Prep Master. 

The tools it comes with help you keep a steady pace and cover information until you’ve mastered it. It’s also a great deal at $99 for the exam prep tools and a pass guarantee!

Exam Prep Master includes so many resources and study tools, like:

  • Ten practice exams
  • Two national final exams
  • Three state final exams
  • Two custom exams you can build from topics you need to review
  • Strengths and weaknesses assessment from practice exam results
  • State-specific questions and tips
  • Digital flashcards for quick review
  • $99 for full access to all tools

Studies have shown that practice exams and flashcard review are the most effective ways to review and learn information. Exam Prep Master stands out because it offers many different ways to study.

It’s effective to start it two nights before your exam or as soon as you finish your pre-licensing courses. This ensures that when you take the exam, the material is fresh in your mind.

Bundle Exam Prep Master With Pre-Licensing Courses

Instead of taking a real estate exam prep crash course, take the online version for less money

Image Source: Real Estate Express

If you haven’t signed up for pre-licensing courses yet, Real Estate Express has the best deal online with the Exam Preparation Plus package.

You get all of your state’s required courses, direct support from your instructor, three real estate eBooks, Pro membership, the full Exam Prep Master course, and more. 

The Exam Preparation Plus Package includes:

  • All required pre-licensing courses for your state
  • Instructor support and Q & A sessions
  • Three real estate eBooks
  • Prep for Success Pro membership
  • Exam Prep Master (practice exams, flashcards, etc.)
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

Depending on your state, you might also get special extras like:

  • Post-license course (if required by state)
  • Exam cram video
  • Real estate dictionary

This bundle ensures you’re getting top-notch instruction for your pre-licensing courses and access to the best exam prep tools once you finish them. The bundle pricing varies by state.

Real Estate Express is already one of the most affordable online real estate schools, but it also regularly offers special promo codes to help you save even more.

Real Estate Crash Course Near You or Online Exam Prep?

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Real estate crash courses aren’t all bad; after all, some kind of studying is better than none. The problem lies in their fast-paced, one-size-fits-all approach.

With a crash course, you can’t focus on topics that you’re struggling to master. The review covers it all, but none of it is in-depth. Crash courses just aren’t effective in helping you retain and learn information.

They might help you remember some material long enough to pass the exam, but why take the chance? Most real estate crash courses cost between $100 and $300.

When I was getting my license, I did take a real estate crash course near me. It was fine, but I benefited more from the practice exams that I also took.

If you’re like me, the better option is to pay $99 for Real Estate Express Exam Prep Master. You’ll get the most comprehensive exam prep tools online and a pass guarantee.

Does it sound like your cup of tea? Get started by clicking the button below. It’s affordable, and we think you’ll benefit from it, just like I did.

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