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Moon Pod Reviews From Real-Life Buyers

Moon Pod Reviews From Real-Life Buyers

Looking for Moon Pod reviews? You’ve just found a treasure trove.

We’ll share actual customer reviews for all Moon Pod products, from the original pod to the Super Moon Pod, Crescent, and Lunar Lift.

What Is a Moon Pod?

Moon Pods are luxe, supportive bean bags that are designed for total comfort and relaxation. These bean bags are a lot different than the ones you may have used as a kid.

While old-school bean bags were flaccid, lumpy, and never quite as comfy as they looked, zero-gravity Moon Pods are designed to be the epitome of comfort and support. 

They’re loaded with a dense, springy filling that is designed to contour to your body and alleviate pressure at key points on your body during use. And they’re crafted to look right at home in even the trendiest living space thanks to their space-age minimalist design. 

About the Company

Screenshot of the Moon pod kickstarter page for a piece titled Moon Pod Reviews

This company got its start on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform where unique new products and projects can get financial backing from individuals instead of investors.

Kickstarter is a great litmus test for new products; if a product can do well there, it’s a good indicator that the general public will love it, too. That’s exactly what happened with Moon Pod, which raised almost 6,000% of its original Kickstarter funding goal and racked up more than 5,000 individual backers.

Today, the company is fully funded and expanding its offerings. Along with the original zero-gravity Moon Pod, they’re now making other products like the Crescent, Super Moon Pod, and Lunar Lift. 

The company describes their products as “engineered to provide the best in support, no matter your body shape or how you sit, recline, or sleep.” We’ll find out if that’s the case when we check out Moon Pod reviews in just a bit. 

The Original Moon Pod

The original Moon Pod is how this company got started. Moon Pods are zero-gravity bean bag chairs designed to be more comfortable and supportive than traditional bean bag chairs. The key is the dense, responsive filling inside each pod.

The filling doesn’t compress the way older bean bags do. It’s designed to stay firm and supportive for years. Moon Pods and the entire suite of Moon Pod products come in the following colors:

  • Moon Indigo
  • Cosmic Ash
  • Space Gray
  • Neptune Blue
  • Rose Quartz

Moon Pod makes a variety of comfortable bean bag products that you can use separately or together for a complete pod experience.

This includes the Crescent (back/neck rest), Super Moon Pod (jumbo Moon Pod), and Lunar Lift (footrest). Here’s a little more information about each before we get into the customer reviews. 


Crescent is a comfy, horseshoe-shaped backrest for the Moon Pod. You can use it as an add-on with your Moon Pod to add lower back support and make it easier to sit up or recline comfortably in the Pod. Some people even order the Crescent to be used without the Moon Pod. 

You can nestle your back into the open curve of the Crescent or flip it around and use it as a lap pillow to support your phone, iPad, or book while you relax. Crescent is similar to U-shaped nursing pillows like Boppy. 

Super Moon Pod

Super Moon Pod is Moon Pod’s answer to a traditional loveseat. There’s enough room for two (or more!) in this luxe, oversized bean bag. Two individual Moon Pods are squeezed into this jumbo bag for a dense, full, comfy experience. 

You can plop the Super Moon Pod onto the floor with both inner pods resting side-by-side for an extra-wide, snuggle-friendly spot. Or stack the two inner pods vertically to sit higher up and make exiting your Super Moon Pod a little easier. 

Lunar Lift

Turn your Moon Pod (or any chair) into a total relaxation experience with the Lunar Lift footrest. This squishy-yet-dense mini ottoman raises your feet so they’re on the same level as your heart for better circulation when you use it with the Moon Pod or a low chair. 

It’s offered in the same colors as the Moon Pod, so you can color-coordinate to match your interior design or mix and match for a fun look. 

Check Out Real Moon Pod Reviews

Wondering if one of these pods would make a good addition to your home? The overall average customer review for Moon Pod products is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Their product review averages range from 4.7 stars (original Moon Pod) to 4.9 stars (Crescent, Super Moon Pod, and Lunar Lift). 

There are currently more than 3,200+ reviews for Moon Pod products online right now. With this high review average, we know that most Moon Pod reviews are 5 stars. A few reviews are 4 stars, and almost no reviews are 3, 2, or 1 stars. 

These are excellent customer reviews that rank highly in this product category. In comparison, similar companies like Lovesac have a review average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Another competitor, Ultimate Sack, gets 4.4 out of 5 stars on average.

Check out what actual customers are saying about their Moon Pod products below. We found the most helpful reviews for each one of their products and shared them below. 

Moon Pod Reviews

Moon Pod 5 Star Review from a real buyer graphic

The original Moon Pod—the zero-gravity bean bag pod that started it all—gets an awesome 4.7 stars on average from customers. Right now, there are more than 2,300+ reviews live on the website. Here’s what customers have to say about their Moon Pod. 

“It isn’t like a typical bean bag. It actually relieves pressure on your back and supports you.” 5 stars from Sharon H., Moon Pod buyer

“Received one as a gift. bought another for myself and two more for a friend who couldn’t get over how calming it is; the shape alone is a pleasing addition to a minimalistic decor, the functionality is supreme.” – 5 stars from Luke B., Moon Pod buyer

“As amazing as the reviews indicate. Look at the numerous great reviews it has, at this point there is no need to read further you will not regret buying this. Go on stop reading and buy.” – 5 stars from David F., Moon Pod buyer

‘I live on my moon pod. I move it from room to room. From sitting in my toddler’s playroom reading stories, to watching TV, to working remotely, it suits all my needs. It can be placed in the corner upright when I’m not using it, so it has very little footprint. It is more comfortable than you think is possible. Truly difficult to put into words until you’ve sat down into it.” – 5 stars from Anna A., Moon Pod buyer

“I love the moon pod. Super comfy. Will probably buy a few more. If I had to find negatives: Wish they sold extra moon pod skins, very hard to get out of once you’re in it.” – 4 stars from Kokoro D., Moon Pod buyer

“I love it hardly took any time getting here I have been in moon pod ever since I got it really helps my body have a lot of health problems especially with my back but it’s the best invention so far thank you for making the moon pod.” – 5 stars from Donna N., Moon Pod buyer

Crescent Reviews

Moon Pod 5 Star Reviews from a real buyer

Crescent is Moon Pod’s backrest (when sitting) and neckrest (when reclining). Shaped like a jumbo travel pillow, the wraparound design gives you added stability and support when you’re in the zero-gravity Moon Pod or Super Moon Pod.

You can even use it without the Moon Pod for a more comfy couch or chair experience. Customers give Crescent (the most affordable Moon Pod product) an incredible 4.9 stars out of 5 with more than 610+ reviews live on the site.

This is an optional add-on product, so is it worth buying to make your Moon Pod experience complete? Here’s what customers have to say about Crescent. 

“Perfect purchase. This is the perfect compliment to the Moon Pod. Great back & arm support. If you’re looking for a comfortable chair feel to read a book, browse the web, etc. This is this the addition for you!” – 5 stars from Gage F., Crescent buyer

“Love the addition of the crescent for my Moonpod. Way more comfy!” – 5 stars from Las S., Crescent buyer

“Product is great, can be used with the moonpod but also aside in bed, a couch or any other place. Comfortable, light and cozy.” – 5 stars from Jorge Y., Crescent buyer

“Great acoutrement – my entire Moon Pod system is the Bomb! Fairly recently, a car hit me when I was commuting home on my bike. Along with suffering a moderate TBI, I also had nine cracked ribs, etc. My Moon Pod allows my body to relax in the exact position it wants to at the time. Long story but my entire Moon Pod system is the bomb! : ) And the customer service has been excellent.” – 5 stars from Victoria W., Crescent buyer

“My husband and I looove our moon pods, and are currently sharing a crescent which is a lovely addition especially for me as I sit and sketch on my iPad – love the extra support!” – 5 stars from Courtney R., Crescent buyer

“So comfortable! You need all 3 pieces for the best experience. Together all are very comfortable.” – Gloria Y., Crescent buyer

Super Moon Pod Reviews

Moon Pod 5 Star Reviews from a real buyer for the Super Moon Pod

The Super Moon Pod is twice the size of the original Moon Pod. This is like Moon Pod’s answer to the loveseat. Big enough for two or three, this comfy bean bag chair is oversized and actually contains two Moon Pods in one large membrane.

Use the double pods side-by-side for a wider space, or stack them vertically for higher seating that’s easier to get out of when you’re ready to stand up.

The Super Moon Pod gets an excellent rating of 4.9 stars from customers with 60+ current reviews. Here’s what customers are saying about the Super Moon Pod:.

“Your family will fight over who gets to use it. Thankfully we got the super pod so more than one can use it. Super comfy for movie watching, reading, sleeping. First thing my 9 year old does when he walks in the door from school is flop on it.” – 5 stars from Thomas, Super Moon Pod buyer 

“I love this product. I wanted something big enough to lay down on and curl up for a nap. I definitely got that! It’s actually a lot bigger than I expected, so it’s great for curling up and napping…But if you’re tall or like to spread out or cuddle a big dog or human, the super moon pod is a dream! Another cool thing is that I can stack this product vertically so it’s like one pod on top of the other and it can create an amazing hammock effect or even just a taller seat which can be good for some people who struggle to get off the floor.” – 5 stars from Lake M., Super Moon Pod buyer

“Comfortable and nice size…comfortable but hard to get out of.” – 5 stars from Karen K., Super Moon Pod buyer

“I cannot sit in the pod unless I am ready to sleep. I can’t explain it. I just fall asleep in my pod. My son wants one for his birthday. I haven’t seen him smile like that in a long time. I just saw you have a pod made for two. His wife wants one too. I love the pod. I have nothing but good things to say. It’s worth every penny.” – 5 stars from Linda D., Super Moon Pod buyer

“Comfort is unsurpassed. I initially bought the single moon pod off of the daily deal site…my husband thought I was crazy spending so much on a bean bag chair, but upon its arrival I couldn’t get him out of it. Thus I went back and ordered the super moon pod for him…they are more comfortable than our high end furniture, and our go to pieces for lounging…also for a reference we are not kids we are both in our 60’s.” – 5 stars from Patricia C., Super Moon Pod buyer

Lunar Lift Reviews

Moon Pod 5 Star Reviews from a real buyer for the Lunar Lift Pod

The Lunar Lift bean bag footrest made by Moon Pod is an optional add-on piece that acts like a low ottoman or footrest for your Moon Pod or Super Moon Pod.

This squishy-yet-firm footrest keeps your feet elevated while you recline or rest in the Moon Pod for better circulation and relaxation. Pair it with the Moon Pod, Super Moon Pod, and/or Crescent for a complete pod experience. 

The Lunar Lift footrest gets a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars from customers, with 220+ reviews currently live on the site. Let’s see what customers are saying about the Lunar Lift. 

“The most comfortable spot in my house! Instantly allows me to relax! I just love it!” – 5 stars from Leslie D., Lunar Lift buyer

“I wasn’t sure if the Lunar Lift was going to be necessary as I am a very short person, but I wanted to be as comfy as possible so I got it. What a great choice! I have hardly used it as a footrest but I use it almost constantly! I use it as a small seat and backrest very often. I’m disabled and can’t always move or support my body in the ways I want to, this product has been amazing for just about any positioning needs I have! If you’re on a tight budget but you want something to test out this product, I recommend the lunar lift. If you have the money, get the whole set. It’s a wonderful product and everyone who’s sat in it has been surprised by their experience and wanted to get their own! It’s amazing for chronic pain too! Keeps your whole body completely aligned, it’s amazing!” – 5 stars from Lake M., Lunar Lift buyer

“Smushy ottoman. Just received and using with small chair in a small house sitting area – so far very happy with it.” – 5 stars from Char F., Lunar Lift buyer

“I received a moon pod and crescent pillow for Christmas and after a couple days spent laying on it for HOURS I decided the lunar lift pillow would be a great addition and I was right! I absolutely love everything about the whole set. It’s so comfortable, you can lay in any position with no back pain or body parts falling asleep! Highly recommend.” – 5 stars from Jodi Y., Lunar Lift buyer

“It is a comfortable added component to the moon pod & crescent. Customer service is top notch too. Had a problem in shipping, the lunar lift was damaged in transit, causing the loss of the slipcover. A customer service rep was very helpful in getting another slipcover shipped to me quickly! I’d highly recommend moon pod & all its products!” – 5 stars from Linda P., Lunar Lift buyer

Moon Pod Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve looked over some of the most helpful Moon Pod reviews, let’s break down the pros and cons.

Customers really love Moon Pods—hence the awesome overall 4.8 star rating—but we wanted to make note of any repeating complaints so you can know what to expect if you decide to buy a Moon Pod for yourself. Check out the pros and cons in detail below. 


What’s so special about Moon Pod and their products? We analyzed thousands of reviews and product information to list the pros and cons. Here’s what people really love about Moon Pods. 

  • Excellent customer reviews: With all their products getting an average customer review rating of 4.8, it is clear that reviewers love the Moon Pod and other zero-gravity products. The comfort, versatility, attractive minimalist design, lightweight-yet-dense filling, and fair price are raved about in nearly every review. Moon Pod reviews are also better than competitors like Lovesac (4.3 stars) and Ultimate Sack (4.4 stars). 
  • Comfortable: Moon Pod’s zero-gravity bean bags are designed first and foremost for comfort and relaxation. The pod conforms to the shape of your body when you sit, lay, or recline in it. The dense filling can help relieve pressure points and provide a weightless feeling while you lounge. Customers of all ages (even 60+) and ability levels rave about the Moon Pod’s unsurpassed comfort. 
  • Sit, recline, or lay: Choose the way you want to relax with your Moon Pod and add-ons. Sit up (add the Crescent backrest for additional support), recline (add the Lunar Lift for your feet), or lay down in the Moon Pod – whatever’s most comfortable for you. The dual-shell pod membrane ensures your pod will conform to your shape no matter how you choose to relax. 
  • Takes up less floor space: While bringing a new chair or small sofa into a room for extra seating can take up 8 to 25 square feet, the original Moon Pod only takes up about 4 square feet. The Super Moon Pod can take up 4-8 square feet, depending on if you use the double pods side-by-side or stacked vertically for a taller seat. 
  • Lightweight and easy to move: Take your Moon Pod room-to-room or to relax on the go since it only weighs about 12 pounds. Many Moon Pod customers take their Moon Pod to the office, indoor events, parties, or anywhere they need extra seating because it’s so lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • Costs less than competitors: Moon Pod costs less than similar luxe bean bags like the Lovesac. At under $300, you’ll pay less for a Moon Pod than you will for a basic oversized bean bag ($400) or a Lovesac ($850). Moon Pod also runs regular discount promos and offers special pricing around holidays and sales events to make their Moon Pods even more affordable. 
  • Dense, quality filling: Moon Pod uses a custom blend of high-density beads to fill their zero-gravity bean bag chairs and add-on products. The pod filling responds to pressure and movement to cradle you comfortably in any position. It’s designed to mimic flotation therapy for reduced anxiety and stress.  
  • Hand-filled: Every Moon Pod product is hand-filled by real people, not machines. This means every Moon Pod, Crescent, Super Moon Pod, and Lunar Lift is inspected and custom-filled to give you the most relaxing, zero-gravity pod experience. 
  • Famous following: Celebrities like Cardi B, Justin Beiber, and Mike Chandler are all happy Moon Pod customers who endorse the product and recommend it to others. Well-known endorsements like these indicate a high-quality product with a luxe feel. 
  • Assembled and filled in the U.S.: Moon Pods are manufactured overseas, but are hand-filled and assembled right here in the United States. Your Moon Pod will always be shipped from the United States so you can expect fast delivery. 
  • Free shipping in contiguous U.S.: Shipping is always free to contiguous U.S. states. There’s a small shipping fee to have Moon Pod products delivered to Alaska and Hawaii. 


There are a ton of Moon Pod pros and benefits; there’s definitely no shortage of positive customer reviews. But what’s not so great about Moon Pods, according to product reviews and customer complaints? We found out about the cons, so you can know what to expect. 

If you’re really thinking about buying a Moon Pod for yourself or as a gift, you’ll want to know the good and the bad before you buy. Here are some of the cons we noted in our review analysis. 

  • Can be hard to get out of: If you have limited mobility, the Moon Pod can be tough to get out of because it sits lower to the ground than traditional chairs. Some mobility-challenged customers recommended using a Super Moon Pod (the largest size) with both inner pods stacked up side-by-side to give you a higher seating level and make it easier to get up when you’re finished relaxing. 
  • Some assembly required: Moon Pods arrive almost ready-to-use, but not quite. You’ll need to slip the outer sleeve over the filled pod before it’s ready to relax in. The job can be challenging for a single person, so Moon Pod recommends enlisting the help of a friend or family member to slip the cover on when it arrives. 
  • Filling may settle and compress: Unlike traditional chairs, the filling in a Moon Pod isn’t static and doesn’t get compressed as quickly. But over time, the custom high-density filling can compress a bit and result in a less-supportive pod. You can wash the cover and see if that helps, or contact the company to get extra filling if this happens. 
  • Usage restrictions: Moon Pods are suitable for almost everyone but are not recommended for use by infants (due to the risk of suffocation), people over 350 pounds, or people taller than 6’8”. 
  • Limited returns and refunds: Moon Pods does accept unopened returns within 14 days, but returns are not free. All returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee, and Moon Pod reserves the right to charge additional damage and usage fees if a product is returned in used or damaged condition. They will exchange or replace any defective product. 

While there are a few disadvantages for some customers, most find that the Moon Pod, Super Moon Pod, and add-on accessories are comfortable, affordable, and beneficial overall. Let’s take a look at the FAQs next.   

Moon Pod FAQs

Got a few questions about Moon Pod? You’re not alone! We found some of the most commonly asked questions about this company and their products. Check out the FAQs below and find accurate answers to your Moon Pod questions. 

What are Moon Pods filled with?

Moon Pod uses a custom blend of high-density plastic beads as its inner filling for all products. This is brand-new, not already-recycled, filling that is made to last for years.

Moon Pod partners with manufacturers, making use of clean, unused materials to keep them out of landfills for more sustainable manufacturing.

The result is a springy, dense filling that contours to your body shape for a comfortable lounging experience that mimics flotation therapy. 

Is a Moon Pod worth it?

Moon Pods are a little costly, but worth it. Moon Pod customers love their products and give every single one an average rating from 4.7 stars to 4.9 stars. People say the Moon Pod helps with chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety and aids in better rest and relaxation. 

People of all ages, body types, and abilities report positive experiences with their Moon Pod. The cost of a Moon Pod is cheaper than their main competitors, making it the smartest buy if you’re in the market for a zero-gravity bean bag chair. 

How much does it cost for a Moon Pod?

Moon Pods have a base price of $299. Their add-on products (Crescent and Lunar Lift) are cheaper at around $140 each. Similar bean bag or sack-style chairs made by other companies can cost anywhere from $40 to as much as $1,300.

This means Moon Pod pricing is mid-range – not quite cheap, but nowhere near the most expensive. They regularly offer discounts and promo codes that make the cost of the Moon Pod drop even further. 

Is it hard to get out of a Moon Pod?

Moon Pods are known for being supremely comfy, but they can be difficult to stand and rise out of if you have mobility issues because they sit lower to the ground.

Most people report no issues getting up out of their Moon Pod, but a few older individuals mentioned it’s hard to do without a little help or something to grab onto. 

If you think you’ll have trouble, you can try a Super Moon Pod instead. This larger version contains 2 inner pods that can be stacked to raise you up and make exiting the pod a little easier. 

Can you wash a Moon Pod?

Yes! Moon Pods come with removeable, washable covers that can be tossed in the washing machine anytime you want to clean your pod.

Zip off the outer cover (machine washable) and wash it in cold water with like colors. It’s even dryer-safe, so pop the cover into your dryer on low heat before zipping back onto your pod. 

Things to Consider

Reviews have shown us that Moon Pods might be the comfiest spot to sit Earth-side, but there are still a few helpful tips we have to share before you buy one. Here’s what you need to know about Moon Pods before you make your purchase! 

  • Enlist a friend on delivery day. When you order a Moon Pod, you’ll need to slip the inner pod into the outer cover once you receive it. It’s a little challenging to do alone, so we recommend enlisting a friend or family member to help you squeeze the pod into the cover on delivery day. This way, you can quickly pop it into the cover and start using it sooner. 
  • Color-coordinate or mix and match? Moon Pod products all come in your choice of 5 rich colors. Before you order, think about which products you’ll be buying and whether you want to color-coordinate them or mix and match a few colors. You might like a moon indigo Moon Pod paired with a space gray Crescent and rose quartz Lunar Lift. Or maybe a monochrome Neptune Blue setup is more your style. Moon Pod colors are all complementary, cool tones that look great together, so feel free to get creative!
  • Know who can and can’t use it. Most people can comfortably use a Moon Pod, but there are a few exceptions. Infants should never use a Moon Pod or any similar chair due to the inherent risk of suffocation if they turn over. People over 350 pounds and people over 6’8” may be able to use Moon Pods, but you should double-check with the company before ordering to be sure. If you have mobility issues or struggle to rise from a chair, the Moon Pod’s low seating may not be a good fit. 
  • Not sure you’ll love it? Start with this. All Moon Pod products are made with the same springy, dense filling and soft, luxe fabric covers. If you’re not 100% sure about buying a Moon Pod but want to give it a try, you may be hesitant since the company only accepts unused, unopened returns. You can try the Lunar Lift first instead – you’ll get a sense of how the product feels and can use it as a pillow, backrest, or footrest. Plus, you’ll be one step closer to a full Moon Pod suite of products when you decide you’re ready to buy the pod! 
  • Refer a friend and you both save $25. We found out that Moon Pod has a referral program you’ll want to take full advantage of. If you refer a friend and they make a purchase over $99, you’ll both get $25. Can’t beat that for spreading the word about Moon Pod with your friends! 

Moon Pods may not make you weightless, but according to reviews, you’ll definitely feel that way when you’re floating on one. The cushy, dense filling supports every curve and contour of your body for total support and relaxation.

People can’t stop raving about Moon Pods and how comfortable they are. With excellent customer reviews (average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars), it’s clear that the Moon Pod is loved by users and lives up to the hype.

From their humble Kickstarter beginnings to now, this is a company that makes high-quality products that very rarely get negative reviews. 

If you’re looking for out of this world comfort that soothes aches and pains while improving circulation and rest, look no further than the suite of Moon Pod products.

None of their products gets less than 4.7 stars from customers – they’re that good. Once you’re nestled in and comfy, you won’t want to leave!