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Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

Is there a Zillow for commercial real estate?

You’re looking for a site like Zillow but want to view commercial listings instead of residential listings.

Whether you’re a real estate investor, real estate agent or broker, or just looking for office space, finding and posting commercial listings online is easy when you know where to look.

Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

If you’re in the market to buy commercial real estate or have a commercial building for sale, you’ll have to look beyond Zillow.

Question and answer title Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate and a number of options for the platforms listed above a person with money on the table and buildings on a screenZillow specializes in residential listings and features very few commercial buildings. Upon discovering this, many people wonder, “Is there a Zillow for commercial real estate?”

The top sites include:

  1. LoopNet
  2. 42Floors
  3. Brevitas
  4. RealMassive
  5. Ten-X

When you’re searching for commercial real estate listings online, you want to see as much information about each listing as possible.

Photos and descriptions are a must. It’s also nice to see other information, like market trends in the area over time and past or current tenant details.

And if you’re posting commercial listings online, you want to ensure potential buyers and tenants can easily access the listing for free.

We’ve located the five best sites that provide all of this information on commercial real estate listings. Keep reading to learn about each site. 

Top 5 Sites Like Zillow for Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re listing or searching for commercial properties for sale, you can use any of the websites below. We’re including all the important information about each site.

You’ll see the kind of data offered, special features, pricing information (if any), benefits and limitations, and more. Here are the top 5 sites, like Zillow, for commercial real estate.

1. LoopNet

The loopnet platform displayed on a green background

LoopNet is a multiple listing service (MLS) for commercial real estate. It’s used by brokers to list and advertise properties. It’s also used by investors and buyers to search properties for sale or lease.

There are more than 6.5 million visits to this website each month. Because LoopNet services both brokers and buyers, it offers lead generation services to brokers who want to reach out to buyers interested in commercial properties.

LoopNet is considered the “gold standard” for commercial real estate (CRE) listings. Most brokers dealing in commercial real estate use it.

And because it’s owned by CoStar, the largest CRE data provider in the United States, it has access to more listings, more updates (millions each day), and more buyers. On the downside, LoopNet doesn’t show all CoStar listings for free.

Some users complain that after being acquired by CoStar, the service has started charging for services that were once free (like running reports and displaying listings in Google searches).

  • Pros: Most widely used CRE listing source; access to more listings for buyers and leads for brokers
  • Cons: Some listings aren’t free to view; reduced free broker services and benefits

LoopNet Reviews

What better way to learn about a platform than to hear from real-life customers? We found a few detailed reviews from

“LoopNet is a great resource for real estate brokers and people generally looking for real estate. Whether they are looking for land to purchase or a space to rent for office or retail, LoopNet has something for everyone.” -Stephanie MacMillan

“LoopNet is a great base for searching current listings. It is suited for brokerage, development, and investment-related property activities. It is less appropriate for the pulling of comparable sales and historical data.” -Corey Sandburg

“It is sort of the current gold standard for a commercial real estate public-facing MLS. Because of this we either use it or miss out on access to the user base. If I asked you “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Facebook if asked by a colleague?” You would probably say “Well I don’t necessarily recommend it…but you kind of just have to have it.” -Scott Patterson

2. 42Floors

42floors commercial real estate listing platform displayed on a green screen against a green background

42Floors is a multiple listing service (MLS) for commercial real estate. It’s free to use, but it also offers an Elite plan for a monthly fee. The paid plan offers more options and capabilities for both buyers and real estate brokers and agents.

42Floors gets about 300,000+ monthly website visitors each month. About 91% of those visits come from the United States. This provides very good exposure for any commercial listings that are posted here.

Open market reports are free to view and download. These reports give a snapshot of the commercial real estate industry in different areas, hot properties, and popular searches.

All listings are shown for free; you don’t have to upgrade to an Elite plan to see certain listings. Listing agent contact information is on each property, making it easy for buyers to connect with agents for more information.

  • Pros: Completely free to use unless you decide to upgrade; lots of website traffic for better listing exposure
  • Cons: Certain features are only available with the Elite plan, especially for real estate brokers and agents

42Floors Reviews

Just as we did in our section on LoopNet reviews, we sourced these real customer reviews from TrustPilot.

“42 Floors isn’t perfect – for example, it didn’t have many options for commercial rentals in my state (Minnesota). Lucky for me though, I found exactly what I was looking for in my few choices. Most of the information I needed about the place was listed on their website. It made it easy for me to set up an appointment to view the place and I ended up signing on the dotted line.” -Bryan Sayler

“A friend mentioned that they had heard of 42Floors, so I decided to check it out. Because we were not in the area, I wanted to really narrow the choices before scheduling real viewings. 42Floors offered high quality pictures to view online along with accurate and detailed descriptions making the process significantly less stressful. The site was very easy to navigate and make the choice fast and effectively. If you are looking for a new office space or need space for whatever reason, you should definitely take a look at this site.” -Virginia Keyes

3. Brevitas

Brevitas listing screen shown against a green background

Brevitas is a good source for investors and buyers looking for commercial properties. It’s one of the best listing sites for buyers because it features a diverse mix of broker, private, and off-market commercial listings.

Brevitas always has more than 70,000 properties listed with 1,000+ off-market listings from more than 50,000 brokers and agents.

Buyers and investors that are Premium members can post want ads with the search criteria they’re interested in.

Anytime a new property listing matches the criteria, the user is immediately notified to have the best opportunity to contact the broker. Also, Premium members will be added to nearby brokers selling properties that match search criteria.

This can help investors build their network and buyers tap into more relevant listings. SharpLaunch rated Brevitas as the number one commercial listing site in 2020.

  • Pros: Features a mix of broker, private party, and off-market commercial listings )some of which are unique to the Brevitas platform), ability to send offers through the site
  • Cons: The most useful buyer and investor features are only available with a Premium membership, not as many listings as some other sites

Brevitas Reviews

“Brokers and investors can browse properties and see basic information for free. However, more detailed information requires payment to access.” –Reonomy

“Brevitas offers a powerful algorithm to connect brokers with motivated, purchase-ready investors from their database. Brevitas collaboration with Realtors Property Resource gives realtors an instant competitive edge while offering them a robust collection of property search and marketing tools. The partnership between RPR and Brevitas creates an easily navigated platform.” –National Association of Realtors

4. RealMassive

As an image for a piece on is there a zillow for commercial real estate, a realmassive listing screen

RealMassive DataQu is a growing cloud-based CRE listing service with up-to-date, real-time data on 30 million+ commercial properties across the nation.

Properties on this platform come from brokers, public data, and industry sources. On this site, you can find a mix of on and off-market properties.

Search with filters to view properties that meet your criteria and sign up for new property notifications that match your search. Real estate brokers and agents can view sales comps, export and print property data, and track market trends.

This platform provides access to more in-depth data than most, covering more than 250 data points per property.These include everything from sales and tax history to owner info and finance and loan information going back 20 years.

Basic access to RealMassive is free (search and advertise listings). Real estate professionals can check out insights on their listings and local real estate markets.

Throughout 2020, RealMassive is offered free access to nationwide commercial property data. There’s no contract, commitment, or credit card required.

  • Pros: In-depth data on each property from multiple sources, free to search and list properties
  • Cons: Fewer monthly visits than other sites (less exposure for listings)

RealMassive Reviews

“The product, people, and processes are evolving nicely and the company is positioned well to really go out and help the Commercial Real Estate industry.” -Austin G.

“We’re using DataQu to closely monitor trends & changes in CRE markets across the country. Over the last 7 days, NYC saw total on-market properties (for sale, lease & sublease) increase by 7.37%.” -Instagram review

5. Ten-X

The Tenx commercial real estate platform home screen on a green graphical background

Ten-X is the platform behind more than 90% of online commercial real estate sales. CoStar recently acquired the company, which will expand its reach even further.

Ten-X lists commercial real estate properties for investors and buyers to check out and bid on. They also provide a suite of marketing tools and data technology for real estate brokers and agents.

Ten-X gets more than 1,000,000 monthly visits (95% from the United States), offering top-notch exposure for commercial property auction-style listings.

Investors and buyers benefit from smart-matching technology that pairs them with properties and brokers that match their investment or purchase criteria.

Market analysis reports and due diligence documents are available directly from the website. Complete analytics for marketing campaigns and listings help agents and brokers stay in the know about which properties are performing best.

Lead generation is made easier with access to metrics showing which listings users are looking at, saving, and sharing.

  • Pros: More than a million monthly visits, equal benefits for buyers and real estate professionals, bids allow flexibility in pricing
  • Cons: Auction style can result in overpaying for properties, buying is more competitive than on other sites

Ten-X Reviews

These reviews came from a Bigger Pockets forum, on which real investors discussed the pros and cons of Ten-X.

“Works well. The data available under the due diligence section is often very thorough and helpful. I haven’t bought anything but have placed bids on multiple properties and understand the process. No issues with the bidding mechanics. The iPhone app is quite good.” -Richard B.

“I’ve bid on a few but haven’t bought anything from them yet. My understanding is that they are the same company as just re-branded. for sure uses ghost bids on the residential properties but I haven’t seen them do that on the commercial properties.” -Jeff Kehl

“We have sold multiple properties in the platform. The buyer of our properties got a very good deal if they are willing to put in the time and energy needed. We have stayed away from purchasing as we don’t like to spend time on a deal that we don’t know what it will take to get.” -Ariel Jeidel

Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

As an image for a piece on IS THERE A ZILLOW FOR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Alley with office buildings in modern Budapest area


The answer: There are several sites like Zillow for commercial real estate. Buyers, real estate investors, brokers, agents, and even lenders can use any of the sites and platforms above.

All of these options offer free to search commercial listings. Some allow sellers, brokers, and agents to post listings for free.

For the biggest selection of commercial listings, check out LoopNet, 42Floors, and Ten-X. If you’re looking for off-market or private listings, Brevitas and RealMassive are great options.

For auction-style commercial listings, Ten-X is the right option. For the best-all-around experience (cost, traffic, capabilities, data) for both sides of the transaction, LoopNet is arguably the most well-known.

42Floors is a close runner up. But if you’re looking for website functionality and detailed data like Zillow provides, you’re sure to find it in any one of these top 5 CRE listing websites.