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Best Faucet Brands To Enhance Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Best Faucet Brands To Enhance Your Kitchen and Bathroom

With so many popular faucet brands to choose from, selecting the best one for your kitchen or bathroom can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the top faucet brands manufacture their faucets in several styles to fit in with any décor.

How Do You Know Which Faucet Brands Are Best?

A number of single-handle bathroom faucets in various colors and finishes sit in a row on a display for a piece on faucet brands

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The best faucet brands bear a recognizable name. If you’ve browsed kitchen and bathroom hardware, you’ve probably come to recognize several of the companies that keep cropping up. 

Faucets from any of those companies will be quality pieces of hardware, so focus on choosing the faucet style and finish that’s perfect for your space instead of a specific brand. 

Faucet models typically come in a few different variations. The number of pre-drilled holes in your countertop will dictate the type of faucet you need to buy.

Unless you need wall-mounted hardware or a specialty faucet, you’ll need to choose one of the following styles: 

  • Two-handle faucets where both water handles and the spout sit on a base require two holes.
  • Two handle-faucets without a base where the knobs and the faucet spout sit on the counter require three holes. 
  • Single-handle faucets require one opening.
  • Many faucets come with a separate pull-out sprayer, which requires an extra hole. You can drill a hole or choose not to install the sprayer. 
  • If you’re switching to a faucet that requires fewer holes, you can purchase a sink or faucet hole cap to cover the extra opening without the need to change your countertop. 

The 10 Most Popular Faucet Brands

Several faucet brands in various styles and colors found in a Home Depot store in California


Several well-known companies produce most of the brand-name faucets available at department stores, hardware and home stores, and discount stores that carry hardware and home decor. 

These companies represent some of the most recognizable names in kitchen and bathroom hardware. Their products come with the expectation of quality and long-lasting use. 

#1 American Standard

American Standard faucet


American Standard features designs intended to address people’s concerns, like tap and touchless faucets that stop and start with a hand motion.

Faucets with built-in filters to remove harmful substances like lead are some of their most in-demand products. American Standard is one of the oldest faucet brands, with over 140 years in the plumbing fixtures market.

The company went through several name changes, mergers, and sales to become the American Standard brand of home plumbing fixtures in 1967. 

Currently, American Standard is one of the companies owned by LIXIL, a corporation that also owns Grohe, another of the top faucet brands.

American Standard is a North American company, and the designs are American, but despite its name, plants outside the United States manufacture the hardware. 


  • A wide range of product options and styles to suit different preferences.
  • Reliable performance and durability with long-lasting construction.
  • Excellent customer support and warranty coverage.


  • Some customers have reported occasional issues with part availability.
  • Higher price point compared to some other brands.
  • Limited availability of advanced features and technologies.

#2 Grohe

Grohe faucet


Grohe is a German company that started in 1911 and has become Europe’s largest sanitary fittings manufacturer. Grohe stresses sustainability, water conservation, and quality. 

Some of their innovative designs include a kitchen faucet that can give you chilled drinking water and even on-demand sparkling water to help reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles that end up in oceans and landfills.

Grohe also manufactures their SmartControl Shower products, which let you choose the type of shower spray and the precise temperature of the water.

Their other offerings include coordinating collections in several styles, touchless and tap faucets, and foot-control faucets that let you control them completely hands-free. 


  • Innovative and stylish designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.
  • High-quality materials and construction ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Advanced technologies for water conservation and energy efficiency.


  • Higher price point compared to other brands.
  • Some customers have reported occasional leaks or malfunctions.
  • Limited availability of parts and accessories.

#3 Delta

Delta faucet


The first one-handle faucet operated with a ball valve came from the Delta Faucet Company, founded in 1954 by Alexander Manoogian.

He bought the rights to the design from an inventor and improved it to prevent leaks. 

Manoogian named his company Delta because the motion of the handle resembled the shape of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.  

Delta faucets are available in several innovative styles, like floor mount tub faucets and motion-sensor faucets.

They also offer kitchen and bathroom faucets in their VoiceIQ line that respond to commands from smart home devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 


  • A wide range of product options with various styles and finishes.
  • Innovative technologies such as Touch2O and Diamond Seal provide enhanced convenience and durability.
  • Excellent customer service and warranty coverage.


  • Occasional reports of leaks or drips.
  • There is limited availability of replacement parts for older models.
  • Some customers find the installation process slightly complex.

#4 Peerless

Peerless faucet


Peerless faucets represent a budget-friendly line of faucets.

The Delta Faucet Company owns the brand and markets the faucets as affordable options with the same Delta quality. 

In many cases, parts for Delta faucets are compatible with Peerless faucets, and vice versa. 


  • Affordable price range without compromising on quality.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly design.
  • A decent selection of styles and finishes to choose from.


  • Limited availability of advanced features and technologies.
  • Some customers have reported occasional leaks or durability issues.
  • Relatively shorter warranty compared to other brands.

#5 Pfister

Pfister faucet


Known as Price Pfister until 2010, Pfister manufactures faucets and other kitchen and bath hardware.

The company started in 1910 by marketing generators to farmers and expanded into faucets and other hardware several years later. 

One of their most popular faucets features easy installation from above the counter without the need to get under the sink.

They also offer touchless faucet technology, pull-out sprayers that dock magnetically, and several modern and traditional styles and finishes. 


  • Diverse product range with modern designs and finishes.
  • Good value for money with a balance of quality and affordability.
  • Strong focus on water efficiency and eco-friendly solutions.


  • Some customers have experienced occasional leaks or malfunctions.
  • Limited availability of spare parts for older models.
  • Warranty coverage can vary depending on the specific product.

#6 Moen

Moen faucet


Al Moen founded the Moen Company after accidentally burning his hands with a blast of hot water in 1937 and deciding to design a faucet that would prevent such accidents.

The first of his single-handle faucets was sold in 1947, and today Moen is one of the top faucet brands in the world. 

The company offers a line of products that includes water security, monitoring, and voice-controlled faucets and showerheads.

Moen manufactures most, though not all, of its products in the United States. 


  • High-quality construction and durable finishes for long-lasting performance.
  • A wide range of designs and styles to suit different preferences.
  • Excellent customer service and generous warranty coverage.


  • Premium price range compared to some other brands.
  • Limited availability of advanced features in certain models.
  • Some customers have reported occasional issues with water pressure or leaks.

#7 Kohler

Kohler faucet


In 1873, John Kohler founded Kohler & Silberzahn in Wisconsin to manufacture farm equipment.

The company began selling plumbing products ten years later. Today, Kohler is one of the most recognizable names in plumbing, hardware, and lighting fixtures.

Though they offer a wide range of faucet styles, the company is well-known for innovative toilet styles, with commodes that look nothing like a traditional toilet. 


  • Innovative and stylish designs that blend functionality with aesthetics.
  • Exceptional build quality and durability.
  • Extensive range of products to cater to diverse customer needs.


  • Higher price point compared to some other brands.
  • Limited availability of parts for older or discontinued models.
  • Some customers have reported occasional issues with customer service.

#8 Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay faucet


Home Depot owns the Glacier Bay brand, so these faucets are Home Depot exclusives.

They market Glacier Bay products as a high-quality but less-expensive alternative to the pricier brands like Moen and Grohe. 

One of the top benefits of buying a store-owned brand is the personalized help you can get from staff.

Home Depot also sells entire hardware packages to make it easy to ensure that your faucets and other hardware match and work well together. 

The Glacier Bay brand covers everything from faucets and plumbing fixtures to medicine cabinets and storage units.


  • Budget-friendly pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly features.
  • Decent warranty coverage and customer support.


  • Limited product range and styles compared to other brands.
  • Some customers have reported occasional issues with durability.
  • Availability may vary depending on the region.

#9 Kraus

Kraus faucet


Kraus is one of the youngest faucet brands with a recognizable name. Kraus only began selling plumbing fixtures in 2007.

The company has a good reputation with consistent quality across its product lines and a heavy presence in commercial faucet sales. 

Kraus offers high-end faucet designs, touchless faucets, and pull-down faucets, but they also have more affordable options that still provide quality design and manufacturing. 

The company sells a line of kitchen sinks and accessories like dish drying racks, cutting boards, and dispensers. They also sell bathroom sinks and accessories like towel bars, hooks, and tissue holders. 


  • Premium quality construction with attention to detail.
  • Sleek and modern designs enhance the visual appeal of any space.
  • Excellent customer service and generous warranty coverage.


  • Higher price point compared to some other brands.
  • A limited range of styles and finishes are available.
  • Some customers have reported occasional issues with water pressure.

#10 Rohl

Rohl faucet


Rohl is one of the luxury brands owned by the House of Rohl. House of Rohl also owns the Perrin & Rowe, Riobel, Shaws, and Victoria + Albert brands. 

Rohl faucets and other products are higher-end products that can cost from several hundred to over a thousand dollars compared to other brands whose faucets often start at around $100 or less. 

Since 1897, Rohl and its designers have handcrafted their luxury designs.

When a faucet’s design and appearance are more important to you than the cost, you can find faucets from Rohl and other related brands that will look beautiful in any kitchen or bathroom. 


  • Luxurious and high-end designs that exude elegance.
  • Superior build quality and attention to detail.
  • A wide range of finishes and customization options are available.


  • Higher price point compared to other faucet brands.
  • Limited availability in certain regions or showrooms.
  • Installation may require professional assistance due to the brand’s unique specifications.

Things to Consider

A number of faucet brands sit among their competitors on a matte black wall

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When you’re choosing a faucet, both personal taste and objective factors like your current sink setup will limit your options.

  • Some faucets won’t work with particular sink openings and countertops, so carefully measure before you buy. Be sure to choose a faucet that matches the pre-drilled holes in your counter or vanity, unless you plan to replace it at the same time as the faucet. 
  • Low and short faucets won’t work with counters in which the holes are set back from the sink too far and may not offer enough clearance or reach to fit. Measure the distance from the faucet base to the sink opening so you can purchase a faucet with a long enough spout.
  • Faucet holes set too close to a backsplash or wall might not work with long-handled models or those with unique shapes. Measure the clearance behind the faucet to ensure you can turn the handles all the way. 
  • Make sure the kitchen faucet you choose has a spout tall enough for anything you plan to put beneath it, like large pots and pans. 
  • If you’re on a tight budget, buy the best inexpensive model from one of the top brands that you can afford. A cheap faucet could cost you more money in the long run with leaks that cause water damage and inconvenience if it doesn’t last long before you need to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man testing the handle of a chrome single-handle faucet for a piece on faucet brands

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Some of the most frequently asked questions about faucet brands include how to choose a faucet and how to tell who manufactured the existing faucets in your home.

How can I tell which faucets I already have?

If you didn’t purchase the faucets or have forgotten the brands, look for a logo or a model number you can type into a search engine.

If you can’t find either of those things, the faucet may be a discount, off-brand model instead of brand name hardware.

How can I tell if faucet brands manufacture their products in the United States?

If a company’s website doesn’t mention where they manufacture their products, an online search for “faucet brands made in the USA” should help you find a list of companies with American-made products.

Which faucet brand should I choose?

The faucet you buy is a personal choice, but the top faucet brands come with an expectation of quality.

Your chance of getting low-quality or defective products is higher with no-name brands from obscure companies. Look for recognizable names like those listed above.

What are the most popular finishes for kitchen and bathroom faucets?

Most faucet finishes are bronze, nickel, brass, or chrome, with faucets available in several colors to enhance the room’s beauty.

Oil-rubbed metal finishes complement rustic, traditional, and old-world décor. Oil-rubbed finishes also provide more texture and can be pleasing to the touch. Shiny finishes like chrome and nickel feel smooth but may show water spots and streaks more than you would like.

These finishes work well with modern and contemporary design styles. A matte finish can look good with most décor while disguising water spots and streaks better than some other types.

Do faucet brands matter?

The most popular brands have been manufacturing faucets for decades. Some have been in operation for over 100 years.

When you purchase a product from one of these companies, you can expect a high-quality item.

Which brand you choose matters less when you buy from a reputable company. If you have to choose between a no-name piece of hardware and one of the well-known brands, buying from the name you recognize is the better option.

Most popular brands have some models with a lifetime guarantee you won’t get from a discount-store, off-brand faucet.

They also have parts readily available, so you can repair your faucet if something goes wrong instead of being forced to replace it.

Which One Is The Best?

Woman in a hardware store looking at the best faucet brands while touching one of the most popular chrome models in a single-hole design


No matter what kind of faucet you want, you can find several options you’ll love from the most popular faucet brands. 

Sticking with recognizable names with good reputations will help ensure that you get a quality faucet that will add to the beauty and style of the room and last for years.