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8 Ideas for Curtains for Yellow Walls in 2024

8 Ideas for Curtains for Yellow Walls in 2024

When creating the décor for your home, you have to choose colors that work well together.

For instance, if you’re working with yellow walls, you need to be very picky about which color curtains you choose.

Color combinations can make or break a room, so putting in the effort to find the best curtains is essential for a cohesive and pleasing design.

There are quite a few combinations that work, but we think there are eight options that work very well. 

The 8 Best Curtains for Yellow Walls

Image showing the best color curtains for yellow walls

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So you have yellow walls, and you’re not remodeling or repainting. But you want to find the best curtain types for your room. Here are eight choices that will work well in any home.

Note that yellow comes in a variety of shades and intensities. So what works well in a pale yellow room may not look right in a room with a brilliant yellow finish.

1. Outrageous Patterns and Yellow Walls

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Yellow is a primary color, so it pairs well with almost any color. Since yellow walls, particularly brightly colored ones, can often overpower a room, you may like the look of a patterned curtain. 

While outrageous or brightly patterned curtains can also make a strong statement or become visually overwhelming, they can also tamp down a very bright yellow in the rest of the room. You can also look for patterns that incorporate other aspects of the décor in the room. 

For instance, you could match a wave in the curtain to a lampshade, your carpet, the bedspread, or another existing element in the room to bring everything together.

This sort of cohesive approach is one way to simultaneously tone down an exciting design and bring in complementary touches that unite elements, enhance them, and create a sum more significant than the individual parts. 

2. Lacy White Curtains and Creamy Yellow Walls

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White curtains are usually compatible with a yellow room. But the combination often leaves a room feeling sterile and plain. So, consider adding some texture to your curtains to make things pop a bit more.

Lacy curtains with a bit of bounce and varying patterns, or even embroidered curtains, will add some texture. That will help your room avoid looking like a hospital or classroom.

Remember that the amount of sunlight in your room with yellow walls can change its appearance dramatically. For instance, a bright yellow room in the midday sun can be almost blinding.

And it isn’t anywhere near as brilliant at night as, with more subtlety, a desk lamp. So, don’t lock in a particular color choice until you’ve seen it at all times of the day and in various lighting conditions. 

3. Gray and White Curtains With Bright Yellow Walls

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Bright yellow is a color that provides a lot of shine to a room, especially if all of the walls are bright yellow or gold. So, to tone things down a bit, consider a monochrome pattern for your curtains.

Alternating black and white designs will draw a visitor’s eyes to the windows and away from the intensity of the walls. 

This is a visual respite from what can be an almost overwhelmingly bright room. As a bonus, foregoing any color in the curtains balances the already colorful room. 

4. Forest Green Curtains and Yellow Walls

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As long as your yellow walls aren’t too bright, a set of forest green curtains can be the perfect complement. They create a solid border around the windows, separating them from the walls.

This creates a visual impression that helps the viewer break up the room and notice more subtle stylistic cues. For instance, consider adding a few plants around the room to accentuate the curtains.

Choose plants with brighter leaves and others with darker leaves to create a natural visual contrast. Doing so can help tone down the intensity of brighter yellow hues. And, with paler yellows, it creates an organic ambiance that bumps up the organic vibes. 

5. Taupe Curtains and Yellow Walls

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Yellow walls go well with natural colors. So it’s common to see wood floors and furniture paired with yellow surroundings. You can add another bit of natural coloring to the room by choosing a taupe window treatment. 

Yellow and taupe are close on the color wheel, so you should make sure that your choice of curtain offers at least a bit of contrast. In other words, don’t look for a tan curtain that matches your walls. Look for one with a slight contrast.

You can add to the contrast by selecting a pattern with shadows or texture. The amount of sunlight in a room can also play a big role in this pairing.

So see if you can get a few samples of your possible curtain fabrics and hang them up around the room for a few days to get a sense of how they will appear in full-, partial-, and no-light situations. 

6. Dark Grey Curtains and Yellow Walls

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If you liked the idea of a monochrome curtain but black and white didn’t work in your room with yellow walls, consider a grey window treatment. The darker the grey, the more powerful your curtains will be.

If you choose a lighter tone of gray, they will assert themselves less. But the effect will be to provide a palette-cleansing and refreshing break from the yellow surrounding them. 

It’s essential that your colors are balanced. And since there are about a million shades of grey in every set of swatches, and yellow can also come in a wide variety of hues, spend the extra time to consider a few different grays before you make your choice. 

7. Sheer White Curtains and Yellow Walls

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A sheer white curtain works with almost any colored room. They are elegantly understated, and you can select a variety of textures to appeal to your taste. White pairs easily with almost any other color, so you can decorate the rest of the room as you like. 

One thing to watch out for is that sheer curtains, especially white ones, don’t always block out all the light. And they are not a good choice for rooms that need privacy, like ground-floor bedrooms or bathrooms.

8. Dark Blue Curtains and Yellow Walls

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Dark blue curtains work similarly to green curtains when paired with yellow walls. They can offer contrast and complement your décor.

But if they’re too dark and the yellow isn’t as bright or brilliant, the curtains can make the room seem a bit gloomy—reserve heavy, dark blue curtains for bright yellow rooms only.

Consider lighter shades of blue for pale yellow rooms. And consider frills, lacey designs, and embroidery to help break up anything that seems drab or boring. 

Things to Consider

What color curtains for yellow walls image showing a room with sheer white curtains

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When buying curtains for yellow walls, you have a few considerations that can affect your choice. 

  • The amount of sunlight in a room throughout the day
  • Hefty curtains won’t float in the breeze easily
  • Darker curtains can feel drab or foreboding
  • White curtains don’t block all the light or offer complete privacy
  • Don’t forget to pair your curtains with the furniture and other decorations, as well as the walls
  • Always ask for swatches or samples to evaluate your options over a few days

Curtains for Yellow Walls FAQs

Let’s answer some common curtain questions that come up when talking about yellow wall combinations:

What colors go with yellow walls?

Almost any color will work with yellow. It’s all about contrasting and accentuating the differences. Look for patterns that exist in nature or art for the best results.

Do brown curtains work with yellow walls?

Yes, brown and natural tan color offer a complement to yellow walls. Brown is one of the best colors for curtains in a yellow room.

What color should my curtains be?

Your colors should work well with not only the walls but the furniture in your room. Choose a window treatment that complements your walls.

Can I choose a contrasting color for my curtains?

Of course, you can! If you do so, the contrasting color will draw a lot of attention and could become the focus of the room. You can tone down that effect by also adding contrasting accents throughout the area.

Can curtains match the carpet?

They can, but they don’t have to. In fact, the best designs often incorporate subtle differences that accentuate items and add visual excitement. Don’t waste too much energy on trying to match curtains and carpets exactly. A slight difference will probably be best.

Which Curtains for Yellow Walls Will You Choose?

As you can see, there is a bit of science to matching curtains with yellow walls. But there’s a large element of artistic style and personal vision that should also factor into your decision.

With these color combinations as a starting point, you’re ready to get the best curtain for yellow walls and make them your own!