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Card Table Dimensions: Typical Sized & Things to Consider

Card Table Dimensions: Typical Sized & Things to Consider

Ah, card table dimensions. This is a topic you’ve likely never had to search for—until now.

But don’t worry; the typical sizes are a bit more standard than you think. Read on to learn all you need to know and more.

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Wondering About Typical Card Table Sizes?

A card table is a common item in many homes, versatile in use, and often collapsible to keep in storage when it’s not needed.

What is the standard size of a card table? Card table dimensions might vary for specialty card tables.

But, generally speaking, they tend to come in one standard size. Due to the foldable nature of card tables, they can be useful for practically any activity that doesn’t have a dedicated spot in the home.

A pop-up table is practical, but will you have space for it in your home? This article will answer that question and offer more tips for getting the best use out of your card table. 

Standard Card Table Dimensions

The standard card table dimensions are 34 inches by 34 inches. Card tables are generally square, although variations include circular, rectangular, and oval card tables.

Some square card tables are 36 inches by 36 inches, and the largest are generally 38 inches by 38 inches.

Most card tables are between 27 inches and 30 inches off the ground, which will comfortably seat most standard chair sizes.

What Exactly Is a Card Table?

Professional card table


Card tables, often known as foldable tables or playing card tables, are a common type of furniture typically used in a temporary way.

Historically, these tables have been known for being the perfect size for friends and loved ones to gather to play games such as poker and other card games.

This is the reason for the name-playing card table. Card tables aren’t just suitable for playing games, however.

They can also be useful for arts and crafts projects, hosting additional guests for a holiday meal, and even for additional surface storage for parties—a card table would make a great landing spot for gifts at a bridal or baby shower.

Variations on Card Table Dimensions

As mentioned above, some card tables come in variations in shape.

While the standard square shape is great for four people to share a meal or play a game, circular and rectangular card tables allow for a greater variety of uses and more guests to join in the fun.

Circular Card Table Dimensions

The standard circular card table dimensions vary in diameter from 42 inches to 48 inches.

Circular tables that are 42 inches long are generally comfortable enough to seat four guests. 44 inches to 48 inches can seat up to six guests.

If you want to seat eight guests, you’ll need a table that is 54 inches in diameter.

Rectangular Card Table Dimensions

Rectangular card table dimensions range in size as well. These card table dimensions can begin at 24 inches by 36 inches and go larger in size up to 48 inches by 92 inches.

The smaller size would only comfortably seat two people, but tables 54 inches to 66 inches long can usually seat six adult guests. Depending on the width, the larger tables, which are 72 to 84 inches long, can seat up to ten guests. 

Square Card Table Dimensions

As mentioned above, the square card table is the most common of the card table variations.

It is the standard shape and size since it is so versatile and sturdy. To reiterate, the common square card table dimensions range from 34 inches by 34 inches up to 38 inches by 38 inches. 

Because of the structure of the square card table, these tables usually hold up to 350 pounds, making them ideal for school projects, artsy activities, and playing board games.

Square card tables are a great addition to the home, especially for a family of four.

Poker Card Table Dimensions

There is another variation of the card table that is game-specific. While you can play poker on the traditional collapsible card tables we’ve been discussing in this article, there are also poker card tables that aren’t the temporary foldable kind.

These poker tables are usually constructed of durable materials, such as wood, and have a felt top. These card table dimensions vary significantly in size. Large poker card table dimensions can be as wide as 44 inches and as long as 104 inches.

This size poker table is usually for casinos. At-home poker card table dimensions will vary but are generally smaller and can be round, oval, or even octagonal. These are around 48 inches in diameter.

Card Table Uses

Friends playing board game on card table


Depending on the shape and size of your card table, there are a wide variety of activities for which you may use your card table. 

Themed Board-Game Nights With Friends

Board games are ever-increasing in popularity. Once upon a time, board games were often thought of only as traditional kid-friendly games like Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and Chutes and Ladders.

Nowadays, there is an explosion of options on the market for players of all ages. Setting up a card table is the perfect option for a weekend visit with friends to play longer games like Risk or Dungeons and Dragons.

Looking for something even more engaging and challenging? There are now many options for table-top escape-room-style games with puzzles and locks right in the box.

Arts and Crafts Projects for the Whole Family

Aside from playing games, one of the most common uses of card tables is setting up arts and crafts projects.

Because items such as glue and paint take time to dry, it is inconvenient to use the daily kitchen table for arts and crafts projects that will end up sitting on the table all weekend. 

If the kids have a big school project coming up or your family wants to try out a new paint-by-number project, pull out the foldable card table and let your creative side run free.

You’ll have a place to leave your project for breaks and be able to come right back to it when it’s time to start the next step.

Special Outdoor Events 

Because most card tables use lighter materials such as plastic and metal, these foldable tables are an excellent option for outdoor gatherings.

When people gather together at parks and in backyards, creating a pop-up spot where folks can dine together is quickly done with a card table.

Cover the table with a nice tablecloth, and it is perfect for a wedding or formal party, such as graduation celebrations.

These tables can be used for seated events or simply for extra space to create a buffet, so there is plenty of seating at a park’s provided picnic table, for example.

Get creative and see how many different ways you can think of to put your table to good use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions folks may have about card table dimensions.

What are card tables covered with?

Some card tables have a vinyl surface, making them easy to wipe clean after a meal or a messy art project.

Other card tables have a felt top, ideal for card games and rolling die. Still, others may have a wooden top for a more traditional table-top appearance.

How big is a mahjong table?

This is a common question as mahjong is a wildly popular tile-based game, especially in China.

Any traditional card table will work to play this fun game. A mahjong table is just another name for a card table.

How do you revamp a card table?

A well-loved card table may experience some wear and tear over time. Many hours of gaming, dining, or doing arts and crafts projects are bound to leave your table with some extra dings, spills, or bits of paint and glue.

Instead of going out and purchasing a new table, consider giving a little TLC to your current table. Bring life back into your old card table by giving it a do-it-yourself makeover. Doing this can extend the life of your table.

To revamp a card table, begin by deconstructing the table. Do this by removing the legs and carefully setting aside the screws and loose parts.

Spray paint the legs your desired color. Be sure to use the appropriate paint depending on whether the legs are metal, wood, or plastic. If the surface of the table is wood, sand the top and refinish or paint.

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We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

So, What Are the Common Card Table Dimensions?

We’ve covered a lot about card table dimensions, and just to recap, the most standard card table dimensions are square tables that are 34 inches by 34 inches but can go up in size up to 38 inches by 38 inches.

Circular card table dimensions range in diameter from 42 to 48 inches.

Rectangular card table dimensions have the most range, beginning at 24 inches by 36 inches and going all the way up to 48 inches by 92 inches.

Card tables have a variety of sizes and shapes, but they are versatile and a great addition to any home!