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Sunday Lawn Care Review: Worth the Cost or Not?

Sunday Lawn Care Review: Worth the Cost or Not?

Have you searched for a solid Sunday lawn care review, only to come up short? If so, search no longer.

We’ll cover their plans, products, pricing, and why this new entrant is upending the lawncare game.

Considering Sunday Lawn Care?

Let’s face it — consumers are waking up to the fact that everyday products may have a negative impact on their health. In my house, we’re switching to organic and natural products whenever possible.

Recently, my wife told me about Sunday lawn care, and I was curious to know if it really works. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry. I did the research so you don’t have to.

In this review, we’ll cover:

  • What Sunday lawn care does
  • What kinds of products and plans it offers
  • And who uses its products

Keep reading for our take on Sunday Lawn Care, their products, the cost, and what actual users are saying about it.

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My Experience

For this Sunday Lawn Care review, I’ll go backwards from what I normally do. Instead of going through the company overview, features, and pros and cons, I’ll get right to the good stuff — does it work?

Yes, yes, yes. Sunday’s lawn plans work. Very well.

I’d know — I bought the top-tier annual subscription for this review. In previous years, I’d hired a lawn company and tried my own fertilizer plan. But I never saw results. Then I got Sunday.

And, after 3 months, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my lawn. It turns out, my lawn was extremely iron and magnesium deficient. Who’d have known that? Not me.

How It Works

The approach is pretty cool. First, you type in your address. Based on that, they send you a general package containing what they think your soil needs.

Then, you dig up a few areas in your lawn and send the contents to a lab. This is done via a prepaid box/bag combo. After two weeks, they’ll post the results to your customer portal.

That’s when things get interesting. Your next box contains whatever your lawn needs. In my case, it was iron and magnesium. There’s no guesswork — just spray on the fertilizer when it arrives.

Why I Love It

First, my wife is pushing clean products in our household. I’m talking everything — shampoo, food, mattresses, and now our fertilizer. And Sunday claims to contain better ingredients. So far, they’ve lived up to that claim.

The selective weed killer is just iron. The non-selective weed killer is an herbicidal soap approved for organic gardening. The lawn nutrients are iron and potash. And the list goes on. But what it doesn’t contain are harsh chemicals. And that’s a big win in my book.

Many of the products list ‘other ingredients’ on the label, which first made me skeptical. But when I reached out to Sunday for clarification, they put my mind at ease.

While they can’t disclose proprietary formulas, they did assure me that all ingredients are approved for food application and/or personal health care. They also assured me there is absolutely no glyphosate — ever

But the big reason I love Sunday is that it’s just so dang easy. Just wait for the box, spray it on when it arrives, test the soil once per year, and they do the rest.

No more storing chemicals in your garage. No more guessing about what your lawn needs. No more harsh, pet-unfriendly ingredients.

Would I buy it again? Abso-freaking-lutely. My lawn’s never looked greener, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like by the end of the summer.

If I were you, I’d buy it now. But, if you’re still wondering about the details, I’ve put together a more thorough rundown of the company, its mission, its plans, pricing, and more below.

Get $20 Off
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We partnered with Sunday to get you $20 off with promo code RETHORITY20. Sign up today!

  • Delivered straight to your door.
  • Plans are customized to your lawn.
  • Annual soil test.
  • Sent when you need it
  • Pet and child-safe organic ingredients.
  • No granular option (that's a pro, too).
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What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday Lawn Care is a Boulder, Colorado-based natural lawn fertilizer company. This company uses the subscription model, allowing customers to have custom lawn fertilizer nutrient pouches delivered once, twice, or three times a year.

Here’s how it works. When you sign up for Sunday, you’ll answer a few questions about your lawn condition, the way you use it (kids, pets, etc.), and your location.

Custom-Curated Plans

Sunday lawn report displayed on a screen

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

Using satellite imagery, weather and climate data, and mapping programs, Sunday’s lawn lare experts comes up with a custom selection of their products to benefit your lawn most.

Bigger lawns come with more fertilizer and nutrient pouches. Simply attach these pouches to your hose, spray them on the lawn, and you’re done. 

With the first shipment, you get a soil test kit and a prepaid shipping label. After taking a few soil samples from your yard, box, and send them to Sunday.

Shipped to Your Door

sunday lawn care review with a garden hose attached to one of the products application bags

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

Your next shipment will include products designed to target any soil deficiencies your test kit revealed. It’s important to note that Sunday lawn care is passionate about using all-natural and organic products.

There are no pesticides or harsh chemicals used in their products, ever. The company’s mission is to help Americans improve their lawns without using pesticides and chemicals that harm people, plants, and animals.

Does It Really Work?

Man with hose spraying a Sunday lawn care product on his grass

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

Before you sign up for any kind of subscription service, you want to be sure the products are effective and useful. To find out, most of us read reviews online.

That’s what we’ve done to find out if Sunday really works. Check out real customer reviews below. 

Sunday Lawn Care Reviews

Sunday lawn care has lots of online customer reviews. Here are some of the most helpful:

“I like it cause the bag just shows up and I put it down. No measuring or scheduling needed.”

“I started using it last July when we bought our new house so haven’t used it for a year yet but overall I’m happy with it. We have a 6,500 sq. ft. lawn that is sod except for the backyard. The builder threw seed and hay down so it turned into a 100% crabgrass. I killed it off, core aerated and overseeded in the fall and it’s starting looking pretty good.”

customer reviews featuring photos of their lawns

Image Source:

“I used them for one year for a rental house that had a clause for taking care of the lawn fertilization. Also just in general I’m not too informed and just starting my lawn care journey in a house we bought. Customer service wise they were great and the application with the hose sprayer made it super easy.”

“I started using them this year and have only applied one product but so far I have been really happy with the results. The first product they had scheduled for me was the Iron Booster. This was a good choice as my soil sample showed I was low on iron. My grass is now a nice dark green. I am putting more effort into my lawn this year, but the catalyst for that was signing up for Sunday. I read everything on their blog and implemented it in my yard. My lawn is the best it has looked since I moved in, and I get unsolicited compliments on it all the time now.”

Many of Sunday’s customer reviews note that the products are effective, results don’t take long, customer service is good, and application is easy. 

Benefits of Using Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday lawn care has several benefits for both your lawn and the environment. Here are the advantages of using this company to care for and maintain your lawn. 

Custom Treatment for Your Lawn

Get Sunday lawn care review featuring a soil test

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday determines your lawn’s specific needs based on your climate, location, lawn uses and needs, and soil nutrient content.

They have a wide range of products designed for different lawns, so your plan will be tailored to fit instead of “one size fits all.” 

For example, if you live in Florida and your lawn is in full sun, they’ll include specially formulated Heat Defense fertilizer to keep your grass strong in the hot sun.

If your soil is low in potassium, you’ll get a pouch of Potassium Boost in your next shipment to correct it. 

Organic Products

Sunday offers some organic options, but they don’t use pesticides in any of their products. You’ll see natural ingredients like molasses, iron, soy protein, and seaweed in Sunday’s lawn care products. 

If you’re opposed to using harsh chemicals to fertilize or control weeds, their products give you an effective way to keep it green and healthy without harming wildlife, pets, children, or your lawn.

Their products are not just good for your lawn, but also safe for visitors. Be aware that Sunday’s lawn care products are not currently certified organic, but are all-natural and free of harsh chemicals. 

Works In Any Climate

No matter what climate you live in, Sunday can create a lawn treatment plan and “recipe” for you. Hot areas get targeted lawn nutrients in products like Heat Defense and Heat Helper. 

Colder areas may receive products like Winter Prep and Fall Fortify in their subscription. Sunday also offers a variety of grass seed for every U.S. climate zone, from Kentucky Bluegrass to fescue. 

Chokes Out Weeds Naturally

The Sunday Way featuring the company motto

Image Source:

Weed control is the bane of many homeowner’s lawn maintenance and care plans, but Sunday makes it simpler. They have two ways to target weeds. 

First, their natural fertilizer gets your lawn back into a healthy balance and encourages strong, dense growth of grass. The healthy grass can reclaim the lawn and naturally choke out weeds. 

Second, they offer two organic weed control products: Dandelion Doom and Weed Warrior. These sprays kill dozens of varieties of weeds that pop up in your lawn and are used for spot treatments. 

Easy to Use

All you need to do to reap the benefits of Sunday lawn care products is sign up, send your soil test kit back, and hook your garden hose to the fertilizing pouches they send you.

It takes about 10 minutes to spray one pouch completely. It’s also beneficial that this service automatically delivers the nutrients your lawn needs at the right time.

Based on your location, you may get shipments anytime between March and November (the best time to fertilize). This gives you plenty of time to prepare your lawn for the next season, whether it’s hot, cold, or mild weather. 

You don’t have to keep track of anything, and all the correct products come straight to your door, so Sunday lawn care is very easy to use.

Supports a Good Cause

This company’s mission is to help improve lawn health and care practices by giving effective fertilization and weed control options without harsh chemicals.

It’s fitting that they donate 1% of all their sales to restore native tallgrass prairie, North America’s most endangered ecosystem.

One report found that tallgrass prairie is experiencing a 99% decline, and mixed-grass prairie is declining by 68%. 

What Sunday Lawn Care Doesn’t Do

The company has many benefits and customization options, but there are a few things it doesn’t do. Here’s what we found Sunday doesn’t offer. 

No Harsh Herbicides, Pesticides, and Fertilizers

Sunday Lawn Care products they never use

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

While it’s undeniable that inorganic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are effective, there’s growing data that these substances may be harmful to the planet, humans, and animals.

That’s why Sunday’s lawn care products don’t use any of the following substances in their products: Glyphosate, bifenthrin, MCPP, pendimethalin, imidacloprid, trifluralin, and malathion. 

Won’t Grow New Grass to Cover Bare Spots

Without adding grass seed or patches to your lawn (available as an add-on with your Sunday lawn care plan), the nutrient pouches you receive in your plan won’t grow new grass on their own.

They recommend seeding the bare spots or thin areas first, then using their nutrient pouches to help it all grow lush and healthy.

Get $20 Off
Get Started With Sunday

We partnered with Sunday to get you $20 off with promo code RETHORITY20. Sign up today!

  • Delivered straight to your door.
  • Plans are customized to your lawn.
  • Annual soil test.
  • Sent when you need it
  • Pet and child-safe organic ingredients.
  • No granular option (that's a pro, too).
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Sunday Lawn Care Products

What's in Sunday lawn care fertilizer ingredients

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

Here’s a look at all the different products Sunday offers. They have a wide variety because every lawn is different, and your lawn’s nutrient plan will be tailored to your location, climate, soil composition, and lawn usage.

Nutrient Products

These are fertilizer pouches that connect to your garden hose for lawn application. 

  • Lawn Starter: Blend of nutrients for newly seeded lawns
  • Lawn Strong: Nitrogen, soy protein, and molasses to build grass strength
  • Micro Boost: Micronutrients, nitrogen, and iron for healthy green growth
  • Lawn Vitality: Nitrogen, soy protein, and molasses in reduced amount
  • Green Out: Potassium, manganese, and micronutrients for intense green color
  • Mighty Green: Nitrogen to support fast, dense growth
  • Potassium Boost: Potassium and seaweed to correct deficiencies
  • Iron Booster: Iron and nitrogen for a deeper green that grows fast
  • Grass Powerhouse: Iron, nitrogen, and seaweed for a greener, denser lawn
  • Grass Machine: Iron, nitrogen, and seaweed to support a green, lush lawn
  • Super S: Sulfur, iron, and beet juice to feed your lawn

Sunday also offers lawn care products tailored to certain climates, seasons, and lawn problems like pet spots and bare patches.

  • Heat Helper: Nitrogen and potassium to prepare your lawn for heat
  • Heat Defense: Seaweed and surfactant to hold additional moisture as heat protection
  • Fall Fortify: Iron and calcium to continue to feed the lawn through Fall
  • Winter Prep: Iron, seaweed, and calcium to get the lawn ready for Winter
  • Pet Patch: Calcium and iron to repair small pet spots on the lawn
  • Pet Pro: Pet Patch liquid, grass seed, and compost to repair larger pet spots
  • Patch Pro: Organic seed-starter blend and bermudagrass seed to patch bare spots
Sunday bagged fertilizer products

Image Source:

Sunday Grass Seed

Grass seed is available as an add-on to a Sunday lawn care plan. They offer a range of grass types and recommend different types for certain climates. You can choose from: 

  • Tall Fescue Blend
  • Clover Lawn Blend
  • Bluegrass Blend
  • Shade Blend
  • Bermudagrass Blend

Pest Control Products

Sunday has two pest control products that are available as add-ons to a subscription plan. Choose from:

  • Mosquito Deleto: Cedar and lemongrass blend for mosquito, flea, and tick control
  • Nix Ticks: Strong cedar formula for tick, flea, and mosquito control

Weed Control Products

Sunday offers two organic weed control products that are an effective alternative to chemicals like RoundUp (glyphosate). 

  • Weed Warrior: Kills grass, weeds, moss, and algae in 20 minutes (herbicidal soap)
  • Dandelion Doom: Kills most broadleaf weeds, won’t hurt grass (derived from iron)

Sunday Lawn Care Cost

With these products in mind, how much does it cost to use Sunday lawn care? Each plan and nutrient formula blend is different due to soil conditions, lawn size, climate, and lawn usage.

This means there is some variation in the price of a Sunday lawn care subscription plan. Add ons have individual prices and can be added to your plan, but not purchased alone. 

Plans, product options, and their prices are listed below. 

Seasonal Plan — Starting at $129

Custom lawncare plan from Sunday pricing and features

Image Source: Sunday Lawn Care

  • 1-3 shipments of nutrients
  • 1-10 nutrient fertilizer pouches
  • All tools needed for application (sprayer, pouches, etc.)
  • Soil test kit
  • Unlimited lawn support
  • Renews every spring

Add Ons

Sunday weed control pricing

Image Source:

Add ons are available with any plan purchase. You can buy any of these products when you check out or by visiting your account online anytime. 

  • Weed Warrior (Pack of 2): $24
  • Dandelion Doom (Pack of 2): $24
  • Mixed pack (1 Weed Warrior + 1 Dandelion Doom): $24
  • Mosquito Deleto: $29
  • Nix Ticks: $29
  • Nix Ticks + Mosquito Deleto: $49
  • Pet Patch: $29
  • Pet Pro: $49 
  • Patch Pro: $29

Our Take

Sunday has a unique offering for anyone who wants to improve and maintain their lawn without using harsh chemical weed killers, fertilizers, or pesticides. Customer reviews indicate that the products are effective.

There is a range of benefits that appeal to many homeowners and renters, from the naturally safe products to the straight-to-your-door delivery when it’s time to fertilize again. 

Competitive Pricing

From a pricing standpoint, Sunday’s lawn care plans are much cheaper than purchasing individual fertilizer nutrients or similar blends. The all-natural, sprayable, customized fertilizer subscription starts at $129/year.

By comparison, the average lawn costs from $40 to $140 to non-organically fertilize each time with less convenient methods (like granular and crystalline).

Three applications a year could cost $120 to $420. By far, Sunday offers a better deal, even while offering organic products that are normally more expensive.  

Custom Treatment Plans

Working with and understanding fertilizer nutrients can be a challenge for anyone who hasn’t used them extensively. Even storing them presents a health hazard for you, your kids, and your pets.

We like that Sunday makes it easy to get a customized blend of the perfect nutrients that strengthen your lawn’s weaknesses while boosting it to encourage healthy, lush results. 

If there were just one thing we’d like to see Sunday change, it would be the availability of add ons. At this time, you can only purchase them with a subscription.

It would be nice to purchase their additional weed control, pest control, and grass seed products with or without a plan.

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We partnered with Sunday to get you $20 off with promo code RETHORITY20. Sign up today!

  • Delivered straight to your door.
  • Plans are customized to your lawn.
  • Annual soil test.
  • Sent when you need it
  • Pet and child-safe organic ingredients.
  • No granular option (that's a pro, too).
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Sunday Lawn Care Review Recap

If you were searching for a Sunday lawn care review, we hope this is your last stop. After all, we’ve highlighted the pros, cons, plans, and pricing.

Overall, Sunday makes it easy to keep your lawn healthy and attractive throughout the year, no matter your climate, soil type, or location.

The reviews are good, the products are high-quality and safe, and the pricing is on point. Click the button above to get started today!