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How to Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet: Step-by-Step Guide

When you experience those dreadful spills, you might wonder how to fix bleach stains on carpet.

There are a few ways to solve the issue, and we uncover everything you need to know to get the job done right below.

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How to Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet: A Summary

Depending on your preference, we highlight two different strategies to fix bleach stains on your carpet. The first method describes how to fix spots using a neutralizer:

  • Buy your bleach neutralizer or make it yourself at home
  • Prepare your materials
  • Pour the neutralizer onto the stained spot
  • Vacuum the area to remove all the baking soda
  • Dry the carpet
  • Dye the carpet or hire a professional to take care of the rest

If you want to completely remove the stained carpet and replace it with a new square, we also show you how to do this:

  • Measure the stained area
  • Cut out a new piece of carpet
  • Lay down the self-adhesive tape
  • Press down the new area of carpet firmly
  • Comb over the new section to let it blend in

How to Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet: Method 1 (Dye or Stain the Spot)

Woman showing us how to fix bleach stains in carpet using a brush and stain remover

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Dying the bleach stain is the most popular strategy because it is easy. The main goal here is to stop the bleach in its tracks so that it does not cause further damage to the carpet.

To do this, we must neutralize the stained area. Here is a summary of the things you will need to get the job done:

  • Bleach neutralizer
  • Carpet dye

Prepare the Materials

You can purchase a bleach neutralizer at the store, but you could also prepare a home remedy. Mix the baking soda in a bowl with water, which should create a paste substance.

Apply the Neutralizer

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Spread the neutralizer, or homemade paste, over the bleached area of the carpet. Make sure you only cover the affected area and a couple of inches outside of it.

Wait for the solution to settle in for about 60 seconds. After the neutralizer sets in, you can now rub it smoothly into the fibers for the best effect.

Vacuum the Carpet

Once you rub the solution into the carpet, it is time to let it dry. Allow anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes for the neutralizer to work, and then vacuum up the remaining contents.

Make sure you remove all the excess baking soda. If you skip this step, then the carpet could experience additional damage.

There is also a small chance that not all the baking soda will come out. Another alternative to removing the baking soda is to apply a damp sponge to the area, which will rinse it. After waiting for the area to dry, you can vacuum it once again.

Dye the Carpet Yourself or Hire a Professional

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Once the above steps are complete, it is time to re-dye the area of the carpet. There are two options here: do it yourself or hire a professional. When you visit the store to buy the neutralizer, you could also choose a color-coordinated dye to match the carpet.

It is critical to follow the label instructions to complete the project successfully and avoid damaging your carpet.

Hiring a professional is another good choice because it takes all the stress off of you. This option is also useful for carpets that have many designs or colors.

Contact a carpet supply store nearby, and they can provide you with a list of referral options. These companies will take care of the whole process of restoring your carpet to normal.

How to Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet: Method 2 (Replacing the Spot)

The second method is replacing the entire section of the carpet. It may sound like an expensive and challenging project, but there is a straightforward way to get the job done. Here is a quick summary of the necessary tools and items needed:

  • A tool or knife to cut the carpet
  • An additional portion of carpet that matches the stained one
  • Tape or some type of self-adhesive solution
  • A comb or something comparable

If you cannot find an excess matching carpet square for this project, you can cut out a piece from a low-key area.

The back corners of closets are a good place to look because they are out of sight and have a matching carpet. You could also visit a local store and gather a few samples to check against your current carpet.

Measure the Area

First, start by measuring the stained area. Doing so helps you determine the amount of new carpet you need to cut. Calculate both the width and the length to the exact specifications.

Mark the measurements with lines, dots, or X’s, and then cut the affected carpet section.

Cut the New Section of Carpet

Next, transfer the measurements you calculated to a new piece of carpet. Utilizing your knife or cutting tool, snip the new carpet shape to match.

Tools like a carpet cookie cutter do not require you to apply measurements because the sections are already similar in size.

Lay Down the New Section of Carpet

After you cut the new section of carpet and remove the old one, it is time to stick it to the damaged area. Grab your carpet tape self-adhesive and place it on the area where the old carpet was taken out.

Next, set the new carpet down on the tape. It is critical to press firmly for about a minute to ensure it sticks. There will be many people walking over the carpet, so you do not want it to be loose.

Comb the New Section

The last step is all about the aesthetic. When you lay down the new carpet piece, it will probably look a little different from the rest of the carpet.

To ensure it blends in properly, use a wide comb to brush the fibers of the new section. Once you comb for about a minute, the spot should look as good as new!

Things to Consider

Guy using a professional carpet cleaner to try to remove bleach stains from carpet

New Africa/Shutterstock

Your carpet is an essential component of your home or apartment. As you complete this project, you must ensure you are preserving the carpet and not causing further damage.

Here are some other things to consider as you think about fixing the stained carpet:

Try Alternatives to a Cookie Cutter Tool

There is a small chance you may not have a cookie-cutter tool or are not skilled with measurements. If this is the case, try placing a drinking cup or glass over the affected area.

You can then trace this circular area and apply the cutting knife or tool. When you go to slice the new piece of carpet, you can use the same circumference as the drinking glass.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service Before You Replace the Stained Carpet

As mentioned before, the replaced carpet may look a little different from the rest of the floor.

It will look cleaner and newer than the rest of the carpet, which could feel off. Before you go fix the stain, it might be best to get your entire carpet cleaned by a professional.

If the stained carpet is in a high-traffic area of your home, you should consider hiring someone.

You should also lean toward hiring a professional if you are unsure of the cleaning method. A trained carpet professional will know if it is better to apply a neutralizer or replace the carpet.

Be Careful with Sharp Objects

It is vital to use caution when operating the carpet-cutting tool. If you have kids in the house, make sure they are in a separate room or at a safe distance.

We also recommend wearing thick gloves when using sharp objects to reduce the chance of injury.

Perform Due Diligence When Hiring a Professional

If you are not fully confident in the local companies, check the reviews about their service.

A company can preach about how good their service is, but past customers tell a more accurate story. You could also contact the Better Business Bureau to verify the professional’s qualifications.

Be Aware of Products With Bleach

Accidentally putting bleach stains on the carpet can exacerbate the problem. When you shop for the ideal product, double-check that the cleaner is free of bleach.

Kitchen spray cleaners are an example of this type of product. Bleach products could put droplets deep into the carpet fibers, which could require a bigger, more costly carpet replacement.

So, How Do You Fix Bleach Stains in Carpet?

When it all comes down to it, fixing bleach stains in the carpet comes down to a decision: do I apply a solution directly to the spot, or do I replace it with a whole new square?

The most common method is to apply a homemade or store-bought neutralizer.

You could also measure out the area for a new carpet replacement. The important things to remember are to stay safe and perform your due diligence.