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The Diameter of a Toilet Paper Roll in 2024

The Diameter of a Toilet Paper Roll in 2024

The diameter of a toilet paper roll is a bit more important than you think.

After all, you need toilet paper rolls with specific dimensions to properly fit on your toilet paper holder.

The overall size of toilet paper rolls can also impact how you store extra rolls in cabinets or closets.

Toilet paper can have different sizes based on the paper’s ply and how much paper is on a roll.

The manufacturer wraps layers of toilet paper around the cardboard core, making the final diameter range from four to five inches.

What Is the Diameter of a Toilet Paper Roll?

standard diameter of a toilet paper roll pictured hanging on a metal roll holder

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The toilet paper’s cardboard tube has a diameter of just under two inches. This measurement is relatively standard across all brands. But the specific diameter of a new toilet paper roll can vary according to a couple of features.

Toilet Paper Ply

Toilet paper has several ply options, such as one, two, three, or even four. Each ply adds a layer of thickness to the toilet paper.

Additional plies make the paper softer and more robust to use, but they also increase the diameter of the toilet paper roll.

Toilet paper rolls with high-ply numbers are thicker and heavier than standard and single-ply rolls. If you like to buy strong and thick toilet paper, you should know that your roll diameter will be larger than the average roll.

Toilet Paper Texture

Some toilet paper has a quilted texture to help it clean and absorb. The quilted texture can increase the roll’s diameter.

Some brands add lotion for extra softness, which can impact the texture and weight of the toilet paper.

The toilet paper’s texture also varies according to the material. Some manufacturers use recycled pulp that they press into thinner sheets of toilet paper.

Different types of pulp can give paper texture because it’s a mix of hardwood and softwood.

Toilet Paper Length

Manufacturers try to put less toilet paper on the roll to save money while still charging a certain amount for their products.

This pricing ensures they make a profit on each roll. On average, toilet paper squares are four inches long, with about 200 sheets per roll.

That gives you about 800 inches of paper per roll. Some brands sell giant or mega rolls that hold more toilet paper.

Those larger rolls could have as many as 500 sheets, making the total length closer to 2,000 inches.

Toilet Paper Holders

Don’t forget about the toilet paper holder! You must ensure it’s large enough to fit the toilet paper roll when it’s new and at its largest diameter. 

The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends a specific placement for toilet paper holders:

  • 24 to 42 inches away from the back wall
  • 18 to 48 inches off the floor

The specific location will depend on your toilet position. You want the toilet paper within easy reach of the toilet, so it shouldn’t be too much higher or lower than the seat. You also don’t want to lean too far forward or backward to access it.

How Wide Is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

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Toilet paper manufacturers produce many toilet paper rolls. And, of course, sometimes they come in different sizes. Thus, it can be challenging to answer the question of how wide your toilet paper roll is. 

Typically, a standard toilet paper roll is 4–7 inches wide. But the catch is that there are other, narrower options. Usually, manufacturers produce narrower rolls to fit inside a tissue box. Or to fit other storage solutions.

Of course, before you buy, you want to ensure that the toilet paper rolls are compatible with your holder. To do this, measure the inside diameter of the holder before buying new rolls. It will help you buy a toilet paper roll that will fit snugly on the holder.

Keep in mind that the measurement of the outer diameter of the toilet paper roll may not be accurate. It is because the diameter of the toilet paper roll changes as you use it. When you tear off the end of the roll, its size becomes smaller.

Knowing this information, you’ll never have to worry about your roll not fitting again!

How Tall Is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

When it comes to toilet paper roll height, no one size fits all. Depending on the size you buy, the height can vary. The standard is four to nine inches. 

The difficulty with buying a toilet paper roll is that not all brands specify the height of their products. But, in most cases, the sizes are fairly close.

Thus, you can easily get an idea of the height of the roll. All you have to do is study the packaging. Or you can look at any pictures or videos available online. 

The most important thing for consumers to keep in mind is that there is a wide range of rolls when it comes to size and price, so finding one that meets both requirements is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image of the standard diameter of a toilet paper roll depicted in a wicker basket


You know the basic diameter of a toilet paper roll and what factors cause that measurement to vary. If you need more information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Are some toilet paper rolls bigger than others?

Yes, some toilet paper rolls are bigger than others. Manufacturers have different options for consumers, such as:

1. Single-ply
2. Double-ply
3. Triple-ply
4. Giant
5. Big Squeeze
6. Mega
7. Mega Plus

Depending on the type and thickness of toilet paper you buy, the diameter might be much larger than expected.

This size difference can make it impossible for certain toilet paper rolls to fit in the holders.

How big is the hole in a toilet paper roll?

Manufacturers roll toilet paper onto a cardboard tube to keep its shape during shipment and storage. The cardboard tube also helps you hang your toilet paper roll on the holder in the bathroom.

The hole in the cardboard tube is slightly less than two inches in diameter. When choosing a toilet paper holder, you’ll want to ensure the core has a diameter of 1.5 inches or less so the roll fits on it and can turn easily.

How long is a toilet paper roll tube?

The cardboard tube in toilet paper is 4 to 4.5 inches long. When you’re choosing a toilet paper roll holder, make sure it’s wide enough to accommodate the roll.

You can always measure your specific brand of toilet paper to ensure you have the right length.

Is all toilet paper the same size?

Toilet paper squares were once 4.5 by 4.5 inches, so the cardboard tube had to be 4.5 inches long. Over time, toilet paper manufacturers have changed dimensions slightly.

They’re trying to spend less on the product to make more profit. That means your toilet paper is likely half an inch shorter than it used to be.

Do paper towel rolls have the same diameter as toilet paper rolls?

Since you use more squares of toilet paper at a time, they have a larger diameter than paper towel rolls. Another reason is that toilet paper is narrower than paper towels.

Paper towel rolls are 11 inches wide, so a square paper towel is 11 by 11 inches. Some brands have perforations, so you can tear off a 5.5 by 11-inch sheet instead.

While paper towels often have quilting to help soak up spills, it’s not enough to increase the diameter exponentially. Therefore, toilet paper rolls usually have a larger diameter than paper towel rolls.

Final Word

The cardboard core of a toilet paper roll has a diameter of slightly less than two inches.

Once you add toilet paper to the roll, though, the diameter increases. Depending on the paper’s texture, material, and length, the complete roll can have a final diameter of four to five inches.