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Zurple: Real Estate Marketing Made Easy

Zurple: Real Estate Marketing Made Easy

What’s the difference between realtors and agents who earn $35,000 yearly and those who earn upwards of $100,000? A solid real estate software platform. If you want to maximize your earning potential, look no further than Zurple.

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What Is Zurple?

Zurple is end-to-end marketing platform that realtors and real estate agents use to streamline the sales process.

The San Diego-based company was founded in 2009 and acquired by Perseus Group in 2015.

Zurple has been the choice of a growing number of real estate agents every year since. At this point, about 3,500 agents use Zurple in the United States. 

Is Zurple worth the monthly cost? Is it the best marketing and lead capture software available in the real estate industry? We’ll review Zurple’s features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you make the best decision for your real estate business. 

Why Consider Zurple?

In a Netsuite study81% of responding agents said using real estate software has given them a competitive advantage over other agents and helped them better respond to changes in the industry. 

Another study by ActiveRain found that agents earning $100,000+ per year were 87% more likely to use real estate Software as a Service (Saas) than agents making less than $35,000 per year. 

These statistics are hard to ignore. Software can help agents automate, optimize, and manage their work. But with so many options on the market, it’s tough to make a decision about which software to use. 

Marketing and lead management software are among some of the most widely used in the real estate industry. This kind of software is usually paired with a real estate CRM to deliver the most effective results.

Zurple is becoming a household name in the marketing and lead generation software sector. It’s a common choice for agents who want to automate their marketing and lead generation efforts without increasing costs. 

But is it the best choice? Let’s talk about Zurple. 

Zurple’s Best Features

Zurple users get the following features included with a monthly subscription. We’ll break it down by each step of the first life cycle: From generation to closing. 

Step One: Attract or find the leads

Zurple IDX website search area

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Every Zurple user can create custom IDX-enabled websites that allow visitors to search for homes in their area, save searches, browse properties, and more.

These websites are essentially “lead machines,” where the home searchability is the magnet or attractor. Zurple offers up to 10 of these search sites for users.

This feature can be useful if you’re working in a large, metropolitan area with many boroughs or in rural areas covering multiple smaller towns. 

You can also choose to generate leads in specific markets – not just zip codes. If you specialize in one area and want to own the search results for that particular market, Zurple can enable you to do it.

This can be a great way to make sure your marketing budget isn’t being wasted on areas you don’t work in or those where others control the market.

Step Two: Direct the leads to a specific place where you collect their contact information

Screenshot of the Zurple platform where the user is boosting ads to someone searching on Google

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Leads generated from anywhere else on the web – Zillow, social media, reviews, referrals, etc. – can be funneled directly to your home search website(s). 

Zurple claims about half of each user’s leads come from Zillow alone. With somewhere engaging and useful to send your leads, you can turn more first-time visitors into solid leads that you can quickly qualify. 

While it is not included with the price of a regular monthly subscription to Zurple, it’s worth noting that you have the option to buy SEM (search engine marketing) services directly from Zurple each month to drive more leads to your home search website. 

Step Three: Learn about your leads to understand how to approach and serve them best

Zurple website analytics page

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You won’t have to guess about a lead’s intentions, search pattern, or location when using Zurple. You will be able to view and track each lead’s search behavior, area, property preferences, and past searches on your website. 

From the moment a lead comes to your website and enters contact information, Zurple begins building a profile for them that helps you determine what kind of properties they like, their preferred price range, where they’re searching for homes, and more.

With enough of these lead profiles, you’ll have a reliable picture of what your best leads “look like” and what they have in common. This can help you hyper-focus your marketing efforts to reach those leads more effectively. 

Step Four: Sort and determine which leads are serious homebuyers

Zurple’s complex algorithms are used to predict which leads are most likely to be serious about purchasing a home soon. 

Among the criteria, a lead will need to meet to be considered a severe searcher are: 

  • Viewing the same property multiple times
  • Saving a property as a favorite
  • In-depth searches
  • Repeated searches

This feature can save you time by leading your focus to the leads who are genuinely interested in buying a home within the next 12 months. Zurple offers a program for agents who want to collect seller leads in a specific geographic area.

The leads will not be shared with other agents within the same area to ensure you’re receiving exclusive leads that you’ll have a better chance of reaching out to first. For more information on the seller leads program, visit this page.

Step Five: Nurture your leads on a timely basis

When a lead exhibits key behaviors and preferences, Zurple notes them so you can reach out at the right times, with the correct information. 

You’ll get notifications when it’s time to contact a lead. The notification will also contain information on the lead’s profile, telling you what properties they’ve shown interest in and the area they perform searches in. 

With this information, you can make sure every follow-up email, text message, and phone call to a lead will be targeted specifically toward them and always relevant. 

Step Six: Follow up to stay in touch with relevant information

Zurple contact page displayed on a mobile phone being held by a hand

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You can set your account to send automatic, scheduled follow-up emails to your leads. You don’t have to craft these messages individually. Instead, they’ll be put together based on the behavior and search patterns of a particular lead. 

Every message sent will reference some kind of the lead behavior history on your website – a property they favorited, a general area they tend to search in, or a new house meeting their search criteria, for example. 

These follow-up messages are designed to encourage leads to contact you again and keep you in touch as they search for a home. As Zurple puts it, “These personalized emails demonstrate you are paying attention to your lead’s needs and are a market expert in ways that personally matter to them.”

Step Seven: Get an appointment to show a home and closing the deal.

With lead follow-up and nurturing, you’ll hear directly from a user who is interested in viewing a property. They can send you a message through your website requesting a showing or send an email directly to your inbox. 

You can’t have a closing without this first appointment, and it’s an essential part of the transaction process. If these features work as the company says they do, Zurple could help you schedule more appointments and, in turn, close more deals. 

Zurple Plans and Pricing

Zurple does not offer pricing information on their website. Multiple reports of Zurple’s pricing exist online, but none are verified by the company.

Here’s what we’ve been able to find about the cost of Zurple:

  • A single user will pay $299.00/month for the base package. 
    • An additional $10/month MLS fee is added to this to make the base monthly cost $309.00/month. 
    • Another website claims the cost is actually $349.00/month, including the MLS fee. 
  • There is a one-time setup fee. Reports on the actual amount vary from $199-$799. 
  • The reported cost of adding additional users to a monthly plan is $150/5 users.
  • A contract is required: 6-month or 12-month.

With so much variance in pricing reports, we recommend reaching out to Zurple directly for an accurate pricing description. 

Zurple Pros and Cons

As with any objective review, it’s necessary to analyze both the pros and the cons. Here’s what we like and what we think could be improved.

Pros (what we like)

  • An effective lead magnet. No more spending hours searching manually for leads or paying for outdated lead lists. With the included home search websites, you can bring the leads right to your website and keep them engaged while learning about their preferences. 
  • Helps with every step of the lead generation process. Some software will help you generate new leads and leave the rest to you. We like that Zurple has a process in place for every step of the journey, making sure you execute an effective follow-up plan with every lead. 
  • Automation for better communication. It’s nice that Zurple offers a way to schedule and automate lead generation and communication. This ensures you’re staying in touch with leads and staying top of mind while they’re actively searching for homes. 

Cons (what can be improved)

  • No pricing information on the website. It’s a bit of a concern that no pricing information exists on the site, though this could be due to plan customization for different realtor needs. 
  • Not available everywhere. Zurple is not available everywhere. You’ll have to check the availability in your area on their website
  • No transaction management. Zurple is designed to help you get the leads and nurture them, but it can’t help with managing transactions through to closing.
  • Lengthy contracts. When signing up for Zurple, users must choose between a 6-month or 12-month contract. If the software isn’t a good fit, that could be problematic. 

Our Take

With these pros and cons in mind, is Zurple a good choice for realtors and agents who want to grow their real estate business?

With so much variance in pricing reports, it’s difficult to say whether or not Zurple would be worth it for an agent who is just starting out and trying to generate more leads. 

At the low end of the pricing estimates available online, Zurple is still far from “cheap.” However, if an agent can generate and qualify more leads, leading to more sales, that monthly cost could easily be recouped. 

Zurple Roundup

Zurple reviews online are generally 3 stars or less, but many are older reviews before 2017. No free trial is discussed on the website, but speaking with customer service may reveal a possibility to give this software a “test drive” before committing to a 6- or 12-month contract.'s real estate software guide

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