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zipLogix: Simplifying Closing Documents Since 1991

zipLogix: Simplifying Closing Documents Since 1991

zipLogix is a platform built to help brokers and agent automate highly repetitive administrative tasks, including transaction management. Read on to learn about features, plans, pricing, and what we think.

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What Is zipLogix?

zipLogix provides electronic real estate forms and transaction management products. The 28-year-old firm’s long list of digital tools for agents and brokers has made it an industry standard.

zipLogix was started in 1991 when a real estate agent’s son developed tools to help her with the business. In 2019, the company was acquired by Lone Wolf Technologies, a real estate transaction management software provider.

What Is ZipLogix graphic with the company logo on a laptop

Lone Wolf indicated after the transaction that it planned to integrate zipForm with brokerWOLF, Lone Wolf’s back office and accounting platform. It will also integrate zipForm with its TransactionDesk software.

zipLogix Features

zipLogix has products to help real estate professionals with nearly every part of the real estate paperwork process. It also makes standalone products for forms and transaction management. Additionally, the company provides solutions for digital signing, customer relationship management (CRM), and web conferencing. 


Screenshot of the zipLogix Zipform plus tool dashboard

Image Source: zipLogix/Youtube

zipForm frees agents from the burden of keeping an inventory of bulky paper documents and printed forms. With just a few clicks, agents can retrieve approved forms from their desktops.

With zipForm, information for the same type of transaction only needs to be filled out once. zipForm auto-populates it into the remaining forms required for the transaction.

This allows agents to spend less time on paperwork and more time closing deals. Think about how Google saves your information.

If you enter your address and payment information into one website, it’ll automatically populate other fields with that same information when you visit another website. Pretty cool, huh?

zipForm comes in a standard form with the above features. There are advanced capabilities in zipForm Plus. Other editions serve the needs of brokers and teams.

zipForm MLS-Connect

zipForm MLS-Connect lets agents import listing data from a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Data flows directly into a zipForm form or into a zipForm transaction. This improves efficiency and reduces errors by eliminating the need to complete forms manually.

The three-step process goes like this:

  1. Select the right MLS, enter MLS user name and password.
  2. Enter MLS listing ID and click Find.
  3. Verify data to be imported and click Import.

zipForm MLS uses standard data formats to connect with MLS providers. However, it only works with MLS systems that have partnered with zipForm.

zipForm Mobile

This is another version of zipForm that lets real estate professionals create and manage transactions, send e-signatures, and more, all from their smartphone.

zipForm employs a device-responsive user interface for smartphone users. Templates and mark-up utilities make handling documents simple, even while on the go.

A mobile tablet showing the zipLogix mobile platform

Image Source: zipLogix

zipForm works with zipTMS for transaction management and zipForm MLS-Connect to import listing data. The software is cloud-based for security and convenience. With zipForm mobile, smartphone users can work anywhere they have cell service.

zipForm Record-Connect

With zipForm Record-Connect, agents can auto-fill documents from national public records. This saves endless keystrokes while also reducing time required to do the job. Because the information is retrieved directly from public records, accuracy is assured.

zipForm Record-Connect has more than 30 fields of data retrievable from public records. The data for the fields comes from the national tax records database. With a single click, users fill every field.

zipForm Record-Connect fully integrates with zipForm Plus. To get it, zipForm users have to pay $10 per year.


zipTMS is a workflow manager that works with zipFormPlus. It creates a dashboard that helps agents track daily activity, monitor transactions, and support business decision making.

It helps track listing and sales activities, manage contacts and communications, and store signed and unsigned documents.

zipTMS includes transaction charts, monthly tasks, transaction dates, listing maps, transaction monitoring, and more. There is a special version of ZipTMS for brokers.


zipConsult is a web conferencing solution for real estate professionals that reduces face-to-face meetings. It lets agent share their screens with clients and other parties to a transaction.

Agents can review and share documents at any time, even when everyone can’t get together in one location. The service includes unlimited meetings. And it’s suitable for one-to-one meetings as well group get-togethers.

zipConsult is powered by AnyMeeting and has a solid set of features. Those include screen sharing, meeting notes, chat, and conference calling. Users can schedule meetings in advance and integrate with zipForm contacts.

zipLogix Digital Ink

zipLogix Digital Ink is an e-signature solution developed with the real estate industry’s needs in mind. It is easy, convenient, and secure.

Digital signatures assure both the signer’s identity and the security of the documents. If a signed document is tampered with, the file is automatically voided. Agents can offer clients extra security with two-factor authentication using SMS messaging.

There are two ways to use zipLogix Digital Ink. A pay as you go approach lets users purchase transaction credits whenever they need them. An annual subscription provides a year’s worth of signatures for higher-volume users. An extra authentication layer with SMS message costs $5 per transaction.


zipCRM works with zipForm Plus to send automated emails and newsletters to clients and prospects. It tracks conversations and sifts contact information from emails to generate leads. 

The software includes an appointment calendar, customizable marketing materials, a branded landing page, and a dashboard. It integrates with zipForm Plus and Gmail for automated email marketing and automatically searches social media for leads.

There is another edition of zipCRM for brokerages:


ListFlash can instantly broadcast new listings to all the agents in a brokerage. Agents can initiate a ListFlash transmission from within the zipForm transaction. Data is auto-populated from the listing. 

Notifications can be sent by email as well as social media. And notifications can be filtered by distance, city, price, and other criteria. Agents can also create a ListFlash for both older listings and rentals.


This is an all-in-one solution combining several zipLogix offerings into a real estate technology suite. The portfolio of software and services includes: 

  • zipLogix Digital Ink
  • zipForm Record-Connect
  • ListFlash
  • zipForm Mobile

With EliteAgent also comes a set of priority customer care and support services, including transaction coordination, and onboarding. OfferPlace, a solution for managing and comparing multiple offers, is also included.

NAR Transaction Management Benefit

zipLogix is the official real estate forms provider of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The organization offers a completely free set of zipLogix products as a member benefit.

The NAR suite includes zipForm Plus and zipTMS as well as zipVault document storage. Members who activate the benefit also get access to an exclusive library of Realtor forms and templates.

If that’s not enough, you can get the “EliteAgent” platform for $5.70 per year. This just gives your support tickets first priority above all others.

Customer Support

For now, zipLogix continues operating from its original headquarters. Should you need to contact the company, you can do so via one of the below channels.

18070 15 Mile Road
Fraser, MI 48026
Phone: 586-840-0140
Toll-free: 866-693-6767 

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 130
Fraser, MI 48026

Plans and Pricing

Ziplogix pricing featuring all options

Image Source:

zipLogix is a suite of individual products, so there’s not a single price for all features. Most are add-ons to the base document management platform.

To be honest, the pricing structure is somewhat confusing, but as far as I can tell, you buy the base platform and then pay for addons when necessary.

From the website, it looks like it’ll cost about $99/year for the base platform and digital signatures addon. You’ll pay a per-signature fee, which gets less expensive the more credits you buy.

And there are a lot of addons. But we’ll list the main ones to give you an idea of pricing.

  • zipForm Mobile/Digital Ink — $99/year
  • Digital Ink Only — $99/year
  • Digital Signature Credits — $8.95/credit
  • zipForm Plus — $149.95/year
  • zipForm Elite — $199/yeaR

The pricing structure is confusing, so you’d be best suited calling the company to walk you through the options. This will ensure you don’t end up paying for unused features.

Our Take

zipLogix has a robust set of transaction management, electronic forms, and eSignature solutions for real estate professionals. The solutions focus on improving efficiency, accuracy, security, and productivity for agents, brokers, and teams.

With the NAR endorsement and the Lone Wolf acquisition, zipLogix is solidifying its position as the industry standard. Together, Lone Wolf and zipLogix service more than 1.4 million agents in 20,000 offices.

They also work with over 1,000 MLS and real estate associations in the U.S. and Canada. zipLogix’s track record offers both experience and tested solutions for real estate agents and brokers.

Lone Wolf adds equally impressive backroom and transaction management systems. The combination suggests even more powerful new tools to automate and simplify real estate transactions may be on the way.

zipLogix Summary

While it has many features, zipLogix stands out by helping agent streamline their otherwise repetitive tasks. Ultimately, this helps you stay out of the office and in the field doing what you do best: closing deals.'s real estate software guide

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