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Ylopo: Simple Facebook Marketing for Agents

Ylopo: Simple Facebook Marketing for Agents

Ylopo is a lead generation platform that focuses solely on using Facebook marketing to connect real estate agents with buyers. They focus on leveraging resources to help make you more efficient. Read on to learn if this system is right for you.

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What Is Ylopo?

The average American checks Facebook 8 times per day. Ylopo sees this as an opportunity to position your advertising in the newsfeeds of prospects who are likely to move.

Their platform uses Artificial Intelligence and statistics to make an educated guess on what type of home specific demographic groups will buy. Then, it puts your listings into the feeds of these prospects. It’s called Predictive AI.

Basically, the technology is only showing listings that it thinks the users will be interested in. As a result, your ad spend is reduced and you reach prospects more efficiently. Read on to learn about this platform and its best features.

Ylopo History

Company co-founder and CEO Howard Tager created the name Ylopo by taking the last five letters of “Monopoly,” and turning them backwards. According to Tager, this symbolizes “how we’re turning the game of real estate on its head.”

Tager co-founded and led another real estate lead company, TigerLead Solutions, before Ylopo. Ylopo was started in 2013 with other executives from TigerLead. The company is based in Venice Beach, California.

Ylopo Features

Screenshot of the Ylopo features listed on a circular platform

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The Ylopo marketing platform comes in two versions. The lower-priced version gives agents access to the main suite of real estate technology so they can generate their own leads. The other, more expensive choice supplies more technology and manages marketing for lead generation.

Mission Control

Mission Control is what Ylopo calls its marketing dashboard. It gives users information about what ads are running and which demographic groups are targeted.

Screenshot of the Ylopo Mission Control Feature

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From Mission Control you can:

  • Turn social media marketing on or off
  • Set it on auto-pilot
  • Hyper-target locations
  • Turn individual listings on or off
  • Edit ad photos and copy
  • Adjust your marketing budget
  • Filter out low-quality leads

Mission Control also lets you generate reports on top-producing ads and marketing performance. This is also where you can monitor team performance and measure social engagement.

IDX Home Search

Ylopo IDX websites displayed on three different electronic devices

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Ylopo’s IDX enabled websites are mobile-optimized. They are also set up to load quickly so viewers aren’t put off by waiting. Questions, user flow, and contact information forms are all designed with lead capture in mind.

Here are the major features of Ylopo’s IDX Home Search:

  • Continuously updated listings
  • Support for multiple data feeds
  • Lead generation optimization
  • Advanced search features
  • Mobile optimization
  • Customizable branded ads

Branded Websites

Ylopo also offers agents branded websites. There are a half-dozen available design templates, and each can be customized extensively to meet an agent’s needs. Agents can edit the templates or have Ylopo do it for them.

Screenshot of a Ylopo market analysis

Image Source: Ylopo demo video


Features include:

  • Video banners
  • Video library
  • Sites for individual team members
  • Lender co-marketing
  • Community pages
  • Blog with weekly articles
  • Custom landing pages including seller landing pages

Lead Generation

Screengrab of a Ylopo lead

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For its core lead generation method, Ylopo uses Facebook advertising to micro-target prospects with carefully selected properties at the appropriate phase of the process. Ylopo integrates with Facebook Lead Ads so you don’t have to manually create ads.

When prospects respond to social media ads and register, they are connected to the agent’s home search websites. There they see relevant listings while the website captures their browsing behavior.

Listing Rocket

Ylopo’s Listing Rocket technology creates a series of ads for listings at different stages of the process.

Ylopo listing on Facebook as an example of what the lead generation software does

Image Source: Ylopo

Here are the stages:

  • New
  • Open house
  • 30 days listed
  • Price reduction
  • 60 days listed
  • 6 months (active)
  • Pending sold

Ads are targeted to demographics most likely to want that individual listing. A Listing Rocket Seller Report can be given to sellers to highlight the marketing efforts for a given listing.  

Lead Nurture

Lead nurturing is the process of reviving dormant leads in your database and turning them into active leads. Ylopo can help with this for much less than it would cost to acquire new leads.

Screenshot of the Ylopo lead nurture feature

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The company estimates it can re-engage a third or so of an agent’s dormant leads and have them actively looking at IDX feeds again. The cost is around $1 per lead instead of $5 or more for a new lead.

Ylopo emphasizes contacting leads with Facebook ads, Facebook Messenger and listing alerts. Phone calls and emails, according to the company, are more effective combined with social.

Other features include:

  • Automatic import of leads from other sources
  • Dynamic re-marketing
  • Intelligent listing alerts
  • Automated intelligent behavioral texting

CRM Integration

Ylopo does not have its own CRM. Instead it partners with leading CRMs so agents can continue using their favorite CRM without having to learn a new system.

Ylopo integrates closely with partner CRMs. Agents can click on a contact to see the prospect’s behavior including searches, favorited listings, shared listings, and so forth.

Leads imported to a partner CRM from other sources such as Zillow trigger an automatic listing alert campaign. Here are some of the partner CRMs Ylopo integrates with:

  • Salesforce
  • Follow Up Boss
  • LionDesk
  • Contactually

A.I. Powered ISA (Raiya)

Ylopo also has an automated text-based, AI-powered lead nurturing system called RAIYA. It  engages and qualifies new and old leads around the clock.

When a new or past lead engages or re-engages by searching for property, RAIYA responds with conversational texts that seem generated by a live human. Texts engage the lead and gather information about location, budget, and property features such as number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

The resulting information is captured in the agent’s CRM platform as well as in Ylopo. Users report strong engagement with leads using the AI-powered texts.

Ylopo Plans and Pricing

Ylopo’s plans come in a few varieties. Basically, it comes down to whether you want leads included or now. It’s a variable pricing model, so we’ll include Ylopo’s Youtube video explaining it along with our breakdown.

Basic Plan — $295/month

First, the basic offering is priced at $295 per month. There is a $1,000 setup fee. And Ylopo collects a 10 percent marketing service fee on a monthly re-marketing budget of up to $100.

The basic plan is intended for agents who only want access to Ylopo technology for more effective lead nurturing. It includes:

  • IDX Home Search
  • Customizable branded site
  • Priority lead notifications to agents
  • Dynamic listing alerts
  • Behavioral and auto texting
  • Facebook remarketing and retargeting
  • Lender advertising option

Premium Plan — Variable Price

The second option is for agents and small teams who want Ylopo to more fully manage their digital marketing and also get access to high volumes of leads.

This option is priced at $495 per month. There is also a $1,000 setup fee. Agents will also pay Ylopo a monthly ad spend and re-marketing fee that varies depending on your local market.

The second option also includes the same technology the first option does. Plus includes lead filtration, digital marketing services, and custom ad campaigns.

You can use the Ylopo website calculator to see what the second option will cost. For example, a single agent in Dallas in the $200,000 and under market would likely pay $300 per month on advertising to generate 50-75 leads monthly.

This equals between $4 and $6 per lead, which is quite low considering you can make thousands of dollars in commission on a lead.

Finally, there is a $495 monthly license fee for this option. There is also a one-time startup fee of $1,200.

Ylopo Pros and Cons

Ylopo is focused on Facebook ads so it’s a good choice for any agent who is focused on using Facebook to generate leads. Its Listing Rocket listing promotion tool is a powerful way to get the word out about listings. 

On the other hand, for a premium-priced offering, Ylopo doesn’t provide users with a bundled CRM. That is a big pro, especially if you already have a favorite CRM. And also integrates well with a number of popular choices.

For agents who are more focused on other methods of lead generation, particularly search engine optimization, Ylopo is not as good a fit, as it’s mostly designed to market on Facebook.

Our Take

We think that Ylopo offers great functionality by approaching the lead generation process using technology. However, it’s not for everyone. While it’s not as expensive as services like Curaytor or BoomTown, it’s still a premium product.

If you’re a new agent starting out, there are less expensive options (like BoldLeads) that focus on simply getting leads. But if you have a decent marketing budget and don’t want to pay for a full-service agency to manage your leads, Ylopo is worth a look.

Ylopo Alternatives

Ylopo has a lot of competitors in its space. Here are a couple of the most popular ones:

  • CINC is a full-featured CRM and real estate marketing tool. It includes Internet lead generation, engagement, nurturing, management, and conversion as well as long-term client retention. CINC doesn’t publish pricing. But reviewers put its price at $1,500 per month and up.
  • BoomTown is a paid lead generation tool and CRM for real estate brokers and agents. It gets high marks for being easy to use and includes marketing and transaction management tools. Reviewers say its price starts at $1,000 per month and increases from there.

Should You Use Ylopo?

Ylopo is a lead generation tool that aims to help agents be first to contact prospects after they’ve begun the process of buying or selling a home. It’s a valid marketing solution for agents who already use or want to use Facebook ads to generate leads.'s real estate software guide

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