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Is Wise Agent a Wise CRM Decision?

Is Wise Agent a Wise CRM Decision?

Wise Agent claims to offer flexible real estate CRM options for real estate professionals wanting an affordable platform without unnecessary features. But does it deliver on that promise? Read on to find out.

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What Is Wise Agent?

Let’s face it – being a real estate agent is difficult. You have to find new clients, follow up with them, and then close the transaction. But what if there was a tool that helped you do all of that? Enter, Wise Agent.

Wise Agent is a customer relationship management platform for real estate agents and brokers. It offers an all-in-one solution for managing contacts, automating leads, managing transactions, and marketing.

Wise Agent is competitively priced. The app runs on Android and iOS devices and has many useful features for real estate professionals. For agents and brokers in the market for real estate CRM software, it merits a close look. 

Wise Agent’s Best Features

As with any CRM, Wise Agent’s value rests mainly on how well it manages contacts. The contact management features let users track and search contacts using many more than the basic fields. Some of those extra searchable fields include: 

  • Rank
  • Status
  • Additional addresses
  • Spouse info
  • Children birthdays
  • Pet names

The real estate software can enhance new contact information via social media searches. Using the email address, Wise Agent searches the internet for the contact’s social media information. This allows job title, recent tweets and other information to go into the profile.

Lead Management

Wise Agent Lead management profile

Image Source: Inman

Wise Agent lets real estate business people easily fire off customized auto-replies and manage drip marketing campaigns. It also offers some richer capabilities, including: 

  • A/B testing of different messages
  • Drip campaigns customized for different lead sources
  • Automatic adding of new leads to daily call lists
  • Pre-categorizing of incoming leads as buyers, sellers, etc.
  • Ability to include personalized videos in emails
  • Text messages personalized with lead and source name
  • Text notifications custom-distributed to team members when leads arrive
  • Lead reports by source, status, rank and assignments

Social Media Feeds

Wise agent lead management social profiles

Image Source: Inman

One unique feature that really stands out is the integrated Twitter feed. With this feature, you can stay up to date with things the prospect is sharing. So, say they are thinking about buying a dog.

Seeing this will prompt you to ask about it, thereby creating a strong connection with the prospect, and therefor creating trust.

Transaction Management

Wise Agent’s transaction management tools can generate a transaction checklist from a buyer or listing template. The software lets agents manage all aspects of a transaction in one place including: 

  • Due dates for critical tasks
  • Information on people and organizations involved
  • Document storage
  • Signatures
  • Date- and time-stamped notes

Landing Pages

Wise Agent’s landing page platform lets users create customized real estate landing page templates. Uses include:

  • Single property websites
  • Marketing call-to-action ads
  • Open house sign in sheets

Gmail Integration

Wise agent CRM integration partners

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Wise Agent integrates with Gmail so agents can see past and present conversations on a contact’s summary page. The tools show strings of emails and lets users save conversations along with notes.

Attachments can be saved with a click. Also, users can add contact information from an email to the contact database with a single click from the Chrome browser. It’s not necessary to leave Gmail and start up Wise Agent to do this. 


Wise Agent lets you send branded emails, texts, and newsletters to clients and prospects. Features include: 

  • A selection of differently styled newsletter and letter templates
  • Step-by-step customizing guides
  • Personalized mass emails
  • Email scheduling
  • YouTube integration for personalized emails
  • Integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact
  • Drip campaigns for lead nurturing
  • Built-in email signature generator for consistent branding
  • Instant auto-response text to new leads
  • Mass texting to groups

Team Management

If you work in real estate as a member of a team, Wise Agent has several features that may help. These include:

  • Ability to add up to five team members without additional fees
  • Unlimited ability to add more team members
  • Ability to turn on limited permissions for any team member
  • Team notifications to share events and contacts

Time Management

Wise Agent transaction management

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The calendaring tools that come with Wise Agent are specially tailored for real estate agents. In addition to the capabilities of a standard online scheduling tool, it can:

  • Associate appointments with specific contacts and vendors
  • Automatically add notes to contact profiles
  • Attach files such as agendas or questionnaires to events
  • Text and email alerts about appointments to help users stay on track
  • Generate reports showing team member appointment scheduling and completions

The to-do list associates tasks with contacts and are searchable by date, team member, transactions and other fields. The calendar also helps track continuing education. Agents can enter which classes are needed, when the classes take place, and other details.

Wise Agent Pros and Cons

As with any good review, it’s important to highlight both the pros and the cons. Don’t worry, we’ve dug through the product to find both so you don’t have to.

Pros (What We Like)

Wise Agent gets good marks for being comprehensive, flexible and powerful while also being easy to learn and use. Each customer gets some one-on-one on-boarding to help with set up.

The company’s customer support staff has a good reputation for being responsive and knowledgeable. Wise Agent integrates with a number of other marketing platforms and software tools including: 

  • Bombbomb
  • DocuSign
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Mailchimp
  • Real Geeks
  • Zillow

Cons (What Can Be Improved)

Wise Agent was created in 2002 and the interface gets some criticism for not being up to date. Customizing newsletters is also said to be clunky at times. To use the Wise Agent text tool users have to buy and spend credits for each text message.

The company bills $5 per month for about 500 credits. Each outgoing text costs 1 credit  and each incoming text or phone call costs another credit.

Plans and Pricing

Wise agent crm pricing

Image Source:

Wise Agent offers a free 14-day trial of the program’s full features. There are no contracts for paid subscriptions.

Everything is month to month. There are two main price levels:

  • Monthly is a flat $29 billed each month. It allows for five team members to use the same sign-in.
  • Annually is $299, equal to $24.91 a month or a 14 percent savings over monthly.

There is also an enterprise option that includes access to APIs and white label solutions. The company does not list pricing for this option. Note that the five-member deals are for a single login.

Some users buy separate logins for individual team members on a single account. This can add more control so administrators can give each person only certain permissions. 


One of Wise Agent’s best points is the price. Other CRM products that work similarly are generally priced significantly higher. They include: 

  • LionDesk is a CRM for general sales professionals priced at $25 monthly per user.
  • TopProducer is another real estate-specific CRM that costs $40 for a single user per month.
  • Follow Up Boss is a CRM for real estate that costs $49 a month for a single user.
  • Contactually’s lowest-priced real estate CRM offering is $69 per month per user.

Our Take

Overall, we think Wise Agent stands out from the competition by offering a low priced CRM solution. Other CRMs sell for $50-$100 and price many agents out of the market.

By stripping their product of unnecessary features, Wise Agent offers a simple platform that helps you connect with customers. This is good for agents with limited budgets but still seeking to automate their outreach.

Should You Use Wise Agent?

Wise Agent was created by a working real estate agent to use in his own business. Since 2002, the software has been sold to other agents. Over the years, it’s evolved into a powerful, flexible tool that is also easy to afford.'s real estate software guide

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