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Tree Service Near Me: Find a Quality Vendor Near You

Tree Service Near Me: Find a Quality Vendor Near You

Are you searching for, “tree service near me?” If so, you’re in the right place. Our complete guide outlines where to find one, things to consider, mistakes to avoid, and average pricing by service. Read on to learn more.

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If you’ve wondered, “What’s the best tree service near me?”, there are a few important things to keep in mind. When you choose a tree service, you need to be sure they’re properly certified, insured, and using industry best practices.

Finding the best tree service near me means knowing a little about the industry, what a tree service does, and how you can sift through all the nearby services to find the best. We’ll cover it all in this complete guide.

Let’s start with what a tree service does and why you might need to hire one. Then, we’ll talk about ways to find the tree services near you and what to look for in a tree service to make sure you’ve hired the best.

What Is a Tree Service?

A tree service handles any problem, preventative action, or maintenance activity related to trees and shrubs. You can call a tree service when a tree needs to be removed, pruned, fertilized, or diagnosed.

Tree services are important for beautifying a lawn or yard and for the health and safety of your family, your home, and nearby trees. That’s because tree services take care of potentially destructive problems.

What Is a Tree Service near me graphic explaining the things that a service like this does

These may be dead or unhealthy trees that are close enough to fall on your house during a storm or more susceptible to being damaged by lightning. Examples of tree services include:

  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree and shrub removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree diagnosis
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Fertilization
  • Lightning protection system installation
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Land clearing 
  • Pre-construction consultations
  • Pre-purchase consultations
  • Crane and bucket service

Let’s break down some of the tasks a tree service takes care of: Maintenance, removal, diagnosis, and preventative care.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

As an image for a piece on tree service near me, Tree pruning by a man with a chainsaw, standing on a mechanical platform, on high altitude between the branches of old oak trees

Rob Van Esch/Shutterstock

Regular pruning and fertilizing helps keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong as they grow. You might think of pruning as a purely ornamental activity that makes a tree or shrub look more appealing.

While it’s true that pruning encourages trees and shrubs to hold a more defined shape, it also allows a tree service to make sure no branches are growing from unsafe angles or directions.

This makes the branch weaker and more likely to fall. Fertilizing seems like a simple task, but when it comes to the wide variety of trees and shrubs many of us have growing on our property, it becomes more complicated.

Different types of trees have different nutrient needs, and using the wrong fertilizer on one can cause fertilizer burning, encourage disease, or result in the tree’s death.

Fertilizers for trees and other woody plants will contain large amounts of 6 macronutrients

  • Nitrogen: Encourages green growth
  • Phosphorus: Helps roots, fruit, and flowers grow
  • Potassium: Helps flowers and fruits develop, protects the tree against disease and stress
  • Calcium: Helps the tree on a cellular level by holding together plant cell walls
  • Magnesium: Strengthens seed production and encourages the tree to produce more chlorophyll
  • Sulfur: Aids in coloration and helps strengthen the tree

Using the wrong fertilizer can not only harm your tree, but it could result in eventual death or cause a tree to grow weakly, making it more likely to fall. This is another good reason to rely on a tree service for any tree fertilization or maintenance needs if you’re not an arborist.

Tree and Stump Removal

stump grinding with a yellow circular saw for a piece on tree services


Dead or dying trees present a dangerous possibility: During the next strong storm, they could fall on your home and cause serious damage to your property and anyone close enough to be struck.

Outside of damaged or dead trees, sometimes you just want a tree or shrub removed for ornamental reasons. In any case, a tree service will have the proper tools and knowledge to safely remove a tree or shrub from your property without leaving behind an unsightly stump.

When you have a tree service remove a tree that is dying or already dead, you make your property safer and protect your home. Removing a tree on your own is a big task to undertake, requiring techniques and skills many homeowners simply don’t have time to master.

The surrounding area must be inspected and surveyed, the tree’s planned fall path must be calculated, and more than one escape route (if the tree starts to fall in the wrong direction) must be planned.

If the tree is close to other trees, a building, or utility lines, the equation gets more complicated. It’s best to rely on a tree service to remove trees on your property.

In addition to tree and shrub removal, most tree services also offer land clearing services to remove small brush and shrubs on your property in preparation for building or to extend your lawn. 

Tree Diagnosis

If you see signs of disease or infection in one or more trees, a tree service is equipped to inspect the tree and determine the problem. Some diseases can’t be cured and will require removal of the tree.

Others may be related to a lack of fertilization, pest invasion, or environmental factors. An excellent tree service can come to look at your trees, note the symptoms, and know what next steps to take.

The best tree services will never recommend removing a tree unless it is truly a lost cause or poses a potential threat to your home or family. 

Preventative Care

Tree service Man is cutting trees in the park. Professional gardener in a uniform cuts bushes with clippers. Pruning garden, hedge. Worker trimming and landscaping green bushes. Hard work in the garden. Clipper.


Another good reason to have a tree service that you trust is for preventative care. While it might seem like trees take care of themselves and just grow without any outside interference, producing healthy, strong trees requires good preventative care.

This is an action that attempts to keep a common problem from happening to a tree. Preventative maintenance might be in the form of lightning protection, cabling, or a steady preventative maintenance program that schedules pruning and inspections throughout the year. 

Lightning protection can be an essential part of preventative care for trees because lightning strikes can decimate a tree or leave it susceptible to boring insects or other damaging organisms.

Lightning protection consists of copper conductors that are connected to a ground rod. The conductors channel electrical energy from a bolt of lightning down to the ground rod and into the earth, where the energy dissipates.

Make sure your tree service installs lightning protection following the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Standards. Cabling involves setting high-strength steel cables that are attached to bolts in the upper crown of the tree.

The steel cables keep the tree’s branches from swaying or moving too much in high winds or storms. Cabling can also help trees hold a shape that may be weak, such as branches that grow from a 90-degree angle or branches that grow downward.

How Can I Find a Tree Service Near Me?

Finding a local tree service doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few ways you can uncover the best tree services near you without trial and error. Here are our recommendations when you’re looking for a tree service near you. 

Search Online

Searching online has both pros and cons; it’s fast and easy, but it turns up all results, not just the best ones. If you don’t mind taking a little time to sift through the results and check out reviews for the different tree services you see, this can be a great, easy option. 

Try searching “tree service near me” to get results that are specific to your zip code, or enter your city name along with tree service to see more options.

Finding a Tree Service Near You graphic explaining the three best ways to find a vendor near you

Search by Certification

You can search for tree services near you by their certification if you visit the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) website or Either of these options will allow you to search for arborists in your area. 

The “Verify a Credential” tool on lets you check to see if an arborist in your area is certified. This is important to know before you hire a tree service because certified arborists are incredibly knowledgeable about the health and care of trees.

Uncertified tree services can cause issues by pruning too much, failing to remove dangerous branches, or removing trees that could be restored to health by an expert. 

Ask for Recommendations

If you’re not coming up with many options from an online search or by searching credentials, asking friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers for their best tree service recommendation is always an option.

One benefit of asking for recommendations from people you know is you may get some glowing reviews of a tree service near you. Another benefit: You may get some warnings about local tree services that botched a job or caused damage.

What to Look For in a Tree Service

You’ve found a few local tree services that you’re interested in contacting. What should you look for in a tree service? There are a few ways to quickly determine whether or not a tree service has the skill and ability to safely and responsibly manage your trees and shrubs. 


Certified arborists are the most knowledgeable experts on trees and shrubs. Tree services don’t always hold these certifications, so be a smart consumer and ask your tree service if they are certified.

Certified arborists still have their certification information with them, so if you ask about certification, they should be able to show you proof. You can also check online to verify their certification.

Without proof of certification, the tree service may end up causing more damage. Certification is one of the most important things to look for in a tree service.

Safety and Precautions

No one wants an accident to occur on their property due to improper safety measures. Before you hire a tree service, make sure the crew follows OSHA standards and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

This includes wearing eye protection, ear protection, chainsaw caps, and hard hats on the job. If a tree service says they don’t follow these standards, it’s a red flag and indicates you should find another tree service that takes the safety of its crew members seriously. 

Crew safety is critical, but it’s a good idea to make sure the practices being used will keep your trees safe. If you’re hiring a tree service to prune trees on your property, make sure they’re not wearing spiked shoes to climb the tree.

This practice damages the tree by leaving the tender inner layers of the trunk (the cambium) exposed to disease-causing organisms. It can even encourage new offshoots of growth to start growing from the wounded areas, requiring more pruning. 


A tree service should communicate thoroughly with you, telling you exactly what actions they’ll be taking and making sure you’re informed through every step of the process.

You don’t want to walk outside when the crew finishes to find that a favorite tree has been severely pruned or removed! Make sure the tree service you hire keeps you in the loop.

Also be sure they don’t take any action without getting your approval first. A good tree service will also explain the reasoning behind any action they need to take, so you understand the need for pruning, cabling, or removal.

Connect With a “Tree Service Near Me”

How to Find a Tree Service Near You

When searching for a “tree service near me,” make sure you’re hiring a tree service that respects your property as much as you do and follows industry-approved, environmentally responsible standards. 

Look for certified professionals that follow the proper safety guidelines and communicate regularly with you on the job. Many tree services meet or exceed these standards, but some fall short.

That’s why it’s important to educate yourself and know exactly what to look for. Finding a local tree service that meets these standards may take a little more time than calling the first one you see.

But the results will make your time investment well worth it. Properly maintained trees will provide generations of enjoyment, shade, and beauty on your property.

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