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The CE Shop Makes Continuing Education Easy

The CE Shop Makes Continuing Education Easy

The CE Shop is used by thousands of real estate agents each year, and for good reason. Their continuing education courses are flexible and affordable. Read on to learn about features, pricing, and get our take on the product.

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If you’re a real estate agent, realtor, or broker, you are probably familiar with continuing education courses. Every year or two, you have to take these courses to build on your real estate knowledge and maintain your license.

It’s hard to fit classroom-style courses into your busy schedule, so online courses are the first choice of many real estate professionals. A quick Google search will turn up millions of results for online continuing education classes for real estate agents.

However, you want to choose a course provider that is trustworthy, well-known in the industry, and highly rated. So many continuing education course providers online offer generic courses that do not meet state-specific requirements.

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You have to be careful when choosing a course provider to make sure you’re meeting the requirements for your state and that you’re getting accurate, up-to-date information within the course. 

Take it from us: The CE Shop is one of the best. They offer continuing education courses for all 50 states. We’ll talk about the types of courses The CE Shop offers, what to expect when taking their courses, course pricing, real estate agent reviews, and how it works.

You’ll be able to sign up and complete your state’s continuing education courses in no time through The CE Shop. Let’s get started!

What Is The CE Shop?

The CE Shop is an online real estate school that offers a wide range of courses for real estate professionals and licensees. With their platform, you can meet your state’s pre-license and continuing education requirements.

However, this article will mainly focus on their continuing education offerings. Here’s a quick overview of the types of courses available online through The CE Shop:

  • Pre-licensing
  • Exam Prep Edge
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing education
  • Real estate license upgrade
  • Multi-state and custom course packages

Can You Use Pre-Licensing Courses to Meet CE Requirements?

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The short answer? No. Pre-licensing courses don’t count for continuing education requirements because they do not contain information that would help a licensed agent learn more about real estate.

If you had to master information to obtain your license, your state won’t accept that same information as a way for you to build your real estate knowledge.

It’s easy to use The CE Shop’s specialized continuing education courses to earn your credit hours while you continue to focus on your business. 

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education courses (CE courses) are vital because they are an essential part of maintaining an active real estate sales or broker license in every state.

Some states require more education hours than others, and some require CE courses on a more frequent basis than others.

How do you know which continuing education courses to take in your state?

The CE Shop makes it easy. The site has all state requirements laid out on each state’s continuing education page. This enables you to see state-specific requirements.

These include how many hours you need in total, how many hours you need in specific subjects, and what it will cost to complete the courses required. You’ll also be able to see each state’s license renewal period at a glance. Here are a few state-specific examples.

The Department of Real Estate (DRE) in California shows that every 4 years, actively licensed agents and brokers (first renewal) are required to complete:

  • 45 hours of DRE-approved (Department of Real Estate) continuing education
    • (6) 3-hour courses on Ethics, agency, trust fund handling, risk management, fair housing, and management and supervision
    • 18 hours (minimum) of consumer protection courses
    • Remaining hours should be courses on consumer protection or consumer service

The CE Shop confirms this information, showing these requirements and offering courses that meet them. 

The state of Kentucky’s requirements are different. To maintain an active license, agents must:

  • Attend 6 hours of continuing education courses approved by the state Commission each year
    • 3 of the 6 hours must be real estate law courses
  • Complete the Kentucky Core Course once every 4 years

The CE Shop accurately lists these requirements and the correct license renewal period along with recommending specific courses that meet them. 

You can see how different these requirements are by state. For state-specific real estate education requirements, it’s always best to check with your state’s real estate commission to confirm that The CE Shop’s listed requirements match up.

It’s worth noting that in our research and use of the site, we did not find one piece of inaccurate information.

The CE Shop Courses

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The subject matter of continuing education courses will vary by state. Some have loose requirements that allow general “refresher” courses while others require state-specific courses on specific subjects.

The CE Shop includes a wide range of courses that apply to each state. If your state requires 3 hours of courses on real estate law or fair housing, you’ll be able to see which courses meet that requirement and exactly how many education hours you’ll earn by taking a course. 

The CE Shop automatically shows all online real estate courses that apply to your state’s requirements. All you have to do is select the package (bundled courses meeting the requirements) or individual courses you are interested in taking. 

Here are some examples of continuing education courses available on The CE Shop:

  • Keeping it Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud
  • Affordable Housing: Solutions for Homes and Financing
  • Did You Serve? Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans
  • Current Issues and Trends in Real Estate
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Compliance

CE Shop’s Best Features

There are many reasons to choose a course from The CE Shop, and we’ve highlighted our favorites in the section below.

Flexible Courses

Real estate professionals are incredibly busy. Between interacting with clients, showings, and contracts, there isn’t much time left over for taking full-time or part-time CE courses.

It’s much easier to squeeze these courses into your free time from the comfort of your home, car, or a coffee shop. One of the most significant benefits of taking online real estate education courses is that you can time your completion of the course to fit your schedule best. 

If you’re a night owl who is most productive late at night, you can work on your courses then. The same goes for if you’re an early riser. If you prefer finishing a course as quickly as possible, you can do that, too. 

Daily Support

If you’re concerned that online courses might leave you without help and support like a classroom course would offer, you’ll enjoy the level of support this company provides.

The CE Shop makes sure you always have someone around to answer a question you might have. You can use the website’s live chat feature, call the toll-free number, or send an email to get a quick response. We tested the live chat feature and got an answer right away. 

High Satisfaction Ratings

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Not every online course provider is reputable and highly rated, but The CE Shop is one of the best. They have a 97% satisfaction rating from more than 150,000 real estate professionals.

That’s a good indicator of not only course quality, but also the level of support customers receive from the company. You can’t always get this kind of support or flexibility from a course taken in a classroom.

Online courses can help you complete your requirements without drastically changing your schedule around – and with help every step of the way. 

Multi-State Offerings

If you’re licensed in more than one state, you can lighten your CE course load by using The CE Shop. They understand that it’s time-consuming and repetitive to take some of the same courses for multiple states. 

That’s why they’ve built multi-state packages that allow you to combine the courses you need for every state you’re licensed in. 

Some of your required courses will be the same in multiple states. Instead of taking and paying for them twice (or more!), a multi-state package will automatically apply your course credit to every applicable state you need.

Agent Concierge

You’ll also get a sizable discount on each additional state you sign up for. Another multi-state service we liked was the Agent Concierge Program. This program sends you a notification when your license renewals are due, so you never lose track and forget to complete your CE requirements. 

Plans and Pricing

Courses are priced differently for each state and the number of credit hours they supply. Prices range from as little as $9 per course to up to $99 for a license reinstatement course. Most courses are in the $19 to $59 range.

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Course packages are priced from about $25 to $139. Course packages contain a combination of required courses that meet specific state requirements. 

Each course and course package notes the number of credit hours each course supplies:

  • Total hours
  • Elective hours
  • Mandatory hours

Additionally, if specific subjects (like real estate law or fair housing) are required by your state, the number of credit hours each course contributes toward the total is listed as well.

Pricing Comparison

Pricing varies by state, so we’ll use California’s CE program as an example. Do keep in mind that these companies often offer discounts, but these are the list prices as of the time of publishing.

The CE ShopMcKissockOnCourse Learning

Real Estate Express’s subsidiary McKissock Learning offers the best price, and we really like their product. Read our full review now.

Tips and Tricks

Before buying a product, you should know about popular ways to save time and money. After all, both are limited, so why waste them? Don’t worry — we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to do just that.

  • Use a promo code. At our most recent visit, The CE Shop was advertising a one-day 20% off promo code. You can also search the web for valid CE Shop promo codes.
  • Sign up ahead of time. This will give you the freedom to complete the coursework in your free time rather than rushing to get it all done on a deadline. 
  • Know the platforms. You can check those out ahead of time to get a feel for the platform and how it works: 
  • Use a planner. Whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or desk, you will find the coursework much easier to manage when you track your progress, deadlines, and due dates in a planner or calendar. 
  • Prepare for exams. Make sure you prepare for the exam by taking the practice tests! You can take them multiple times, but the final exam is only offered once. You have the option to print pages from your course text as you go to create a study guide.
  • Call for guidance. If you’re confused or have any questions about which courses you should take, you can ask knowledgeable CE Shop advisors for advice by calling 855-884-8305.
  • Print your certificate. Not every state requires The CE Shop and other schools to send your completion certificate to your state commission or real estate department. You will receive a copy of it in your completion email, and one will be available as a PDF in your account.

The CE Shop Customer Reviews

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Out of more than 3,600 reviews we found online, The CE Shop has an overall 4.5-star average rating. Here are some of the most helpful reviews online:

“I love being able to take my CE classes when I have time and appreciate the freedom this online system allows. As a busy real estate broker having the flexibility is very important to me and why I often use The CE Shop. Thanks again, for keeping me up to date with my Continuing Ed.”-Ilona C. (5 stars)

“The certificate should automatically be sent to the division of real estate. This should be automated.” -Torre Escott (3 stars)

“Very well organized and perfect for my necessary ConEd. Also, inexpensive!” -Robert St. John (5 stars)

Great organized information. First continuing education that I actually learned something new.” -Philip Palmisano (5 stars)

The classes are very affordable, easy to navigate, and contain excellent information. I use them for all my CE. ” -A. Franks (4 stars)

The CE Shop makes taking your continuing education classes very easy. The content is valuable and comprehensive. I really appreciate the ability to complete the courses at my own pace.” -Suzette Hampton (5 stars)


The educated consumer understands all of their options before buying, and you should be no different. While there are many companies offering these products, we’ve highlighted our favorites.

  • Real Estate Express is an online real estate school that aims to make learning fun and easy. I’ve used this product myself and swear by it. Pricing is typically the best in the market and their “Learning Bits” platform makes it easy to learn complex topics.

Our Take

With courses available for all 50 states, The CE Shop offers everything a real estate agent or broker needs to complete continuing education requirements in a short time. 

State-specific information (license renewal periods, course requirements, etc.) is accurate and up-to-date. We like that it enables professionals to work on their courses from a tablet or laptop, anywhere, anytime. 

The reviews are excellent, it’s cost-effective, and this website creates a way for busy real estate professionals to maintain their continuing education without taking full-time, in-classroom courses.

We think The CE Shop is a smart solution for real estate professionals who need to fulfill their state’s continuing education requirements without taking time away from doing business.

Should You Use The CE Shop?

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The CE Shop offers flexible real estate courses at competitive prices. Customer reviews routinely cite the course flexibility and low prices.

If you are in the market for an online real estate education provider, The CE Shop should be a serious contender.

Want more options? Check out McKissock Learning. We’ve used their products and loved them!

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