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Spacio: Open House Management Made Easy

Spacio: Open House Management Made Easy

According to Spacio, half of all homebuyers go to open houses when they are searching for a home, but only 9% of all sold homes are sold through those open houses. What gives? Read on to find out.

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What Is Spacio?

Spacio by HomeSpotter is described as an open house lead generation system for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages.

It solves the problem of “missing” open house leads by getting involved earlier in the process. From the moment a new lead is generated and captured, Spacio is sorting, notifying, and helping agents communicate with that lead.

When they are ready to register for an upcoming open house (which is done right through the app), the app can verify the contact through their social media profiles, allowing real estate agents to get a better sense of the user’s home-buying wants and needs. 

Spacio integrates with several CRMs, marketing platforms, listing platforms, and nationwide franchises. This helps ensure that almost every lead an agent captures – through any means or any other product – can be imported into Spacio to move smoothly through the open house registration process. 

Why Don’t Open Houses Work?

Spacio says the answer lies with the leads that are never followed up on properly. People come and go, some without giving or leaving any contact information, and those leads are lost forever.

That’s why they developed this application: To make sure real estate agents, teams, and brokerages can accurately track (and eventually convert) their open house leads in real-time. 

But there’s a little more to it than that. We’re looking at Spacio, its features, pricing, and pros and cons. Keep reading to discover if it could be the best open house management solution for you! 

Spacio’s Best Features

Spacio’s features are listed and described below. Keep in mind that some features are only included with the Team and/or Brokerage plans. We’ve included our favorites below.

Lead Generation and Capture

Spacio lead capture featuring simple contact information and leads on an ipad

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As users choose to register for one of your upcoming open houses, you’re able to collect and capture their contact information immediately. That information is linked to the property they showed interest in viewing, the MLS number, and more. 

This is the first step in the Spacio process unless leads are imported from another program or platform. 

Automatic Follow-Up Emails

Spacio enables agents and teams to automatically send follow-up emails to leads and registrants after they attend an open house. Most CRMs will handle lead follow up without a problem.

But agents not currently using a CRM or those who want to be able to send an automatic email right after open house attendance can benefit from this feature. 

Sending an automated, scheduled email after an open house can keep an agent top of mind for a potential home buyer. A quick follow-up after a significant event like an open house can also reinforce brand or agent values. 

Perhaps the best thing about this feature is that every single lead is followed-up, and none are lost or forgotten. The automated emails can be customized to ensure the message sounds personal and includes a few specifics from the open house.

Real-Time Open House Reports

Screengrab of a Spacio Open House report showing the results from a recent open house

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After an open house, motivated sellers want to know how the event went – the number of potential buyers who attended, how much was spent, how many leads responded to the initial follow-up email, and more.

Spacio’s real-time reports make it simple to provide this information. Data is collected in real-time, showing sellers, agents, and members of a real estate team every aspect of the open house.

The data is compiled into a visual report with charts, graphs, and easy-to-understand information about the event. These “one-touch” data reports keep sellers informed about each open house event.

They also help agents more clearly see the successes or problems that may have occurred for each event. 

Social Profile Verified Accounts 

Open house visitors and attendees can be more than just faces in the crowd, thanks to this feature. Spacio allows agents to “verify” visitors using their social media profiles in efforts to better understand and connect with potential buyers. 

The app will access and pull up relevant social media profiles for each visitor based on their registration information. As visitors arrive at the event, agents will be able to recognize each one visually. 

It’s also possible for agents to send connection requests outside of the Spacio platform to connect with visitors after the open house event. This can keep agents in close touch with strong leads and strengthen connections with any visitor who signs up for the open house event. 

Integrate with Dozens of Platforms

Spaction integration partners displayed on a mobile tablet

Image Source: Apple Store

Keeping all information in one central location helps agents stay organized. Since Spacio doesn’t have the capabilities of a CRM or general real estate marketing platform, it’s helpful to be able to link an agent’s outside tools and platforms with Spacio to keep data and information integrated. 

There are currently 30+ integration options available through Spacio, including BoomTown!, BombBomb, Mailchimp, Zapier, and Follow Up Boss. If an agent’s CRM is not included in the list of integrations, the integration with Zapier can be used to connect any CRM with this platform. 

Compatible with Every Device

As expected, Spacio is compatible with every type of device – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Also, the app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It can be directly accessed online from a laptop, desktop, or tablet. 

Spacio Plans and Pricing

How much does Spacio cost for agents, teams, and brokerages to use? There is a base monthly cost that differs based on the plan chosen (Agent, Team, or Brokerage). 

Screenshot of the pricing from Spacio

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Some features and plans require a one-time setup fee. Some plans come with a free 30-day trial. The most current plan and pricing information for Spacio are listed below. 

Agents: $25/Month per Agent

Save $45 for 1 year

The Agent plan is for a single agent. For 2-5 agents, the Teams plan must be used. 

  • 30-day free trial
  • Unlimited open houses and registrants
  • Editable auto follow-up emails
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • New visitors notification
  • Open house reporting
  • Social profiles and sharing
  • Profile and property pages
  • External registration links
  • Leads and lead generation content

Teams: $100/month for 5 Agents

Plus $50 per 5 additional agents

Note that a few of the Teams features (those followed by * or **) require an additional setup or integration fee.

  • 30-day free trial
  • All standard features included
  • Customize your sign-in form branding* 
  • Team-wide reporting
  • Admin permissions and access to leads
  • Manage all agents
  • Share properties with team
  • Auto-populated listings**

Brokerages: $145/month per Office

The Brokerage plan substitutes a few of the team features for similar company-wide features. This plan covers all agents within a brokerage. 

  • No free trial
  • All standard features included
  • Branded sign-in form
  • Branded app interface
  • Onboarding for the brokerage
  • Company-wide reporting
  • Admin permissions
  • Manage agents
  • Auto-populated listings

Fees and Restrictions

These are the additional fees and pricing restrictions we were able to find for Spacio. 

  • Brokerages have a minimum price of $290 per month
  • *=Available for a one-time setup fee of $150
  • **=Available for a one-time setup and integration fee that changes depending on the data

Spacio Pros and Cons

As with any good and objective review, both the pros and cons should be covered. Don’t worry — we’ve highlighted both below. Read on to find out what we like (and don’t like) about Spacio.

Pros (what we like)

Here are some of the things we liked best about Spacio. 

  • The ability to use Spacio as an iOS or Android app makes it very convenient for both realtors and their clients
  • Digitizing the open house registration process can cut down on mistakes and problems that physical paperwork and forms can pose
  • Fewer leads are lost when everything is tracked digitally
  • Simple user interface and satisfactory user experience
  • Automated follow-up emails help keep real estate agents in touch with and nurturing leads
  • Verified contacts provides awesome insight into a potential buyer’s wants and needs

Cons (what can be improved)

Here are some ways we felt Spacio fell short. 

  • While there are several integrations available, a total of just 31 puts Spacio behind the curve when other apps can integrate with 200+ products
  • Some important features are only available with an additional fee, like custom branded sign-in forms and auto-populated listings
  • The app could expand to provide more than just open house registration and lead management to be more useful for real estate agents throughout the lead generation and transaction process 
  • Brokerages get no free trial and must pay a minimum of $290 per month in addition to setup and integration fees 

Our Take

Spacio is a strong solution for open house sign-in and registration. It helps agents, real estate teams, and brokerages track and organize open house events and leads.

With so many home buyers attending open houses before purchasing a home, this part of the process can really benefit from additional organization and tracking. 

There are several advantages for agents who use this app to manage open house lead generation and follow-up. We really like the seller reports, verified contacts, and the ability to send automated follow-up emails.

However, the lack of integrations with some of the more popular CRMs, high setup fees for specific plans, and lack of features that go beyond open houses, it may not be the right choice for every agent or team. 

Is Spacio A Good Solution for Open Houses?

If capturing more leads from open houses is high on your list of priorities, it’s worth giving Spacio a try. With a free 30 day trial, there’s plenty of time to see how useful the app is for your real estate business.

Are you a Spacio user, or have you tried it? We’d love to hear from users who would like to share their experiences with this app.'s real estate software guide

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