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Sierra Interactive: IDX Websites for Real Estate Agents

Sierra Interactive: IDX Websites for Real Estate Agents

Sierra Interactive is a website provider for real estate agents. But how does it stack up against the competition? In this review, we’ll answer just that. As a bonus, we’ll cover best features, plans and pricing, and more.

Disclaimer: REthority is supported by ads and participation in affiliate programs. We may earn a commission when you click our links. The information included in this post is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal or financial advice.

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What Is Sierra Interactive?

Sierra Interactive is more than an IDX website provider for real estate professionals. They’re also industry leaders in customer relationship management software and PPC and Facebook ads management.

Real estate agents, realtors, and real estate teams have a tall order when it’s time to create a website. It must be well-designed, attractive, and easy to use. If you’re struggling with finding a solution that works for you, look no further than Sierra Interactive.

There are dozens of real estate platforms that claim to have the be-all, end-all answer to helping agents build the perfect real estate website. However, we’ve found only a few that truly back up their claims.

Sierra interactive conversion home page

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After all, it’s hard to find an all-in-one digital marketing solution for realtors who are serious about building their web presence and taking control of lead management.

Sierra Interactive is one of them, and while it’s not flawless, it’s packed with so many features that we think you’ll forgive its faults. Here’s our take on the platform to help you decide whether or not this platform is for you.

They’ve been around for about a decade and seek to “help agents, teams, and brokers close more deals.”

Sierra Interactive’s Best Features

Sierra Interactive offers real estate professionals three different ways to dominate their space online: Real estate websites, CRM, and ad management for Google and Facebook. Read about each product’s features below.


Screenshot of a Sierra Interactive IDX web platform on three concurrent screens

Image Source: Sierra Interactive Website

When Sierra Interactive says they have an all-in-one website builder, they’re not kidding. You’d be hard pressed to find another ready-made website with this many features.

Built for SEO

Sierra Interactive websites are designed to help real estate agents gain visibility through search. You have the ability to change metadata, tags, and on-site text to rank higher on Google for the keywords your clients are searching for.

Mobile Responsive

Most people are searching and browsing on mobile devices, but many websites don’t adapt to fit the smaller screen space. Sierra Interactive builds responsive websites that look just as good on a tablet or smartphone as they do on a laptop.

This may not seem like a big deal if you’re not familiar with the website industry. However, I can tell you from my experience running a website that it’s a huge deal.

Many websites are built to be desktop compatible while overlooking the mobile users. Of course, this is a huge problem when almost 60% of users search Google on their mobile device.

IDX Integration

Connect your MLS listings directly to your website with the IDX integration. Then, let visitors search your available properties by dozens of criteria. These may include location, price, number of rooms, and more.

Featured Searches

Encourage visitors to spend more time on your site and view your best properties by including suggested searches. Use the information they’ve already entered to present them with open houses, featured properties, or other similar listings.

Unlimited Pages

Create as many website pages as you want and arrange them how you’d like. With the right setup and content, each page can help your website rank better in search results and keep users on the site longer.

Landing Pages

Send users directly to a landing page created specifically with them in mind and capture more leads. You can create a different landing page for every campaign you run and customize it to capture your audience’s attention.

Screenshot of a landing page from the Sierra Interactive demo

Image Source: Sierra Interactive Demo

Landing pages benefit your prospects because it gives them something of value. Instead of just seeing home photos, visitors receive a home valuation. Or helpful moving tips. Or even a recipe.

Basically, these pages help separate you from your competition by showing you care enough to give them something for free. Then, the reciprocity rule kicks in. By human nature, we’re more willing to agree to a request if we’ve already received something of value.

You can bet your prospect conversions will be higher if you’re giving the reader something of value. And how do you do that? By using a landing page.

Site Customization

Site navigation, sidebars, page hierarchy, media and text location — you can easily make your site look and operate just the way you want it with the included Section and Sidebar Managers.

Agent Manager

If you’re working with a team of real estate agents, this feature allows you to have complete control over the way agent profiles appear on your site. You can even create additional websites for each agent!

Built-in Blog

Your website comes with a blog ready to populate with real estate content you think your visitors will enjoy. A well-maintained blog can help you rank for the right keywords, earn backlinks, and cement your reputation as a real estate industry expert.

Sierra Interactive’s CRM

Sierra Interactive Customer Relationship Management is designed by people that understand real estate and what lead generation tasks are the most difficult to stay on top of. This CRM helps you do it all with less effort and more organization.

Lead Routing

You can create “if this, then that” criteria that automatically routes new leads to the correct agent on your team and the right follow-up plan. For real estate teams and agencies, this is a big time saver.

Action Plans

Emails, text messages, and ringless voicemail messages can be set up in any order to develop your custom action plans for lead follow-up. For example, your plan can automatically send new leads follow-up emails, ringless voicemails, and text messages.

Screenshot of an action plan from Sierra Interactive's demo video

Image Source: Sierra Interactive Demo Video

While this may seem like a small feature, it’s actually what helps set Sierra Interactive apart from it’s competitors. And we get really excited about it. Essentially, this is a very powerful CRM that makes your job easier.

Instead of adding leads into a simple drip campaign, you can make a multi-day plan for every single prospect. You can even set up unique plans for different lead types. Make sure to check out the demo video to get the full details. Either way, we can’t speak highly enough of this feature.


Get through more calls with the included autodialer. Set up lead groups to call groups of leads in sections or individually dial any lead in the system.

Text Messaging

It’s easy to lose track of texts on your phone, especially if you’re working with multiple leads. Whether you’re using a desktop or smartphone, you can manage all text messages to leads directly from the dashboard.

Market Reports

Give your leads a reason to thank you and save them time with custom market reports that lay out area averages for costs, property types, schools, and more.

Screenshot of a market analysis from the Sierra Interactive Demo video

Image Source: Sierra Interactive Demo Video

Ringless Voicemails

You can avoid pestering a lead but still get your information to them with ringless voicemails. You’ll record a message which you can then send directly to the voicemail box of a lead or contact. Or, simply embed it as part of your follow-up action plan.

This part is very important. With the ever-increasing regulations on telemarketing, it’s important to understand the do not call (DNC) list. For now, the way around the regulations is to use ringless voicemails.

At their core, these are voicemails that skip a traditional call and send you straight to voicemail. Conversion rates can be higher because the prospect does not have a chance to hang up on you.

Mass Messaging

Make sure you hit their inbox with mass messaging. This feature enables you to write and send mass emails, text messages, or ringless voicemails to your contact list.

Tags and Filters

Set up different tags and filters for leads to help you easily keep track, organize, and sort them for follow-up action plans, dialing, mass messaging, and more.

Lead Tracking

This feature helps you see what properties your visitors search for, view, and save. You can also take a peek into other actions they take on your website and find out how engaged they are in the CRM dashboard.

Listing Alerts

You gives your website visitors and leads the chance to get alerts each time a property matching their search criteria is listed. In a hot market, your clients will thank you. There’s nothing more frustrating than being the second one to view a property!

Integrated Ad Platforms

Experimenting with ads can be fun, but you’ll spend a lot of money and time in the process to get the results you want. Sierra Interactive’s ad management system takes the guesswork out of online advertising and gets you connected to leads faster.

A laptop that is open with colorful images and the words ad campaign to symbolize a Google or Facebook ad

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Google Ads

Easily set up high-converting pay-per-click Google ads to get your information right in front of the people searching for your top keywords. Adjust your budget and decide how much you want to pay for each click to meet your marketing budget.

Facebook Ads

Sierra Interactive links your Google ads with a corresponding Facebook ad campaign through your Facebook page to drive the message home and increase your number of leads.

Simple Reports

Advertising without reports and analytics won’t get you anywhere, but with Sierra’s transparent ad reports, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips. See which ads converted best, which flopped, and which netted leads for the lowest cost per click.

Proven Strategies

Launch your ads with proven strategies and frameworks to get a jump start on the competition and spend less time learning from ads that don’t convert.

Plans and Pricing

Sierra Interactive Plans and Pricing

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Sierra Interactive keeps it simple by offering just 2 plans. Everyproduct (website, CRM, and ads management) is included with each plan, so you only need to choose how customized you want your website to be and how much you want to spend on setup costs.

Pro Site — $399/month

  • $300 setup fee
  • Support up to 10 agents, add $100/month for each 5 additional users
  • IDX-integrated real estate website
  • CRM
  • 2,500 texts
  • 2,500 dialer minutes
  • 500 ringless voicemails

Google and Facebook Ad Management

Digital ads are a tricky topic that can easily overwhelm a seasoned real estate professional. Fortunately, Sierra Interactive offers a program to remove the guesswork from creating ads.

  • Who it’s for: The smaller team with a small budget or single agent, the Pro Site plan will be more than enough to support and power digital marketing initiatives.
  • Who it’s not for: Agents and agencies who want a fully branded, customized site that has special features and doesn’t look like other real estate websites (see Premier Site plan).

Premier Site — $399/month

  • $8,995 one-time setup fee
  • Support up to 10 agents, $100/month for each additional 5 users
  • Custom IDX-integrated website
  • CRM
  • 2,500 texts
  • 2,500 dialer minutes
  • 500 ringless voicemails

GooglePPC and Facebook Ad Management

  • Who it’s for: Large or small teams and agents that want a fully custom website with specific functionalities and branded design.
  • Who it’s not for: Teams or agents with small budgets, or who don’t need the amount of customization provided in the Premier Site plan.

Additional Fees

It’s always smart to check the fine print and find out if you will be responsible for more fees than are listed on the plans and pricing page. We did the research for you and found that there are some additional fees, but most are not typical “hidden” fees. They only apply if you need more than what’s included in your plan.

  • $15 per 1,000 additional text messages
  • $25 per 1,000 additional dialer minutes
  • $5 per 100 additional ringless voicemails
  • $100/month for each 5 additional agents (users)
  • Cost of purchasing and hosting your domain (not included in your plan)
  • $300/month minimum for ad budget (if using ads) – not included in your plan price

Pros and Cons

As with any platform, there are things to consider. At REthority, we believe in writing well-balanced reviews. As as result, we consider the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are our thoughts:

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Pros (what we like)

There are certainly a lot of reasons to use Sierra Interactive for website creation, CRM, and ads management. A few include:

  • Easy website builder
  • Robust CRM for lead management
  • Ad management included at no extra cost
  • IDX-integrated to sync with MLS
  • Same cost per month for Pro and Premier plans
  • More features included than most platforms

Cons (what can be improved)

No company or platform is perfect, right? These areas are where Sierra Interactive disappoints:

  • Auto-renew subscriptions
  • Domain not provided or included
  • Limited plan options
  • Not catered to solo agents
  • High setup fee ($8,995) for Premier Site plan
  • Premier Site plan required to get a custom website

Our Take

You can visit the Sierra Interactive website to schedule a discovery call with an account executive on your schedule (you choose the date and time). Or, sit back and watch a quick demo of the platform by filling out a short form on their home page.

We think that, while this platform is more expensive than most, the functionality it offers is second to none. Consider this for a second: To get the same functionality, you’d need to pay for a few services.

Considering the individual costs of an IDX website and CRM can be into the hundreds of dollars, this platform does not seem to expensive. However, the $8,995 setup fee for teams seems astronomically high.

In fact, it’s higher than any other platform we cover. However, while it may not be for everyone, we think it’s a compelling value for multi-member teams and high-volume agents with a large budget.

Is Sierra Interactive Right for You?

If you have a healthy marketing budget and are seeking an “all-in-one” platform, this may be right for you. But if you only need a website or leads, check out Real Geeks and BoldLeads.'s real estate software guide

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