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REIPro: All-in-One CRM for Real Estate Investors

REIPro: All-in-One CRM for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, you must build and nurture relationships with people. Good news – maintaining customer relationships and generating leads just got a little easier with REIPro.

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What Is REIPro?

REIPro was founded by two real estate investors and software engineering experts, Chris Goff and Bo Manry, in 2015.

The co-founders built the platform with Chris Goff’s extensive background in real estate investing education. Combined with Bo Manry’s background in software engineering, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, they built one heck of a product.

What is REIPro graphic against blue background featuring a laptop and on the screen is a woman typing on a calculator

This CRM, lead generation, and marketing platform was designed to put more of the features that real estate investors need to generate leads into one, centralized platform. 

REIPro is not an all in one marketing and lead generation platform for investors and does not include a website, but it does offer a host of features and capabilities that REI professionals will find useful. Read on to learn more.

REIPro’s Best Features

REIPro is software built with real estate investors in mind. Using this platform, investors can easily convert, capture, and close leads. Its features include:

Property Lookup

Screenshot of the REIpro property lookup homepage

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Looking for cash buyers? REIPro helps you connect with individuals as well as companies that have bought real estate with cash and have no loans on a property.

You can also find a buyer, partner, or potential investor for future real estate deals. Additionally, you can view over 150 million properties including properties that are:

  • Vacant
  • Bank-owned (REOs)
  • Trusts
  • Upside down
  • High and low equity
  • Free-and-clear
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Absentee
  • Cash buyers
  • Search Nationwide Lists

There are even phone scripts included for you to follow when contacting prospects. That’s easy lead generation!

Automate Follow-ups

Screenshot of the REIPro workflow system

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Real estate investors must build relationships with people who will eventually sell their property. One of the biggest mistakes made is not following up enough with potential leads.

Offer and Contract Templates

That’s right, once you have all the information you need to make an offer, you just fill out a template provided and make an offer. This is all done from one simple, easy-to-use dashboard. It can’t get much easier than that.

Review Recorded Property Sales

This software lets you search property details as well as comps in the area before you make an automated offer via their system.

Organize and Store Important Documents

You no longer have to wonder under what folder on your desktop you saved an offer or other important communication because REIPro stores and organizes all your information to make it easy to find and use.

Drive Marketing Campaigns

Screenshot of the REIpro direct mail dashboard

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REIPro provides you with a postcard template and direct mail system to help you manage the marketing campaigns that keep you fresh in the mind of potential sellers.

Create To-Do Lists and Assign Tasks

Once you have found all the info on a property you’re interested in, REIPro allows you to create and assign a task for yourself or for your team. The task manager makes it easy to stay on track.

This software takes care of the follow-ups for you so you can better spend your time focused on finding new leads instead of constantly following up on old ones. It’s a real estate investment win/win!

REIPro Plans and Pricing

You know the old saying – you have to spend money to make money! Well, with REIPro you don’t have to spend that much money in order to make your business operate like a well-oiled machine.

Reipro pricing table

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REIPro currently offers two pricing plans.

Standard Plan — $109/month

This will run you $109 per month. With it you get the nationwide lead sources, executable steps system to improve your workflow, marketing tools, direct mail engine, contracts, and other cool tools to help your business grow.

Team Plan — $149/month

This is the most popular option and is priced at $149 per month. It includes everything the standard plan does with one big bonus – advance features.

These include priority email and phone support with REIPro, account administration delegation, 10 free skip trace reports (to help you find absentee owners), and 25 percent off all your postcard printing.

With each plan, you can try it free for 30 days. As long as you cancel before the 30-day deadline, you won’t be billed.

If you do decide to take the plunge, then you can save money by paying quarterly or weekly for the service.

REIPro Pros and Cons

As with any balanced review, you must weigh both the pros and the cons. Don’t worry — we’ve done just that. Read on to learn more.

Pros (what we like)
  • Streamlined, simple design that is easy to understand and use. One reviewer, Kyle Litz, stated that using this platform is “like sitting at the controls of a car.”
  • Easy direct mailing from the platform is another plus that REI professionals can take advantage of. Multiple reviewers talked about sending thousands of postcards and lease option cards while using the 30 day free trial. 
  • The 30 day free trial is a nice bonus, too. Every feature in the plan you select is available to you for the duration of the free trial. REIPro offers 2 pricing plans ($109 and $149 per month), so the ability to test drive a plan for an entire month before committing to signing up is great. 
  • The monthly cost is much less than the cost of purchasing lists and makes the leads you discover through this platform an excellent deal, especially if the platform generates value for you as an investor.
  • In terms of lead generation, REIPro covers most of the bases and makes it simple for real estate investors to tap into a continual source of new leads in their region and nationwide.
Cons (what can be improved)
  • The monthly cost may be a bit higher than beginning investors want to pay, although the ability to try it out with a 30 day free trial can outweigh this con.
  • No website is included for investors to send new leads to – that is the responsibility of the investor. Without a website from a third party, phone calls and email are the only way to actually connect with leads. 
  • Several reviewers noted that they had very little success with direct mailing through REIPro, though this could be due to user error or mistargeted marketing. Jeremy Gonzalez reported using the platform to send 2,000 postcards and receiving only 5 responses.
  • Several reviewers also noted that the lead data they received was old and not useful for investors. One review by Daniel Phillips mentioned, “I got a lot of ‘that house has been sold,’ or ‘I went through foreclosure a couple years ago.’”

REIPro Alternatives

With so many mixed reviews, many users look for viable alternatives to REIPro in case they aren’t satisfied after the free trial.

What other software platforms are similar, or are good alternatives to REIPro? We found the following platforms with comparable features and reviews online.


Propstream uses big data to help property investors quickly find and evaluate investment opportunities. Features include instant comps, a rehab estimator, a skip-tracing tool, and an analysis wizard.

It’s focuses on helping real estate professionals save time by automating time-consuming tasks associated with generating new seller leads and finding properties across the country.

Even better? We’ve done a complete review of the product. Be sure to check it out before leaving our site — you’ll be glad you did.


Enables real estate investors to generate local leads, discover and analyze the potential profits for any property address, link up with potential private lenders, estimate repair and rehab costs, and list the property for sale.

Realeflow includes a full CRM, a personalizable website, lead manager, and more. Reviews are generally positive, but some mention that the direct mailing feature is slower than others. 

Pricing starts at $62/month on the annual payment plan for the Lite package. The Team package starts at $145/month. 

Investor Carrot

Investors can use an Investor Carrot website to generate leads organically or by using paid advertising. Then, by integrating REIPro, they can launch, edit, and manage direct mail campaigns, and track the cost of leads.

Reviews are very positive, with most mentioning the connectivity between REIPro and Carrot. However, the Carrot website is not included in the monthly cost.

Pricing starts at $49/month (for 1 user) on the Core plan up to $149/month (for up to 10 users) on the Advanced Marketer.

Our Take

Many of the processes that make real estate investing so time-consuming are streamlined with REIPro. This is perhaps the biggest draw to removing stress from your business.

They help generate quality leads and everything is packed in a step-by-step, easy to follow format that appeals to even the most experienced real estate investors.

One thing to be aware of is that REIPro cannot help you to evaluate the rehab costs or a property or assess potential returns. While it is a unique tool, you can accomplish the same thing with a simple mailing list.

It seems to me that REIPro’s value proposition is mainly to streamline the deal process by keeping all your documents in one place.

While I can’t vouch for the quality of the leads, I can’t imagine they are too high if they’re included in the $109/month subscription.

However, let’s assume the software is simply scraping local databases for property owner and tax history. That’s valuable information that you’d otherwise have to compile yourself or buy from a third party.

I’ve bought lists for over a thousand dollars for a few zip codes. It’s a huge win for you to have the same information at your fingertips for just over a hundred dollars per month.

The bottom line is that any platform is going to scrape data from the same sources, so naturally some of that information is going to be outdated.

Either way, REIPro will save you time and money and let you focus on doing what you do best: making deals.

Is REIPro Right for You?

Real estate entrepreneur John Hall says, “There’s value in being the first person someone thinks about when making a decision. You can only do that by building trust and nurturing a relationship.

REIPro is built with investors in mind to help you follow up with leads.” Let’s face it, one of the most challenging aspects of real estate investment is following up with leads to make sure you’re that first person.

REIPro is a step in the right direction to help you grow your investments and make strides in lead generation.

REIPro only streamlines basic tasks, which is great if your system is already built. For more feature-rich platforms, check out Propstream and Realeflow.'s real estate software guide

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