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REI Blackbook: Property Investor Websites with CRM Integration

REI Blackbook: Property Investor Websites with CRM Integration

REI Blackbook is an all-in-one real estate investing platform that makes it easy to find and analyze deals. Read on to learn about this platform, its best features, pricing, and our take.

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What Is REI BlackBook?

Damon Remy sought to create an industry-leading marketing and lead management system for real estate investors. The result was REI BlackBook, a web-based platform to help property investors streamline their processes.

This platform helps real-estate investors collaborate to find, analyze, and list deals. The platform comes with many tools to help you track of every aspect of your business.

REI Blackbook supports more than 12,000 real estate investors nationwide. The powerful lead generation funnels, contact management, and marketing engine ensure users have access to all the tools that will help you run a thriving business.

REI Blackbook’s Best Features

REI Blackbook is a powerful platform, and we don’t just say this flippantly. Its many features make it easy to find and analyze deals. Read on to learn about our favorite features.

All-in-One Investing Platform

REI Blackbook displayed on multilple devices

This all-in-one platform covers both sales and marketing strategies for your real estate investing. Instead of using a lead generation company, CRM, listing service, and many more, REI Blackbook lets you do it all from one simple platform.

Easy Lead Generation

There’s no need to use spreadsheets and documents to track your leads. REI BlackBook’s powerful CRM (customer relationship manager) helps you grow your business by identifying new prospects and managing existing ones.

By using REI BlackBook, you will be able to attract more customers. With its pre-built templates for websites, you can transform any person who visits your website into a prospect. Since it is an all-in-one-platform, each lead that you get will be automatically sent to your CRM

Follow-up Made Easy

REI Blackbook call tree showing various options for responding to a prospect

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Nowadays, it seems like you have to buy attention. Still, the relationship between buyers and sellers is about communication and paying attention to the conversation.

This is where REI BlackBook comes in. Their fully-integrated CRM makes it easy to set up drip campaigns using text, email, or even phone call.

You can set up filters and tags to send callers (new or returning) to voicemail, send a text, or even set them up with a voice greeting.

The software also helps you with your dead leads. You can add prospects to personalized follow-up campaigns after your prospects complete a form on your website or click on the link you sent them in an email.

Analytics Tracking

Using Profit Dial, REI Blackbook’s analytics tracking tool, you’ll know exactly where your leads are coming from. Say you’re spending money on your drip email campaign.

But all of your calls are coming from paid Google ads. Using these analytics, you’re able to determine if your resources are miss-allocated.

One-Click Marketing

Perhaps the most powerful feature of this platform is the ability to syndicate your listings to third party listing sources. Using a simple API, you can send your listings to the places they’re likely to be seen.

Simply upload your photos and the listing information to REI Blackbook, hit a button, and they’ll take care of the rest. After the property is posted, you can even alert interested real-estate investors from your buyers’ list with an email and a text message.

Property Finder Portal

The platform also has the Property Finder Portal that you can use to educate, recruit, and even motivate your property finders to submit more deals.

By keeping your Property Finders in the loop, you can easily accept or reject properties without any phone calls to see if the deal was closed or not.

Team Management

rei blackbook task management module

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The automatic follow-up can also be used to help you with your to-do list. You can create a strategy with which you can stay in touch with your leads and make sure no one is left without an answer.

If you’re reading about this platform, you’re likely seeking to turbocharge your lead generation. This means you’ve probably assembled a team to help you with lead generation and followup.

Using REI Blackbook’s task management feature, you can create automated workflows for each prospect and assign specific tasks to members of your team.

These tasks are all housed in the dashboard and can trigger notifications to call a prospect back, send documents, and more.

Property Marketing Engine

Sourcing properties is only half the battle. The second half if making sure you don’t overpay. Using REI Blackbook’s property analysis tool, you can easily analyze deals by estimated value, 30 day value change, similar comps, rent averages, and a number of other metrics.

Social Media Ads Integration

REI Blackbook crm displayed on multiple devices

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The software also lets you have great social media lead ads integration. As soon as a prospect clicks on your ad, they will see a Facebook Lead Form that pops up and automatically fills the prospect’s data that Facebook has already collected.

You can capture leads from your Facebook Lead Ads and transfer them to your REI BlackBook’s CRM. And you will be able to trigger workflows after the leads are captured automatically.

Then, follow up with a text message, email, or ringless voicemail. By using all three of these methods, you’re able to blanket the prospect with communication, ensuring the lead does not go cold.

Benefits of Using REI BlackBook

Let’s face it — your job is time consuming. With REI Blackbook, you can automate some of these monotonous tasks to keep you in the field. After all, your time is worth money, and time spent on repetitive tasks is money lost.

This automation also helps you keep your leads engaged. For example, if you reach out to an interested prospect and get their voicemail, they may call you back. But if you’re in a meeting with another prospect, that lead can go cold.

Using REI Blackbook’s automated filters, you can keep the prospect engaged by sending them a text message or custom voice greeting.

Just by creating a strategy and letting this platform do its job, you will have better communication with all of your prospects and leads without having to juggle multiple people and properties at the same time – which leaves less room for error.

Everything is pre-built, and all you have to do is activate it and set your own campaigns up. Additionally, their library of how-to videos helps you hone your own house flipping system.

REI Blackbook Plans and Pricing

While this platform is feature-rich, it comes at a cost. However, unlike other platforms, there are multiple tiers to choose from to ensure you’re not obligated to pay for unused features.

REI Blackbook pricing structure if paid annually

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All plans will let you manage your contact, capture leads, give you a phone number and email credits, and let you manage your team’s tasks, but there are some differences between the plans.

Solopreneur Plan — $81/month

The first is Solopreneur, with which you can set up your business systems and sales process for just $81 per month.

  • 1 user account
  • 2,500 contacts
  • 1 local phone number
  • 5,000 email credits per month
  • 5 landing pages
  • 1 lead capture website
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Basic workflow builder
  • Team & task manager

Small Business Plan — $165/month

The Small Business Plans lets you automate your sales & marketing processes to put the focus on your strengths so that you can close more deals. For $165 per month you get:

  • 10 user accounts
  • 25,000 contacts
  • 10 local phone numbers
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Custom call tagging and call trees
  • 10 lead capture websites
  • 50,000 emails
  • 1,000 phone credits per month
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Facebook lead ads integration
  • Text drip campaigns

Accelerator Plan — $248/month

With the Accelerator plan, you can get all the necessary tools you will need to help you grow, with unlimited access to every REI Accelerator past and present. With $248 per month, you will have:

  • 20 user accounts
  • 50,000 contacts
  • 20 local phone numbers
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Call recording
  • Custom call tagging and call trees
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Facebook lead ads integration
  • 20 lead capture websites
  • Text drip campaigns
  • 100,000 email phone credits
  • Ringless voicemail
  • Ringless voicemail blast
  • Unlimited mobile keywords

All of these plans are reasonably priced, and also provide great value for the dollar.

Our Take

We think REI Blackbook has built a solid product for sourcing, analyzing, and listing properties. However, it lacks a few features included in other platforms. These include rehab estimators, comp reports, and one-click direct mail campaigns.

For example, Realeflow has a direct mailing service that uses an autopen to hand-write addresses for $0.35 each. REI Blackbook also has a mailing service, but their cards start at $0.39.

Regardless, it’s a great platform that has overall good reviews online. If you’re seeking to add automation to your property investing system, REI Blackbook can help.

Should You Use REI Blackbook?

Overall, REI Blackbook has built a solid, reliable product, and investors seeking a turn-key platform could benefit from using it. Not only will it help you streamline repetitive tasks, but it’ll allow you to market your properties with the click of a mouse.

Want more features? Check out Realeflow. Already have a system? PropStream helps automate it.'s real estate software guide

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