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Realvolve: Cutting-Edge CRM Solutions

Realvolve: Cutting-Edge CRM Solutions

Real estate agents know how important it is to stay organized and in communication with clients. You can bet Realvolve’s dynamic CRM and workflow management platform packs a mean punch. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Realvolve?

Realvolve was founded by Dave Crumby, who still acts as the company’s CEO. The company provides Customer Relationship Management software specifically created for agents and brokers who want to streamline their business with automation and connectivity.

They differentiate themselves by ditching regular drip campaigns in favor of complete workflows to simplify your real estate business, which helps automate repetitive tasks that take up valuable time.

The center of Realvolve’s software are its adaptive workflows. These are designed to take the place of generic automation processes and stay the same for every client and transaction.

What Is Realvolve graphic with a dashboard displayed on a silver macbook

The workflows are basically “smart” processes that can be programmed to do a number of tasks. These include sending emails or text messages, automatically importing new contacts to Google Apps, or reminding you to follow up with a lead in X number of days, among more.

These workflows automatically pause after a step has been completed. They don’t advance to the next step in the process until a response mechanism triggers it to do so.

Realvolve’s main principles are elegant design, simple user interface, innovative technology, and practical features that you’ll actually want to use.

Above all, Realvolve aims to keep agents connected with the people involved in their business each step of the way, from clients to lenders and agents. Let’s look at how these features work together to accomplish this goal.

Realvolve’s Best Features

The robust features make this CRM platform more than just a transaction coordinator and workflow platform. It’s truly an all-in-one platform that helps real estate agents improve their client relations, lead generation, and closing processes.

Adaptive, Custom Workflows

This feature lets you create workflows to guide you through each step of the process and take care of repetitive tasks like follow-up emails and client reminders.

A screenshot of a Realvolve demo video showing the workflow process

Image Source: Realvolve Demo Video

  • Flexible, dynamic processes that pause and continue when milestones are met
  • Free basic workflows included with all plans — turn them on or off as you need
  • Premium workflows available for purchase (like Past Client Suite and Power Prospecting)
  • Access and install free custom workflows created by Realvolve users

Manage Contacts

Realvolve enables you to consolidate all your contacts to ensure you don’t miss communication or lose an opportunity to follow up.

  • Input and track each contact’s information, plus save all related correspondence and notes
  • Compile and keep all documents and files for each contact
  • Text, email, or send a message via social media to any contact on your list
  • Track where your leads and referrals originate to improve lead generation

Control Your Calendar

Realvolve’s simple interface makes it easier to view your calendar and upcoming events, deadlines, and recurring tasks.

  • Input and track your deadlines and important dates
  • Show only the deadlines and closing dates for specific contacts
  • View all deadlines and closing dates for all contacts
  • Utilize automated workflows to take care of your tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Synchronize and Integrate

Connect with third-party apps and software to bring even more functionality to the platform and keep cross-platform information organized.

  • Sync in one place (calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks) with integrations to several apps and programs
  • Connect with Google Apps, Evernote, Google+, Twitter, email, SMS text messsaging, and Zapier
  • Humanize your data by adding notes and attachments via email
  • Bring your information from another CRM directly to Realvolve
  • Customize zaps in Zapier to automate more processes
  • Export your contacts to Google Drive, where you can print labels and envelopes

Manage Your Properties and Sales

Stay on top of the buying and selling process with each client with a digital file cabinet storing documents, photos, deadlines, and client information.

Screengrab of a Realvolve demo video showing their 4d automation

Image Source: Realvolve Demo Video

Realvolve is a powerful platform, but we think it stands out with this feature. Few other CRMS also let you automate your closing process!

There are many features in this platform, but here are some of the best:

  • Input and track everyone involved in the process (clients, lenders, agents, inspectors, etc.)
  • Track every important date and task in the closing process
  • Store documents and photos for each property
  • Use Realvolve to store and record services and dates for seller reporting
  • Calculate your commissions on every transaction

Communicate With Clients and Team Members

Keep in touch with your clients (current and past), team members, and lead contacts on a basis you determine.

Screenshot of a Realvolve demo video showing a transaction coordinator

Image Source: Realvolve Demo Video

  • Assign tasks to team members, or log as in another agent on your team to view their progress
  • Write and send email blasts to your contacts
  • Send and track emails and text messages to your contacts

Serious Customer Support

Realvolve gives users two ways to get help when they need it on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

  1. Live chat directly on the website
  2. Open a support ticket from the website

When we asked a question about features through live chat, a team member responded immediately and gave us the answers we needed beyond information on the website. This seems like a good indication that their support is fast, responsive, and helpful.

Realvolve Plans and Pricing

There are 4 plans available to choose from: Two are for single agents, and two are for real estate teams. Choose the way you want to pay (annually or monthly) to determine the monthly cost of your plan.

Pricing chart for the Realvolve platform

Image Sourece: Realvolve website

Please note that the plans shown are listed on a monthly basis. See below for annual pricing. That is, if you pay for an entire year, you’ll receive a discount.

PRO $41/Month (annual) or $49/Month (monthly)

  • 1 User
  • 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited document, photo, and file storage
  • Listings, transactions, files, tasks, and date tracking

PRO+ $196/Month (annual) or $235/Month (monthly)

  • Up to 5 team members
  • 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited document, photo, and file storage
  • Listings, transactions, files, tasks, and date tracking

TEAM $308/Month (annual) or $370/Month (monthly)

  • Up to 10 team members
  • 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited document, photo, and file storage
  • Listings, transactions, files, tasks, and date tracking

LARGE TEAM (Pricing Not Listed)

  • 15+ team members
  • 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited document, photo, and file storage
  • Listings, transactions, files, tasks, and date tracking

Risk-Free Realvolve CRM Trial

Take the platform for a two-week spin to see if it’s helping you organize and improve your real estate business. With a free 14 day trial for any plan, you can experience the platform with no commitment. Realvolve does not even require you to put a credit card on file!

Add-Ons and Bonuses

A Realvolve team member provided us with information on the free workflows included in the Realvolve Client Services Suite. This suite is included free with every plan. This information was not available on the website.

Buyer Add-ons

  • Buyer-Investor Home Finder Service: Add reminders to prevent investor leads from falling through the cracks.
  • Escrow Service (Buyer New Build): Track the New Construction Process from Contracting until Completion.
  • Escrow Service (Buyer): Track the whole escrow process from Contract Acceptance until Close of Escrow.
  • Follow-Up (After Sale: Buyer): Various follow-up communications to buyer for three years after closing, in addition to any other ongoing communications, i.e. newsletters, phone calls, etc.
  • Follow-Up (After Sale: Not My Buyer): Sends emails explaining that they may never hear from their agent again, but you (listing agent) are always available if they need you.

Seller Add-ons

  • Escrow Service (Seller): Track the escrow process from Contract to Close on behalf of the seller.
  • Escrow Service (Seller/Buyer): Track the entire escrow process, representing buyer and seller with letters and tasks affecting both. Some tasks are ‘individualized’ for either side, and some tasks apply to both.
  • Follow-up (After Sale: Seller In Town): Three year follow-up system, whether or not you represented the seller in their purchase.

Other Add-ons

  • Follow-Up (Previous Year Clients): Create classification of past year’s clients, send them a letter in mid-January, including their settlement statement for their real estate transaction(s) of the previous year as a service to give to their tax preparer.
  • Listing Service (Before MLS): Get listing signed, begin marketing as an “exclusive” while seller is in paint-up, fix-up mode. Possibly sell it yourself, saving seller MLS hassles, and double-dip the commission.
  • Listing Service (Land): Land listing service until contract.

Premium Workflows

While there are quite a few basic workflows included free with Realvolve plans, they also offer premium workflows you can download for an additional cost. These premium workflows range in price.

They start at $99.00 and top out at $799.00 for the Realvolve Premium Suite with 13 workflows. You are not required to purchase premium workflows, but you must be a Realvolve user with a monthly plan in order to purchase them.

Webinars and Training

Because there are so many features, integrations, and functionalities in the Realvolve CRM platform, it can be a challenge to get started without some guidance. There are a wealth of in-depth training videos and guidelines that walk you through each feature step-by-step.

Screenshot of various webinars available on the Realvolve website

Image Source:

The team also holds live training sessions each year. In addition, you can listen to the Realvolve podcast and attend regular webinars to help you get the most out of the platform.

Our Take

A ton of features, automation options, third-party integrations, and ways to control, track, and manage all aspects of your real estate business make Realvolve a serious candidate for one of the best real estate CRM software options.

The sheer number of features can be overwhelming and learning the platform may seem like a challenge. However, the availability of both live and online video training helps users make sense of each feature and how to use it.

If you’re looking for a CRM platform that uses your own working pace to stagger and set up adaptable workflows while intensively tracking and managing leads, Realvolve is a great place to start. And with a free 14-day trial, it’s more than worth it to sign up and see how this platform can improve your business.

Should You Use Realvolve?

Realvolve offers a unique take on the traditional real estate CRM by integrating a transaction management piece. This is unique to this platform and we think it may help new agents learn the ropes while keeping experienced agents on track.

If you are looking for a CRM that stands out from the pack, we think that Realvolve offers compelling value for the price.'s real estate software guide

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