Skip to Content Lead Generation with Connections Plus Lead Generation with Connections Plus leads are often discussed but seldom understood. Using this unique platform, agents can get directly in front of buyers searching for homes. But does the service live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

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What Are Leads? has been one of the top destinations for serious home buyers and sellers over the years, and with the Connections Plus program, real estate agents and realtors can benefit from it.

Click for Video Explainer receives millions of visits from interested home buyers and sellers every month and collects essential data on each one. Connections Plus gives agents access to quality lead information.

It connects you with interested buyers and potential clients who are looking for an agent to guide them through the process and help them sell their property or find the home of their dreams. leads showing where the contact info is entered

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No matter what part of the United States you live and work in, has new leads that are searching for homes and property in your zip code.

By signing up, you will receive these real estate leads as they submit inquiries through the website or app. Some of the other guides are a little murky on how this works. Don’t worry — we’ll break it down for you: Lead Flow

  • A prospect searches for homes in their area
  • They find a house they like and seek more information on the listing or want to set up a showing
  • After clicking the “contact agent” Button or requesting a showing, forwards the lead to you
  • Your automated email/text response keeps the prospect engaged until you can call them

There are a ton of additional features that come with Connections Plus, too. In this guide, we’ll outline the software and app, what functions and capabilities they have, pricing information, pros and cons, top alternatives, and a quick summary of Connections Plus overall.’s Best Features

The Connections Plus product comes with an array of features to help real estate agents generate and manage buyer leads from a computer or smartphone. We’ll highlight some of our favorites below.

Text and Email Responses


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Send personalized, automatic responses to lead inquiries via text message or email and collect a wealth of information on each lead automatically. The auto-responder will ask your lead for the following information:

  • Contact information: Name, email, and phone number
  • Recent searches on
  • Social media profile information

This feature ensures that you never fail to respond promptly to a lead inquiry. It’s also a method to collect essential information about each lead early in the process.

By being able to access information on their recent searches, you begin your communication knowing precisely what kind of properties your lead is interested in, and in some cases, get the chance to review their social profiles. That’s valuable insight!

Nurture Leads with Automated Follow-Up

Screenshot of the lead nurturing prompt

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Connections Plus enables you to send automated follow-up emails and text messages to existing leads you’ve already made contact with. You can set an automatic follow up.

This ensures that your communication follows your preferred schedule so that you’re sending messages that keep your leads engaged over time.

You’ll also have access to real-time Market Insight reports that can be sent to leads for further engagement and better lead nurturing.

These reports inform them of changing information on their local market – home prices, neighborhood changes, and more – with accurate information directly from your MLS. 

Track and Organize Leads leads dashboard featuring simple navigation features

Image Source: can be your home base for all the leads you collect from more than 150 sources. If you’re part of a real estate team, you can link everyone up in Connections Plus and choose to assign leads to other team members or share leads with other agents.

When you share a lead with another agent, you’ll both be able to see the entire history of communication (emails and texts exchanged) with that lead. Think of it as a living address book that holds all your leads, contacts, and full communication history with each one.

At a glance, you can check and see when a lead was last followed-up with, which agent they spoke to, and when your communication started. 

Build Your Plan leads market reach ads displayed on mobile devices

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You can build your plan according to your budget, choosing what kind of leads you want included in your plan: Exclusive or non-exclusive. The exclusive leads are only sent to you, and they are pricier.

But if you’re going to be the first agent to contact a potential buyer, you’ll want to invest the additional money in these. Non-exclusive leads are sent to other agents in your zip code region, so you may not be the first agent to contact them when you receive their information. 

Connections Plus Mobile App lead nurturing dashboard

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We really like this feature because it’s such a necessity in the busy, on-the-go world of a real estate agent. The Connections Plus mobile app gives you the ability to view, track, and organize your leads from anywhere. 

You can respond to messages, send automatic texts or emails, receive push notifications, and manage your existing leads all from the app. 

Plans and Pricing

Unfortunately, pricing is not listed on the website, so it’s not as black and white as some other services. In fact, pricing varies according to your location and type of lead, so not every city is the same. leads are priced according to: 

  1. The zip code of the region you want to collect leads from
  2. The nature of the leads (exclusive or non-exclusive) uses your zip code to determine the average home values in your area and bases the price of the leads from that. This means areas with lower average home values will have lower-priced leads than the highest home value areas.

The number of leads will vary according to the zip code. Similarly, if you want to be the first agent to contact a lead and choose exclusive leads, each one will cost more than if you selected non-exclusive leads. 

Average Pricing

On average, this is the pricing information we were able to find for leads:

  • Monthly fee (Non-exclusive leads): Starting at $200/month
  • Monthly fee (Exclusive leads): Starting at $1,000/month
  • Contract required: 6 or 12-month contract

The best way to get exact, accurate pricing information is to use the signup page to get a custom quote for your region and the type of online leads you want to receive. 

Pros and Cons

As with any balanced review, it’s important to highlight both the pros and cons. Don’t worry — we’ve done just this. Read on to learn what we like and dislike about leads.

Pros (what we liked)

  • Connections Plus gives you the ability to benefit from the massive amount of data and lead information the website collects daily.
  • The pricing information we found seems fair; moderate price point and cost-effective for agents in areas that aren’t too competitive.
  • Collecting lead social media profile information can be an incredibly valuable asset.
  • Funneling leads from all your sources ( supports more than 150) gives you an effective home base to work from.
  • Automatic text and email follow-up takes a weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus your attention on other things while knowing your leads are being engaged and nurtured.

Cons (what can be improved)

  • Non-exclusive leads are often to sent to a large number of agents and must be followed-up with almost immediately for the best chance at making contact with the lead before another agent.
  • We would like to see more transparent pricing information available on the website without the need to go through the signup process and provide your information.
  • Average Return On Investment (ROI) and conversion rates weren’t listed, so it’s hard to know how much success real agents are having with leads. On the other hand, reviews are generally positive. Alternatives

If you’re considering a platform similar to Connections Plus, you might like Zillow Premier Agent or the Redfin Partner Program. Each one offers similar functions combined with a few features that make them stand out. 

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow premier agent listing in Chatham, MA

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This program allows you to become a Zillow Premier Agent and get a boosted advertisement on Zillow and Trulia websites. It allows you to manage your lead pipeline.

  • What’s better: More monthly views than Buyers can choose agents directly and know who you are before they contact you. No contract is required. Zillow states Premier Agents close 2x as many homes as non-premier agents.
  • What’s worse: It’s more expensive, and new agents may not get as many leads as other agents since leads can choose agents based on reviews and sales
  • Find more ZillowPremier Agent information here.

Redfin Partner Program

Redfin partner program featuring a screenshot of a Chatham, MA property for sale

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Real estate agents can get referrals (and pay a referral fee for each) from using the Partner Program. These are not leads, so the process works a little differently from and Zillow. 

  • What’s better: No upfront fee. Clients choose you based on your Redfin agent profile. Agents and teams must meet strict requirements, so clients know the agents listed here are quality picks.
  • What’s worse: Redfin keeps 30% of your part of the commission if you close a sale through their referral. About 85% of referrals through Redfin are buyer referrals, so if you’re targeting sellers, this is not the place to go.
  • Find more Redfin Partner Program information here. 

Our Take Connections Plus for lead generation is a solid choice for real estate agents who want to generate more online leads without paying for advertising or giving up chunks of commission in referral fees. 

Our favorite features from Connections Plus are the ability to send automatic responses and follow-up messages, group and compile leads from multiple sources, and get additional information on each lead (their previous property searches and social media profile information). 

Cost-Effective But Simple

We’d like to see exact pricing information on the website without the need to go through the signup process. It would be nice if there were the option to show agent information to potential clients instead of leaving them unaware of the agent they’re contacting, too. 

Overall, from the pricing information we could find, this platform is cost-effective and an excellent way for agents to boost their lead generation efforts without actually spending additional time online. Combining the useful features with the mobile app makes Connections Plus stand out from the competition. 

Should You Buy Leads?

Connections Plus allows real estate agents to benefit from one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry. It utilizes its massive network of buyers and sellers who want to find the perfect agent for the home buying or selling process.'s real estate software guide

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