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The 10 Best Real Estate Slogans to Inspire Your Business

The 10 Best Real Estate Slogans to Inspire Your Business

If you’re new to the business ownership game, you’ll need a catchy real estate slogan. This short blurb tells the world what you and your brand is all about. Read on to learn our favorites from successful companies and how to make your own.

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Why Your Real Estate Slogan Matters

As an independent real estate agent, chances are marketing is already top of mind (and if it isn’t, it should be). Now, all you need is a killer real estate tagline.

What Is a real estate slogan graphic against blue background with a computer and a man holding a blank sheet of paper by his head

It can be challenging to create a short slogan that summarizes your real estate business in just a few words. Doing just that is imperative to your success.

Think as a slogan as your 10-second elevator pitch. How can you sell yourself to clients and the community, and let them know what you offer as a Realtor?

You will want to use your real estate advertising slogan across all of your company marketing. Include on brochures, on your website, and on social media.

Catchy real estate slogans can be the first reason a potential client decides to buy or sell with you. If you aren’t sure where to start, look to our favorite real estate slogan ideas below.

Read on to find out how we selected our top 10. We’ll cover their slogan, why we like it, and a little background about the company.

Re/max logo for a piece on real estate mission statements

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The Experience, The Tools, The Know-How

RE/MAX is nailing its real estate marketing with this smart slogan. Since it is a larger company, this emphasizes its “tools” offered by an extensive network, as well as the team of informed agents to help execute your dream home.

The company has also been in business since 1973, so “experience” highlights its long history of work in the real estate industry. 

William Raveis logo

The Northeast’s No. 1 Family-Owned Real Estate Company

This simple slogan says it all for William Raveis. The company has been family-owned since 1974, so mentioning this emphasizes the company’s family values.

Additionally, they specialize in the Northeast, so it’s smart to specify the geographical area.

The ranking is according to REAL trends, and it’s helpful to have such a glowing recommendation by a third-party asset. This helps potential buyers and sellers feel that they have already vetted the company, and they are specialized in their area.

Compass real estate logo

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Find your place

Compass’s slogan is simple but effective. Just three words to communicate what they do. Since the company works mainly in urban areas like New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, this tagline is perfect.

It captures how many city dwellers have a hard time finding homes, be it a sprawling three-bedroom or a tiny downtown studio. The slogan suggests that whatever your needs may be, Compass can help you find your place in a big city. 

Century 21 logo

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Do not settle for average. Relentless moves.

Century 21 specializes in luxury real estate, so this slogan hits the nail on the head. You don’t have to settle for average with a company offering real estate services for the best high-end properties.

Another sub-header on the Century 21 website says, “Move with Relentless C21 agents at your side.” Relentless is a great word and emphasizes how these realtors will work tirelessly and persistently for their clients’ interests.

Coldwell banker logo

Image Source: Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Where dreams come home

This clever slogan is perfect for a large company like Coldwell Banker. It offers an aspirational message for home buyers and can be personalized to local markets. Potential clients can all identify with the idea of their dream home, and Coldwell Banker makes that idea feel accessible.

Corcoran real estate logo

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Make yourself at home

This catchy slogan by Corcoran will instantly put real estate leads at ease. The company is based in New York City, where real estate can feel overwhelming. And a big company like Corcoran can be intimidating. By simply saying, “make yourself at home,” Corcoran makes itself feel accessible to new buyers.

Douglas Elliman logo

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It’s time for Elliman

By including the company name, Douglas Elliman elevates itself as a real estate professional. The new tagline and slogan came during a period of aggressive company expansion in 2017, so it’s only fitting: It’s time for Elliman.

Also, the notion of time helps potential buyers feel that it’s the right move and the right time to get going on buying or selling their home finally.

Image Source: Business Wire

Our network knows great homes

The real value of real estate agents comes from providing expertise and connections. This is what makes a company go above and beyond their competitors, and Berkshire Hathaway is driving home that idea with this smart slogan.

The company is widespread throughout affluent areas in the U.S., and this vast network is what offers value to potential homebuyers.

Halstead real estate logo

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Move to what moves you

In another smart move, Halstead has a link on its website that talks about the ethos behind its “move to what moves you” campaign. It explains that Halstead agents play an essential role in helping their clients make some of the most significant changes in their lives.

The message communicates aspiration and passion. Furthermore, the company offers some great insight (especially for fellow realtors) about how they arrived at that tagline. Here’s what they shared: 

“To develop the new tagline, we looked inward. We asked ourselves, ‘who are we as a firm?’ and ‘who do we want to be?’ Our work with customers represents so much more than just a transaction. In so many ways, we are “Agents of Change” for our buyers, sellers, renters and landlords; this is Halstead’s brand philosophy. We make significant changes and transitions in clients’ lives much easier. Every day our agents are moving people to places that move them.”

Barid and warner logo

Image Source: Baird and Warner Facebook page

We make real estate easier

Real estate is complicated, confusing, and intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with it. They may be wary of embarking on complicated processes, or they may be afraid of overspending.

Baird & Warner’s slogan puts potential customers at ease. The Chicago-based company says it operates with a “fierce focus on making life easier for buyers and sellers.”

They tell consumers to “make it easier on yourself” by working with their team’s superbly trained, bright real estate agents.

What Will Your Real Estate Slogan Say?

In order to develop a great real estate slogan, you should determine what your company is all about. If your brand is modern, pick a simple logo. If you want to bond with your local community, mention something community-specific.

In every circumstance, however, make the slogan the lifeblood of your firm. After all, this one sentence sets the tone for how your company is perceived, so make it count!

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