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How PropertyShark Turbocharges Lead Generation

How PropertyShark Turbocharges Lead Generation

PropertyShark is an industry-leading platform used by more than 20,000 investors. If you’re serious about your real estate business, this platform can help take it to the next level. Read on to learn more.

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There is no shortage of information available online about different properties across the United States. The information is there for those who want it, but there’s a problem.

You have to spend a lot of time researching to pull it up. Real estate agents and investors rarely have extra time to spend on in-depth property research when prospecting, but without this information, making informed and smart business decisions is impossible. 

That’s why companies like PropertyShark exist — to make it easy to prospect and view a wide range of information about properties across the nation in one simple search.

What Is PropertyShark?

What does PropertyShark actually do? PropertyShark is a nationwide data aggregation platform that seeks to make property investors more efficient.

It’s unique because it uses both public data and privately collected data to paint a clearer picture of the real estate market in the U.S.

What Is Propertyshark graphic against blue background with a picture of a sales funnel displayed on a silver macbook

Property information available on PropertyShark includes zoning information, property owner data, toxic sites near properties, title history, sale history, neighborhood and city demographics, and more.

The site also includes property photos, comparable sales (comps), nearby new listings, real estate maps, mailing lists, and pre-foreclosure information. 

Real estate investors, brokers, and real estate agents all use PropertyShark data to prospect and make informed decisions or to help provide valuable information to clients. 

Company Background

PropertyShark was founded in 2002 by Matthew Haines and Robert Khodadadian. The website was designed to compile and aggregate real estate data for the major U.S. real estate markets like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco. 

The company was acquired by Yardi Systems in 2010. The acquisition is what allowed PropertyShark to add “deep property data” to the website and expand to cover more cities across the United States.

Is PropertyShark the Best Property Investing Software?

With so many websites and prospecting platforms that have similar features and capabilities, it’s hard to say. That’s why we’ll look at PropertyShark company background, features, pricing and plans, alternatives, and the overall value this platform provides.

PropertyShark’s Best Features

While PropertyShark is a game changer for many reasons, we think there are some notable features. Read on to learn what we love about this platform.

Search Owner Names and Contact Details

PropertyShark owner names

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PropertyShark enables real estate professionals to quickly and accurately locate current property owner information. Contact information available on the website includes:

  • Current owner name
  • Owner mailing address
  • Owner phone numbers

If the owner’s contact name is already known, real estate professionals can use the Search by Owner Name feature to find contact information. The interesting part is that PropertyShark has a team of 40+ employees who sift through documents.

At this point, Artificial Intelligence cannot do this, as it’s a manual step. And few platforms have the capital to pay employees to sort through public records. But with Yardi’s backing, PropertyShark is able to this feature.

Search Foreclosure Listings

Propertyshark foreclosure listings

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While it’s not available for every city, PropertyShark offers the functionality to search for foreclosure listings in NYC. The system updates every day with new foreclosures and pre-foreclosures.

This enables real estate agents, investors, and brokers to discover new opportunities daily without spending hours tracking those listings down.

The system also contains lien records that allow users to do due diligence when researching a specific property. 

View Property Value Estimates

PropertyShark Value estimate displayed on a generic computer screen

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Users can find estimates of property and home values using PropertyShark. These estimates are some of the most accurate and come from a variety of public and private data sources. 

Real estate professionals can also do a comparative analysis of any property in the cities listed with PropertyShark.

Several filtering options make it possible to narrow comps down to the most similar properties in the area to arrive at the best estimate. Information in the system is updated daily to ensure the highest accuracy.

Interactive Maps and Reports

Screenshot of a PropertyShark map of the New York City area

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Know more about the area surrounding the property of interest with PropertyShark’s interactive maps. These maps can help agents and investors take canvassing to a new level. 

These maps can show a wide range of information in layers that most can’t, including:

  • Vacant lots
  • Flood zones
  • School zones
  • City zoning
  • Recent sales
  • Toxic sites
  • Subways and ferries
  • Satellite view
  • Heat map
  • Facilities map
  • Air rights
  • Crime

Mini Property Reports are available directly on the map. These contain data on the chosen property and those surrounding it. 

When viewing a map, there are several search and filter options that can help users add layers to the map or take unneeded layers away. PropertyShark’s interactive maps are updated often to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date information is shown. 

Build Mailing and Data Lists

Real Estate data in PropertyShark module

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PropertyShark users can get help building mailing and data lists for any major city with the Mailing List Builder. Data on the site helps users compile lists of properties and their owners from the regions they select.

These lists can be printed or downloaded for future use. Mailing and data lists can be shown and downloaded in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.

The PDF format makes direct mailing incredibly easy by including all the owner’s names and addresses on labels. If a specific area isn’t selected, users can choose one of the top pre-defined lists from popular areas.

Areas that are selected for locating property ownership and information can be saved to send notifications when new properties for sale in that area come up. 

  • Click on Build a List
  • Choose the targeted area
  • Choose the building class
  • Filter data and click on Build
  • Review and edit the results
  • Choose the type of information you want to download
  • Download your results in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats

PropertyShark Plans and Pricing

Signing up and creating an account is free. Limited features are available with a free account. The following plans and subscriptions are offered on a monthly or yearly basis.

Screenshot of the PropertyShark pricing options

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Please note that property report limits do not include mini-reports located within maps. Those are unlimited. 

Express Plan — $59.95/month ($599.95/year)

  • 150 property reports
  • Property owner contact information
  • Property search
  • Mailing and data lists
  • Maps

Pro Plan — $94.95/month ($949.95/year)

  • 175 property reports
  • Property owner contact information
  • Property search
  • Mailing and data lists
  • Maps
  • Comparables
  • Property photos
  • Branded market reports (annual plan only)
  • Not available in all states

Elite Plan — $129.95/month ($1,299.95/year)

  • 200 property reports
  • Property owner contact information
  • Property search
  • Mailing and data lists
  • Maps
  • Comparables
  • Property photos
  • Branded market reports
  • Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures
  • Not available in all states

Platinum Plan — $199.95/month ($1,999.95/year)

  • 250 property reports
  • Real Owners of LLCs (NYC)
  • Verified phone numbers
  • People search
  • Property owner contact information
  • Property search
  • Mailing and data lists
  • Maps
  • Comparables
  • Property photos
  • Branded market reports
  • Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures
  • Not available in all states

Free Subscriptions

PropertyShark offers full and limited trial free subscriptions to some groups of people and referrers. 

  • Non-Profits (limited free trial)
  • Students and professors (3-month access to Base and Comps)
  • Referrers of new data sources (3-months complete subscription)


Users who sign up for a subscription plan can request a refund within 5 business days of opening the account and paying for the service. After the 5-day window passes, there are no refunds.

Our Take

PropertyShark is priced about the same as similar real estate prospecting platforms online. For the monthly price, it offers a good range of features that will be useful for any real estate investor or professional. 

Pros (what we like)

We really like the complex, interactive maps that show detailed information about specific properties and their surrounding neighborhood, plus mini property reports directly on the map view.

We also like the functionality to search for properties that are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. Being able to build highly targeted mailing and data lists in the area of your choice is an obvious bonus.

This is especially true for investors and agents who are looking to build out a list of seller leads quickly. The ability to download a PDF of pre-made address labels with property owner names and addresses is incredibly convenient, especially when it comes to larger lists. 

Cons (what can be improved)

Where PropertyShark fell short was the lack of predictive analytics to see homes that are likely to be listed for sale soon, as Prospectnow offers.

There’s a noticeable lack of some of the most important features (like property photos, comps, foreclosure listings, and owner contact phone numbers) at lower-priced plan levels. 

We didn’t like that the Pro, Elite, and Platinum plans are not available in certain states – just the Express plan. 

PropertyShark Alternatives

Looking for a platform that is similar to PropertyShark? There are several online, but these two options have good reviews and a similar overall value. 

Prospectnow — $119/month and up

  • Owner contact information
  • Predictive analytics
  • API data lists and downloads
  • LLC owner database
  • Digital marketing with online ads
  • Direct mail 
  • No contract

What’s better: Free 3-day trial, and it has both residential and commercial properties listed. Predictive analytics show houses and buildings that are likely to be listed for sale soon. 

What’s worse: Credits are required to access property owner contact information or to export records and lists. 

MashVisor — $24.99/month to $79.17/month

  • Property search
  • Property analysis reports
  • Property finder
  • Mashboard
  • Property marketplace
  • Data API list download

What’s better: 14-day free trial, plus MashVisor shows Airbnb occupancy rates in the surrounding area and a neat feature called property design analysis. This looks at the design and layout of the home in terms of average market performance and potential profit. 

What’s worse: Only 2-5 cities can be viewed with a MashVisor subscription. You have to choose from Nashville, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

Should You Use PropertyShark?

If you are considering signing up for a PropertyShark subscription and plan to start at the Pro plan or higher, this platform could be highly beneficial.

At the Express plan level (this is the only level available in certain states), we’re not sure if PropertyShark provides enough value to be worth the cost.

We like PropertyShark, but we LOVE Realeflow. Be sure to read our complete product review today.'s real estate software guide

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