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Propertybase: Agent Review, Plans, and Pricing

Propertybase: Agent Review, Plans, and Pricing

Propertybase offers compelling value for real estate professionals seeking to reduce their day-to-day workload. Read on to learn how this platform can help you automate your marketing, outreach, and even transaction management.

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What Is Propertybase?

Propertybase is an all-in-one real estate platform for brokers, owners, real estate agents, and teams. It’s made up of five products that work together to create a fluid front- and backend management system for real estate professionals:

  • Real estate CRM 
  • Marketing automation
  • MLS and IDX-integrated websites
  • “Plug and Play” lead generation
  • Back office transaction management

The platform is built on Salesforce technology, which has an excellent reputation in and beyond the real estate industry. In addition to the suite of products offered on the platform, a mobile app makes it accessible for agents and brokers anywhere, anytime.

With more than 200 integrations with popular products and software, the platform can link up with agents’ existing systems and apps to create a seamless experience. 

Propertybase offers several useful features that appeal to real estate professionals, but is it truly an all-in-one platform? Is it worth the monthly cost? We’ll explore the features, pricing, pros, and cons in our review of Propertybase. Let’s look at features first. 

Propertybase’s Best Features

The Propertybase platform is composed of five products for real estate businesses that all work together. From a robust CRM to full transaction management, the list of features is impressive. We’ll cover each one in detail below. 

Real Estate CRM

Screenshot of the PropertyBase CRM featuring prospect information

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The Propertybase CRM is like the hub of all the features. Lead and listing management, reports, a dynamic dashboard, and the ability to create automatic workflows are the central features of the CRM. 

Lead Management

Lead management is dominant on this platform. Leads from almost any source can “live” in the Propertybase CRM to be sorted, managed, and nurtured over time.

When leads take a new action (like performing a new search or submitting a contact form), agents are instantly notified so they can choose to follow up. Every lead can be sorted and filtered into “smartlists” that make follow-up more effective. 

Reports and Dashboards

Screenshot of the PropertyBase commission report

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Colorful reports and dashboards in the CRM make it simple for agents to get an overview of their progress, expenses, and day-to-day activities at a glance. Reports can be automatically created for everything from month-over-month lead generation to expected commissions for the coming month. 

Listing Management

Propertybase transaction workflow

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Listing management is also part of the CRM. Here, agents can integrate with any MLS in the United States and create, send, and edit new listings.

Property photos, videos, and details can be entered from any device in the Listing Manager. Syndication to sites like Zillow, OnTheMarket, and Rightmove can be done directly in the CRM.

Workflows and automation are a big part of the Propertybase CRM. This feature can be handy for larger brokerages working with several agents. Hundreds of small, daily tasks can be automated and set on a schedule, so they’re never forgotten. 

Calendars from other sources, like Google Calendar, can be linked with Propertybase to keep schedules aligned. Notifications and reminders for tasks can be sent via email or text message to the appropriate agents to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

And marketing activities, like emails and landing page creation, can be set up, too – all from the same location. 

Marketing Automation

Screenshot of the propertybase email marketing template

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Propertybase handles marketing tasks automatically, including email marketing campaigns, landing page creation, lead routing, and flyer, email, and report creation. 

Propertybase email marketing enables agents and brokers to use the “smartlists” created (mentioned under CRM) for follow-up according to their actions and searches.

Pre-built email templates allow agents to choose the best fit for each email and have them automatically send out at a scheduled time, or when a specific “trigger action” occurs. 

Every lead from every source (200+ integrations means agents can funnel leads from nearly any outside source) gets routed into Propertybase, so there’s a central location to track them all. 

Last, but not least, agents can browse and choose from hundreds of templates for marketing materials beyond emails:

  • Property flyers
  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards and mailers
  • Brochures

Property details can be automatically inserted into these materials by using the MLS number. From photos to details like square footage and number of bedrooms, it’s a much faster process than manually entering property data. 

MLS and IDX-Integrated Websites

Agents and teams can take advantage of Propertybase’s MLS- and IDX-integrated websites that put their best face forward online and attract new leads. Propertybase calls them luxury IDX websites because they’re not the clunky “one size fits all” sites often associated with local property searches. 

Local MLS Integration

These integrations gives your website the ability to instantly pull and show accurate, real-time information about a property (including photos and details) when a user performs a search.

Users can sort, browse, set search criteria, and save search parameters. They can also favorite specific properties. All the search actions taken by leads on the website are tracked by Propertybase and shown to the agent in the form of reports and dashboard graphs.

That includes the amount of time spent on the site, how many properties were searched, the location of searched properties, favorited properties, and more. 

Market Reports

These are available on every agent and broker website for users to download for their area. These reports can set agents apart from others and offer useful, interesting information about their local real estate market at the touch of a button.

Home sale prices, how long homes stay on the market, popular neighborhoods, school districts, and more are included in these reports.

Local Search Optimization

SEO is what Propertybase websites are designed for. This makes these websites more likely to be shown to a user who searches for local properties – for example, “homes for sale in Nashville, TN.” 

Lead Management

Propertybase lead management is split into two parts: Lead generation and lead nurturing. 

Lead Generation

This feature is powered by BoldLeads. The “Plug and Play” advertising and landing pages are one hundred percent hands-off for agents. Propertybase handles the ad and landing page creation, management, and optimization. This lead generation solution can be a serious time-saver for busy real estate agents.

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is also part of the platform. It is done through a unique follow-up system that keeps agents and teams in touch with their leads (and hopefully, scheduling more showings and listing appointments).

Automated funnels appropriately sort and follow up with leads at different stages of the buying/selling process. A unique feature called Text Concierge pre-qualifies leads using text messages.

When a user texts to get more information about a specific property or to ask a question, real estate customer service experts will communicate with them via text.

This helps the user determine if they’re interested in buying or selling a home and send their information to the proper agent. Essentially, by pre-qualifying the prospect, you’re avoiding wasting time on showings if they’re not interested in the first place.

Back Office Management

Back office management on Propertybase is powered by BackAgent. There are two integrated back-office tool offerings: Transaction management and brokerage intranet. These features are how real estate brokerages stay connected and operate as a unit, even remotely or with satellite locations. 

Transaction Management

Transaction managementon the platform is designed to make the transaction process simple for both experienced and beginner agents. Structured compliance reminders and notifications ensure agents get through the process without missing a document, signature, or important date.

Paperless closings are possible with digital signature and form creation capabilities. Transaction emails keep clients up to date on every step of the process.

Intranet System

A broker intranet system connects and links entire brokerages and real estate companies (even satellite locations). It’s a private and secure system that allows for better collaboration, communication, and analysis for owners.

With an intranet-connected brokerage, every email, reminder, and event are organized in one place. Agents can even complete their training (or re-training) through the brokerage intranet. 

Propertybase Plans and Pricing

Capterra, a Propertybase partner, lists the starting price as $79.00 per user, per month, for the Silver package. No direct pricing information is available on the Propertybase website, however.

Propertybase pricing tables

Each package and add-on begins with a free demo. Here is the package information listed on the website:

Silver package – Request Demo

  • Smart CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Mobile App
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Open API & Single Sign-On

Blue package – Request Demo

  • Smart CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Mobile App
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Open API & Single Sign-On
  • MLS Integration
  • Brokerage Website
  • Agent Websites


These features are available with any package but are not included in the package cost. The price for each add-on is not specified on the website. 

  • Transaction management by BackAgent
  • Lead generation by BoldLeads
  • Onboarding
    • System configuration
    • Admin training
    • Agent training
  • Digital marketing
    • SEO services
    • Content creation
    • Digital advertising
  • A la carte
    • Premium, custom website design
    • Training at your location
    • Custom configuration

Propertybase Pros and Cons

At REthority, we believe in writing complete, unbiased reviews. This includes highlighting a product’s pros and cons. Read on to learn where the product excels, and also where it can be improved.

Pros (what we like)

Here’s what we like about the platform:

  • Top-notch customer support. Webinars, an online support portal, a huge support team, and even on-site training make it easy for Propertybase users to get help when they need it. 
  • Luxury websites. It’s easier to stand out from the crowd with a site that actually looks good – and Propertybase nails it. 
  • User-friendly. While there are several features and capabilities, the platform is laid out simply. It seems very user-friendly, even for agents who haven’t used a CRM before. 
  • All-in-one. Having every tool linked up in one platform makes things flow in a way separate products just can’t. The ability to integrate with more than 200 other tools, platforms, and software is the icing on the cake. 

Cons (what can be improved)

Here’s what can be improved:

  • No pricing information readily available. It could be because the pricing differs based on the number of users, which add-ons are selected, etc. But we like being able to see how much a package costs before signing up for a free trial or demo. 
  • Misleading add-ons. Many “features” are really add-ons, not included in the base cost. Propertybase seems to frame some of their add-ons, like transaction management and lead generation, as though they’re included in the monthly packages, but they’re not. This is a bit misleading.
  • It can be expensive, especially for larger teams. For the amount and power of the features included, the base price of $79/month per user is not terribly expensive. However, if a brokerage has 20 users, the cost quickly skyrockets – and that’s just for the most basic plan with no add-ons.

Our Take

Without making the package prices public, it’s hard to know if Propertybase is a cost-effective choice for real estate agents, teams, and brokers. Considering the starting price of $79.00 per user, it could be a viable option for brokerages seeking to bundle their real estate tools into one platform. 

Many of the functionalities are based on teams and collaboration, so it seems like solo agents wouldn’t get the full uses and benefits of this platform. However, with the ability to try a free demo and lots of good reviews, it’s worth it to try the platform and see if it’s a good fit. 

Is Propertybase Worth the Price?

Propertybase sought to create a single platform to automate your everyday tasks. Do we think they delivered? Heck yes! However, it’s tough to recommend the product to our readers without knowing what it’ll cost.

If you are looking for a feature-packed platform to automate every portion of your daily cadence, Propertybase is worth checking out.'s real estate software guide

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