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5 Log Cabin Kits to Build the Mountain Home of Your Dreams

5 Log Cabin Kits to Build the Mountain Home of Your Dreams

Log cabin kits offer a lower-cost alternative to otherwise expensive homes. If you have a piece of land on which to build a home but don’t want to bring in a home builder, these kits are for you.

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What Is a Log Cabin Kit?

Early American homesteaders built log cabins with nothing but the materials around them and their own two hands. Today, you can live your mountaineer dream to build a log home, just like early pioneers.

Log cabin kits make it easy and affordable to build your own pioneer-inspired home. Either on your own or with the help of a contractor, log home kits offer everything you need to get the job done.

These innovative companies offer cabin plans and materials so you can DIY your dream guest house, hunting lodge, or fishing cabin. Some companies even offer labor packages and custom designs.

These kits adhere to international building codes, but you’ll want to contact local building inspectors to be weary of local building regulations. Read on to learn the secrets to building the log cabin of your dreams.

1. BattleCreek Log Homes Heavy Timber Dry-In Package

Battlecreek log home picture from the website gallery

Image Source: Battle Creek Log Cabins

BattleCreek Log Homes lets you purchase only what you need. It offers a range of material and labor packages for do-it-yourself builders and novices alike.

All plans include three sets of standard construction plans, carefully designed to meet international building code.

Additionally, BattleCreek can produce stamped engineering plans for an additional $1.25 per square foot. In addition to floor plans, log cabin kits include a pre-cut and numbered log cut sheet and materials takeoff.

Each cut sheet shows every log wall drawn to illustrate window and door rough openings. They display where each individual log should be placed. The most popular model is the Heavy Timber Dry-In Package.

This timber home includes everything needed to build your new home to the point of weatherproofing. Materials are included for:

  • Log system
  • Subfloor system
  • Porch floor system
  • Second floor system
  • Stair system
  • Roof system
  • Gable and dormer system
  • Window and door system
  • Porch roof system
  • Interior wall framing
  • Finishing roof

Plus, anyone within a thousand-mile radius away from BattleCreek’s South Pittsburg, Tennessee headquarters can take advantage of labor packages.

In this case, an expert construction crew will complete your dry-in construction for you. Want to see it in person? You can view the Battle Creek model home at 9955 Ladds Cove Road in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

2. Merrimac Log Homes Ready to Assemble Log Cabin Kit

Merrima log home kits with all the options

Image Source:

One of the biggest challenge to log home kits is that many times, components are not cut to spec. This means, if you are slightly off in following the plan’s directions, your home may not come together as it should.

Enter Merrimac Log Homes. Merrimac has a Ready to Assemble Series. One of the easiest home packages to erect yourself, the kit is already cut to your plan’s specifications.

These kits include everything you need, literally. Even screws, caulking, and foam is included. It’s an easy project you can do yourself or will save time (read: labor costs) if you hire a builder.

The Read to Assemble series offers an array of design options. The smallest is the Ayers Pond model at 1,026 square feet. It features large windows and French doors.

Meanwhile, the Winnisquam spans 1,488 square feet with a loft master suite and great room. Tongue and groove cedar log siding features a classic cabin look.

Plans range all the way to three-bedroom, two-bath homes, like the Ossippee Model Kit. It can be over 3,000 square feet with an optional over-the-garage dorm room.

3. Coventry Log Homes Craftsman-Style Packages

Coventry Log Cabin Kits Craftsman-Style Packages

Image Source: Coventry Log Homes

Coventry Log Homes has been making log cabin kits since 1999. Today, the company has more than 60 log home plans and garages. Sleek craftsman-style homes are noted for their use of large exposed beams in the loft and roof areas.

Craftsman homes are available in three packages: pre-cut log wall, shell package, and complete package. The entry-package includes all of the necessary mill items.

Eastern white pine logs are all pre-cut to your design. The shell package is weather tight, including roof materials, shingles, and exterior doors and exterior walls.

Or, the complete package is as its name suggests, complete. It includes pre-cut log walls, windows, doors, a complete roof system, interior framing, hardware, and more.

Prices start at $21,600 for a 392-square foot tiny house. It ranges all the way up to a three-bedroom cape at nearly $300,000.

4. Conestoga Log Cabins Under 1,100 SQF Kits

Conestoga log home kits under 1k sq ft

Image Source: Conestoga Log Cabins

Since 1983, Conestoga Log Cabins has been providing the most affordable and beautiful log cabin kits to consumers around the country. Today, the company has an eco-friendly approach designed to leave a small footprint.

Small cabin kits range from 169 square feet to 1,100 square feet. Incredibly, even the smallest log cabin kit sleeps four. The Pioneer Log Cabin is the smallest option at 169 square feet.

The standard kit costs $14,900. This rustic cabin features a six-foot covered porch roomy enough for several chairs. Assembly is easy for DIY builders. Conestoga also uses patented Everlast logs. These kiln dried logs are resistant to warping, twisting, and settling.

5. Riverwood Modular Log Cabins

Rivewrood log cabin kit by Woodtex featuring a kit in a clearing in a row of pine trees

Image Source: Riverwood Cabins

Log cabin kits are great. Our favorite options offer everything you need to do it yourself: log cabin plans, materials, and even construction if you need it. That said, you do still need to build it.

And if you’re new to construction, there is bound to be some trial and error. Unfortunately, error can be expensive. For this reason, many buyers opt to order a prefab cabin instead.

Riverwood Cabins offers prefab homes that require no building on your part. All you have to do is make sure the foundation is set and plumbing and electric are connected.

By leaving it to the pros, Riverwood Cabins builds cabins quickly. They’re built in a controlled factory environment then delivered right to your home.

And while kits may seem cheaper than pre-constructed homes, prefab homes might make sense when you factor in labor and extra materials. Plus the price might not be as high as you think.

The 1,168 square foot Homestead model retails for $156,146. It features two bedrooms and one bath. You can also customize to your preferences. Choose from an array of log or Smartside lap siding and metal roof finishes.

Build Your Own Log Cabin Home

There are a lot of great log cabin kits on the market that make it easier than you may have thought to build your own tiny home. Before ordering a kit, think honestly about your construction abilities.

If you’re experienced, you might be able to save by ordering a minimal kit and sourcing the most affordable materials in your area.

For novices, choose a simple design and a complete package that includes everything you need. Or if you don’t feel up to doing the work yourself, opt for a pre-fab option instead.

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