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ListSource: Targeted Marketing Lists Made Easy

ListSource: Targeted Marketing Lists Made Easy

ListSource is a real estate lead generation company that helps agents easily build targeted marketing lists to make prospecting easier. But does it work? Read on to find out.

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What Is ListSource?

ListSource is a lead source for real estate professionals who want to build targeted direct marketing lists. They provide targeted leads for several industries outside of real estate as well.

ListSource serves real estate agents, investors, and brokers who want to grow their business and connect with more homeowners, property owners, and sellers in their local or national markets.

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Leads on ListSource are highly segmented by demographics, buying behaviors, location, property criteria, mortgage equity data, and more.

All lead data on more than 134 million properties across the United States comes from CoreLogic. Real estate professionals select the type of leads they want to market to and purchase or build a list. 

Using the leads ListSource provides, real estate investors, agents, and brokers can build more effective direct marketing campaigns and expand into new markets. 

ListSource’s Best Features

So, how does it work? ListSource has a few functionalities that can help you generate leads and get in touch with property owners. Below, we’ve listed the ListSource features for real estate professionals.

Basic and Advanced Property Searches

Listsource property search featuring multiple search criteria

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ListSource has accurate, up-to-date property data on more than 134 million properties and 94% of property owners in the United States.

You can access that data to build prospect and marketing lists using almost any search criteria you want, from the most basic (searching by location only) to the most advanced (search mortgage data or owner buying behavior). 

Search filters and criteria include:

  • Property location (State, county, city, zip code, area code, census tract, FIPS code, etc.)
  • Property types and information (bedrooms, baths, acreage, etc.)
  • Owner demographics (income, age, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Owner purchasing behavior and patterns
  • Mortgage data
  • Home equity data

Build Lists and Reports Quickly

Use the property and ownership data from ListSource to quickly build and download targeted lists containing the leads you want. You can choose to create one of four list types:

  • Contacts list
  • Prospecting list
  • Property detail report
  • List of Records

When you’ve made the list of your choice, ListSource allows you to export it with one click in the form of a .CSV file spreadsheet.

ListSource will run your list against any past lists you’ve purchased to find and delete any duplicate records. This means you’ll never pay to target prospects or contacts that are already on one of your lists.

When you’ve downloaded your property, records, contact, or prospecting list, you can use ListSource to create mailing labels for your direct mail campaigns.

This is an excellent feature because it’s much easier to use one platform to handle the preparation for your direct mail and marketing campaigns.

Download Pre-Built Quick Lists

Listsource quick lists

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If you’re not ready to build your own list or are just too busy, ListSource offers a wide variety of Quick Lists that can be your solution.

Whether you’re targeting real estate or lending prospects, there are a lot of options that you can pull from any geographic area in the United States. 

Choose from several types of Quick Lists to target specific groups of contacts and prospects:

  • Absentee Owners: Homeowners who don’t live in the property or in the state
  • Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Homeowners with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) who may be near a reset date
  • Estimated Equity: Homeowners who may be eligible for a home equity loan or refinance loan
  • FHA & VA Military Home Loan Eligibility: Owners who have FHA Military loans and may want to convert to a conventional loan
  • Foreclosure Prospects: See bank-owned properties or Pending Auction Sale properties
  • Insurance Prospects: Search through lifestyle criteria and filters to find insurance prospects for specific services
  • Nearby Properties: Find properties in an area you select or near a particular property address to target homeowners near properties you’ve sold or want to expand into; can be an excellent opportunity to work with clients who will be familiar with you and at least one of your recent properties that sold near them
  • New Homeowners: A list of new homeowners who have purchased within the past year 
  • Lender Specific: A quick marketing list of owners who have used specific lenders
  • Mortgage Consolidation: Homeowners with more than one mortgage on a property
  • Mortgage Loan Rate & Term Reduction: Homeowners who are paying high-interest rates or with long-term mortgages 
  • Private Party Lender Prospects: Homeowners who have a private party loan instead of conventional
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal: Find homeowners with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Reverse Mortgage Prospects: Homeowners listed by age and mortgage information who may be eligible for FHA Reverse Mortgage
  • Seller Carryback: Homeowners who financed through the seller
  • Subprime Loans: A list of homeowners with subprime loans who might be interested in refinancing

Plans and Pricing

There are three plan options for ListSource users. You don’t have to pay to start building your list on the Build and Buy plan. You can start building immediately after registering.

Listsource pricing options

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Subscription Plan — Custom Pricing

This plan is best for real estate professionals who know that direct mail marketing efforts work for them and want to purchase leads in bulk every month for some time. 

Choose from annual or quarterly plans that you can customize*:

  • $150/month for 1,153 leads @ $0.13/each
  • $300/month for 2,500 leads @ $0.12/each
  • $500/month for 4,545 leads @ $0.11/each

*Pricing from REtipster’s experience with this platform.

  • Covers 99% of all United States properties
  • Download free sample leads
  • Build your own prospect and lead lists
  • CoreLogicListSourceDirect Marketing support via phone
  • Discounted pricing for frequent list builders
  • Customer Center dashboard to manage your account, lists, and reports

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to contact the company for your own quote. This pricing is listed only as an example of what you could pay.

Build and Buy — Priced Per Lead

This plan is best for real estate professionals who are first-time direct marketers and want to see if these methods will work for them. Good for users who want to purchase leads one time, not every month.

This option is the most flexible, as it’s priced per lead. While the company does not list prices online (they vary by location and user), we’ve sampled a handful of user reviews from around the web.

From our searches, we’ve found that you can expect to pay around*:

  • $600 for 4,137 leads @ $0.15/each
  • $1,000 for 7,407 leads @ $0.14/each
  • $1,725 for 13,800 leads @ $0.13/each

*Pricing from REtipster’s experience with this platform.

  • Covers 99% of all United States properties
  • One list included
  • Download free sample leads
  • Build your own prospect and lead lists
  • No registration required to start building your list
  • CoreLogicListSourceDirect Marketing support via phone

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to contact the company for your own quote. This pricing is listed only as an example of what you could pay.

License and Resell — Custom Pricing

This plan is intended to be an option for people who compile and resell packaged data to third parties.

  • Guidance and support from a dedicated CoreLogic ListSourceDirect Marketing Specialist
  • Search through commercial properties
  • Locate apartment owners
  • Power your bulk data delivery
  • Multiple outputs and file formats
  • Designed for large retailers, banks, lenders, and direct marketers

Please check with ListSource customer support for the most accurate pricing information before purchasing leads or signing up for a plan.

This information is not currently listed on the website. It has been compiled from sources who use or have used ListSource in the past.


ListSource pricing example

Image Source:

To further illustrate what you can expect to pay with ListSource, we decided to get a quote for all leads in Scottsdale, AZ. As you can see, the pricing is $0.3164 per lead.

For all 138,146 leads in Scottsdale, the cost is $43,706.63. Of course, this is a lot of money, but remember it’s for an entire city. And one of the biggest metros at that.

You will likely be targeting a much smaller area within a city. Some of the sample information includes mortgage amounts, owner, contact information, and really anything else you want to know about the property.

ListSource Pros and Cons

As with any good review, it’s important to remain balanced by listing both the pros and cons. Don’t worry, we’ve done just that below.

Pros (what we like)
  • A well-known company that is popular with real estate professionals
  • Good customer support options
  • Great for building single lists, or for anyone who is just getting started with direct mail marketing
  • Options to pay in bulk or per lead, depending on what suits your needs best
Cons (what can be improved)
  • Expensive compared to other lead generation list builders
  • Mailing address only – no phone numbers, email addresses offered
  • Limited property research options – for example, no Delinquent Tax data available, can’t search by property address
  • Not as robust for building multiple lists as other providers
  • Possibly outdated list of property data, depending on the county selected

Top ListSource Alternatives

ListSource is very well-known in the industry, but it’s not the only property owner and direct mail lead provider out there.

Two popular alternatives to ListSource are AgentPro247 and First American by DataTree.

We’ve listed a quick summary of what these platforms offer, what they lack, and a link to more information about both. 


  • What it does: Enables you to access MLS data, homeowner and property owner data (including absentee-owned), mortgage and lender data, public records, and more. Uses the Black Knight database. Less expensive than ListSource (which uses the CoreLogic database).
  • What it doesn’t do: Show appraisal data or owner payment information

First American by DataTree

  • What it does: Enables you to access MLS data, homeowner and property owner data, mortgage and lender data, all public records PLUS foreclosures, HOA data, liens, and images of documents. Less expensive than ListSource, starting at $47/month. Start with a free trial. 
  • What it doesn’t do: Not all counties are listed, but missing counties can be requested.

Just keep in mind that none of these platforms are perfect, so each will have about the same functionality (or limitations) as the other.

Our Take

ListSource has quite a few things going for it, but it’s not a perfect platform. If you consider yourself a real estate investing newbie, ListSource can be an excellent way to test the waters with direct mailers to see what kind of response rate you get.

We really like that you can register to build a single list rather than signing up for a monthly plan before you know what kind of data you’ll end up with. 

The extensive filtering and search options make it a great tool to play around with to build the most effective lists – if you have time. 

For those who just want a quick, pre-built list of prospects, the Quick Lists feature can be a lifesaver. We were surprised at the sheer number of Quick Lists available for download.

However, many of them were geared more toward lenders than real estate agents and investors.

Should You Use ListSource?

Overall, ListSource is a good source for real estate leads for investors, agents, and brokers who aren’t sure if direct marketing is their preferred method just yet.

For long-term lead generation, some other platforms and providers offer similar features for a lower monthly cost.'s real estate software guide

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