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Kunversion: A Great Version of an IDX Website?

Kunversion: A Great Version of an IDX Website?

When generating leads, you need a system that helps you to manage your websites, lead generation, marketing, and CRM. Kunversion is one of the best tools out there to help you accomplish this. Here’s what you need to know to decide if it’s for you.

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What Is Kunversion?

Kunversion, also known as kvCORE or Kunversion+, is a tool that integrates marketing management, CRM, and a simple IDX website for your real estate business together in one place.

It helps you to manage your interactions with potential clients as you follow up with your leads. The platform also provides outstanding functionalities such as real-time property search alerts, listing tools, bulk texting and emailing, and pre-built outreach campaigns.

It even allows you to share your listings with clients if you want to recommend a property. Read on to learn what this platform offers to determine whether or not it’s right for you.

Kunversion’s Best Features

Kunversion provides you with an IDX-enabled website, agent management tools, and advertising platform. What sets this software apart from others that provides similar services is that its platform it highly automated.

This is especially helpful to large teams that are looking to streamline their management and lead generation processes. It also happens to be incredibly easy to use, so onboarding new agents is a very easy process. Some of Kunversion’s features include:

IDX and Lead Capture Websites

A grouping of web devices with IDX Websites on them

Image Source: Kunversion Website

Kunversion allows you and your agents to create IDX websites and landing pages. IDX, or internet data exchange, is a way to put your MLS listings directly on your website.

This really helps to get more clicks on your property listings by offering an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of MLS properties in the United States and Canada.

Kunversion offers simple but attractive templates for your website that can be customized with a variety of options provided by Kunversion. The websites are easy to create and manage, even if you’re not a website-building pro.

Lead Generation
The IDX websites and landing pages are great features, but one place that Kunversion really shines is with their lead generation tools. Kunversion offers you a variety of paid tools you can add a la carte to your sites.

These include Google Ads and pay-per-click Facebook ads. They also offer free lead generation tools such as:

  • Social media sharing
  • Craigslist posters
  • Keyword-optimized blog content for your website

Kunversion also offers a lead sync tool that helps add new leads from all sources of lead generation you utilize and funnels it right into your CRM.


A list of buyers leads in the Kunversion CRM module

Image Source: Kunversion Website

Speaking of CRMs, Kunversion’s got ‘em! This tool allows you to tracks both buyer and seller leads through a desktop CRM and mobile app for iOS and Android. These lead management features include:

  • Mass emailing and texting
  • Real-time property search alerts
  • Lead reply tracking

The CRM you get with Kunversion also provides a modern interface that allows you to rate your leads, assign agents to specific leads, and view any notes made on leads – all on one, user-friendly dashboard.

Agent Management

A Kunversion agent management module screenshot

Image Source: eXp Realty Tuscon

Kunversion is a great tool for large teams. It lets leaders assign specific agents to leads and then monitor their progress and performance – which should be phenomenal considering that Kunversion provides agents with follow-up reminders that make it nearly impossible to forget about leads.

You can easily track how efficiently and effectively your agents handle their sales pipeline and it allows you to generate reports on top producers based on their efforts toward lead nurturing and sales.

This is all made available to you through an easy-to-use dashboard where you can view everyone at the same time. If one person needs a little more support and is falling behind, Kunversion can help you to help them make more of their leads and follow up efforts.

Is Kunversion Easy to Use?

A grouping of kunversion platforms in web, tablet, and mobile phone

Image Source: Kunversion Website

When you invest in new tools to help your real estate business work more effectively, one thing you must be sure of is that you’re buying a product that won’t take you weeks or months to master.

Luckily, Kunversion is one of the easiest platforms to learn and use on the market today. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and functional. This is all due to the single dashboard you use to manage all of Kunversion’s features.

From there you can manage your leads and post content to your social media channels. You can also monitor client activity on IDX websites, and even set up drip campaigns to help establish and follow up with leads.

Many users say that Kunversion is one of the most user-friendly platforms they’ve used and is much easier for entire teams of real estate agents to use. It’s also heralded as a very effective way to automate the lead generation process.

Customer Support

If you’re going to invest in technology for your business, then you have to know that the support is there to help in case you need it. With Kunversion, you can contact them via email, phone, or by filling out an online form.

They also have an online chat feature you can use quite easily to contact their support team. Users give high marks to Kunversion for their customer support efforts.

The team is responsible and knowledgeable to help you solve any issues you may run into. So, rest assured that if you go with Kunversion, you’ll be in good and very capable hands.

Plans and Pricing

You won’t find a price advertised on Kunversion’s website, but there is a free trial you can take advantage of if you want to check out what they have to offer.

You can also call to get a customized quote for your real estate business with Kunversion if it’s something that interests you.

If you use your internet sleuthing skills, then you may be able to uncover what some people are charged for Kunversion. From what we can find, the ballpark pricing figures are:

  • 1 user for $299 per month
  • Up to users for $499 per month
  • Up to 5 users for $749 per month
  • No more than 50 users for $1199 per month
  • Up to 100 users for $1800 per month

Paid leads are optional, and you can share costs with other business partners, such as lenders. Again, you’ll need to call Kunversion to get an exact quote for your business.

The Benefits of Using Kunversion

There are several things that separate Kunversion from the rest of the lead generation pack. As we’ve already talked about, their websites are highly customizable and modern looking, making them a great way to capture leads.

Speaking of leads, they can help you convert contacts into clients. They offer 22 separate tools to help you find high-quality leads and follow up with them.

This results in the ability of your team to focus on organizations and individuals that can help to boost business instead of wasting time on low-quality leads that don’t take you anywhere.

The way the CRM is set up through Kunversion allows for the entire team to be on board, distributing prospects equally and helping to ensure that everyone can get a slice of the pie, contributing to a more positive environment in the office.

You can also connect the Kunversion platform with other systems you may use to help increase its overall functionality. These include:

  • Dotloop
  • Listing Machine
  • Skyslope Transaction Management
  • Property Boost
  • Zapler
  • Nosy Neighbor
  • Twilio

The Drawbacks

Users don’t report many drawbacks with Kunversion, but it seems one area where it may be lacking is with SEO. That means that your Kunversion website may not rank as high on Google as websites created using other platforms.

Considering that Kunversion is primarily a lead capture tool through social media ads, it’s easy to see how this happens. But the good news is you can counter this by modifying your website and adding a blog that can help you to rank a little higher through SEO.

Kunversion Customer Reviews

A business woman holding a mobile phone and tapping the smiley face emoji to symbolize a positive customer review


Talk to a few agents that use Kunversion and you’ll become a convert (or is it a kunvert?). It’s a well-regarded platform that people report a very high return on investment with.

Real estate agent Amber says,

“I love that you can text with the Kunversion system because it allows you to get more responses. People usually screen their calls, so cold-calling has not been as successful for me as cold-texting!”

On the same platform, real estate agent Amy says,

“Since I began using Kunversion, I have been able to better organize leads and stay in contact with them – all made easier by the automation function. It’s very user-friendly and a great activity tracker for my real estate business.”

Our Take

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that combines multiple tools, you don’t yet have a website, and don’t care about having an exclusive region, Kunversion is worth a look.

I am a big proponent of squeeze pages, and their websites look nice with the ability to buy traffic to the site. Combine this with the landing pages and CRM you could have a powerful tool on your hands.

This is also a good option for teams, as you can manage the entire team from the platform. As I understand it, this is why many of the users started with the service in the first place.

If you are just seeking IDX functionality for your existing website, Showcase IDX can help. And if you don’t need the CRM and only want a website, Agent Carrot offers a simple and affordable solution.

Should You Use Kunversion?

If you want to be a top-performing realtor, then you need leads – and you need to be able to manage them effectively. Kunversion can help you with that. It has all the features you need to generate more leads and, most importantly, nurture them.

If you’re in the market for a smart CRM and lead generation platform, it’s definitely worth a look.'s real estate software guide

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