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IDX Broker: Custom Websites for Real Estate Professionals

IDX Broker: Custom Websites for Real Estate Professionals

IDX Broker makes getting a new website as easy as clicking a mouse. But does it live up to the hype? In this article, we’ll cover the platform’s best features, pricing, pros/cons, and what we think. Read on to learn more.

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  1. Why Consider IDX Broker?
  2. What Is IDX Broker?
  3. Best Features
  4. Plans and Pricing
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Alternatives
  7. Our Take

What Is IDX Broker?

IDX Broker links real estate websites to a local MLS and adds special search functions to let users quickly search through listings using simple filters. Millions of developers now use IDX capabilities to insert MLS search functions on real estate websites.

IDX tools offered with this product include listing pages and slideshows, advanced and basic IDX search, a WordPress plugin for easy use, and full website creation tools.

What Is IDX Broker graphic with question and answer to the right of a laptop

The company started in 2003 when co-founders Jeff Kast and Chad Barczak teamed up to create a technology platform that would bring accurate, real-time MLS information to consumers across North America any time they wanted. 

Why Consider IDX Broker?

With so much real estate information online for home buyers and sellers today, every real estate agent needs an IDX website that links to their local MLS.

This makes it possible to show real-time, accurate MLS listings on your website, along with basic and advanced search options. With these capabilities, website visitors can search for properties using the criteria they select. 

If you want to attract leads to your website and give them a good reason to enter their contact information, an IDX/MLS enabled website is the best way to do it.

In this review, we will explore what this product does, each of its features, pricing information, pros and cons, and the top alternatives available. Is IDX Broker worth your time and money? Let’s take a look.

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IDX Broker’s Best Features

The platform offers a range of features revolving around real estate websites, search functionalities, and lead magnets. Read about each one in detail below. 

MLS/IDX Search Functions

Screenshot of the IDX Broker screenshot featuring IDX/mls search

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Every page on your website features MLS/IDX search functions, not just the homepage. This keeps users who visit your site engaged as they move from page to page.

It’s also user-friendly, allowing visitors to keep doing searches from any page without the need to navigate back to the homepage. You can potentially increase your total number of leads and the amount of data you collect on each one.

It does this by making it possible for them to quickly search multiple times and save property information by creating a profile. IDX Broker also lets you easily add Pending, Sold, and Pocket listings to the website. 

Real-Time Map Search

Included with the Platinum package, the Map Search feature allows users to do a live, real-time search on a map from any page. This feature makes your website extremely user-friendly, showing visitors the following information:

  • Filter by dozens of property criteria and options
  • Shows all listings available – up to 500 at a time
  • Zoom in or out to see more listings
  • Select an area to search with polygon and radius tools
  • Spiderfy for apartments, condos, and multiple listing buildings

Lead Capture Options

Idx broker landing pages

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There are a variety of ways to capture leads using IDX Broker, and you have the option to change the way your visitors interact with your website with some of the lead capture choices.

In fact, you can force users to register to see information on the site in one of two ways:

  • Required signups — The user enters their contact information to create an account and access the data
  • Optional signups — The user is prompted to sign up, but can access the data without doing it

There are good reasons to choose either option. Requiring signup may result in higher quality leads. Still, many people will navigate away and get the information elsewhere rather than enter their contact information. 

Making signup optional may not capture as many leads because it’s always easier to skip and just view the information. But users who still choose to sign up are likely to be earnest home buyers or sellers who want to be able to re-access the information on your website. 

User-Friendly Features

Your IDX-enabled website offers a lot of user-friendly options that can keep leads on your site longer, provide additional value, and increase the number of inquiries and lead contact information you capture. 

Some of the user-friendly features offered are:

  • Mortgage calculator
  • Address search
  • Home value request 
  • Walk score

When a user is searching for available properties nearby, it’s nice to be able to check what the mortgage amount would be, view the walk score, search the address, or find out how much they could potentially sell their home for. 

IMPress IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

Screenshot of the IDX Broker idx search funcationality

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Bring the IDX Broker features directly to your website by using the IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin. This plugin enables you to easily insert the MLS/IDX search functions and other features into your existing WordPress site in mere seconds. 

Add widgets like:

  • Quick search boxes
  • Listing slideshows
  • Lead capture forms
  • Drag and drop maps

It works with any WordPress theme you’re already using, and it comes included with your IDX Broker account. 

Search Engine Optimized

IDX Broker websites are designed with search engine optimization in mind from the ground up. The website URLs, meta tags, custom sub-headers, local city links, and XML sitemaps are considered “Search-Engine Friendly” and allow you to try and rank for local real estate searches more efficiently. 

Coupled with the feature below, Advanced Traffic Analytics and Data, you’ll be able to view the number of users visiting the site, their length of browsing time, bounce and exit rates, the websites they were referred from, and more. 

Advanced Traffic Analytics and Data

Screenshot of the IDX Broker mortgage calculator

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View advanced data and analytics for your website to help you set and achieve traffic goals. At the same time, you optimize your real estate website. Link with your Google Analytics account to easily view information like:

  • Page visit reports
  • Most popular pages
  • Visitor source/referral URL
  • Search engine used
  • Lead capture information
  • Conversions

We really like this feature because it simplifies the data found in Google Analytics by only showing the data that’s important to you and using colorful charts and graphs for ease. 


IDX Broker integrates with several real estate software platforms and social media networks. This makes it easier for you to keep all your information organized in one place. 

IDX Broker is always adding new integrations, so if your preferred CRM or software isn’t on the list yet, it could be soon. 

IDX Broker Plans and Pricing

IDX Broker pricing varies by the plan and extras or add-ons you want to include with your plan. Here are the currently available plans:

IDX Broker Lite — $50/month

  • Syndicate listings across websites
  • Agent roster page for teams (up to 2 agents)
  • HTTPS or SSL site security
  • Plus all listed features above
  • $100.00 setup fee (one-time fee)

IDX Broker Platinum — $70/month

  • All Lite features
  • Polygon search tool
  • Social logins
  • Real-time Map Search
  • $100.00 one-time setup fee

IDX Broker HOME — Starting at $150/month 

  • $150/month for agent website
  • $160/month for team website (2 agents)
  • $190/month for office website
  • One-time $500.00 setup fee
  • Includes IDX Broker Platinum
  • Customize mobile-responsive themes

Add-ons and Extras

  • Add sold listings data for $9.99/month

Pros and Cons

As with any balanced review, it’s important to highlight both the pros and the cons. Don’t worry — we’ve done just that below.

Pros (what we like)
  • Cost-effective and priced fairly 
  • Mobile-responsive themes make it easy for users to access your website on smartphones and tablets
  • Nice integrations with other platforms and the Facebook app

Cons (what we dislike)
  • Somewhat basic website themes available; not the most modern interface
  • Not a lot of features included – some basic features, like Map Search, are only available with the Platinum and HOME plans
  • Most features included with other platforms that have more functionality

IDX Broker Alternatives

We can’t write a review without highlighting alternatives for you to check out. While IDX Broker is a great company, it’s important to know about its competitors for good measure.

Showcase IDX is a small company that provides IDX integration for WordPress and other real estate platforms. Their IDX features include map search, lead routing, forced registration tools, and more. 

  • What it does: IDX website integration for real estate WordPress websites with maps, advanced searches, lead capture tools, lead routing, and integrations.
  • What’s better: No setup fees, free 30-day trial, more users allowed on plans, discounts for paying annually.
  • What’s worse: A little higher priced than IDX Broker, not as many reviews as IDX Broker.

iHOUSEweb creates websites for real estate agents and realtors who don’t have web design experience and want a modern website. 

  • What it does: Website builder, built-in CRM, lots of integrations, IDX search.
  • What’s better: 14-day free trial, fully customize your website or use a template, SEO and PPC support offered, low pricing, included TurboLeads CRM is a great value.
  • What’s worse: IDX search and auto MLS import is not included with the lower-priced plans, plus lots of additional fees apply to the monthly cost.

Our Take

IDX Broker is a robust IDX integration for real estate websites. If you already have a website built on WordPress, IDX Broker can be a great value with the IMPress plugin, and all included MLS/IDX search functions and features. 

It gets more expensive if you need a real estate website, and there are lower-priced options if you don’t want the bells and whistles. Overall, some great features certainly make this product worthwhile.

These include lead magnets like home value search, advanced property and address search, mortgage calculator, and more. Coupled with the moderate pricing, there are a lot of reasons this software could work for a real estate agent looking to generate and capture more leads online.

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Should You Use IDX Broker?

If you are a real estate agent or broker seeking a new website or simply wanting to expand your current site’s features, IDX Broker can help. Their sites are feature-rich and built to get leads.

If you only want a simple website and don’t need features, try Agent Carrot or Real Geeks. However, for everyone else, IDX Broker is a great option and should be considered in your website search.'s real estate software guide

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