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Home Depot Truck Rental: An Unexpected Value

Home Depot Truck Rental: An Unexpected Value

If you’re like most people, you know a guy with a truck and have probably asked to borrow it. Luck for you, with Home Depot Truck Rentals you won’t need to make that awkward call again. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Home Depot Truck Rental?

Founded in 1978, the company has grown to be the nation’s largest home improvement chain. With big box stores in all 50 states, you can find everything you need, from toilets to trucks.

With so many products accessible at every location, they deliver on their promise to “do it right for less.” But before we jump into the weeds of Home Depot’s truck rental program, let’s outline the process from the competition.

Home depot truck rental page featuring a Penske truck and a flatbed pickup

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First, you’ll arrive at a store that hasn’t changed since the 80’s. The unhelpful employee behind the counter will then tell you the only truck available is across town, but it has a flat tire.

Too bad for you! Then you’ll drive across town to another company, only to find out their truck is two cities away due to a computer error.

Home Depot seeks to change this by providing clean vehicles that are easily accessible at prices that won’t break the bank. Intrigued? Read on to find out how it works.

Why Rent a Truck from Home Depot

Let’s face it – moving is stressful. Coming from someone who has moved three times in the last 5 years, I can relate. The sight of everything you own on the floor invokes a certain tightness in the chest.

Hiring movers is painless but can set you back over $1,000. That’s certainly not being nice to your wallet. It’s no wonder homeowners search for other options.

While the last place you’d expect to find a rental truck is Home Depot, we think this is the best place to start your search. After all, who else can offer you all of the following?

  • A clean, newer-model truck that meets or beats its competitors’ vehicles
  • A variety of vehicle options including box trucks, pickups, and vans
  • The ability to walk in and rent one on the same day, without needing to book it months in advance (cough cough U-Haul)
  • Industry-leading service with a helpful, orange vest-clad employee in every aisle

None of the big truck rental companies offer these same benefits, but even if they could they are likely not as conveniently located as home Depot.

Truck Rental Qualifications

You can rent a truck at Home Depot as long as you’re at least 21 years old and have a valid American or Canadian driver’s license. You also need to leave a $50 deposit, and have proof of automobile insurance.

That’s as simple as it gets, and let’s face it, it pretty much applies to any adult who has moved at least once in their lifetime.

Types of Trucks Available

A truck is a truck is a truck, right? Well, not necessarily. You do have a few options for meeting your moving needs. No matter whether you’re moving into a new home or just picking up an appliance, Home Depot has the truck for you.

Flatbed Pickup

Ideal for smaller hauls across town, the flatbed is versatile and cost effective. Pick up appliances, mulch, or anything else without breaking the bank. While a trailer hitch is standard, it is only available when renting a trailer from Home Depot.

Picture of a flatbed pickup truck for rent on the home depot website

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Cargo Van

The cargo van is bigger than a pickup but small enough to zip around town with ease. This truck is perfect for moving into an apartment or picking up furniture to move across town.

These vans can haul up to 3,000 pounds, though we doubt you’ll ever need to test those limits. By the way, if you’re moving into an apartment, don’t forget your renter’s insurance!

Cargo van from Home Depot Truck Rental website

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HD Moving Box Truck

The most spacious option, the box truck offers enough space to move a small household. The cargo area was built to hold 515 cubic feet of space, which is usually 1-2 rooms worth of belongings. The best part? It comes with a dolly to move you things.

Box truck from home Depot truck rental site

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Truck Rental Rates

Not only are Home Depot’s locations convenient, but they also have great pricing. You can rent trucks hourly, daily, and even weekly.

Home Depot Truck Rental Pricing

  • Pickup and Vans: $19.95 for 75 minutes,  $39.95 for 2.5 hours, and $99 for a day.
  • Moving Trucks: $29.99 per hour and up, depending on truck size.

Larger moving trucks are a bit more expensive, but start at $29.00 and increase from there. Although it’s industry standard to require a full day’s rental, Home Depot lets you rent by the hour.

This means you’re not paying for time you don’t need. Another great benefit? Hidden fees are not on the menu –  pricing you see is the pricing you get. And don’t think this transparency has gone unnoticed.

In fact, Apartment Therapy recently included Home Depot’s truck rental program as one of their 12 “Shopping Secrets” that can help you save serious money.

Pricing Comparison

We love comparison tables because they allow you to easily compare products side-by-side. Naturally, we’ve made one to help you compare the trucks. Check out each truck’s features below. We’re sure that most other rental companies don’t offer backup cameras or sensors on their trucks.

Home Depot Truck Rental comparison

Tip: Make sure you get your truck by checking the online availability the night before. If they have your vehicle of choice, be the first to the Special Services Desk or Tool Rental Center the next morning, and it’s yours.

The Fine Print

Before you head to your local Home Depot rental center, make sure to understand the fine print.

  • Payment must be made in the form of a credit card. Cash or gift cards are not accepted
  • Load ‘N Go rentals require a refundable deposit of $50 or $100, depending on the model
  • All trucks must be returned fully fueled
  • You must return the truck to the same Home Depot store you rented it from

Customer Reviews

When you typically think of a rental truck, you think of renting a disgusting roach motel that will break down on the side of the road. Home Depot trucks, however, scored high marks based on our sampling of online reviews.

One reviewer commented on the young fleet, clean interiors, and welcoming staff. Though we always set the bar for Home Depot products high, they’ve exceeded our expectations by both offering a variety of products and simplifying the rental process.

Alex Beras Youtube Review

What better way to review a product than to hear from an actual user? Fortunately, Alex Beras did a wonderful rundown of his experience renting a truck from Home Depot. Make sure to check out his channel if you haven’t done so already.

What he liked:

  • Simple gauges
  • Large load
  • Unique and quirky, has its own character

What he didn’t like:

  • Slow acceleration
  • Huge turn radius
  • Loud and squeaky

Alex said he spent about $150 for the day, but could have lowered the price if he would have taken the truck back on time. He commented that the truck has its drawbacks, but at the end of the day it’s a truck, so that’s to be expected. Overall, he liked the experience.

Our Take

Home Depot’s truck rental program offers substantial value for the money. But we think the biggest pro is that there’s a Home Depot store near most of our readers, so the convenience factor is huge.

When I moved to my new house, I struggled to find a truck at the last minute. I called U-Haul but they were all out of trucks. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute.

I ended up going to Penske, but that was 30 minutes away from my new home. There is a Home Depot within 5 minutes of me, and sure enough, they have trucks.

Overall, we love Home Depot in general, but particularly love the truck rental program. If you’re seeking convenience and avoiding the awkward “can I borrow your truck” question, head over to the big orange store.

Should You Rent a Truck from Home Depot?

Avoid the hassles on what you know will be a busy, hectic day. The convenience and low cost that Home Depot truck rentals offer are going to make your moving day a much easier, more efficient, and more pleasant experience all around.

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