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Home Depot Tool Rental: An Unexpected Value

Home Depot Tool Rental: An Unexpected Value

The Home Depot Tool Rental Center offers great ways to save money on your projects. If you need an expensive tool but won’t use it more than once, you can save big by renting it. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Home Depot Tool Rental?

Almost 1,200 of Home Depot’s nearly 2,300 North American locations have in-house tool rental. Homeowners and real estate professionals will find a wide variety of useful, high-quality tools and equipment they can rent for affordable prices.

You can rent seven days a week in most locations displaying the familiar orange logo. To find the Home Depot tool rental center nearest you with the tool you need, visit the company’s website and click on the link for “Truck and Tool Rental.”

The company website will search for Home Depot tool rental locations by zip code and give you store-specific pricing.

Unfortunately, you can’t reserve items online, as tool rental centers operate on a first-come, first-served. Locations are open seven days per week, though tool rental hours vary by location and store.

Tip: Get the Home Depot tool rental phone number for your local location from the site. Call the local center to confirm that the equipment you want is available. Then visit the store in-person to rent the tool you need.

Why Rent Tools from Home Depot

The main reason to rent is financial. Renting can greatly reduce the financial resources you tie up. You can rent for an hour an item that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy.

Screenshot of the home depot tool rental center including augers, drain cleaners, and other power tools

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Depending on how long you need it, rental fees for that same piece of equipment may be only a few dollars. For example, renting a full-sized pickup costs only $19.

This particular rental is one you are most likely to make in order to transport a heavy or bulky item home from the store. Buying that same truck will set you back a cool $20,000, so the value proposition is clear.

Renting also means you don’t have to maintain or store the equipment. When you’re done with your rental, return it to the store.

Home Depot rental centers employ their own mechanics to keep the rental equipment in good working order. You don’t have to spend a minute changing oil, sharpening blades or otherwise maintaining complicated tools.

The tools Home Depot rents are professional-quality. The actual brands each store rents vary, but brands typically include Makita and Honda – these are the same brands the pros use.

Tools Available at Rental Centers

Home Depot tool rental centers offer many different tool options. Depending on the individual location, the Home Depot tool rental list may include more than 100 types, sizes and other varieties of tools and equipment.

Home Depot tool rental center types of tools available

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Home Depot categorizes tools into 5 categories:

1. Outdoor Tools

Outdoor tools for rent at Home Depot include augers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers and tillers. Each of these groups will include a variety of different types and options.

For instance, say you need holes for fence posts or deck supports. You’d choose the manual post-hole digger for 6-inch diameter holes.

Unsurprisingly, there is a wide variety of lawn equipment. Sod aerators, leaf blowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, sod cutters, trimmers, edgers, tillers and trenchers can all be found in typical stores.

Additionally, Home Depot rents power tool accessories. If you’re renting a pressure washer, you can pick up extension wands and rotating heads for cleaning driveways and other large areas.

2. Indoor Tools

Tools for use indoors include blowers, carpet cleaners, floor strippers, heaters, floor sanders, pipe tools and vacuums. Brands range from generic manufacturers to household names like Dewalt.

Again, each may come in different sizes and types. If you’re cleaning a floor, drop by a Home Depot tool rental center to find a small, portable carpet cleaner for stairways and small areas.

There is also a larger model suitable for rooms and entire houses. A carpet extractor with heater takes on bigger square footage and tough cleaning jobs.

3. Power Tool Rentals

While Home Depot tool rental is a great source for rarely needed items like pressure washers and stump grinders, it also offers a variety of ordinary power tools for construction, remodeling and other jobs.

These include air compressors, demolition hammers, drills, generators, sanders, nailers, paint sprayers, planers, saws and tile saws. As with the other categories, there are many options to choose from.

If you have painting to do, you can rent different sizes of paint sprayers for small, medium or large projects. In addition, Home Depot rents texture sprayers, drywall tools, ladders and scaffolds.

You will find a similar variety of choices in generators. You can rent models churning out 1,000 watts, 3,000 watts or 6,500 watts.

4. Large Equipment

In addition to these types of gear that might be found in an ordinary homeowner’s garage, Home Depot also rents large equipment. If you need a backhoe, mini-excavator or Bobcat-type skid steer, they have you covered.

Other large equipment includes scissor and boom lists for aerial jobs. Home Depot also rents trenchers, dump trailers and other types of large equipment. That includes heavy-duty versions of stump grinders and chippers.

Home Depot rents large equipment in 45 markets. To check availability, look on the website or call 1-888-266-7228. Home Depot does not deliver smaller tools and equipment. But it will deliver large equipment to your jobsite.

5. Truck Rental

Trucks are another important category for Home Depot rentals. Flatbed pickup trucks can handle large items for local transport. Cargo vans provide secure local transport for smaller items.

A larger box truck can move a small apartment or help you shift items to storage. These three vehicles are eligible for Home Depot’s Load ‘n Go pricing. You pay $19 to $29, depending on size, for the first 75 minutes.

Home Depot also rents Penske moving trucks for long-term or long-distance transport jobs. These range from 12-ft trucks to 26-ft. models that can move an entire three-bedroom house.

Home Depot Tool Rental Pricing

Rental prices depend on the length of time you want the equipment. Home Depot rents most of its tools and equipment on four-hour, one-day, or week-long rates.

Home Depot electric air compressor rental rates

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Bear in mind that you may have to pay for a rental even if bad weather keeps you from starting your job. And you may need to refill fuel tanks or clean items before returning.

If the equipment breaks while you are using it, you may have to pay for repairs. To avoid this risk, you can purchase the damage waiver. This will cover repair charges in case the equipment malfunctions while you are using it.

To cut costs, watch for online discounts. Also, active service military veterans can get 10 percent discounts.

Sample Tool Rental Price List

Below is a near complete list of tools (we omitted the ones not available in our area, which were maybe 10 obscure tools). For our sample, we took all the available tools in the Omaha, NE and surrounding areas.

And we only priced them for a single day rental. Please keep in mind that this pricing is as of June 2, 2019. THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE to give you an idea of price ranges, and will not be regularly updated.

Pricing will vary by your local Home Depot location and time of year. Click the accordion below to see the full tool rental price list.

Full Price List
Lawn And Garden

Aerator $90
Auger (Gas, 1 Man) $76
Auger (Gas, 2 Man) $96
Auger (Gas, Towable) $116
Bed Maintainer $45
Blower (Backpack) $41
Blower (Gas) $20
Brush Cutter $44
Cable Installer $85
Chainsaw (Electric) $46
Chainsaw (Gas, 16″) $58
Chainsaw (Gas, 20″) $68
Chipper $96
Hedge Trimmer (Electric) $30
Hedge Trimmer (Gas) $39
Hydraulic Brush Hog $101
Hydraulic Trencher (18″) $135
Lawn Edger $45
Lawn Roller $19
Log Splitter $96
Overseeder $84
Pole Hedge Trimmer (Gas) $54
Post Hole Digger $9
Power Rake $74
Pressure Washer (Electric) $39
Pressure Washer (Gas, 2700 PSI) $77
Pressure Washer (Gas, 3500 PSI) $97
Pressure Washer Extension Wand $11
Pro Aerator $98
Pruner (Gas) $58
Push Mower $33
Self Propelled Mower $38
Self Propelled Overseeder $114
Sod Cutter $95
String Trimmer $42
Stump Grinder $111
Stump Grinder (13 HP) $151
Tiller (Light Duty) $56
Tiller (Mantis) $38
Tiller (Mid Vine) $68
Tiller (Rear Tine) $91
Towable Aerator $53
Trencher (18″) $85
Wheel Barrow $16

Floor Cleaning Equipment

Carpet Blower $24
Carpet Cleaner $31
Carpet Cleaner And Detailer $22
Carpet Extractor With Heater $69
Compact Carpet Blower $9
Hard Floor Cleaner $72
Pro Carpet Blower $28
Tile And Grout Steam Cleaner $67
Floor Refinishers Coating Removal Tool $75
Compact Floor Stripper $61
Concrete Prep Tool $75
Drum Floor Sander $67
Drywall Dust Vacuum $23
Easy Hammer Cart For Small Breaker $71
Floor Edger (7″) $44
Floor Maintainer $57
Floor Polisher $47
Hexpin Surface Prep Tool $80
Orbital Deck And Floor Sander $64
Pro Floor Stripper $88
Random Orbital Floor Sander $64
Square Buff Floor Sander $61
Tile Roller With Wheels $22
Wet/Dry Vacuum $21
Wood Tool $70


Evaporative Cooling Fan $52
BTU Kerosene Heater (70k BTU) $37
BTU Kerosene Heater (150k BTU) $47
Drain Cleaning/Plumbing Auto Feed Drain Cleaner (50′, 1/2″) $71
Auto Feed Drain Cleaner (75′, 1/2″) $86
Drain Camera $195
Drain Cleaner (100′, 3/4″) $88
Drain Cleaner (50′, 1/2″) $59
Drain Cleaner (75′, 1/2″) $71
Drill Drain Auger $39
Manual Drain Cleaner (50′) $36
Multi-head Crimper Set $16
Rachet Soil Pipe Cutter $36
Roofers Pump $23
Submersible Pump (2″) $42
Toilet Auger $15
Trash Pump (Gas, 2″) $66
Trash Pump (Gas, 3″) $78
Water Pump (Gas) $33

Large Equipment

Articulating Boom Lift (30′) $399
Articulating Boom Lift (34′, Engine Powered) $399
Articulating Boom Lift (45′, DC Powered) $409
Articulating Boom Lift (46′, Engine Powered) $449
Chipper (12″) $489
Chipper (6″) $269
Chipper (8″) $299
Concrete Buggy (Tracked) $169
Dump Trailer (5×8, 3 Cu Yd) $99
Dump Trailer (6×10, 4 Cu Yd) $139
Mini Excavator (1 Ton) $249
Mini Excavator (1.5-2 Ton) $259
Mini Excavator (2.5-3 Ton) $309
Mini Excavator (3.5-4 Ton) $339
Mini Skid Steer (Bucket) $229
Mini Skid Steer (ROC 800-1000) $269
Mini Skid Steer (System) $229
Ride On Trencher (48″) $419
Rough Terrain Scissor Lift (32′) $319
Scissor Lift (19ft) $159
Scissor Lift (26′) $219
Scissor Lift On Trailer (12′) $169
Scissor Lift On Trailer (19′) $199
Scissor Lift On Trailer (26′) $259
Single Manlift (20′) $199
Skid Steer (Tracked, 1400-1900 lb) $339
Skid Steer (Tracked, 700-1200 b) $299
Skid Steer (Tracked, ROC 1950-2500) $399
Skid Steer (Wheeled, ROC 1000-1200) $269
Skid Steer (Wheeled, ROC 1500-1750) $289
Skid Steer (Wheeled, ROC 1950-2500) $319
Stump Grinder $279
Telehandler (2,500 lb) $379
Towable Boom Lift (35′) $279
Towable Boom Lift (50′) $359
Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB Micro, 6′ Depth) $269
Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB Mini, 8′ Depth) $309
Tractor Loader With Box Scraper $239
Trencher (24″) $179
Trencher (36″) $209
Trencher (48″) $219

Air Compressors And Nail Guns

Air Coil Roofing Nailer $29
Air Coil Siding Nailer $29
Air Compressor (Electric) $35
Air Compressor (Gas) $55
Air Crown Stapler $29
Air Finish Nailer $29
Air Floor Cleat Nailer (16 Ga) $39
Air Floor Stapler (15.5 Ga) $39
Air Floor Stapler (18 Ga) $29
Air Floor Stapler (20 Ga) $29
Air Framing Nailer $29
Brad Nailer (18 Ga) $20
Carpet Kicker $16
Carpet Kit $13
Carpet Power Stretcher And Case $31
Carpet Seamer $17
Carpet Stapler $19
Cordless Finish Nailer $39
Cordless Framing Nailer $39
Powder Actuated Tool $39
DemolitionBolt Cutters $11
Breaker $91
Breaker (Pro) $107
Breaker (Small) $72
Demolition Hammer (11 Lb) $54
Demolition Hammer (20 Lb) $61
Demolition Hammer (27 Lb) $67
Easy Hammer Cart (Small Breaker) $71
Roto Hammer (1.5″) $60
Roto Hammer (1″) $53
Roto Hammer (2″) $70

Drills And Drivers

Belt Sander $23
Cordless Drill (18v) $25
Cordless Impact Driver (18v) $25
Electric Circular Saw (7 1/4″) $21
Electric Door Planer (3″) $21
Electric Jig Saw $16
Electric Reciprocating Saw $21
Grinder (7″) $34
Hammer Drill (1/2″) $38
Jamb Saw $27
Mini Grinder $18
Miter Saw $46
Miter Saw (8.5″) $31
Mud Mixing Drill (1/2″) $22
Orbital Sander $13
Palm Sander $13
Rotary Laser Level Kit $61
Table Saw $46
Tow Kick Saw $28


Generator (3k Watt) $62
Generator (6.5k Watt) $82
Inverter Generator (2k Watt) $52
Inverter Generator (3k Watt) $77
Welder $51

Paint Tools

Aluminum Extension Ladder (24′) $31
Aluminum Extension Ladder (32′) $45
Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder (26′) $31
Cordless Paint Sprayer (20V) $39
Drywall Lift (11′) $36
Drywall Lift (15′) $41
Drywall Sander $53
Drywall Sander (Pro) $58
Electric Walpaper Steamer $37
Fiberglass Extension Ladder (24′) $31
Fiberglass Extension Ladder (28′) $41
Fiberglass Extension Ladder (32′) $45
Fiberglass Step Ladder (10′) $23
Fiberglass Step Ladder (12′) $25
Fiberglass Step Ladder (14”) $45
Paint Gun And Hopper $17
Paint Sprayer (Medium Duty) $93
Paint Sprayer (Pro) $108
Scaffolding (Interior) $52
Texture Sprayer $76
Texture Sprayer (Pro) $96

Tile Saws

Large Tile Saw $68
Manual Tile Cutter (24″) $16
Medium Tile Saw $58
Mini Tile Saw $28
Small Tile Saw $48

Tip: You may get charged for an extra day if you bring equipment back late. However, you may be able to get a free overnight by renting for four hours in the evening and returning before 9 a.m. the next day.

The Fine Print

Woman looking into a magnifying glass onto a piece of paper that says the fine print

Ron Leishman/Shutterstock

Nobody likes to be surprised by fine print, so we’ve compiled some highlights so you don’t have to. This is not all-inclusive, but gives you an idea what to remember before you visit your local Home Depot tool rental center.

  • Cash is accepted for the rental price but not the deposit. You’ll need to bring a card along for this
  • A government-issued ID is required at time of checkout
  • Gift and debit cards are not accepted for tool rental deposits
  • To rent a vehicle, you must be at least 21 years old and have a current U.S. or Canadian driver’s license. For Load ‘N Go rentals, bring proof of automobile insurance.
  • Vehicle rentals require a valid credit card. And you’ll have to refuel the vehicle before returning it.
  • The associate should also be able to show you that the tool is working properly. If the tool won’t operate correctly when you start the job, you can return it for replacement or refund.

Tip: You should feel capable of operating the tool you are renting. But you can ask the rental associate to demonstrate its features and controls. Home Depot has a few guides to operating common tools on its website.

Home Depot Sells Used Tools

You can expect Home Depot rental tools to be in good condition, well-maintained and ready to perform their function. However, the company puts older tools up for sale.

If you find you are renting a tool often, you can purchase one of these at a discount in working but as-is condition.

With brands like Honda and Makita, a little dust won’t stop them from working and is a great alternative for someone wanting to buy a great tool for a discounted price.

More Ways to Save

We love the Home Depot Rental Center. However, our favorite part of shopping at the big orange stores is that they have a weekly ad. Even better? Everything in the ad is eligible for free “ship to store.”

Home Depot ordering options

Image Source: Home Depot

This means you can order online (thereby capturing your savings) and then pick it up at your convenience. Also, thousands of items are even eligible for free 2 day shipping.

And unlike Amazon, you know the products on Home Depot’s shelves are new and not refurbished. Click the link below to see the items on sale in your area today!

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Should You Rent Tools from Home Depot?

Home Depot Tool Rental Centers offer compelling value by offering many options at low prices. If you have a project to complete but don’t want to break the bank, make sure to visit your local Home Depot tool rental center.