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Happy Grasshopper: Fun Email Marketing for Agents

Happy Grasshopper: Fun Email Marketing for Agents

Happy Grasshopper is a marketing platform that lets you send content-rich emails to your clients. But does it really help you convert more leads? We’ll cover this, pricing, best features, and more.

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  4. Platform Limitations
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  7. Our Take

What Is Happy Grasshopper?

Let’s face it — the most difficult of your job is effectively marketing your services and following up with prospects in a timely manner. Fortunately, Happy Grasshopper helps you do just that.

Happy Grasshopper was founded in 2010 by Dan Stewart, a serial entrepreneur with several startups in construction and marketing. Celeste Grupman, an executive who worked with him in other startups, was a co-founder.

The platform was intended to be a follow-up marketing tool for any salesperson. However, it got a good reception from real estate professionals. So the company has focused since on that industry.

What is happy grasshopper graphic against blue background with a screenshot of the platform on a silver laptop screen (1)

Happy Grasshopper says it has 10,000 users, including many real estate agents. It has a special edition of hgTouch created exclusively for agents of Keller Williams.

Happy Grasshopper combines content developed by creative writers with automated systems tailored to encourage relationship-building. Short, memorable email follow-up messages are delivered every three weeks.

This helps keep the agent top-of-mind with the right people. Read on to learn about the company, its best features, pricing, and how it can make you a more efficient agent.

Happy Grasshopper’s Best Features

While the platform offers great functionality, it’s more than just video emails. Read on to learn about our best features and why we think they stand out.

Content Library

Happy grasshopper data library featuring various articles

Image Source: Happy Grasshopper Vimeo

If you’re not a writer, you can still use this service. In fact, the platform is built for anyone to use, meaning you don’t have to be a writer to succeed. The content specialists at Happy Grasshopper wrote a giant library of content for anyone to use.

Pre-written articles include topics like “How to use sense to make sense,” “The laws of supply and demand,” and “How you know a market is shifting.”

In a nutshell, this helps you educate your client on complex topic without having to do any research at all. Simply open the dashboard, click your mouse, and get back to selling.

Easy File Uploads

If you sign up with Happy Grasshopper, the first thing you’ll do is give them access to your database of contacts. You can upload a comma-delimited (separated by commas) text file.

Additionally, it’s easy to import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or other email providers. You can also type them in manually. Next, Happy Grasshopper helps clean up your data.

Drip Campaigns

Happy grasshopper dashboard including a drip campaign

Image Source: Happy Grasshopper Vimeo

One of our favorite features of Happy Grasshopper is that users can enroll clients in drip campaigns. With the click of a mouse, you can automatically queue up messages to be sent on certain days or timelines.

Group Edits

This means removing duplicates, standardizing capitalization, and arranging contacts into groups. While this does not sound like a standout feature, trust me — it is. I get so frustrated when I have to go through a list and change capitalization.

If Happy Grasshopper has thought of including this feature, think of how much thought they’ve put into the rest of the product! This is a big win in my book.

Automatic Lead Capture

Next, Happy Grasshopper automatically captures new contacts and leads. The service parses emails for contact information and synchronizes with other software to identify and add leads to your database. This saves you both time and money (remember, time is money).

There are two main Happy Grasshopper services:

  • HG Keep-in-Touch –This sends friendly conversation-starting email messages to your sphere of influence and past customers every three weeks.
  • Position-Me — These are custom-written lead conversion email campaigns.

High Open Rates

Happy Grasshopper says its messages have an average open rate of 38.6 percent. The messages aren’t always about real estate, but may have to do with current events or topics of popular interest.

Fun Branding

Happy Grasshopper email editing

Image Source: Happy Grasshopper Vimeo

The emphasis is on being fun and friendly. While there are other automated email platforms out there, Happy Grasshopper stands out by being, well, happy. Their communications are whimsical and meant to make the reader smile. After all, laughter helps build trust.

The emails are more intended to maintain and extend relationships than to generate immediate marketing results. Clients can review the emails to make sure they are appropriate before they are sent out.

They can also edit emails as needed to make them more suited to the client’s marketing requirements and image.

Cast a Wide Marketing Net

Happy Grasshopper started as an email marketing service. It’s still mainly about email. However, it can deliver messages through several different channels, including:

  • Email –Happy Grasshopper considers this the highest-return marketing channel.
  • Text — The company warns that despite high open and reply rates, text can backfire if done incorrectly.
  • Voicemail drop — Happy Grasshopper will drop strategic voicemails without ringing contacts’ phones, which it says increases lead response and conversion.
  • Handwritten cards — Using robot-created messages on Hallmark-quality cards, Happy Grasshopper stamps and delivers them to your contacts.
  • Facebook Messenger — Another way to reach out to people already being contacted by other means.
  • Social media — Happy Grasshopper will curate and post conversation starters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Plans and Pricing

Happy Grasshopper is highly effective, but this comes at a price. In fact, it’s prices are some of the highest of all platforms we review.

Happy Grasshopper pricing tables and features

Image Source:

Startup Fee — $1,895 (one time)

Paying for a lead conversion campaign service begins with a hefty startup fee. For an individual with up to 5,000 contacts, the startup is $1,895.

Teams of up to three people can get underway for $2,395. That is also good for up to 5,000 contacts. The startup fee helps to pay for cleaning up and integrating the client’s database. 

Standard Plan — $99/month

After that, the monthly fee is $99 for individuals. For a team of up to three, it’s $199 per month. You can add another user to the team for $99 one-time startup fee plus $15 a month.

Compare this to BombBomb — one of the most popular custom emailing apps — and the pricing seems relatively high. An individual BombBomb plan with similar features is $1,499 annually with a $500 startup fee.

If you plan to keep your subscription for a few years, the plans average out to be around the same over time. However, the setup fee is very high, so you need to ensure you’ll be using it for a while, or else you risk wasting a lot of money.


Other services include:

  • Custom monthly blast: $200 each time
  • Miscellaneous custom writing: $125 per hour
  • Contacts above 5,000 word limit: An extra $20 per month for each additional 10,000 contacts

Happy Grasshopper’s every-three-weeks hgTouch contact maintenance service is $99 a month. This is good for up to 5,000 contacts. Happy Grasshopper offers a refund policy for the most recent 30-day billing period.

The company also promises that current customers won’t be subject to future rate hikes. In other words, their bill won’t change for as long as they use Happy Grasshopper services.

Platform Limitations

Happy Grasshopper has some limitations. For one, you can only use your own database of contacts and those harvested from email and other lead generation resources. That is, you can’t use purchased lists.

Also, the tone of the emails has to be right. The company explains its approach to content is, “You don’t have to come off as a pushy salesperson.”

This is appropriate for marketers who aren’t trying to generate immediate sales. But for Realtors who want to do more than just stay in touch, it might not be the right message.

Customer Support

Happy Grasshopper’s support operation has a large number of tutorials and videos on its website to help customers make use of the program. The topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Integrations
  • Best Practices, Tips, and Hints
  • Contact Management
  • Creating & Editing Messages
  • Creating Signatures
  • Lead Source Automation
  • Reporting
  • Team Accounts
  • hgTouch for Keller Williams
  • Your Billing Info
  • Training Videos

Some of the support materials that describe Happy Grasshopper’s approach can be used by anyone. For instance, its best practices tutorial for lead conversion campaigns lays out a strategy for messaging that has three main phases.

  1. Acknowledgement — Short introductions asking the source to contact you.
  2. Positioning — This is a series of three hard-sell messages sent the first week. They tell the lead why they should work with you, what makes you unique and what you can do for them.
  3. Nurturing — This is a series of 12 more personal messages. They could be restaurant recommendations, for instance. The idea is to foster the relationship without overselling and cause the lead to unsubscribe.

The best-practices tutorial notes that if a lead responds directly the agent should immediately stop the custom conversion campaigns. Happy Grasshopper users can tag a contact to keep that contact from receiving conversion emails once he or she has been converted.

Contacting the Company

Here’s how to get in touch with Happy Grasshopper:

Happy Grasshopper
500 Main St. Suite L
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Phone: 1-727-232-9117
Toll Free: 1-855-232-9077

The tutorials, walk-throughs, and videos will likely answer many questions. Customers can also contact Happy Grasshopper support by email at


There are many competitors in the field of customer relationship management where Happy Grasshopper operates. Here are some of them:

  • IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM is marketing automation software that simplifies the work of maintain and building relationships with clients and prospects. While does provide newsletter content, it’s not as focused on content as Happy Grasshopper.
  • Wise Agent is a competitively priced CRM program for real estate professionals. It has rich features for managing campaigns but doesn’t include professionally written content.
  • BombBomb is a video-email service geared toward real estate agents. Pricing is similar, but slightly less expensive. The platform is geared toward using a video of the agent speaking than sending whimsical and fun content like Happy Grasshopper does.

Our Take

I’m not going to lie, this service is extremely expensive. The monthly fee is reasonable, but the startup fee prices many new or single agents out of the market.

At its core, this is a simple CRM that integrates professionally written content. As a content marketer myself, I know that good content can generate a lot of leads.

But is the same true for real estate marketing? Maybe. If your audience is made up of people who thirst for knowledge, they may find a professionally written article on supply and demand helpful.

If this describes you (and you don’t have time to write your own content), Happy Grasshopper is worth considering. But if you are simply seeking a CRM to help you stay in contact with clients, there are better options.

These include Follow Up Boss and Less Annoying CRM, which are not feature rich but rather help connect you with your clients for a low monthly fee.

Happy Grasshopper Roundup

Happy Grasshopper is an automated marketing and follow up service for real estate agents. It provides agents with the content and automation to launch powerful lead conversion campaigns.

Then they can stay top of mind and expand their sphere of influence with fun, friendly emails crafted by professional writers. Over time, Happy Grasshopper gives an agent a rich resource of past clients and prospects with the ability to generate long-lasting revenue.'s real estate software guide

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