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Best Free Real Estate CRM for Your Business

Best Free Real Estate CRM for Your Business

If you’re searching for the best free real estate CRM, you’ve come to the right place. Our complete guide will show you the best options to connect with prospects. Better yet? They’re free!

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What Is a CRM?

Maybe you’re a new real estate agent who wants to generate and manage leads. Or maybe you’ve just ready to boost your productivity and profits.

Either way, using a quality customer relationship management platform is critical. After all, you’re in a competitive, fast-paced industry.

What Is a free Real Estate CRM_

Good CRMs help real estate businesses with everything from tracking new leads and their search patterns to sending automated follow-ups at the right time.

Other features a CRM solution might include are:

  • Lead generation for seller or buyer leads
  • IDX websites and landing pages
  • Sales pipelines
  • Managing contacts and clients
  • Calendar and task manager
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Property listing management
  • Transaction management

When you start comparing CRMs, you’ll notice the pricing varies quite a bit depending on the available features.

The top-rated real estate CRMs come with more features and a higher price tag, but there plenty of useful free platforms that offer basic features at zero cost. 

Why Try a Free CRM?

Why should you bother with a free CRM? There are several reasons checking out free CRMs might be a good option for you.

  • If you’ve never used a CRM before
  • If you’re new to the industry and just need something simple with ease of use
  • If you’re using temporarily while you look for another CRM
  • If your budget doesn’t allow for a paid CRM right now
  • If you don’t need feature-packed software and only want the basics

Organizing and optimizing your real estate business starts with a good CRM. In this article, we’re covering the best free real estate CRM options.

We’ll list their features, pros and cons, and who they’re best for. If you’re on the hunt for a quality free CRM, this is the perfect place to start your search.

Best Free Real Estate CRMs

Not all CRM platforms are built and designed specifically for real estate agents. Some are geared toward small businesses in general. We did find a few options that are perfect for real estate. 

Here, you’ll see no-cost CRM options that are a good fit for real estate agents and brokers. We’ll review the features, pros and cons, pricing details, and intended users of each. Let’s get started!

Podio free crm displayed on three mobile devices

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  • Best for: Real estate investors
  • Pricing: Free (5 users) | Basic ($9/mo) | Plus ($14/mo) | Premium ($24/mo)
  • Pros: Trusted name, good reviews, helpful for organization and management
  • Cons: Very limited features, best features come with paid plans

In the world of real estate CRMs for investors, Podio is one of the most highly-rated and popular tools out there.

It offers a free trial for anyone who wants to give the software a try without committing to a long-term paid plan. What can you do with Podio’s free plan? Not as much as you’d think.

You can use the workflow builder to create programs and strategies for nurturing your leads and working your way through transactions.

However, you can’t use workflow automation features unless you choose to pay for the Plus plan ($14/mo). 

Overall: Useful only if you’re an investor looking for a project management solution to help you set up workflows.

Bitrix24 free real estate crm displayed on two mobile devices

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  • Best for: Real estate teams and brokerages
  • Pricing: Free (12 users) | Plus ($35/mo) | Full CRM ($65/mo) | Standard ($89/mo) | Pro ($179/mo)
  • Pros: Allows several users, great for teams, plenty of document and email storage
  • Cons: Best features aren’t included with the free plan, no analytics

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based CRM tool. It does offer a “lite” version of their software for free. You won’t get special features like website management, the automatic dialer, or even analytics with this software. Still, you do get a lot of features free. 

Aside from the included 5 GB of cloud storage and 1,000 emails per month, you also get unlimited leads (great for heavy prospecting), a free mobile app, and the ability to import and export leads.

Team and task management are done using a calendar that team members can share. The ability to collaborate during the sales process is another useful feature.

Overall: Skip it if you’re not part of a larger real estate team, but the mobile app is a nice bonus. 

Agile CRM
Agile CRM screenshot of the product dashboard

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  • Best for: Any real estate agent, broker, or investor
  • Pricing: Free (10 users) | Starter ($8.99/mo) | Regular ($29.99/mo) | Enterprise ($47.99/mo)
  • Pros: Tons of features included, lead scoring, and simple, aesthetic user interface 
  • Cons: Better features with paid plans, no analytics, no email campaigns

Agile gives you a lot more than most free real estate CRMs, including a list of 10 useful features you can access anytime.

If you’re managing and tracking a lot of leads and contacts, this is the CRM for you (you get up to 50,000 contacts!). 

Everything from scheduling appointments and showings to scoring leads, monitoring your sales funnels, tracking deals, and automated emails come included with this platform.

If you’d like to access even more features, you can sign up for a monthly plan under $10/mo.

Overall: The best free real estate CRM on this list, great for all agents and investors. 

Insightly CRM featuring a CRM and follow up email

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  • Best for: Solo agents or real estate duos
  • Pricing: Free (2 users) | Plus ($29/mo) | Pro ($49/mo) | Enterprise ($99/mo)
  • Pros: Even paid plans are affordable, great analytics to improve your efforts, mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Cons: Limited contacts and users, no integrations, not designed for the real estate industry, limited in features

Insightly can easily be used to track and manage real estate sales, but it’s designed for sales in any industry. Insightly gives a few features to users (add up to 2 users on your plan) free.

Like other CRMs, it saves the best features for paid users. We didn’t like that you have to sign up for a free trial of the Plus version (normally $29/mo) to get access to the free version.

It’s easy to get used to Plus features that won’t be available with the Free plan. Using the free version, you can have 2 users, save 2,500 contacts, 200 MB of storage, and access lead data and analytics.

You can also use the mobile app, automate up to 10 mass emails per day, access 5 email templates, and create to-do lists on the platform’s calendar. Task and contact management are pretty robust on this platform. 

Overall: Good for solo agents and those who just want to manage time better by creating to-do lists and tasks on the calendar. Not the best for agents who seek intensive lead management and tracking.

Zillow Premier Agent CRM
Zillow premier agent crm displayed on a high-end mobile device

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  • Best for:Real estate agents with large marketing budgets who want to use Zillow Premier Agent
  • Pricing: Free
  • Pros: Always free – no paid versions, simple and easy to use, automatically manage and access Zillow leads
  • Cons: Limited features, requires that you pay for leads using Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent CRM is a bit different from others we’ve covered here. You must be a Zillow Premier Agent to use this CRM.

To do that, you’ll pay a varying price to be listed first on properties. That price depends on the number of other agents in your area using the platform and the average listing prices in your area. 

You’ll have an agent inbox to receive messages from interested leads, a list of contacts you can save new leads to, and a calendar that doubles as a to-do list.

Your leads list can be customized in real-time by adding new lead status, contact notes, and special tasks for each one that will appear on your primary calendar (i.e., “Call Chris tomorrow at 9:15 am”). 

Overall: If you have the marketing budget to spare and have been considering becoming a Zillow Premier Agent, this CRM is an excellent choice for managing the leads you’ll generate through this platform. 

What Is the Best Free Real Estate CRM?

Free CRMs may not be as packed with features as their paid counterparts, but they are still designed to help you streamline your real estate business.

They make it easier to keep up with new and old leads, clients, marketing, tasks, deadlines, deals, and transactions.

Some tasks are made easier through automation on these platforms. Others just need clear workflows laid out to guide them through different processes effortlessly.

By reviewing our list of the best real estate CRMs, you can see the considerable variance in features and limitations of each. Let’s recap:

  • Podio: Made for investors, focuses on limited project management
  • Bitrix24: Made for teams, has a mobile app and lots of features aimed toward teams
  • Agile: Made for any real estate professional, tons of features included, best CRM on the list
  • Insightly: Made for agents, few features for lead management and tracking, more about to-do lists
  • Zillow Premier Agent: Made for agents, free to use but requires that you purchase leads

Different free CRMs handle these tasks efficiently enough, but in our research, we found that Agile CRM was simply the best.

With 10 great features, a large contact/lead allowance (50,000), robust lead management, and the ability to upgrade features for less than $10 per month, there are many benefits to using Agile’s free plan.'s real estate software guide

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