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Fence Company Near Me: Tips for Hiring the Best

Fence Company Near Me: Tips for Hiring the Best

Are you searching for a “fence company near me” but unsure where to start? Our tips for hiring the best fence vendor will help you ensure you receive a quality installation at a competitive price. Read on to learn more.

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Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, hiring a fencing company near you can be a little intimidating. Fences aren’t cheap, and the results can either give your home a facelift or become an eyesore on your property.

Making sure that you do your research before hiring a fencing company is the best way to avoid disastrous results. We’ve compiled everything you need to know before hiring a local fencing company.

This includes qualifications to look for in the contractors, types of fences most companies can build, questions to ask, and lots of tips you can use when you look for and hire a fence company. Let’s dive in!

Why Hire a Local Fencing Company?

Building a fence on your own is one of the most challenging DIY projects for a homeowner. Everything must be precisely measured and planned. All materials and installation techniques should follow industry standards.

There are local and state rules and laws to comply with, safety precautions to consider, and possible HOA guidelines you may have to follow. Hiring a fencing company is a more straightforward option for most homeowners.

They have all the knowledge and experience to complete the job properly, and they do it according to guidelines and compliance rules that must be followed.

What Does a Fence Company Do?

What does a local fencing company do and the answer illustrated in a single graphic

A fencing company or fencing contractor specializes in building, repairing, and maintaining fences. As a homeowner, you’ll be looking for a residential fencing company or contractor.

This type of company works specifically with residential fences that serve to give you privacy, keep pets or children safe, beautify your property, or create a safe barrier. Many individuals do fencing work unaffiliated with a company.

You’ll likely find several people that offer to come out and give you an estimate if you ask around locally. The issue with individuals that don’t work with a fencing company is that they may not be bonded and insured.

That could result in you ending up with a poorly built fence or one that won’t be covered by any type of warranty later on. Good fencing companies and contractors are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their trade.

They will be able to show you lots of examples of their work and reviews from satisfied customers so you can feel confident that your fence will turn out the way you envision. 

Choosing the Type of Fence You Want

Types of fences illustrated on a yellow background featuring wood, vinyl, iron, aluminum, and chain link

Once you’ve decided to hire a fencing company or contractor, you can start looking at different types of fences to decide which one you want. The first thing to consider is the material you’d like your fence to be built with. 

Common Fence Materials

There are pros and cons for different materials as well as varying price points. Let’s look at some of the most popular fence materials to choose from.


Wooden privacy fence as a featured image for a piece on fence companies


The classic and most popular choice. It can be stained or painted in the color of your choice, but it requires a lot of maintenance over the years and is susceptible to warping, rotting, and termites.


Vinyl Fence Solid Privacy


An attractive option that requires no maintenance and is surprisingly sturdy (vinyl fencing may have an interior core of aluminum). It won’t rot or warp.

But it is prone to crack and become brittle if exposed to extreme temperatures. The upfront cost is higher than wood but still affordable.


As a featured image for a piece on fencing companies, Suburban Victorian Style Home Fenced Sunny Blue Sky Day


A bold choice for fencing that has a rich history. Iron is exceptionally durable and strong, making it a perfect choice for security fences.

Oxidation over the years leaves iron with a lovely patina, and it requires no maintenance. However, it’s heavy, tough to install, and expensive. It can rust if the paint is chipped.


Black Aluminum Fence


A light-weight, durable option that can be ordered in a vast range of colors and styles. Aluminum requires little to no maintenance because it’s powder-coated, but can’t be used as a privacy fence. The cost is higher than wood, but comparable to vinyl. 

Chain Link

Black Chain Link Fence


An affordable, no-maintenance option that is simple to install. Chain-link fencing can be viewed as industrial or unattractive.

So consider a different material if you’re looking for a fence you’ll enjoy looking at or that neighbors will appreciate. They don’t provide much security, and even with special slats, they won’t offer much privacy.

Popular Fence Styles and Designs

Popular fence styles illustrated as an image for a piece on Fence Company Near Me

There are limitless options for fence styles and designs, so let your vision be the guide as you browse different types. Here are some of the most popular fence styles. 


A traditional style that offers privacy and allows variations for a more contemporary look. Privacy fences all have two things in common.

The boards touch, so there is no open space between them, and the boards are tall enough to keep others from looking in.

Split Rail

For a natural look, split rail fencing is a classic style that features rough-hewn logs in 2 or 3 rows. These fences are known for their informal, wandering design, so they may not be a good fit in every neighborhood. 


An iconic and classic option (we’ve all seen a house with a white picket fence), picket fences feature boards that are evenly spaced and connected at the back by two or more rails running horizontally. They don’t offer much in the way of security or privacy.

Basic Metal

Fences are available in a few different metal options, so your decision will be based on whether you want a simple, basic fence or a more decorative, ornamental style.

Basic metal fences typically have widely spaced pickets and are flat on top. This fence is more expensive than a basic wood fence, but many options are still affordable. 

Ornamental Metal

Offering a more refined look than basic metal fences, ornamental metal fences can bring an old-world charm to your yard if the look is a good fit.

Ornamental metal fences are typically made of wrought iron, so they are heavy and expensive, but their durability can’t be beaten. 

Hiring a Fencing Company Near You

How to find a fence company near you illustrated in a side-by-side graphic

Once you have your ideal fence materials and style in mind, it’s time to start looking for the right fencing company to get the job done. There are excellent options in every city.

But finding the best means beginning with a little research. Here, we show you what to ask, what to look for, and how to find the best local fencing company. 

Track Down Your Favorite Fences

There are probably fences near you that have the look or style you’re going for, so take a drive or walk around the neighborhood to identify the fences you like best.

Many fence companies leave a company marker somewhere on the public-facing side of the fence, so you may be able to find a great fence company this way. 

If you don’t see a clear marker, you may be able to ask the homeowner who did their fencing. This option gives you a chance to review the company’s work in detail before calling them for an estimate.

Search for Reviews and Testimonials

Every fence company claims to be the best around, so how can you tell which one really is? Starting by reading reviews and testimonials online is a good way to get a sense of how the community views their work. 

Remember: Reviews and recommendations are subjective, so one person’s glowing review might not be the best indicator of true quality. Reading reviews can help you get a sense of how people generally like the work they’ve done, so don’t skip this step.

Call 3 Companies and Get Estimates

For any contractor work you’re having done, it’s wise to get more than one estimate so you can get a sense of what the price range will be, see if one is very high in comparison, and interact with the crew to see if they’ll be a good fit. 

If you can search online or ask for recommendations to find three fencing companies near you, you can explain what you’re looking for and have them come out for an estimate.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to speak with the crew, ask about their experience, see additional photos of work they’ve completed, and make sure they’ll be able to bring your dream fence to life. 

When you’ve got three estimates, you will be able to choose the company that seemed like the best fit – and it may not be the one that gave the lowest cost estimate.

Average Fencing Company Costs

Average fence costs displayed on an illustration against yellow background

It helps to know about how much you’ll pay a fencing company to build your ideal fence. Costs widely vary depending on the materials used, length and height of the fence, fence style, location, and terrain.

Overall, fences cost about $5 to $25 per foot, depending on the material used. This comes to about $1,500 to $3,000 in total for a fencing job.

One factor that determines the overall cost is the length of the fence. The average yard has about 150 feet of fencing around the property line.

So using that as a basis, you might pay about $1,700 for a picket fence that length or $2,500 for a wood privacy fence the same length.

Another factor in fencing company cost is the material used to build a fence. Wood, chain link, and vinyl fences are the most affordable materials, while aluminum and wrought iron are the most expensive. 

  • Wood: $10 to $22 per foot
  • Vinyl: $15 to $30 per foot
  • Chain link: $12 to $17 per foot
  • Aluminum: $24 to $32 per foot
  • Wrought iron: $24 to $44 per foot

Sloped terrain can make it difficult to install a fence, so your fencing company may increase the overall cost. This is due to additional work required to install the fence on sloped terrain as well as additional materials, like longer posts, that may be necessary. 

Hiring a Fencing Company Near Me Summary

When you decide you’re ready to hire a “fence company near me” for your home, finding the best local fencing company should be a top priority.

Installed properly and maintained well, a fence will last for decades or longer and bring beauty, privacy, and security to your home. 

When you hire a fencing company, look for one that:

  • Is well known locally
  • Gets positive reviews in the community
  • Offers a fair estimate (see the average costs above)
  • And can show you examples of good work they’ve done. 

As long as you do your research ahead of time and know exactly what kind of fence you want, finding a great fencing company might be the easiest part.

Once the job is complete, you’ll have a great, functional structure on your property that you can enjoy for years to come! 

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