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Cloud CMA: Build Useful Market Reports with a Single Click

Cloud CMA: Build Useful Market Reports with a Single Click

Cloud CMA helps you make informed sales presentations by creating beautiful CMA reports with a single click of the mouse. Read on to learn about this product, its best features, and whether we recommend it.

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What Is Cloud CMA?

Cloud CMA lets agents build slick-looking Comparative Market Analysis reports with a single click. The cloud-based solution allows real estate professionals to quickly and easily create listing presentations to woo new prospects.

For a Realtor, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is one of your most important sales tools. Using a professional CMA instead of a weak one can earn you a listing.

To create a CMA, real estate agents pull data from their local Multiple Listing Service. A good CMA typically shows:

  • Sale price of comparable listings and sales (comps) in the market area
  • Photos of comps included in the report
  • Other information on comps such as size, bedrooms, and age
  • A map displaying comps’ locations
  • A suggested listing price for the prospect’s property

A CMA may also include other information, such as how the prospect will benefit from listing with this particular agent. The main thing, however, is to suggest a listing price and show the client how that figure was calculated.

Agents can also use Cloud CMA to create buyer tours, just listed reports, and other property reports. And the software can help with lead generation by offering a free home valuation report on the agent’s web page.

Cloud Agent Suite

Cloud CMA recently became part of Cloud Agent Suite. This is a set of real estate software sold by W+R Studios, Cloud CMA’s parent company.

Screenshot of the various MLS tools offered by Cloud Agent Suite

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In addition to Cloud CMA, Cloud Agent Suite also includes:

  • Cloud Streams, which sends clients new listing alerts by text or email
  • Cloud MLX, which helps agents search and share data from MLS listings
  • Cloud Attract, which has web landing page templates

This platform also continues to be available as a stand-alone product in addition to being bundled with the other Cloud Agent Suite apps.

Cloud CMA’s Best Features

This platform includes far more than simple CMA reports. In fact, Cloud CMA is packed with all sorts of unique features. We’ve included our favorites below.

MLS Integration

To create CMAs, agents pull data mostly from their local MLS. The MLS is a rich source of all kinds of information that is only available to real estate professionals.

Screenshot of the Cloud CMA dashboard of all listings

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The problem with MLS data is that it is poorly formatted for client presentations. Typefaces and photos are too small, and the page layout is confusing.

Single-Click CMA Reports

Cloud CMA lets agents re-format that MLS data with a click to turn it into an appealing CMA. The MLS data auto-populates fields for price and other information on the report, saving typing and improving accuracy.

Custom Branding

Agents and brokers can brand and customize the CMA with the company logo and other identifiers. Then they can generate a client-ready report suitable for emailing or printing a hard copy.

The finished hard-copy report includes a QR code clients can scan to access a digital copy for download or sharing. CMAs can be shared by clients or agents using email or social media.

Pre-Written Content

Cloud CMA report displayed on a black iPad

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It also has professionally written content about the value of using an agent, how CMAs are calculated, and more. Other pre-packaged information explains how commissions are calculated and discusses the role of timing in listing a property.

The various kinds of information are presented as text, graphics, maps, and photos. The maps included in a Cloud CMA report show property details by location.

This includes average pricing and identifies listings that have been sold, are pending, or have been canceled.

The Cloud CMA software runs in the cloud, so it’s accessible from any computer browser. Agents can also use tablet devices to make electronic presentations instead of handing out hard copies.

Cloud CMA Pros and Cons

As with any balanced review, it’s important to review both the pros and cons. Don’t worry — we’ve done just that. Read on to learn what we like and don’t like.

Pros (what we like)

Cloud CMA gets good marks for ease of use from customers who post online reviews. It’s rated as simple, fast, and smooth in operation.

Brokers and agents liked the speed of Cloud CMA, allowing them to create detailed CMAs in minutes. The custom branding and landing page features also won praise. Client presentations using an iPad tablet reportedly work well using Cloud CMA.

Cons (what can be improved)

The monthly subscription prices for Cloud CMA get some criticism for being high in price. However, most users felt it was still a good value.

Among the few negatives about Cloud CMA’s features and operation is a complaint about being unable to customize photos used on flyers. Another user also disliked the templates provided for emails.

Cloud CMA Support

The maker of Cloud CMA, W+R Studios, was founded in 2008. It’s a privately held company based near Los Angeles. It specializes in developing web-based software for the real estate industry.

W+R Studios was co-founded by Dan Woolley and Greg Robertson. Their backgrounds are in developing and marketing real estate software. In addition to Cloud CMA, W+R’s creations include Cloud Stream, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract. These are all marketed today as Cloud Agent Suite.

Should you need to contact Cloud CMA, you can do so via one of the following methods:

W+R Studios
123 Main Street, Ste. 201
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Telephone: 855-977-8834

W+R provides support to Cloud CMA users online, via email, webinars, and video tutorials. 

Cloud CMA Pricing

Screenshot of the Cloud Agent Suite pricing

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The Cloud CMA solution is a subscription product available as a stand-alone product for $45 per month. It’s also sold as part of the Cloud Agent Suite. The suite has three pricing levels for individual agents:

  1. $150 monthly purchases access to Cloud Agent Suite for agents without MLS access
  2. $125 monthly for agents who are affiliated with an MLS
  3. $59 monthly when paying for a year at a time

For brokers, a $150 per month subscription is good for up to five agents. For up to 25 agents, brokers pay $350 per month. Up to 50 agents can be served for $650 monthly.

There is also a 30-day free trial. Trial users get full access to all the tools for 30 days. For the trial, users have to provide a credit card number. If the trial is canceled within 30 days, the company says it will not bill the card.

There is no contract when fees are paid monthly. Cloud CMA customers can cancel at any time.

Cloud CMA Alternatives

There are not a lot of real estate CMA software tools for real estate professionals. Some companies, such as House Canary, provide data and analytics to help homeowners determine their home’s value on the market.

House Canary isn’t specialized for creating reports, though. Cloud CMA does have some direct competition, however. Here are two that agents could also consider:


MoxiPresent software lets agents include videos in interactive CMAs. That is a feature Cloud CMA does not offer. MoxiPresent can also create hard-copy flyers, open house presentations, and other marketing materials.

Like Cloud CMA, MoxiPresent is also sold as part of a suite of real estate software offerings. The MoxiWorks suite includes applications for CRM, marketing, agent recruiting and retention, websites, and brokerage intranet.

MoxiPresent doesn’t provide information about pricing online. To find out the cost, contact the company.


FlashCMA is significantly less costly than Cloud CMA, at $100 for a year’s subscription. There’s also a free trial. And there is a free subscription level that allows users to print a one-page report.

FlashCMA uses actuarial techniques to generate estimates that it says are more accurate than other CMA products. But it lacks some of the report customization and flexibility of Cloud CMA.

Our Take

Cloud CMA offers compelling value for agents seeking to streamline the CMA process. If you are spending too much time building CMA reports, this tool can help you drastically cut down on this process.

However, if you don’t build custom CMA reports for each client (many agents don’t), then your marketing dollars are better spend on lead generation services. Speaking of that, we highly recommend BoldLeads.

Should You Use Cloud CMA?

Cloud CMA makes it easy to create customized, personalized, and classy-looking presentations quickly. These will help for new listing sales calls and other marketing purposes.

A CMA is one of a real estate professional’s most important marketing tools. So Cloud CMA is something many serious agents will want to look at.'s real estate software guide

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