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Buildium Property Management Software Review

Buildium Property Management Software Review

Buildium is a property management software that seeks to make managing your units a breeze. But is the centralized platform worth buying? As a former property manager of 500 units, I’d know. Read on to learn my thoughts.

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What Is Buildium?

Buildium is user-friendly property management software that gives managers and property management companies a seamless overview of their properties and tenants, from one unit to 5,000.

This platform makes every aspect of managing rental properties and real estate easier. And since it’s been acquired by RealPage, it’s gotten even better.

Using the software, you can automate and manage nearly every part of residential property management, including rent, tenants, maintenance, accounting, document management, listings, and vacancies.

Track leases and tenants, manage your accounting, automate the rent payment process, take online payments through the tenant portal, and generate full reports at any time.

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Buildium partners with Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist to syndicate your listings. This ensures you get the most attention for each vacancy and fill them faster.

Buildium’s platform is based on ease of use, simplicity, and helping property managers automate daily tasks that can take up a lot of time. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at Buildium’s features, pricing, top alternatives, and reviews. Finally, we’ll share our overall take on this platform and whether it’s a good investment for property managers.

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Buildium Features

There are so many features for property managers in the Buildium platform. Here’s an overview of the capabilities you’ll have with this software. 

  • Property Accounting: Send and accept rent payments, manage your bank accounts, and generate reports any time you want
  • Online Payments: Send monthly rent, invoices, and fee statements, then accept the tenant and vendor payments online when tenants pay with a credit card through Buildium’s secure payment platform. Automate monthly rent statements with the platform, too
  • File Taxes: File all 1099s and tax forms directly through Buildium to save time
  • Monitor Expenses: Handle all accounting tasks by keeping a close eye on every dollar spent, vendor paid, tenant billed, and more
  • Maintenance Requests and Tracking: Manage your property’s maintenance tasks and work orders directly through the platform, and allow tenants to request maintenance through the resident website easily
  • Cloud Storage: Securely store digitized versions of your documents in the cloud
  • Owner Portal: Keep property owners in the loop by allowing easy access to the owner portal, where they can view up-to-date reports and statements
  • Manage and Perform Inspections: Buildium has partnered with HappyCo’s inspection software to allow you to do easy property inspections by walking through the property guided by the app
  • Renter’s Insurance: Ensure you and your tenants are protected with required Renter’s Insurance for every tenant
  • Post Listings: Post vacant properties for rent and Buildium will automatically syndicate them to Zilllow, Trulia, Craigslist, and more
  • Renter Applications and Screenings: Accept and view rental applications through the platform, then screen your most promising candidates with background checks, criminal records, and more
  • Show Vacant Properties: Use Buildium’s partner Tenant Turner to schedule showings from interested renters, manage dates and times you’re available, and guide you through the showing
  • eLease: Accept electronic lease agreements from tenants online with eSignatures, then store all related documents in the cloud securely
  • Free Website: Create a free website to post and market your vacant properties and accept rental applications easily
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Buildium Pricing

How much does Buildium cost? Here’s all the pricing information for this platform. Pricing does vary based on the number of units you manage, so for simplicity, we will show the pricing information for 100 properties.

There are two plans currently available: Core and Pro. The Core plan is a little more limited. It’s designed for property managers overseeing a smaller number of units.

It’s also for those who won’t make much use of eLeases, tenant screenings, or inspections (eLeases and inspections are free with the Pro plan). 

Buildium pricing

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Core | $156.00/month

  • Save 10% if you prepay for one year
  • Accounting, budgeting, and reports
  • Accept online payments
  • Track and allocate expenses
  • Leasing management
  • eLeases – $5 each
  • Basic tenant screening – $15 each
  • Tenant and owner portals
  • Maintenance tracking and management
  • Inspections – $65/month and $99 setup fee (one time)

Pro | $208/month

  • Save 10% if you prepay for one year
  • Accounting, budgeting, and reports
  • Accept online payments
  • Track and allocate expenses
  • Leasing management
  • 30 free eLeases per month
  • Premium tenant screenings – $18 each
  • Tenant and owner portals
  • Maintenance management
  • Free mobile Inspections
  • Onboarding included

Additional Options

Beyond the regular monthly plans, you have the option to add any of the following services to your Buildium plan. 

  • Renter’s Insurance: Starts at $12/month
  • Remote Check Printing: $30 setup fee, then $0.80/check
  • Showings Coordinator: $30/month
  • eFile Taxes: $25/batch plus $3 per form
  • EZMail: $0.80/single page mailing plus $0.15/additional pages

Top Buildium Alternatives

If you’re not sure about Buildium or just want to look at some alternatives to this property management platform, there are a few options you should consider. 


  • What it does: Do mobile inspections from your phone, and manage commercial, residential, student housing, and community associations properties. Plus, you can access every feature from any mobile device. 
  • What it doesn’t do: It’s not as affordable as Buildium with a minimum cost of $250/month plus onboarding fees. There’s no free trial.

Read our full review of AppFolio here.


  • What it does: SparkRental offers affordable pricing (free, or $19-$39/month for upgraded plans), listing syndication to Trulia, Zillow, and HotPads, rental application and lease management, tenant screening, online payments, document storage, and expense tracking.
  • What it doesn’t do: No maintenance work orders or request logging, no website (but that’s available with the upgraded plans), and limited to properties with less than 75 units.

Buildium Reviews

What are Buildium users online saying about the platform? We’ve compiled Buildium reviews for you here.

Erin from Virtual Bookiez

“The ability to upload subcontractor paperwork and have all the information in one place securely online with reminders set up when expiration or missing information is needed. The ability for everyone with accounts set up to communicate, check on tasks, and proposals all in one place for easy referral.

One of the easiest implementations and setups for property management software. But the absolute best thing about Buildium is that you can list as much information from sales, tasks, proposals, selections, etc.”

Emmett of Sandstone Property Management

“We are able to get much better organized, be on top of things. Pros: It is a pure property management software. It has one thing in mind…managing real estate. Cons: The financial angle is not great. If you know the work arounds, it is OK. It also does not have a sales tax component like HST or GST in Canada.”

 Sharon from Villas Property Management

“Saving tons of hours because everything needed is in this software. It’s time saving and makes financial sense to use this program. You won’t be disappointed!! This product has everything needed to be a productive Association Manager. From accounting, membership, violations and more, it has it all. There was nothing that I didn’t like when I used this software.”

Jackie from Better Homes and Gardens Approved Properties

“Looking back from where we were a few years ago before Buildium to now I can see huge benefits to myself and my staff as a result of the program. My time to do a lot of the accounting side of things has been reduced dramatically and having access to the information 24/7 is wonderful as well.”

Our Take

Is Buildium a viable platform choice for you as a property manager? We think it’s the best property management software available right now.

Get help with every single aspect of property management:

  • Tenant applications and screening
  • Online rent and vendor payments
  • Full accounting features
  • Walk-through property inspections
  • eLeases
  • Maintenance requests and tracking
  • And a mobile app to do everything above from your phone

While some other property management software platforms are limited in the number of properties you can manage through them, Buildium can handle up to 5,000 units.

The pricing is fair and affordable, and we like how owners and tenants can be more involved through their respective portals in the app.

For ease of use, affordability, and overall value, Buildium is a winner and a solid choice for any property manager looking to simplify the role.

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Should You Use Buildium?

If you’re searching for a new property management software, Buildium is worth a look. Their powerful platform lets users easily collect rents, process work orders, and run financial reports from one consolidated dashboard.

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