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Is BombBomb the Video Platform for Your Real Estate Empire?

Is BombBomb the Video Platform for Your Real Estate Empire?

BombBomb helps you humanize your prospecting efforts by incorporating video into your email and text drip campaigns. But does it work? Read on to find out.

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What Is BombBomb?

Real estate is moving into a new age – an electronic age. More and more, real estate agents are using electronic mediums to attract new leads and grow existing client relationships. One tool many agents use to help them accomplish this is BombBomb.

You’re likely no stranger to email outreach, but BombBomb can help humanize your brand and actually get people to click. Here’s a little about BombBomb and how it can improve your sales process.

What Is BombBomb graphic with a photo of a laptop and a woman's video recording process on it

BombBomb is an email provider that integrates video into your correspondence and email sales campaigns. The platform lets you create and send video messages easily.

It also helps you create forms, lists, and drip email campaigns. If you use Gmail or Zapier, then you’ll have no issue seamlessly integrating BombBomb.

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BombBomb’s Features

BombBomb has several features that work together to create your video email campaigns and communications. They are:

Email Creation

Of course, email creation is what everyone looks to BombBomb for and they make the creation process a piece of cake. The dashboard allows you to easily view a record of the emails you’ve sent, track metrics, and duplicate campaigns.

A woman using the BombBomb video platform before sending her video to a client

Image Source: BombBomb

You can choose a template, create an email, and then insert the video before sending. There’s also a BombBomb chrome extension for Gmail that allows you to create videos in Gmail.

It then inserts the video directly into the body of your email. Agents using the BombBomb dashboard can use videos they’ve created previously, insert a video from YouTube, or record their own video on the spot with a webcam.

You then upload the video and it’s now ready to deliver to various formats, whether the recipient is on a desktop or a mobile device. You can create emails without video too.

Contact List Upload

Easily upload your existing contacts into BombBomb’s system by copying and pasting them or using their bulk upload feature.

A BombBomb contact list

Image Source: BombBomb

Once they’re entered into the system, you can create contact lists that target specific people, which comes in handy when using drip email campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are a great tool for real estate agents and BombBomb makes them easy to create. These campaigns stagger the delivery of emails automatically.

A screenshot of a training video from BombBomb

Image Source: BombBomb

This allows you to reach prospects over the course of hours, days, weeks, or months. With BombBomb, you can target specific contacts from your contact list and customize the delivery of the emails.

For example, if you want to create a list of prospective clients, you can assign a drip campaign to that list. Then you can customize the delivery of the emails in a way that progressively attempts to build a relationship and enter them into your sales funnel.

Lead Capture Forms

One of the features users seem to like the most about BombBomb, aside from how easy the videos are to create, is its form creation feature.

A BombBomb template library

Image Source: BombBomb

This allows you to create custom contact forms easily and then program those forms to trigger an email drip campaign, add people to a particular contact list, or do both.

The form is created with built-in HTML code that you can easily add to your blog or website and a URL link to the form.

A Few Other Features

BombBomb also includes social sharing of videos. For all you social media newbies out there, these analytics help you track your success, text videos, and record your screen. It works in conjunction with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, iOS, and Android.

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Plans for Individuals

Now onto what you’ve really been wondering – how much BombBomb costs. They have a few different plans for you to choose from that are broken down on their website. We’ll start with options for individuals:

BombBomb pricing

Image Source:

The Individual Plan is $468 per year and includes:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Up to 2500 contacts
  • Chrome extension and Gmail app
  • Mobile app
  • Tracking
  • Group coaching

The Individual Plus plan is $588 per year and includes:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Up to 3500 contacts
  • Follow-up automation
  • Front-of-the-line email and phone support
  • Chrome extension and Gmail app
  • Mobile app
  • Tracking
  • Group coaching

The Individual Plus + Prompt is $1,499 per year (and a one-time fee of $500) and includes:

  • Individual Plus subscription
  • 12 custom campaigns each year
  • Unlimited 1-1 prompts throughout the year
  • Happy birthday greetings to contacts
  • Home purchase anniversaries to contacts
  • Checking in with past clients
  • Training videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Prompt design pack
  • Smart sending technology
  • 87 custom emails and video scripts
  • Long-term nurture campaigns for buyers and sellers
  • 10 holiday emails
  • 25 pre-written emails to be used for open houses, listings, online reviews, testimonials, referrals, and more
  • Personalized set up with a custom email design, help uploading contacts to BombBomb, and one-on-one onboarding to help you get started.

Team Pricing

If you’re interested in getting BombBomb for your entire real estate team, then you have two options:

Bombbomb team pricing

Image Source:

BombBomb for Teams

This plan costs $468 per year and includes:

  • Unlimited video emails
  • Up to 3500 contacts
  • Automated follow-up and video forms
  • Chrome extension and Gmail app
  • Mobile app
  • Tracking
  • Group coaching
  • Prompt for Teams

Individual Plus Subscription

This costs $1,299 per year for the first seat, $799 for each additional seat per year and includes:

  • 16 personalized email campaigns per year
  • Unlimited 1-1 prompts sent throughout the year
  • Past clients check-ins
  • Home purchase anniversaries
  • Birthday greetings
  • Educational training videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Prompt design pack
  • 87 customized email designs
  • Long-term buyer and seller nurture campaigns
  • 10 holiday emails
  • 25 pre-written emails for listings, referrals, open houses, testimonials, online reviews and more
  • Personalized set-up for onboarding, contact uploads, and email design

Enterprise Pricing

To learn more about BombBomb for enterprises that offers bulk pricing, you can request a demo through

Bombomb enterprise pricing quote step by step

Image Source:

This is a good option for operations with 20 or more users and starts at $29.99 per seat. BombBomb offers a 14-day free trial, so if you think you may be interested in exploring the world of video emails, then that’s a perfect way to do it.

Customer Service and User Review

If you’re a little nervous about using video emails through BombBomb because you’re not technologically savvy, don’t worry. They have a great customer support team that you can contact in a variety of ways.

They have an online help center you can access 24/7 as well as email and phone assistance. They’ll help you get your issues worked out and your video email campaigns dripping!

YouTube Review

Our friend Seth from REtipster has a great video review for BombBomb. In fact, he has a lot of good stuff on his site. Make sure to check it out!

Seth seems to be a big fan of BombBomb. In fact, he says that he knows for certain it has helped him to close deals that he otherwise wouldn’t have. He does go over a list of the pros and the cons of BombBomb that shed some light on what it’s like to use this product in the real world.

Pro No. 1: It Connects You to People

One of the most impressive things he mentions about BombBomb is how it helps you to truly connect to people no matter how far away you are. There’s something about being able to see someone’s facial expressions and hearing the tone of their voice that you simply can’t get over email.

Pro No. 2: It Sets You Apart From Your Competition

Another great thing about the video emails you send with BombBomb is how uncommon video emails actually are. Just sending them gives you instant recognition and credibility, making it an essential tool for anyone in sales.

Pro No. 3: It Humanizes You

If you’ve ever tried to close deals with people over a long distance, then you know that not being able to speak with people face to face can really impact the deal.

With BombBomb video emails, you can communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly, something that can easily get lost in translation with a written email.

Plus, it helps to re-humanize you and remind business partners that there is another living, breathing person at the other end of the deal and that can really help a negotiation along.

He did mention a couple of drawbacks to using BombBomb.

Drawback No. 1: It Can Take Time to Get the Hang of It

While it can help to expand your sales, creating video emails is a bit of an art form. If you don’t have the right lighting or you don’t have the correct inflection in your voice, then it can potentially turn people off.

If performing doesn’t come naturally to you, then video emails may not either. That’s why you have to be honest with yourself and commit to working on your presence in this medium. You can improve, it might just take a little more work than you initially thought!

Drawback No. 2: It Can Go to Spam if You’re Not Careful

Another drawback is how the videos are sent. Often when a video is created and then sent through email, the sheer size of the email may send it to the spam or promotions folder.

There’s an easy way to fix this issue, which is to create the videos with the chrome extension or Gmail app right in your email account, but it is a workaround that you need to be aware of so you intended recipients don’t miss out on what you have to say!

Our Take

BombBomb lets agents send video emails to their prospects. The software is easy to use and highly effective. Video email is very customized and personal. It’s also unique — many agents don’t yet incorporate video, so it’s sure to make you stand out.

Pricing is surprisingly affordable. Other services charge $500 or more per month, so it’s opening the door to a segment of the market that previously priced agents out. We think anyone looking for a leg up on the competition should give this platform a try.

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Is BombBomb Right for You?

The way business deals are done is changing. People all over the world are now so connected that if you don’t take advantage of the technology out there, then you could be left behind.

BombBomb is a great way to expand your email marketing to include the video marketing world. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to create great video emails that can help expand your business, so give it a try and see where it takes your real estate business!'s real estate software guide

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