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8 Best Stoves and Ranges

To find the best stoves and ranges, we reviewed:
  • 1. Brand
  • 2. Price
  • 3. Features
  • 4. Warranty
  • 5. Customer Reviews
  • 6. Total BTUs
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What Are the Best Stoves and Ranges?

Whether your current range is a little worn or you’re thinking about remodeling, a new stove or range might be in your near future. But these essential kitchen appliances vary widely in terms of their quality and value.

To find the best stoves and ranges, you have to look deeper than the appearance and brand. That’s exactly what this guide is for. We’ve reviewed and analyzed hundreds of options, their reviews, and features to find the very best.

Our top picks for stoves and ranges are listed below. You’ll be able to see all the important specifications and what makes each unit a good buy. After checking out the top 8 best stoves and ranges, scroll down to see our complete buyer’s guide.

It shows you exactly what to look for as you shop for a new one. We also cover a few basic points you should know about ovens, ranges, and stoves to make the best purchase. First up: The 8 best ovens, ranges, and stoves available right now.

Our Top 8 Picks:

1. Best Gas Single Oven Range: GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel
2. Best Gas Double Oven Range: GE 30 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range
3. Best Electric Single Oven Range: Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Range
4. Best Electric Double Oven Range: Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Double Oven
5. Best Dual Fuel Single Oven Range: GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Smart Range
6. Best Drop-in Cooktop Stove: Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop
7. Best Free-Standing Range: Frigidaire 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range
8. Best Apartment-Sized Range: Amana 20 in. 2.6 cu. ft. Gas Range

Depending on your kitchen needs, you might be looking for a single, double, freestanding, or slide-in stove. Maybe you need a drop-in cooktop or a dual fuel unit. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve found the best-rated and most reliable models you can buy in each category. Check out our top picks below.

Best Gas Single Oven Range

GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel

GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel​

A moderately-prices gas range with all the bells and whistles of a high-end model.

The best single gas oven has to be the GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range in Stainless Steel. Home cooks will love the edge-to-edge cooktop for maximum room for pots and pans. The central non-stick griddle makes it easy to whip up anything from pancake breakfasts to quick stir-fries with no additional pans on the cooktop.

Boil water and cook food faster than ever, thanks to the 15,000 BTU burners. Or take things low and slow with the Precise Simmer burner. Customers appreciate the generous 5 cubic foot oven with adjustable racks.

Never worry about a dirty oven with the built-in steam cleaning function. The grates come off easily for cleaning. There’s a 1-year warranty included that covers the whole appliance. With more than 9,300 reviews (4.7-star average), 95% of customers say they’d recommend this range.

Best Gas Double Oven Range

GE 30 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range​

GE 30 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range

A great value from a trusted brand for those seeking a solid gas double oven.

The best double gas oven is the GE 30 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range with Steam-Cleaning Convection Oven in Stainless Steel. While pricier than the single oven version, it has a ton of space for your favorite dishes.

Plus, there are some great features included that are fit for a restaurant kitchen. You can keep several pots cooking at once with the edge-to-edge cooktop. The 15,000 BTU gas burner ensures you can cook food faster.

Even if you watch the pot, water will come to boil fast with this heat! There’s a built-in griddle in the center for even more cook space. It also has a Precise Simmer burner for gentler cooking when you need it.

Steam clean the oven automatically in 30 minutes and pop off the dishwasher-safe grates to keep everything spic and span. You can even put the grates into the oven during the steam clean cycle for effortless cleaning.

Other great features include the deep-recessed cooktop that makes messes easy to clean, sealed burners, and the awesome double oven with 6.8 cubic feet of space. Holidays and big meals are no problem with this unit!

There’s a 1-year warranty on the entire appliance for peace of mind. Customers rate it 4.6 out of 5 stars. A full 90% say they’d recommend this range to others.

Best Electric Single Oven Range

Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Range​

Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Electric Range

A mid-priced electric oven that's a best seller for a reason.

The best single electric oven is the Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Single Oven Electric Range with Self-Cleaning and Convection Oven in Stainless Steel If you’re not cooking with gas, this is the unit to buy. Enjoy faster, more even cooking with the convection oven.

It has a 5.9 cubic foot capacity, so you can cook multiple dishes at one time. The baking element is hidden, so it won’t get in the way while you clean the oven. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the steam clean function. It only takes 20 minutes!

The durable stainless cooktop has plenty of space. There are diecast knobs that won’t break off like cheap plastic versions. And once a dish is finished, take advantage of the warming center to keep food piping hot without drying it out.

Even novice cooks can get the job done with 3 built-in presets: Slow cook, bread proof, and dehydrate. It’s like having an air fryer, stove, and oven all in one. Choose stainless or black stainless for a look that will match your kitchen.

It comes with a 1-year warranty from Samsung. Customers give it 4.4 out of 5 stars, and more than 3 out of 4 say they’d recommend it to others.

Best Electric Double Oven Range

Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Double Oven​

Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Double Oven

Double the cooking space in a size that'll fit in nearly any kitchen.

For the best double electric oven, check out the Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with True Convection in Stainless Steel. You get double the cooking space in a unit that is still sized to fit into almost any kitchen.

The ceramic-glass cooktop features 5 burners with plenty of space for all your pots and pans. For smaller pots, the 6-inch inner ring is a perfect size. Nine and 12-inch outer rings make every burner a good spot for bigger pots, too.

The versatile cooktop is great, but the real star of the show is the double oven. This pair totals 6.7 cubic feet! Access plenty of additional space for pans and bakeware with 2.5 cubic feet in the upper oven and 4.2 cubic feet in the lower oven.

Don’t worry about preheating either oven before baking frozen items. The built-in Frozen Bake feature quickly gets to the right temperature without preheating, so frozen food heats through faster.

It’s a true convection oven, so anything you cook in it will be heated consistently and quickly. It has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 92% of customers say they’d recommend this powerhouse double oven range to others. There’s a 1-year limited warranty included.

Best Dual Fuel Single Oven Range

GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Smart Range​

GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Smart Range

While expensive, this dual fual range integrates technology with style.

If you want to cook with a gas cooktop and an electric oven, you can’t go wrong with the GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Smart Dual Fuel Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven in Stainless Steel. It’s priced higher than many of the models on this list, but for good reason.

You truly get the best of both worlds with this appliance. This is a smart range, so you can connect it to your smartphone and operate it remotely with the app or voice commands. Preheat, turn it on or off, change temperature settings, and more without even touching the range.

The dual-fuel capabilities mean you benefit from the enhanced, consistent heat of gas on the cooktop with 5 burners. The electric oven can be used in traditional or convection modes. It has 5.6 cubic feet of space inside for even the biggest meals. An included temperature probe means every dish comes out perfectly cooked.

If you like pulling out a griddle for fast, easy cooking, the central burner is the right size to accommodate one. An edge-to-edge cooktop wastes zero cooking space. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and customers give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Eighty-nine percent say they’d recommend it!

Best Drop-in Cooktop Stove

Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop With 5 Burners​

Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop With 5 Burners

A budget gas cooktop for homes seeking style without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a drop-in cooktop, the Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop in Stainless Steel with 5 Italy Sabaf Burners is the best. This model does not have an attached stove, so it takes up very little space.

It’s perfect for kitchens with wall ovens. Four Italian SABAF gas burners evenly and quickly cook food on this cooktop. It’s stain and heat-resistant, so it will stay clean and look like new for years to come.

All burners are sealed so they’re easy to clean and food won’t get stuck. The cast-iron grates are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup. The burners offer heating power from 4,000 BTUs to 12,000 BTUs, so you can boil, simmer, saute, fry, and steam with ease.

Included auto-shutoff technology senses if a thermocouple fails and cuts the gas to keep your home safe. We love the included 2-year warranty, which shows that Empava backs this product up. Installation is simple thanks to the pre-installed power cord and gas regulator.

Plus, you get a free propane conversion kit if you decide to switch to propane. Customers rave about this cooktop, giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars. Ninety percent of those who own one say they’d recommend it to others.

Best Free-Standing Range

Frigidaire 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range

Frigidaire 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range

Sleek, powerful, and affordable, this range offers quite the bang for the buck.

The best freestanding range is the Frigidaire 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Oven in Black Stainless Steel. This powerful unit combines four gas burners with a 5 cubic foot oven space for quick, efficient cooking. One burner packs 17,000 BTUs for quick boiling and high-heat cooking.

You can also use a low simmer burner to prevent burning foods that need to cook low and slow. You can achieve a toasty golden brown color on any dish with the high-heat 500-degree broil option.

This range has Even Baking technology to ensure you never have to rotate a dish to get consistent results. Cleaning it up is easy, too. There are 2 self-cleaning cycle options (Quick Clean and Delay Clean).

The extra-large window means you can peek in on progress at any time. There’s a 1-year warranty included. Customers say it’s easily one of the best, giving it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Ninety-four percent say they’d recommend this unit to others. You can’t go wrong with these kinds of reviews!

Best Apartment-Sized Range

Amana 20 in. 2.6 cu. ft. Gas Range in White​

Amana 20 in. 2.6 cu. ft. Gas Range in White

Apartment-sized stoves are rare, but Amana still makes this little one.

For a compact, powerful range that will fit in the smallest of spaces, check out the Amana 20 in. 2.6 cu. ft. Gas Range in White. You won’t get as much capacity with this unit, but for its size, it offers a lot. The cooktop features two 7,000 BTU burners and two 9,500 BTU burners.

These don’t have as much heating power as some of the larger models, but it’s more than enough to get the job done. The burners are sealed for easy cleaning and more effective cooking.

At just 20 inches wide, this narrow range is the perfect choice when you’re short on space in the kitchen. You can quickly broil food in the dedicated broiler located under the oven portion. And with 2 adjustable racks inside the oven, you can make sure everything is placed right where it needs to be.

The SPILLSAVER cooktop is recessed to keep spills and messes contained. This makes cleanup easier, as do the removable porcelain gloss coated cast iron grates. Take them off to give them a quick wash in minutes.

You’ll also get a propane conversion kit if you’d rather use propane than natural gas for this range. There’s a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. Customers give it 4.3 out of 5 stars, and 87% say they’d recommend this small range to others.

Choosing the Best Stove and Range

Featured image showing a graphic of a person in a REthority shirt standing in front of the best stoves and ranges

Before you buy, make sure you know what to look for. We’ll start with some basic info about stoves, ranges, and ovens, so you know which appliance you’re after. Then, we’ll talk about some of the different types of units available and what features to look for.

With our buyer’s guide, you can make a more informed decision and ensure you end up with the best stove or range in your budget. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you shop around. 

Stove vs. Range vs. Oven

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the terms stove, range, and oven. They’re sometimes used interchangeably, but these are all different types of appliances.

A stove is a cooking appliance that does not include an oven. A drop-in cooktop is considered a stove, as is a camping stove. 

A range is a kitchen appliance that is a combination of a stove and an oven. The stove, cooktop, and oven are installed in the same unit. Most American kitchens have ranges rather than a separate stove and oven. 

An oven is a cooking chamber with a door and internal heating elements. Ovens do not contain external burners. A wall oven is a true oven with no stovetop.

Chances are, you’re looking for a range – a combination of a stove and oven. If you have a wall oven, you’ll need a drop-in cooktop stove instead (no oven). But which type of range do you need? Read below to find out. 

Types of Stoves, Ranges, and Ovens

There are several different types of stoves, ranges, and ovens. Which one is best suited for your kitchen? Here’s what you should know about each type and what it’s best for. 


The pros and cons and description of different types of ranges listed into graphical form

Ranges can be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane, or a combination of natural gas and electricity (“dual fuel”). Ranges may contain a single oven or double oven. Here are the different types of ranges to be on the lookout for.

Free-Standing Range: Most common range style, nestles between cabinets for a secure but not custom fit. They contain a stove and oven. They may be gas or electric.

Slide-In Range: Less common than freestanding, but popular for remodels. Slide-in ranges are measured for a custom, seamless fit between cabinets. They contain a stove and oven. They may be gas or electric. 

Apartment-Sized Range: More compact and narrower than a traditional range. Apartment-sized ranges typically have a smaller cooktop stove and less space in the oven. They may be gas or electric. 


For a piece on the best stoves and ovens, a graphic showing the different types of stoves along with a small image of one

Stoves are technically cooktops without an oven underneath. If you choose to purchase a stove, not a range, you’ll see the following types.

Induction Cooktop Stove: Induction stove cooktops are flat with no coils. An electromagnetic field running under the surface heats the pots and pans that are on the flat surface for cooking, but the surface stays cool to the touch. These are more energy-efficient than gas or electric cooktops.

Electric Stove: Electric cooktop stoves may be flat (with heating elements under a glass surface) or have raised heating coils for cookware to sit directly on. They usually cost a little more to operate than gas cooktops. 

Gas Stove: Gas cooktop stoves are powered by natural gas or propane. They have raised grates over gas burners for cooking. Changing temperature is faster with gas cooktops than electric, and they cost less to operate. 


The pros and cons and description of different types of ovens listed into graphical form

Ovens are cooking chambers that use a door to seal the heat inside. There are no external burners, so if you see a burner above an oven, you’re actually looking at a range. Here are the different types of ovens you’ll come across.

Conventional Oven: A conventional oven uses fixed heating elements to heat the inside of the chamber for cooking. The heat rises up from the bottom.

Convection Oven: A convection oven uses fans to circulate the heat from heating elements around inside the chamber. This cooks food faster and more evenly with no warm or cool spots in the oven. 

Wall Oven: Wall ovens are usually electric and are installed into the wall around eye level. They do not have a stove or cooktop installed above like a range. 

Double Oven: Double ovens have two separate cooking chambers with their own doors. Usually, in ranges with double ovens, one will be small while the other is close to a regular capacity. In double wall ovens, both ovens are usually the same size. 

Stove and Range Sizes

You should pay close attention to size when you shop for a new range, oven, or stove. The first reason is to ensure it will properly fit in your kitchen. The second reason is to ensure you have plenty of cooking space and capacity.

For some stoves, ovens, and ranges, the size will need to be a perfect fit. This is true for some drop-in cooktops and always for slide-in ranges. The measurements in slide-in ranges must align exactly with the opening between your cabinetry for a fit that eliminates gaps and looks seamless.

The size is also important in terms of how much food you can cook at one time on a stove, range, or oven. Look closely at the measurements of each appliance you’re considering.

How many burners are on the stove (and how many pots and pans can you fit on it at one time)? How much capacity does the oven offer in cubic feet? For ranges, consider both the number and size of burners and oven capacity to ensure it will meet your needs.

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Power Source

All ovens, ranges, and stoves will be powered by electricity, gas, propane, or a combination. The power source is essential to think about before you buy.

If you already have a gas hookup in place, you should consider sticking with a gas appliance for the easiest installation. Likewise, if you don’t have a gas hookup in the kitchen, installation will be easier if you stick with an electric appliance.

Many of the appliances on our list come with conversion kits to make a natural gas appliance into one that uses propane. If you think you may want or need to use propane as a fuel source, make sure to look for models that come with a conversion kit or have one available.

Electric appliances tend to be a bit cheaper upfront, but cost a little more to operate. Natural gas appliances cost a little more when you buy, but are less expensive to operate in terms of fuel costs. 


Graphic image illustrating the various costs of stoves at different price points

It goes without saying that price is also important to keep in mind as you shop around. You can find stoves, ovens, and ranges in a wide price range. There’s always one that will fit your budget.

Most of these appliances cost anywhere from $300 to $2,500. The overall price depends on the brand, the size, the style, and the features it comes with. If certain features are important to you, like convection cooking or steam-cleaning, it may be worth it to pay a little more.

But if you’re just looking for a basic range, stick closer to the low end of the price range. Ranges with double ovens are more expensive, as are those with convection ovens and specialized cooktop surfaces. 

Things to Consider: Summary

The points we covered in the buyer’s guide (types, sizes, power source, and price) are all important factors to consider as you shop around for your next range or stove. Really, this all boils down to one thing: What will work best for your household?

Do you do a lot of cooking, or do you get most of the use out of your range or oven during limited times (like the holidays)? If not, you might opt for a smaller and more cost-effective apartment-sized model.

Do you tend to cook several dishes at once? In this case, you’ll need as much space as you can fit into your designated kitchen space. Consider a range with an edge-to-edge cooktop and double oven. 

Do you have any special needs from your appliance to think about as you shop? For example, regular tea-drinkers might appreciate the quick boil features found in some ranges and cooktops. 

If you understand the different types of stoves, ovens, and ranges, know what size you’ll need, have a power source preference, and find one in your ideal price range, choosing a great appliance will be much easier.

So, What’s the Best Oven and Range?

We recommend officially starting your search with our list of the top 8 choices in ranges above. Each one has been carefully reviewed to ensure it meets our criteria for an appliance that combines the right features and specifications with excellent customer reviews at a fair price.


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