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Best Stackable Washer and Dryers

To find the best stackable washer and dryers, we reviewed:
  • 1. Capacity
  • 2. Performance
  • 3. Cost
  • 4. Energy Efficiency
  • 5. Design
  • 6. Brand
Elegant bathroom with marble floor and washing machine and clothes dryer in wooden closet as an image for a piece on the best stackable washer and dryer sets

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Best Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets

Looking for the best stackable washer and dryer? You have plenty of brands and models to choose from. But do you know the specs to pay attention to so you’ll end up with the best?

Well, that’s why you’re reading this guide. We’ve reviewed hundreds of washers and dryers to determine the most important criteria to consider. Your washing machine should be big enough to handle your household laundry and deliver plenty of cleaning power.

Your dryer needs to evenly heat clothes and sense moisture so it can stop when things are dry. You’ll also want to consider your budget, the energy efficiency, and overall unit design.

We kept all of these criteria in mind as we browsed appliances to make the best picks for you. Keep reading to see our top 5 picks for stackable units and our buying guide, which lists the key things to consider as you shop around.

Our Top Picks:

1. LG Ultra Large Capacity WM4200HWA and DLEX4200W
2. Samsung High-Efficiency WF45T6000AV and DVE45T6000V
3. Electrolux Stackable EFLS627UIW and EFME627UIW
4. Maytag Stackable MHW5630HW and MED5630HW
5. Speed Queen SF7003WE

We’ve reviewed hundreds of appliances in search of the best. To make our list, the units must meet our performance, capacity, energy efficiency, cost, and design criteria. Now, let’s take a look at our top 5 picks for the best stackable units.

Best Stackable Washer

27 in. 5 cu. ft. White Ultra Large Capacity Front Load Washing Machine with TurboWash360, Steam

LG Ultra Large Capacity WM4200HWA

Best Stackable Dryer

Samsung High-Efficiency DVE45T6000V​

LG Ultra Large Capacity DLEX4200W

TOTAL: 20/20

Capacity: 4/4
Performance: 4/4
Cost: 4/4
Energy Efficiency: 4/4
Design: 4/4

LG always makes reliable appliances, and this washer/dryer pair is no exception. These two units combine a large capacity with a high level of performance that gets clothes clean and dry faster.

With five cubic feet of capacity in the washer (the most on our list) and 7.4 cubic feet in the dryer, you can wash a king-size comforter and more in a single load. The TurboWash 360 feature aims multiple jets at your clothing to help detergent deeply penetrate. Big loads are done in about 30 minutes thanks to this feature.

LG makes them, so there’s some high-tech functionality here, too. Smart Pairing allows the washer and dryer to “communicate” and automatically select the corresponding dry cycle based on the wash cycle you chose.

The washer even detects the type of fabric and load size for you so it can follow programmed care instructions on temperature, wash motion, and more. Combine that with access to the ThinQ app, where you can monitor the washer and dryer cycles, how much time is left, and choose to start or stop cycles.

Automatically order more detergent or pods with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service. If you or anyone in your home has allergies, you’ll appreciate the Allergiene cycle option. This removes 95% of household allergens and pet dander with a more powerful, steam-heated wash and dry.

There’s a one-year parts and labor, ten-year motor, and three-year drum warranty included with the washer. You’ll get a limited parts warranty on the dryer, too. And for about $800 each, or $1,600 for the pair, these units are still affordable.

Key Features

• 14 washer cycles
• 14 dryer cycles
 Five cu. ft. washer
• 7.4 cu. ft. dryer
• Steam function
• 1300RPM spin speed


Washer Width: 27”
Washer Height: 39”
Washer Depth: 33 1/4”
Dryer Width: 27”
Dryer Height: 39”
Dryer Depth: 30”

Second-Best Stackable Washer

27 in. 4.5 cu. ft. High-Efficiency White Front Load Washing Machine with Self-Clean+, ENERGY STAR

Samsung High-Efficiency WF45T6000AV

Second-Best Stackable Dryer

7.5 cu. ft. 240-Volt White Electric Dryer with Sensor Dryer

Samsung High-Efficiency DVE45T6000V

TOTAL: 19/20

Capacity: 3/4
Performance: 4/4
Cost: 4/4
Energy Efficiency: 4/4
Design: 4/4

This Samsung High-Efficiency front-load washer and dryer pair are some of the best on the market. With lots of capacity, self-cleaning features, and closet-depth fit, these units are a great addition to any compact space. That’s probably why they’re Home Depot’s best-selling stackable set.

With 4.5 cubic feet of capacity in the washer and 7.5 cubic feet in the dryer, these units can handle nearly any size load. If you’re worried about loud operation, Samsung includes Vibration Reduction Technology to keep these appliances running quietly without excess vibration.

One feature that really stands out is the washing machines’ Self Clean technology. This handy reminder notifies you every 40 wash cycles that it’s time to clean the drum. This gets rid of 99% of bacteria that normally forms in washer drums over time. A cleaner washing machine means cleaner clothes.

With five temperature levels, you can choose from cold, hot, or any mix of the two to customize your loads. There are also six additional wash settings you can use to make sure your clothing is washed as gently or vigorously as you’d like. With a max spin speed of 1200RPM, your clothes will come out partially dry and take less time to dry thoroughly.

The washer and dryer are not just ENERGY STAR certified. They’re also CEE Tier II certified, which means they are among the most energy-efficient appliances on the market. Tier II appliances have to meet even more stringent requirements than the ENERGY STAR criteria.

We like the Smart Care app that connects the washer and dryer to your phone for easy troubleshooting and care reminders. The control panel makes using these appliances extremely simple and easily visible, even in small, dimly lit areas or when the units are stacked.

The washing machine comes with a few warranties: 1 year for parts and labor, ten years for the motor, and three years for the stainless steel drum. The dryer comes with a one-year warranty to cover parts and labor. This is an affordable set at a low price point of around $600 each or $1,200 for the pair.

Key Features

• Ten washer cycles
• Ten dryer cycles
• 4.5 cu. ft. washer
• 7.5 cu. ft. dryer
• ENERGY STAR certified + CEE Tier II
• Self-Clean+ technology


Washer Width: 27”
Washer Height: 38 3/4″
Washer Depth: 31 1/2”
Dryer Width: 27”
Dryer Height: 38 3/4”
Dryer Depth: 31 1/2”

Third-Best Stackable Washer

4.4 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with SmartBoost Technology Steam in White, ENERGY STAR

Electrolux Stackable EFLS627UIW

Third-Best Stackable Dryer

8.0 cu. ft. White Electric Dryer with Steam, Predictive Dry, ENERGY STAR

Electrolux Stackable EFME627UIW

TOTAL: 18/20

Capacity: 4/4
Performance: 4/4
Cost: 3/4
Energy Efficiency: 4/4
Design: 3/4

Electrolux is one of the top brands for washing machines and dryers, and these front-load units with SmartBoost technology are among the best. They’re sturdy, stackable, and high-performance units that get excellent customer reviews.

Each unit is about 32 inches deep and 27 inches wide, so they’re capable of fitting into small spaces, though not as small as the Speed Queen single unit. Each door can be reversed so you can arrange them in the most convenient way. You can adjust the venting according to the way you arrange or stack them.

You’ll appreciate the large capacity of both the washer and dryer units. The washer’s capacity is 4.4 cubic feet, while the dryer’s is eight cubic feet. That leaves room for large loads to get extra clean and thoroughly dried faster.

With a 3-pump system in the washing machine, wash cycles are faster, and clothes get cleaner with the added steam function. You can choose from 9 wash and dry cycles, including the 15-minute Quick Wash when you’re in a hurry.

Don’t forget about the ten-year motor warranty and lifetime tub warranty that’s included with the washing machine. The dryer comes with a three-year warranty on parts and one year warranty for labor. Both are ENERGY STAR certified.

You’ll pay around $990 each, or about $1,980 total for both units. This is well within the average range for stackable washers and dryers.

Key Features

• Nine washer cycles
• Nine dryer cycles
• 4.4 cu. ft. electric washer
• Eight cu. ft. electric dryer
• ENERGY STAR certified
• Lifetime tub + 10 yr. motor warranty


Washer Width: 27”
Washer Height: 38 3/4″
Washer Depth: 31 1/2”
Dryer Width: 27”
Dryer Height: 38 3/4”
Dryer Depth: 31 1/2”

Fourth-Best Stackable Washer

4.5 cu. ft. White Stackable Front Load Washing Machine with 12-Hour Fresh Spin, ENERGY STAR

Maytag Stackable MHW5630HW

Fourth-Best Stackable Dryer

7.3 cu. ft. 240-Volt White Stackable Electric Vented Dryer with Quick Dry Cycle, ENERGY STAR

Maytag Stackable MED5630HW

TOTAL: 17/20

Capacity: 3/4
Performance: 4/4
Cost: 3/4
Energy Efficiency: 4/4
Design: 3/4

Maytag has made a name for itself due to the durability, affordability, and sheer power of their appliances. This stackable washer and dryer duo brings all of that with some extra features that deep clean clothes while being ultra energy efficient.

The washing machine has options like the Heavy Duty cycle that delivers a deeper clean. Hit the Extra Power button to boost the cleaning power and get rid of even set-in stains. For wrinkle-free clothes, the Fresh Spin option keeps clothes protected from wrinkles for 12 hours.

The dryer also has the Extra Power button, which you can use to dry heavy or bulky items. Every load you dry gets put to the dryness test with the Advanced Moisture Sensing capabilities of this unit. As soon as clothes are evenly dry, the machine shuts off to save energy. And if it’s a quick dry you’re after, you’ll have everything dry in less than 30 minutes with the Quick Dry cycle.

With 4-way venting, you can put these units in the smallest space safely. At 27 inches wide and about 31 inches deep, you’ll have no problem fitting them where you need them. Since the washing machine has a respectable 4.5 cubic foot capacity (the dryer has 7.3 cubic feet), large loads are no problem.

You’ll even spend less time drying clothes due to the maximum spin speed of 1160RPM, which wrings out more water, so your clothes go into the dryer a little less wet. Both appliances have earned the ENERGY STAR certification so you can reduce your water usage and energy bills.

These units come with excellent warranties. The washer and dryer has a 10-year part and labor warranty, the best on our list. At around $900 each, or $1,800 for the duo, these units deliver a lot of power and durability for the price.

Key Features

• Ten wash, ten dryer cycles
• 4.5 cu. ft. washer
• 7.3 cu. ft. dryer
• ENERGY STAR certified
• Ten-year warranty


Washer Width: 27”
Washer Height: 39”
Washer Depth: 31”
Dryer Width: 27”
Dryer Height: 39”
Dryer Depth: 31”

Best Combo Unit

Speed Queen SF7003WE​

Speed Queen SF7003WE

TOTAL: 15/20

Capacity: 2/4
Performance: 3/4
Cost: 2/4
Energy Efficiency: 4/4
Design: 4/4

If you’re looking for a single unit, the Speed Queen SF7003WE is your best bet. The Speed Queen brand makes their appliances in Wisconsin and uses all metal parts. This makes this machine durable and built to last. But that’s not all that makes this laundry center noteworthy. This one is designed for areas with limited space.

At less than 28 inches deep, it can fit into smaller spaces than many other units. It can vent down the back or out the sides for versatility. Even with these space-saving dimensions and features, it’s not lacking in capacity.

It features 3.4 cubic feet of capacity in the washer and seven cubic feet in the dryer. This means there’s plenty of room for regular-size loads. It’s extremely energy-efficient, earning the ENERGY STAR certification. It also saves on energy costs, thanks to the moisture sensors that stop the dryer as soon as it detects complete dryness.

And with a spin speed of 1200RPMs, your clothes will come out of the washer already partially dried for less drying time. Bonus features include a Time Remaining display, delay start option, instant washer door open, and interior lighting.

Plus, you get a 5-year warranty to ensure you’re covered if anything goes wrong with the washer or dryer components. It has a steeper price point than some other brands at about $3,100, so keep this in mind. But if you really need a space-saving unit, this is the best.

Key Features

• Nine wash, seven dry cycles
• ENERGY STAR certified
• Five-year warranty
3.4 cu ft (washer), 7 cu ft (dryer


Width: 26 7/8”
Depth: 27 3/4”
Height: 78 1/8”

Choosing the Best Stackable Washer and Dryer Set

Image showing various stackable washer and dryer units on the showroom floor below the words Washer and Dryer buying guideDon’t think that cost is the only factor to consider when you’re looking for a new stackable set. There are several criteria you can use to analyze washers and dryers like a pro. These criteria will help you weed out the worst contenders and narrow your focus to the best stackable units.

If you want the best, you’ll be looking for washers and dryers that have plenty of capacity, high-performance cycles and features, energy-efficient indicators, and good design principles — all while being affordable. Know exactly what to look for by reading through our buying guide. 


Plenty of room for laundry is another important consideration. The capacity of stackable laundry units is one thing you should keep top of mind when shopping around. More capacity in the washing machine and dryer means fewer loads of laundry and cleaner clothes.

Overloading a washer reduces the amount of room clothing has to move freely in the detergent and water, leaving soils and stains behind. Loading too many clothes into a small dryer will reduce drying efficiency and result in clothes that are still damp at the end of a cycle.

Opting for a washer and dryer with plenty of capacity for the average-size laundry loads in your household is essential.

Washer/dryer combo units range in capacity from about 1.5 cubic feet (washer) to around 3.5 cubic feet (dryer). Stackable units are bigger with more capacity, at around 3.5 to 4.5 cubic feet of space in washers and 7 to 8 cubic feet in dryers.

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Average wash cycles for a graphic on the best stackable washer and dryersHow well a washing machine or dryer performs also deserves your attention as you look for a good set. The best way to estimate performance quality is to know which specifications to look for.

For a washing machine, high performance is usually associated with a high spin speed, more wash cycles, and special features or options. These options allow you to customize each cycle to ensure every load is laundered according to clothing care instructions.

For example, a machine that offers 12 wash cycles and steam treatments will probably do a better job cleaning than one with four basic wash cycles. One with a spin speed of 700RPM won’t wring as much water out of the load as one with a 1,200RPM spin speed.

Dryer performance can be estimated by looking at the number of dryer cycles offered and any special features. You can find stackable units that have tons of cycles to let you customize how much heat your clothes get while they dry.

the average dry cycle of the best stackable washer and dryer sets graphic illustrated in two parts, delicate and full loadSome come with cool extras like a drying rack option with no tumble for delicates. Pay attention to wash and dry cycles, spin speed, and bonus features that will be useful for you to judge how well a unit is likely to perform.

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As an image for a piece on the best stackable washing machines, a graphic showing one of these appliances and the cost just belowPrice matters. While top-of-the-line units tend to cost more, many consumers are looking for something affordable. As you shop around for the best stackable washer and dryer, make sure cost is one of your top considerations.

You can find incredibly high-performance options with plenty of capacity that are energy efficient for a lower cost than you’d think. And the most expensive units aren’t necessarily the best. It helps to know which features are important and which add to the cost without making much of a difference in performance.

An image in graphical form illustrating the cost of a stackable washer and dryerTake smart washing machines and dryers, for example. They connect to WiFi and send alerts and notifications when cycles are done. They allow you to start and stop cycles using your smartphone. But how useful are these features going to be for you?

If you’re constantly on the go, smart capabilities might be worth the extra cost. If you’re at home more, these features might just increase the overall cost without doing much to help in the way of performance. Keep your laundry and household needs in mind as you shop to balance cost with the features you’ll actually use.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star tags against blue bubbly background as an image for a piece on a buying guide for the best stackable washer and dryer setsIf you want units that use less water, lower your energy costs, and run shorter cycles, so your laundry is done faster, look for energy-efficient washers and dryers. Manufacturers have improved energy-efficient units a lot over the years. Efficiency does not mean worse performance!

It’s easy to find those that are ENERGY STAR certified (just look for the blue label), but there are other ways to know just how energy efficient an appliance is. 

The CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) Tier rating is similar to the ENERGY STAR certification, but it’s even tougher for an appliance to get. Look for washers and dryers rated as CEE Tier 1, which means they meet the same requirements as ENERGY STAR certification.

If you can find Tier 2, 3, 4, you’re looking at extremely energy-efficient appliances that meet the strictest requirements.

Even if energy efficiency isn’t a top concern for you, you’ll appreciate the savings in energy costs over time by purchasing an appliance that does meet any of these certification or tier requirements. Keep in mind that some appliances won’t meet these strict criteria, but may come pretty close. They’re worth considering, too. 


Design is also important when it comes to buying a stackable washer and dryer. The design encompasses both the form and function. That’s the appearance, the placement of components and parts, and how practical the unit is for use.

For example, are the vents adjustable if you need to put the stacked units into a closet (where they’ll need to be moved to the sides or back)? Do the units look attractive and made well? Can you change the side you open the doors on to make sure you can easily use them in your space?

A poorly designed washing machine or dryer can have all the features and capacity in the world, but it will be useless if you can’t put it in the space you want or direct the vents the right way. This is why it’s important to pay attention to how well units are designed as you browse around.

What’s the Best Stackable Washer and Dryer Set?

There you have it: our top picks for the best washer and dryer sets. Which did you think was best? Did we leave any out? We’re always seeking reader feedback, so if you have a suggestion for a top pick, be sure to contact us and let us know.

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