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Best Real Estate CRMs for Your Business

Best Real Estate CRMs for Your Business

With so many software options available, it’s hard to pick the best real estate CRM. After all, every platform is the same, right? Not even close! We’ll show you why in our complete guide.

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What Is a CRM?

In the real estate industry, good relationships with clients and customers are the driving forces behind success. But managing the many parts is difficult.

Think about it — you have new leads, follow-up, existing seller and buyer clients, deadlines, contracts, vendors, and contractors, among others.

It’s almost impossible to build great client relationships without some communication falling through the cracks or an important deadline passing unnoticed. 

That’s the problem real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software is built to solve.

If you’re a real estate agent or investor who is serious about boosting productivity, creating better connections with your customers, and turning more leads into happy clients, you need a good CRM to help you manage your real estate business and your time more effectively.

There are thousands of real estate CRM platforms out there, all claiming to be the best, the most affordable, or the most packed with features. How can you determine if you’re looking at the worst or the best real estate CRM? Let’s do a quick overview of the basic CRM features.

Basic CRM Features

Expect most, but not all, real estate CRMs to have the following features and functions. Depending on whether you’re an investor or agent, some features may not be essential for your business. 

Keep in mind that the less time you want to invest in learning how to use your CRM, the fewer features you should look for. If you’re willing to put a little time into learning how to use a more complex CRM, you can certainly reap the benefits!

Features often found in the best real estate CRM platforms include:

  • Lead generation (seller and/or buyer)
  • Lead management and nurturing
  • IDX website and website management
  • Contact management
  • Calendar and tasks management
  • Project management
  • Auto-responders for text messages and/or email
  • Email marketing and drip campaigns
  • Marketing automation (print and online)
  • Property listing management
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Transaction management

Can you get a sense of the numerous, time-consuming jobs CRMs are built to do? They’re here to keep your day-to-day real estate tasks organized and automated so you can focus more on person-to-person interactions and less on scheduling events and finding new leads. 

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a real estate CRM is and what basic features to look for, we’ll go into more detail by showcasing several of our favorite CRM platforms for agents and investors below.

Best Real Estate CRMs

Start your CRM search here with convenient summaries of each platform’s performance and features.

Click on any CRM below to read our in-depth review of the platform, where we cover the features, pricing plans, pros and cons, alternatives, and overall ratings of each.

Top Producer CRM

Screenshot of the Top Producer CRM platform

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents
  • Pricing: Plans start at $50/month, which includes the full CRM and website. 

This CRM offers all the lead management features you’d expect: Generating leads through an IDX-integrated website, scheduling appointments and showings, and organized lead communication.

Two features that stand out: Contextual coaching, which suggests topics to discuss with leads during follow up to move them through your funnel and Top Producer Campus, the company’s online education library with videos, tutorials, and distance-learning courses.


Boomrownroi real estate crm platform

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents
  • Pricing: Expensive – starts at $1,000/month for the lowest-priced plan that covers three agents.

Boomtown is well-known in the real estate industry as an all-in-one real estate platform. It’s strongest in lead generation, which it does through IDX websites equipped with powerful search functions.

Website visitors come to the site, look for properties according to their criteria, and have the option to save their searches and get updates on new matching properties by giving you their contact information in account signup. 

Additional leads are generated through managed Google PPC and Facebook ad campaigns, but these require a larger budget.

You’ll also be able to track your leads and their search patterns, get daily HotSheets from the MLS, send automatic replies and follow-ups, and manage your marketing tasks from the platform.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM dashboard

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents
  • Pricing: Starting at $10/month, it’s the most affordable CRM on our list.

Less Annoying CRM software is the choice for agents who don’t care to spend time learning a complex system. View buyer and seller pipelines to track your leads and enjoy an enhanced calendar and scheduling features to help you manage your time.

See a bird’s eye view of your prospects with clear lead labels and log all your communication with leads directly in this cloud-based software.


Screenshot of the RealtyJuggler transaction management platform

Image Source: RealtyJuggler Youtube Channel

  • Who it’s for: Agents
  • Pricing: Starts at $179/year, but there’s a 90-day free trial when you start!

A very simple CRM that will enable you to hit the ground running, RealtyJuggler still has lots of features agents will find useful. Lead management, contact management, and lead imports from other platforms are just a few.

Not to mention that email marketing and other marketing automation tasks can be set up in the system. The back-end management features are nice, too, allowing you to track all transactions from start to closing.


Screenshot of the RealtyMX CRM and Leads dashboard

Image Source: RealtyMX website

  • Who it’s for: Agents
  • Pricing: Starts at $99/month for single agents. Website and templates cost extra.

RealtyMX helps you keep tabs on your clients and leads, track your ads, create and manage an IDX website, and manage your property listings. The most powerful features this platform has are its listings and building management capabilities.

Follow Up Boss

Screenshot of the Follow up boss platform automatically placing a lead into the crm when it dials a phone number

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents and investors
  • Pricing: Starting at $49/month, it’s an affordable CRM with enough features to keep your entire real estate business organized. 

Follow Up Boss is one of the best-known CRMs for agents and real estate professionals. This platform does everything. You can set it to automatically texts leads after they reach out to you, or manage your listings, commissions, contracts, and clients.

Also schedule and send email marketing campaigns, keep track of your calendar and appointments, and manage your website. You’ll appreciate the useful mobile app, too.


screenshot of the Brivity CRM platform displayed on a laptop

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents and investors
  • Pricing: The basic CRM doesn’t include all these features, but will give you a great start. The basic CRM starts at $99.99/month for two users.

Brivity offers both agents and investors some unique features like Kwkly text-to-lead, a showing scheduler, home value seller lead magnets, lead and contact management, a mobile app, and a comparative market analysis (CMA) builder.

Set up and run drip campaigns, manage multi-person projects, and more. For real estate investors and real estate agents, the powerful seller lead magnet can turn a basic website into a lead generation machine.

Real Geeks

Screenshot of the Real Geeks CRM displayed on both desktop and mobile devices

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Agents and investors
  • Pricing: Because Real Geeks has so many features, it’s a little pricier than some of the other options listed here. Pricing starts at $249/month for two users.

Real Geeks offers a built-in CRM that gives you some neat options to track, manage, and organize your leads. Use the real-time activity tracker to see how your leads are actively engaging.

Import leads from other sources, auto-respond to text and online inquiries, get instant text message and email notifications when a new lead enters the system, and manage all communication with your leads directly from the dashboard. 

There’s a lot more to this platform than the CRM, so you can also build property websites, use the content management system, take advantage of email marketing automation, and grab some seller and buyer lead magnets that bring leads to your website.


Screenshot of the REIpro direct mail dashboard

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Investors
  • Pricing: Starts at $109/month for the Standard plan.

REIPro gives real estate investors a place to centralize their leads and client communication. The advanced property lookup allows you to search for the exact properties that fit with your portfolio right from the dashboard.

Keep track of your documents for each property, enjoy automatic follow up for leads, use the included templates for contracts and documents, create direct mail postcards from your lead lists, and manage all things REI through this platform. 

No website is included with this CRM, so make sure you’ve got a working website before giving this one a try.


Propstream deal analyzer

Image Source:

  • Who it’s for: Investors
  • Pricing: Pricing is $97/month, and there seems to be only one plan available.

PropStream allows investors to access a new level of seller lead generation capabilities, with features like instant comps, built-in marketing tools, a nationwide property database, lead management and nurturing, rehab/repair estimator, and access to records (bankruptcy, liens, etc.). 

Using a platform like this, you can choose a region or location to start your search, narrow the property criteria down through tons of search filters, and find contact information for sellers that are likely to be highly motivated by looking for seller attributes like liens on the property.

Choosing the Right Real Estate CRM

Five-star reviews don’t necessarily mean that a CRM platform is the best choice for you. Choosing the best real estate CRM for you starts with knowing your needs as a professional, your goals for using the software, your available time, and your budget for making it happen.

Your Professional Needs

Where do you struggle in your day-to-day work? What tasks are you hoping to automate, make easier, or eliminate? What kind of features would make your daily work simpler and more organized?

Which kind of leads and potential clients are you typically after – buyer or seller? Are there additional features or functions that you absolutely must have? Will you need to be able to use your CRM from a mobile device?

Your Goals

Considering your personal and professional goals is essential when you choose a CRM platform. Whether they’re your own goals or the collective goals of a real estate agency, knowing the direction you want to head with the help of your software will help you narrow down the options.

If better organization is your goal, you don’t need to look for the most sophisticated CRM out there. If you’re out to automate tasks and track leads with every metric possible, you’ll want to look at the all-in-one platforms that may take more time to master. 

Your Time

Knowing how much time you can realistically dedicate to researching, purchasing, learning, and using your CRM platform is essential. BoomTown is an excellent example.

This platform gets excellent reviews but also receives plenty of complaints from busy professionals that just don’t have the time to get everything set up or learn the intricacies of the software. 

If you don’t have the extra time to invest in your CRM tool, stick with something simple and straightforward, like Less Annoying CRM or RealtyJuggler.

Your Budget

Your budget is the most crucial factor in determining which CRM software choice is the best one for you. Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, or investor, staying within your budget while making sure your software has the management tools you need can be a challenge. 

That’s why researching CRM features and pricing is so important. As you continue to read about real estate CRM software, you’ll find that there are CRM platforms for every budget, from $10/month to $1,000/month. 

So, What Is the Best Real Estate CRM?

By knowing your needs, goals, time availability, and budget, you can choose the best CRM for you and your sales team. A great CRM is about more than just real estate marketing. It’s about adding a level of organization and purpose to your daily efforts. 

That organization pays off, landing you more leads, more profit and commissions, improved pipeline management, better analytics and understanding of your results, and less stressful management of your real estate business. 

It’s our mission to be a helpful resource in your search for the right real estate CRM. We hope this list is a handy reference to show you the kinds of software options you have as an agent or investor and what makes each one different.

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