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Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators

To find the best counter-depth refrigerators, we reviewed:
  • 1. Temperature Control
  • 2. Overall Size
  • 3. Energy Efficiency
  • 4. Customer Reviews
  • 5. Cost
  • 6. Brand
Best counter-depth refrigerator featured image featuring a guy standing in front of a fridge

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Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators

1. Overall Best: KitchenAid 20 Cu Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator
2. Most Energy Efficient: Maytag 20 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator
3. Biggest Capacity: GE Profile 23.1 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator
4. Best Value: Haier 15.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator
5. Best Style: LG 23 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

If a sleek, seamless kitchen design is what you’re after, a counter depth refrigerator should be on your list. These appliances don’t jut out further than your countertops do (usually about 24” to 25”). They don’t eat up a lot of space. Instead, they nestle in line with your counters for a smooth, uninterrupted look.

But a quick browse at your local home improvement store shows you what makes finding the best counter depth refrigerator so challenging. There are dozens of brands and models available. How can you know you’re picking out one that will thoroughly chill your food, fit seamlessly in your kitchen, last for a long time, and offer all the features you want?

We’ve meticulously reviewed hundreds of appliances using a grading scale that measures the most important criteria a refrigerator should meet. The results? A list of the best of the best countertop-depth refrigerators you can buy, along with a complete buying guide.

Overall Best

20 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

KitchenAid 20 Cu Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

Our top picks for those seeking performance, capacity, and a beautiful design.

Total: 18/20

Temperature Control: 4/4
Overall Size: 4/4
Energy-Efficiency: 4/4
Customer Reviews: 3/4
Cost: 3/4

If you want the best all-around that excels in performance, capacity, energy efficiency, value, and design, the KitchenAid 20 cubic foot french door model is the ticket. This model has tons of bonus features that keep food fresh longer and make a welcome addition to any kitchen.

At just 24” deep (not counting the door handle), it’ll fit right into your kitchen without extending past your countertops. With the KitchenAid EXTENDFRESH temperature management system, sensors detect temperature constantly to make sure plenty of cold air is directed toward the areas that need it most, like crisper drawers and bottom shelves.

The large FreshChill refrigerator compartment drawer can be set to different temperatures, so you can make sure whatever you store there stays fresh. And the amazing Produce Preserver actually removes and absorbs the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables emit as they ripen. The result is produce that doesn’t over-ripen or rot as fast.

Adjustments are easy with five cantilever shelves and easy-to-use electronic controls at the front of the fridge. There’s an ice maker and built-in water dispenser for convenience. These are filtered to provide fresh, clean water and ice. 

It’s ENERGY STAR certified, uses LED lighting inside, and has a ton of special storage solutions like a metal wine rack and dairy bin. At about $2,400, it’s a reasonably priced refrigerator, especially with all the features it packs in.

Most Energy-Efficient

20 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

Maytag 20 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

Total: 19/20

Temperature Control: 4/4
Overall Size: 4/4
Energy-Efficiency: 4/4
Customer Reviews: 4/4
Cost: 3/4

If a powerful yet energy-efficient refrigerator is what you’re looking for, this Maytag model really delivers. It’s made to last, runs quietly, and gets great customer reviews. At a price point around $2,400, it comes through with many features that will make your kitchen run smoothly.

A fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior doesn’t need constant wiping down to stay smudge-free. The french doors make this model look both modern and elegant. And because it’s only 24 inches deep (without the handles) and 26.8 inches deep with the door and handles, it won’t interrupt the flow of your kitchen.

Surprisingly, it still manages to pack in plenty of space with 20 cubic feet of space inside the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Customers appreciate the Power Cold feature, which immediately delivers a blast of cold air to cool down the fridge to the right temperature. The WIDE-N-FRESH deli drawer is another highlight.

It gives you plenty of space to keep ready-to-eat deli items within arm’s reach. Keep drinks icy cold with the beverage chiller compartment, or grab a cold glass of water from the included dispenser. You’ll always have ice on hand with the built-in icemaker.

Maytag stands behind this model with an included ten-year warranty, so you know it will last. It’s ENERGY STAR certified and boasts a CEE Tier I rating, meaning it is among the top 25% most energy-efficient appliances on the market. Customers give it an average of 4.5 stars, and more than 87% say they’d recommend this model to someone looking for a countertop-depth fridge.

Biggest Capacity

Profile 23.1 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Slate, Counter Depth, Fingerprint Resistant and ENERGY STAR

GE Profile 23.1 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

We think this unit is the best counter-depth refrigerator if you stock lots of food.

Total: 17/20

Temperature Control: 4/4
Overall Size: 3/4
Energy-Efficiency: 4/4
Customer Reviews: 3/4
Cost: 3/4

GE is a brand that consumers trust. As the makers of this 23.1 cubic foot french door fridge, it’s easy to see why. This is one of the best models available right now. It has a large amount of space inside, especially for counter-depth models. There’s also a slew of special chilling features that make it one of the more high-performing fridges on this list.

It’s about 24 inches deep, not counting the door handles, and about 28 inches deep with the handles. That’s perfect for most kitchen counter depths. Twin Chill temperature management sends cold air where you want it, allowing you to keep the freezer and refrigerator sections perfectly chilled at all times.

Use the internal electronic digital temperature controls to make adjustments at any time. This model comes with a built-in ice maker and water dispenser. These run water through an advanced RPWF filtration system for the freshest, cleanest water and ice.

Take advantage of every bit of space inside with the gallon-depth door bins and two quick-access storage drawers. You’ll know exactly what items you have on hand thanks to the five settings for ultra-bright LED lighting that helps this fridge stay energy efficient (it’s ENERGY STAR certified).

We like the door alarm that sounds if the door is left open too long. And the contemporary styling of the exterior means this french door fridge looks at home in almost any kitchen.

There’s a one year warranty for the entire appliance included. With more than 84% of customers saying they’d recommend this model to others and a 4.1-star rating, it’s got a good reputation online. You’ll pay around $2,500 for this refrigerator, but reviews say the price is worth it.

Best Value

Looking for style on a budget? Then this is the right fridge for you.

Total: 18/20

Temperature Control: 3/4
Overall Size: 4/4
Energy-Efficiency: 4/4
Customer Reviews: 3/4
Cost: 4/4

The Haier 15 cubic foot bottom freezer refrigerator is anything but basic. Consumers give it a rating of “excellent” in energy efficiency, noise level, temperature, and thermostat control. Online it has an average 4.2-star rating, and 90% of consumers say they’d recommend it.

It’s offered at around $1,200, so it’s easily the model offering the most value on this list. But it’s a great option for more reasons than value alone. With a bottom freezer, you won’t have to stoop to access the items in the refrigerator compartment.

At just 24 inches deep, it’s the perfect size for smaller spaces or kitchens where you want your appliances to look streamlined with your cabinets and countertops. The recessed handle makes it blend in even more seamlessly.

It’s no juggernaut in terms of capacity inside with 15 cubic feet of space in the fridge and freezer compartments combined, but if you don’t have a large family or don’t keep that much in the fridge at one time, it provides more than enough space.

Features like Quick Cool and Quick Freeze get items back down to the perfect temperature fast. The capacitive touch display makes temperature adjustments easy. With LED lighting throughout, you’ll have a clear, showcase-style view of everything you have on hand. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified for environmental peace of mind and more energy savings.

Best Style

23 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with 2 Freezer Drawers in PrintProof Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

LG 23 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

We think this is one of the best looking counter-depth refrigerators available.

Total: 17/20

Temperature Control: 4/4
Overall Size: 4/4
Energy-Efficiency: 4/4
Customer Reviews: 2/4
Cost: 3/4

There’s always something to be said for style. While it may not be the number one criteria for refrigerator-buying, there’s no denying that the largest appliance in your kitchen needs to look good. That’s precisely what the LG 23 cubic foot french door refrigerator does, but it takes things a lot further than looks alone.

With a lot of room inside for refrigerated and frozen items, you’ll be glad to have the 23 cubic feet of space this LG model offers. It looks like a built-in refrigerator thanks to the 24.7 inch counter depth, but at a fraction of the cost.

And because it’s made by a brand known for high-tech products and devices, there are some innovative features that customers love. Double freezer drawers allow you to get your frozen foods organized and keep them within sight anytime you open the drawers up.

You get two crisper drawers for fruits, veggies, and drinks. One of our favorite features is the Glide N’ Slide pantry drawer, which allows quick access to the snacks and foods you reach for most often. The Door Cooling+ technology ensures there are no warm spots in the door area, so food keeps fresh longer.

It also means the fridge doesn’t have to use as much energy to constantly cool down warmer areas. It’s part of the Smart Cooling system that automatically adjusts the compartments’ temperature to keep everything at its freshest.

PrintProof protection on the stainless steel exterior makes cleanup a cinch (just use a soft cloth to wipe it down). And if you’ve ever turned your nose up at water from a fridge dispenser because it didn’t seem clean, you’ll enjoy the pharmaceutical water filter that pulls out all contaminants.

Of course, it’s also ENERGY STAR certified. It comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty, plus a ten-year compressor warranty. It’s around $2,300, so it’s priced in line with other, similar fridges. This is an appliance that will not only look good, but also last for a long time.

Choosing the Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator

You’ve seen our top picks for counter depth fridges, but if you’re looking at other models or want to be sure you’ve found the right one, read through this buying guide. We’ll point out the criteria and features that are most important to look for. 

You’ll see a range of ways to identify the best models and separate them from overpriced options that perform poorly in the kitchen. To find the best countertop depth refrigerator, you should consider:

1) Temperature control
2) Overall size
3) Energy efficiency
4) Customer reviews
5) Cost

Read on to learn why each of these criteria is an important factor in choosing your next refrigerator. 

Temperature Control

A counter-depth refrigerator sitting against a blue background

A refrigerator’s ability to get cold enough, stay at the right temperature, and react to temperature control changes you make is very important. You don’t want to end up with a fridge that doesn’t adequately chill your food, keep freezer items frozen, or heat to dangerous, bacteria-harboring temperatures when you fill it. 

Temperature stability and control should be the first factor you judge a potential new fridge on. You can estimate how well a model is likely to perform by checking out the features related to cooling and freezing.

For example, do you see any features that direct cold air to specific areas inside the fridge? Are there adequate vents inside for cold air to move around and circulate? Are there spaces where you can adjust the temperature down for enhanced freshness? 

Cold-boosting features are becoming more common in modern refrigerators, too. These allow you to blast additional cold air when you’ve just filled the fridge with food or added warm items that need to quickly be chilled. Look for features like these to make sure you find a model with great temperature stability and control.

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Overall Size

Counter-depth refrigerator next to a bunch of kitchen cabinets

Searching for the best countertop depth refrigerator means that size is a big factor in your choice. By opting for a streamlined counter-depth model, you lose some capacity due to the reduced depth. But as long as you pay attention to the overall size and capacity, you can still find one with plenty of room and space. 

The average kitchen countertops are anywhere from 24 to 25 inches deep. If you want a fridge that doesn’t jut out past that, you have to look at the dimensions and measurements, specifically the depth.

You’ll find many counter-depth models that range in capacity from about 15 cubic feet up to around 23 cubic feet. The more capacity, the more room inside for groceries. The depth ranges from about 24 inches deep up to as much as 31 inches deep.

Those that are more than about 25 inches deep are typically due to handles that stick out a bit. Because of this difference in depth, most websites and appliance stores offer information on the fridge’s depth, either without the door or without the handles.

But for the best understanding of the overall size, pay attention to what the final depth is with the door and handles measured, too. After all, that’s how you’ll have it installed in your kitchen.

Before you start your search, measure the space in your kitchen. Check the depth of your countertops and the width and height of the area for the fridge. The last thing you want is a model that is the perfect depth, but too tall or wide to fit.

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Energy Efficiency

The energy star rating that accompanies many of the best counter depth refrigerators

Energy efficiency is another factor to keep top of mind as you browse different models. Many modern refrigerators are labeled as energy-efficient, but not all are certified in any way.

To make your search easier, look for models that are ENERGY STAR certified, or that state a CEE Tier rating (like Tier I or II). These models have to meet stringent criteria to qualify for the rating or certification.

Not only do energy-efficient models usually run more quietly, but they’re also more efficient in operation to save you money on your energy bills. If the environment and your utility bill amounts are important to you, this needs to be one of the criteria you lead your search with. 

Customer Reviews

Graphic of features commonly found on many of the best counter depth refrigerators

Unless you’ve already owned a refrigerator model that you’re considering, all the specifications and manufacturer claims in the world won’t really tell you what it’s like to own one. But customer reviews can get rid of this blind spot and show you how real customers feel about a product. 

Reading through customer reviews will give you insight into each fridge and how it works. Are any features better than they seem? Is there a part that keeps breaking? What features sound cool but actually don’t work well?

Perhaps most importantly, would someone who actually owns this product recommend it to someone else? If you don’t have time to sit down and read hundreds or thousands of customer reviews about each model you’re considering, guides like ours can be a great substitute.

We looked at all customer reviews, the good and the bad, and used these factors to rank the appliances to see which ones made the best impression overall on actual users.

We also reviewed trustworthy outlets like Consumer Reports to determine how different models performed in their customer surveys.

You shouldn’t let a bad customer rating dissuade you from buying a model you really like. But it’s worth checking through the reviews to see if it’s a one-time problem or a recurring issue that you’re likely to have, too.

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Counter-depth refrigerator next to a normal refrigerator

Your budget and the cost of the refrigerator you’re considering is supremely important. Once you’ve looked at a few models, you’ll realize that most fall within an average price range.

Today, the average refrigerator price is anywhere from $1,000 up to about $2,500. Some older-style models are much less than $1,000 (especially top-freezer refrigerators), and high-tech, top of the line or built-in models that are much more than $2,500.

But if you’re looking for a counter-depth fridge, most of the models will fall somewhere in that $1,000 to $2,500 range.

If you go ahead and know your budget before you start looking, you’ll make sure that you don’t go overboard and buy a fridge you really can’t afford. You’ll also be more mindful of the pricing differences between different models.

Is it worth it to you to spend an additional $500 for another three cubic feet of space inside? Are you willing to spend a little more to get a French door model, or will a bottom-freezer type serve your needs just fine?

These are all things to consider, because additional features, refrigerator styles, and increased capacity all affect the overall cost. Decide which features are essential for your household and which you can live without. This will help you stick to your budget as you shop around. 

Finding the Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

For the look of a built-in without the cost, a counter-depth fridge is a perfect solution. These models are not like boxy intruders in the kitchen. Instead, they are streamlined and designed to fit in line with your countertops and cabinets.

Finding the best one starts with getting an idea of what you’re looking for. That includes the amount of space you have, your budget, the style you prefer, and any features you’re hoping to find. Then, use our buying guide to see how your top choices stack up.

1) How well does it perform and chill/freeze food?
2) Will it actually line up with your countertops? 
3) Is it certified or ranked as being energy-efficient? 
4) Do customers recommend it? 
5) Finally, how much does it cost? 

Take another look at the top 5 picks we outlined in this guide. Each one of these models has been compared and ranked according to these criteria. Our list contains the best-rated models in terms of performance, size, energy efficiency, customer reviews, and overall cost. 

No matter which model you decide on, if you take time to shop around and compare a few without settling on the first one you like, you’re sure to find a great refrigerator that will last for years to come.

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