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10 Best Ceiling Fans

To find the best ceiling fans, we reviewed:
  • 1. CFM
  • 2. Motor
  • 3. Blades
  • 4. Efficiency
  • 5. Controls
  • 6. Price
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What Are the Best Ceiling Fans?

Besides creating a draft and making a room cooler, ceiling fans help reduce your HVAC system load. The cool effect from the fan means that you can set the thermostat higher than usual during summer. This way, you can save up to 40-percent on your utility bill.

Ceiling fans are useful year-round, allowing you to circulate warm air during colder months. But with thousands of products, what’s the best ceiling fan? Don’t worry — we put our team to work and came up with a list of our ten favorite fans for your home.

Our Top Picks:

1. Minka-Aire F888L-ORB SlipStream
2. Haiku Home L Series 
3. Honeywell Duvall 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan
4. Minka-Aire Light Wave F844-CL 52-Inch
5. Hunter Fan Company Key Biscayne 59135 54-Inch
6. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-Inch
7. Hunter Fan Company Low Profile IV Traditional Ceiling Fan
8. Westinghouse Light 7204300 Outdoor Ceiling Fan
9. Prominence Home Hero 28” Hugger Small Ceiling Fan
10. Warehouse Of Tiffany CFL-8170BL

Best Overall

Minka-Aire F888L-ORB Slipstream 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light and DC Motor in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, the best ceiling fan on our list

Minka-Aire F888L-ORB SlipStream

If you want to move air, this is the best ceiling fan on the list. And yes... it'll move air.

Oversized fans are effective at circulating cool air, but they also make great centerpieces. If you are looking for an imposing centerpiece for your great room or open floor plan, this Minka-Aire F888L is an attractive choice.

The extra-large blades and oil-rubbed bronze finish create an industrial-style aesthetic. This is also a large fan that will circulate air in rooms over 400 square feet. Minka-Aire F888L-ORB comes with an LED light. You can install the fan indoors or outdoors.

Overall Score: 28/30

CFM: 5/5

This unit has a whopping 8,300 CFM output and will efficiently cool large rooms over 400 square feet.

Motor: 5/5

The fan uses a powerful DC motor. Despite the high CFM and extra-large blades, it operates quietly. You can tell that this fan is very well engineered. Additionally, the motor works in reverse in case you need to create updraft.

Blades: 5/5

This fan comes with an extra-large blade span of 65 inches. The design offers excellent aesthetics and powerful airflow.

Efficiency: 5/5

We like the DC motor that is very energy efficient. The choice of LED bulb for lighting also adds to the unit’s efficiency.

Controls: 5/5

This unit comes with a remote control where you can adjust speed and dim the lights. The fan has six speeds and a dimmable light.

Price: 3/5

The Minka-Aire F888L-ORB SlipStream is pricey, but well worth the cost. For the price, we’d have liked to see some smart features like voice control or wireless connectivity. Still, this is a great option if your only goal is to move lots of air.


Haiku Home L Series​

Haiku Home L Series

This is the second-best ceiling fan on our list because of its low price and unique style.

Haiku Home L Series has sleek looks and the functionality to boot. The fan has integrated LED lighting with up to 16 brightness settings. This model installs on flat or sloped ceilings up to 11 ft tall.

Additionally, this fan has a voice command feature and pairs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also connect to other Haiku appliances wirelessly. This is a futuristic ceiling fan for people who love smart devices.

Overall Score: 27/30 

CFM: 5/5

This unit circulates 5,604 CFM at maximum speed, which is well within what experts consider good airflow.

Motor: 5/5

This fan uses a powerful brushless DC motor. The motor also supports seven different speed settings, including reversible airflow. 

Blades: 5/5

You get a 52-inch blade span. The combination of CFM and blade span can efficiently cool a large room up to 400 square feet. This fan is perfect for TV rooms, family rooms, master bedrooms, and small garages.

Efficiency: 5/5

The energy-efficient DC motor scores are high for this criterion. Additionally, LED lights are energy efficient.

Controls: 5/5

This is a remote-controlled ceiling fan. We appreciate the wall mount for the remote control in case you are worried about losing the remote. Also, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the timer, fan speed, light output.

Price: 3/5

Haiku Home L Series is expensive. But rememer, it’s a smart ceiling fan complete with voice control and a high-quality build, so we think the price tag is justified.


Honey Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Duvall 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

We think this is the best ceiling fan for vacation homes or those in tropical locations.

This Honeywell Duvall ceiling fan is a wet-rated model for uncovered outdoor spaces. You don’t have to worry about ocean spray or rain damaging your fan. The wicker blades give this unit a beautiful tropical aesthetic. This fan is perfect for medium to large rooms, indoor or outdoor.

Overall Score: 27/30

CFM: 5/5

This fan has over 5000 CFM, which is excellent for medium and large rooms. The powerful airflow is also perfect for partially covered outdoor spaces.

Motor: 5/5

Despite this being a wet-rated fan, the motor is actually damp-rated. It will withstand ocean sprays and light rain. This is also a four-speed motor with a reverse direction for creating an updraft. Otherwise, the powerful motor does an excellent job of cooling the space.

Blades: 5/5

You get five 52-inch blades. The wicker design is a nice touch, perfect for a beach house.

Efficiency: 4/5

This is not an EnergyStar rated ceiling fan, so it may be a little lacking in energy efficiency. However, the effect on your light bill is likely to be minimal.

Controls: 3/5

This fan comes with a pull chain. You can install wall controls or pair it with a remote. The latter options do not come with the package; you will have to buy them separately.

Price: 5/5

This is a very reasonably priced unit for a wet-rated ceiling fan.


Minka-Aire Light Wave F844-CL 52-Inch​

Minka-Aire Light Wave F844-CL 52-Inch

A great ceiling fan pick for households seeking a modern, wifi-integrated model.

The Minka-Aire has a beautiful modern design with a coal-black finish. This is yet another smart fan that integrates with WiFi so you can control it from your smart home system. There is also an iOS and Android app to control the fan wirelessly from your device.

For people who prefer voice control, this fan also pairs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also has a dimmable LED light that’s bright enough to illuminate the whole room. 

Overall Score: 26/30

CFM: 4/5

This fan offers 4,531 CFM at maximum speed. There is enough airflow to cool a room up to 225 square feet, including medium-sized bedrooms and most dens, dining rooms, and kitchens.

Motor: 4/5

This fan uses a three-speed AC motor. The 172 x14mm motor could be more powerful, but it’s adequate, especially if you don’t intend to use the fan to replace your a/c unit.

Blades: 5/5

You get a 52-inch blade span, which is suitable for its type of motor. The curved blades are also beautiful. The fan has three blades, which suit a minimalist aesthetic. We appreciate that the fan is surprisingly quiet for a three-blade fan.

Efficiency: 4/5

The AC motor isn’t as energy efficient as we would have liked. It is also not EnergyStar rated. All the same, the three-blade design offers excellent airflow even at low speed, so what the fan lacks in energy efficiency it makes up for in functionality.

Controls: 5/5

You get a wall-mounted remote control. Additionally, you can control the fan with voice command, from the Bond App, or wirelessly using your smart home system.

Price: 4/5

Considering its features and functionality, the price range is fair.


One of the best ceiling fans, the Hunter Fan Company Key Biscayne 59135 54-Inch​

Hunter Fan Company Key Biscayne 59135 54-Inch

With a 54-inch blade, this is one of the biggest ceiling fans on our list.

If you are looking for something a little bigger than what we have reviewed so far, this Hunter Fan Company Key Biscayne 59135 may fit your requirements. This industrial-style fan has a rustic weathered zinc aesthetic complete with a light kit.

Additionally, this is a damp-rated fan, so you can use it indoors and in covered outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, and sunrooms.

Overall Score: 26/30

CFM: 5/5

This fan has powerful airflow with 6,239 CFM at the highest setting. The powerful airflow makes it particularly suited for outdoor use. Just be sure to install it in an enclosed outdoor area.

Motor: 4/5

The motor is a powerful AC induction motor. It is not the most efficient option, but we can understand given the high CFM and larger-than-average blade span.

Blades: 5/5

You get five 54-inch blades with this fan. We like the rustic appeal and quiet and stable operation.

Efficiency: 4/5

This is not the most energy-efficient fan, though the difference in your power bill is minimal. What this fan lacks in energy efficiency, it more than makes up for in powerful airflow.

Controls: 4/5

This is a pull-chain operated fan. You can install it with a wall switch or universal remote (sold separately).

Price: 4/5

Considering this is a damp-rated fan, the price is fair. However, we have seen fans that have smart features in this price range. The fact that this is an outdoor-rated model makes up for the lack of extra features.


Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-Inch

Make this ceiling fan the centerpiece of your room. Install it inside or out.

Double fans aren’t just good at cooling large spaces. They are also eye-catching and can be the centerpiece of a room. This Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-in features two fans with a total of six blades.

The oil-rubbed finish adds to the model’s aesthetics. Harbor Breeze comes with a cap just in case you do not want to install the lighting kit. This is a wet-rated ceiling fan so you can install it outside as well as indoors. 

Overall Score: 26/30

CFM: 5/5

You get a total of 4,450 CMF at the highest speed setting. This is enough airflow to cool a room up to 400 square feet. The dual-fan design also spreads out over a larger area than a typical fan, which is excellent.

Motor: 4/5

This fan uses an AC motor. You get the standard three-speed setting with the option to reverse the fan for updraft. Overall, the motor is sufficient to run both fans with no problem.

Blades: 5/5

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74-inch has short blades, which makes sense since this is a dual fan. Longer blades would destabilize the unit. Regardless, you get ample airflow from this fan.

Efficiency: 3/5

There are more energy-efficient units out there. This model uses an AC motor, which isn’t the most energy-efficient choice. Also, the lighting kit uses an incandescent bulb, which is not a very efficient choice either. However, it’s easy enough to replace the bulb.

Controls: 4/5

You operate the fan using pull chains. Both fans run together, and there is no option to operate the fans independently. However, you can always hook up the fan to a wall switch or remote if you wish.

Price: 5/5

This unit is affordable, especially considering that it is wet-rated. You can use this fan outdoors without worrying about water damage.


Hunter Fan Company Low Profile IV​

Hunter Fan Company Low Profile IV

A very simple low profile white fan for rooms with low ceilings.

Hunter Fan Company is a reliable brand, and this fan lives up to the manufacturer’s reputation. This is a simple, classic fan featuring weathered oak aesthetics. You will appreciate its low-profile design if you have low ceilings.

The fan installs flush to the ceiling for a clean look. Although this unit doesn’t come with a lighting kit, you can buy one separately. Just make sure that it is a Hunter Fan Company lighting kit to guarantee compatibility.

Overall Score: 24/30

CFM: 3/5

This fan has 2,902 and falls short of what experts would consider good airflow. It will work well in a small room less than 144 square feet, but you may have to use it in the high setting most of the time.

Motor: 4/5

Mercifully, this motor is quiet even at the highest setting. The motor has three speeds and has reversible airflow for updraft. The motor is also very high quality especially for the price.

Blades: 4/5

You get a 42-inch blade span, which is more than adequate for a small room. This model features five blades, which make the fan stable and quiet during operation. We also loved the weathered oak look.

Efficiency: 4/5

This fan is not EnergyStar rated, but it is reasonably efficient by industry standards.

Controls: 4/5

You get a pull-chain with this model to control speed and on/off. You also reverse the fan using the pull-chain. Additionally, the fan pairs with a wall switch and universal remote, but you have to buy these separately.

Price: 5/5

This Hunter Fan Company unit is inexpensive. As long as you are not using it in a room larger than 144 square feet, you will be thrilled with its performance. Also, the build quality is very good at this price.


Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse 7800000 Brentford

Westinghouse Light 7204300

The best ceiling fan for outdoor use that combines style with a vintage look.

If you are looking for a more rustic appeal to your outdoor ceiling fan, this Westinghouse Light 7204300 may satisfy your taste. The aged walnut color and metal and glass combination give it an appealing vintage look. You can cool up to 400 square feet of floor space, so it’s perfect for family rooms, master bedrooms, TV rooms, and gazebos.

Overall Score: 24/30

CFM: 5/5

This fan has an output of just above 5,000 CFM, so it is excellent for medium to large spaces up to 400 square feet.

Motor: 4/5

The motor for this Westinghouse fan is a standard three-speed motor. The motor is also quiet, even at the highest speed setting. You can reverse the motor to create an updraft during winter.

Blades: 5/5

You get a 52-inch blade span and five blades.

Efficiency: 3/5

This fan is not very efficient. Aside from not being EnergyStar rated, it also uses incandescent bulbs. The drop in efficiency may be worth it if you are looking for a fan with a decorative element.

Controls: 3/5

This model uses pull chains to control the light and fan speed independently. You can also hook it up to a remote or wall switch but these aren’t included in your package.

Price: 4/5

This is a wet rated fan that you can use outdoors in patios, gazebos, sunrooms, and porches. It is slightly expensive, but the price tag makes sense, given its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and high-quality build.


Prominence Home Hero 28” Hugger Small Fan

A great small ceiling fan for tight spaces.

If you are looking for a fan to cool a small room, this Prominence Home Hero will fit perfectly. This is a low profile fan that installs flush onto the ceiling, perfect for low ceilings and small spaces.

We also love the dual-finish blades. The fan blades feature a plain white finish on one side and white oak finish on the other side, depending on what you prefer. The fan also comes with a lighting kit.

Overall Score: 23/30

CFM: 3/5

The CFM for this product isn’t listed but we estimate it at between 1000 and 2000 which is adequate for small rooms. Please do not use this fan in a bathroom. It is dry rated and for indoor use only.

Motor: 4/5

The motor is powerful enough to cool small rooms. We love that the fan operates quietly, even at the highest speed settings. You get three-speed settings and reverse airflow for the updraft. Overall, the motor is adequate for this size fan.

Blades: 4/5

You get a 28-inch blade span. Again, this fan is designed to cool small rooms, so it’s not a good fit for a living room. Also, the motor is not strong enough to support larger blades in case you are tempted to make the adjustment.

Efficiency: 3/5

This is not an EnergyStar rated fan. The fan’s efficiency is acceptable, but not the best.

Controls: 4/5

You operate the fan using a pull-chain. You can pair it with a remote or wall control, but you will have to buy these separately. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with a cap for the lighting kit if you don’t want the light.

Price: 5/5

This is a very affordable fan that does the job it promises. The best advice is to only use this fan for small rooms less than 144 square feet.


Warehouse Of Tiffany CFL-8170BL​

Warehouse Of Tiffany CFL-8170BL

A classic retro look for those seeking to add a little glam to their home.

For the extravagant at heart, Warehouse Of Tiffany is a beautiful chandelier-style ceiling fan. This model sports gleaming prismatic crystals embedded in antique bronze patina-finished metalwork. The six bulbs provide functional lighting, and this fan can be the centerpiece of a living room or dining room.

Overall Score: 22/30

CFM: 4/5

Oddly enough, the airflow for this product isn’t listed. We estimate it at around 4,000 to 5000, suitable for a room up to 225 square feet. This Warehouse Of Tiffany is powerful enough to use in a dining room, kitchen, or den.

Motor: 3/5

This Warehouse Of Tiffany CFL-8170BL motor has three-speed settings. You can adjust the fan to low, medium, or high. Unfortunately, this fan can be a bit loud in the medium to high settings. On the plus side, the motor has reversible airflow, which is excellent for winter.

Blades: 4/5

This model has 52-inch blades. We like that the motor power and blade span are well matched.

Efficiency: 3/5

You get an AC motor. It isn’t quite as energy efficient as a DC motor. Also, this fan is not EnergyStar rated, further lowering its efficiency.

Controls: 4/5

The fan comes with a pull chain to turn the fan on and off and change the speed setting. You can pair the fan with a wall switch or remote control but you have to buy these separately.

Price: 4/5

This fan is slightly expensive considering you can get a quieter and more powerful model at roughly the same price. However, you’re really paying for the design, not power.

Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan

While we assigned a score to each of the best ceiling fans, don’t get hung up on that. What matters most are the feature combinations that fit your needs. For example, a ceiling fan may have a low CFM score, but that is only because the model is meant for small rooms.

This section will go through the most important factors to consider when looking for a ceiling fan. We used this same criterion when ranking our best ceiling fans featured above.


Cubic feet of airflow per minute, or CFM, refers to how much air a ceiling fan can move. Higher CFM means that the fan can move more air, producing a more powerful cooling effect.

You might also want to match the CFM to the room size, since there is such a thing as a fan that is too powerful. You don’t want to create a tornado effect. I’ve done it, and it’s really unpleasant. That’ll cause papers to go flying and blinds to sway about wildly.

As a general guideline:

Airflow size vs square footage for a piece on the best ceiling fans


The fan motor determines the ceiling fan’s cooling power and efficiency. Some of the factors to consider when assessing the motor include:

Energy efficiency – While a ceiling fan is much cheaper to run than your HVAC system, you might still want to make additional savings. EnergyStar rated motors are the most energy-efficient.

Noise – Less powerful motors will have a more challenging time rotating the blades, leading to noise and wobbling. The motor and the blade size need to be perfectly matched for a quiet and stable fan.

Speed options – Most standard fans will give you three-speed options: Low, Medium, and High. You might want more flexibility depending on the weather. Six-speed fans are more likely to hit the exact airflow you need to be comfortable.

Reverse function – Ceiling fans spin counterclockwise to create a cooling effect. Rotating the blades clockwise creates the opposite effect during colder days, circulating warm air (known as updraft). A ceiling fan with a reversible motor complements your home’s heating during the cold season.

More often than not, DC fans match the criteria as mentioned above better than AC motors. If you do choose a ceiling fan with an AC motor, make sure that the motor is at least 188mm. Smaller AC motors will have less air movement and are more likely to be loud and wobbly.


The ceiling fan’s blade size goes hand in hand with CFM. Generally speaking, larger fan blades circulate air more effectively. However, this is only true if the motor is appropriately sized.

The perfect blade span depends on the room size you want to cool. As a rule of thumb:

Room size vs blade span graph

You also want to consider the fan’s dimensions in relation to the room:

• You need at least 8 to 10 inches of space between the fan blades and the ceiling.
You need at least 18 inches of clearance between the fan blades and the nearest walls.
The fan blades need to be at least 7 feet above the floor and 10 feet above the floor for metal blades.
You need at least 39 inches of space between the fan blades and the nearest light fixture.
More blades also don’t necessarily mean better airflow. Fewer blades offer better airflow. The optimum is three blades. However, more fan blades make for a more stable and quiet fan.

As long as you size your fan correctly and have checked the CFM, you shouldn’t be too worried about the number of blades. Most fan blades come in either wood, ABS plastic, or metal material.


Once again, DC motors are more energy efficient than AC motors. Another efficiency consideration is the type of light kit that comes with the fan. LED lights are the most energy-efficient while incandescent lights are the least efficient.

Also, a fan with a reversible motor might help to save on heating costs during winter. If you are focused on energy efficiency, choose an EnergyStar rated ceiling fan.


Most standard ceiling fans are pull-chain operated. Make sure that the fan and light (if it comes with one) are operated independently. Most of these fans can be hooked up to a wall switch.

Higher-end fans come with remote controls. Opt for a wall-mounted remote control. This way, you get the advantage of remote-controlled operation without the risk of losing the remote.


The 3 best ceiling fans put into a single image

Finally, the price goes hand in hand with quality and function. Typically, more expensive ceiling fans will have better airflow capacity, more speed options, and additional features including smart connectivity.

There are some terrific budget options, but most fans in this category are designed for small rooms. Also, check out whether the fan is Dry, Damp, or Wet-rated.

Dry-rated fans are intended for indoor use only. Damp-rated fans work in covered outdoor spaces while wet-rated ceiling fans are suitable for exposed patios and decks. Wet-rated fans tend to be the most expensive of the bunch.

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